Top GOP Senator Ditches Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge

A top Republican senator is casting aside an anti-tax pledge he signed, saying that solving the country’s looming fiscal crisis is more important than honoring the decades-old pact.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., broke ranks with other conservatives Wednesday when he made the remarks to a local television station. Chambliss is a member of the Gang of Six, a bipartisan group of senators tasked with finding a solution to the country’s fiscal woes.

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” he told WMAZ-TV. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

Congress and the White House face a year-end deadline to reach a deal that staves off an avalanche of tax increases and deep cuts in government programs – commonly referred to now as the “fiscal cliff.”

Chambliss signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, authored by conservative activist Grover Norquist and embraced by the majority of congressional Republican lawmakers. In it, Norquist, an anti-tax lobbyist and head of Americans for Tax Reform, does not allow for tax rates to rise.

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205 comments on “Top GOP Senator Ditches Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge
  1. The GOP has RINOed it’s way into oblivion. Moderate’s NEVER win elections!

  2. Guest says:

    We’re coming after you in the next election Senator Chambliss. Count on it!

  3. RobinPC says:

    Tax tax the more you need, the more you tax the more you need, the more you need the more you tax, so lets tax tax and have more needs. Based on the old poen “beans beans”.

  4. Just allow the entire thing to expire and be done with it. The nation needs to go with a fair tax system and the only fair tax system is a flat tax. Stop stealing from everyone paying tax to give to those paying nothing in Federal Tax.

    • JCL says:

      How can the flat tax do anything? It is still an income tax and then some other congress will come along and muck it up just like our current tax system. Repeal the 16th amendment and get rid of the income tax all together. Put in place the Fair Tax which is based on consumption not income. And it is not a VAT TAX.

      • Mikey says:

        Don’t worry. Obama will get around to the VAT in addition the income tax. These Dems just Looooooooooooooove taxes.

      • PISSED OFF PATRIOT says:

        charge a flat tax on all purchases , make it say 10% and if the government cant be run on this amount maybe its time to rethink our country’s way of doing business one thing the constitution plainly states between the lines is if your government isnt for the people why should the people be for the government

      • King_of_the_Road says:

        The FairTax SCHEME is 0′bombanomics all over again. Putting the tax burden on those who have saved their earnings and then confiscate these earnings.
        The FairTax SCHEME has all the disadvantages of the national sales tax and then some. It does not take into consideration that the FairTax SCHEME will tax all purchases at a 23% covert rate or to be more truthful a 30+% overt rate. All savings that have already been taxed by the current income tax system would be taxed again by the FairTax SCHEME. That is hardly fair.
        A national sales tax will double tax the savings of those who have already paid an income tax on their savings.
        How would you like to have scrimped and saved to put away money (that has been taxed by an income tax system) for a rainy day, Only to have someone come along and say it is not fair that you were able to save by depriving yourself of benefits of your labors. So they access another tax on your savings when you spend it.

        The only fair way to change the tax code is a flat income tax that includes everyone and takes into consideration the taxes already paid on earnings saved.

      • Maj R D Cole, Ret says:

        I agree completely with the FairTax. Not only is it the fairest of all tax reform proposals; but, it will provide a more predictable source of revenue upon which to better budget. It will also get a larger proportion of the citizenry to have “skin in the game”.

    • Penguin9penguin says:

      That is also a stupid idea because they will start with 9 or 10 percent and then they will have a spending frenzy and we will all be paying 25 percent. Congress cannot be trusted with spending our MONEY

      • Then should we overthrow the government? Our Declaration of Independence certainly advocates doing just that and I am all for it. We need to get back to the Constitution. It is not only our MONEY – - – the nation belongs to We the People.

        • The only way this will work is if the Democrats sign a pledge to stop spending–Republicans as well. They keep talking about cutting but nothing gets done–we must demand it.

        • Nelson Lentz says:

          What’s needed desperately is some major house cleaning: At least 90% of the people in Washington, our Congress, our House of Representatives, our Senate, Obama and his administration, need to go. Many of them deserve to be impeached; many of them deserve to be arrested for treason. And, in Obama’s case, that would be to be arrested for treason, which he has committed at least 14 times, and to be given the ultimated punishment.

        • Liberty Rock says:

          Communism is the past of failure & destruction of Humanity
          The Constitution & Capitalism Is The Way Of The Future For Humanity & America One Christian Nation Under God.

