Minnesota Accused of Illegally Billing Taxpayers for Abortions

A case has been filed in Minnesota’s 2nd Judicial District accusing state officials of illegally spending millions of taxpayer dollars over the years for abortions that under state law do not qualify for government subsidies.

The case is asking for an order that all state funding for abortions be halted until officials can develop a system that will prevent payments that are illegal under state law for non-therapeutic abortions.

The case brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of several Minnesotans alleges that the state bureaucracy under the direction of Department of Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson has paid for almost 40,000 abortions that do not qualify for public assistance.

ADF explained that public funds in Minnesota can be used for abortions only when they are defined as medically necessary. But government reports there obtained by ADF show that of 47,095 abortions funded by taxpayers in recent years, “at most 10,044 abortions were performed for reasons that could qualify as therapeutic.”

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5 comments on “Minnesota Accused of Illegally Billing Taxpayers for Abortions
  1. junkmailbin says:

    the public gets frigged again

  2. Floridastorm says:

    Take it out of Lucinda’s paycheck since she apparently agrees with abortion on demand.

  3. Dan Cooper says:

    i’m changing my mind re tax payer funded abortions . . . the classes that abort their babies the most are the nitwits that voted oblather and the donkey party dolt . . . let them abort themselves out of existence.

  4. sumtinwong says:

    If these women get pregnant and have an abortion, they should have to pay for their own murder. Don’t use my tax dollars. Murdering innocent babies is morally and ethically wrong!