        • oledad48 says:

          Unfortunately, those in charge of our nation agree with that in principle only. They continue to operate as if the wealth of the nation belongs to them: “Can’t afford tax cuts” underscores this fallacy every time it is said. And it is unreasonable to “take back our country” except by ballot — any such action would quickly be turned into “enemies of the State” and “domestic terrorists” and we’d be facing Nat’l Guard troops and worse.

          The principles most of us grew up on are now “old fashioned” and ObamaCare has plans for the over 60 crowd so they can “progress” to the next stage of total control. Sad, but true. “Just take the pill” (ie, die). Not fantasy. A woman in our Sunday School class (80) has now been officially denied life-sustaining medicine by her doctor “under ObamaCare.” So she waits for the end.

        • Mark Roberts says:

          You are on the right track, but unfortunately it is hard for people to stay focused on the issues that win elections.
          The Republican party won a landslide in 2010. The issues at the top of the list for Republicans from 2008 through 2010 were compelling for the entire country. The focus was on national health care as a real socialist threat. There was no talk of taxes during that two year election cycle.

          The tax talk from Republicans is viewed as radical by people in the center (reagan Democrats and Independents). It is a sure thing that if the Republicans want to continue losing elections they will continue focusing on taxes.

        • Nelson Lentz says:

          I’m all for capitalism and the Constitution. But America was never “under” any God; God is just a myth and no more real than Zeus, Odin, Allah, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Boogie Man. If we’re going to fight our criminal government and the lunacy of socialism/communism, we need to have both feet planted firmly in reality; not one foot in reality and the other in Disneyland.

        • Phil_in_VA says:

          I’m with ya pardner… NOT

        • Ray says:

          Quit living blind, it’s people like you that are the reason for the failing of this Country! You can sell your bulls–t to the ignorant & hateful, but you’re wasting your time & ours (those who know why this is happening) talking your atheist garbage! Go to Disneyland and enjoy yourself, or go get some real knowledge about life & our role in it!!!

        • burtcanoe says:

          are you a leg kike?

        • mary smith says:

          I agree with you because something has to be done.

        • OldRockerguy says:

          Our “government” no longer serves our best interests – it has become totally self serving. Senator Chambliss is a perfect example of the unwillingness of both parties to properly address our financial problems. Overthrowing the present government, reinstating our constitution as the basis of our laws, installing term limits for congress and allowing Supreme court justices to serve for only for a certain period of time may help to solve some of our problems. An amendment needs to be added to our constitution that only allows deficit spending during times of war and only allows increases in government spending that are proportionate to increases in our GDP during times of peace. Unfortunately, most all of those that are currently “serving” in government are excellent “politicians” like Senator Chambliss but are miserable financial managers that are either incapable or unwilling to make the necessary cuts and efficiencies to get this monstrosity under control. Nobody, no matter how much money they may earn each year, should have to pay additional taxes to support this enormous “waste machine” that we call the federal government. In my opinion, we need to have independent private sector efficiency experts brought in an study the organization of the federal government – any duplication and overlapping of tasks should be eliminated along with agencies that no longer serve the best interests of our country. A full audit of the federal government needs to be done by private sector accounting firms on a yearly basis and those results need to be reported directly to the American public without political interference. Federal government bureaucrats found to be defrauding the American taxpayer need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Members of congress have proven themselves to be incapable of solving our financial issues – we need expert help. Private corporations that are having problems often hire outside firms that come in and study their business and then make recommendations to help that corporation get back on their feet. It is time that the American public demands this type of approach to the management of our government. After all, it is OUR MONEY that is being wasted.

        • gets2say says:

          The points you have laid out are likely an excellent start om regaomomg control.

          The fact is, due to generations of indifference and me, me, me, we have given power over enacting these steps to the pack of wolves in Congress… They are not EVER going to take steps to limit their power and their well-supplied money streams…

          Talk of overthrowing the government, as the colonials did the rule of Britannia, is fantasy. The commander-in-chief would simply set his FEMA minions, National Guard, and Homeland Security thugs on their fellow citizens and those who survived would be subdued.

          If all those states who filed actions against Obamacare, and all the citizens who signed petitions to secede from the U.S. actually got their act together, and drew on the strengths of knowledgeable and proven leaders to form a new union, based on the original Constitution, we might actually have a chance for change. There are honest and reputable, successful leaders – they have simply been rejected by a citizenry who wants to make sure their own gravy trains are not ended.

          Unfortunately, Americans have a proven track record since the 60′s of not uniting and not remaining loyal. Jane Fonda was one of the early destructive celebrities to make this attitude the “in” way of thinking, but she certainly was not the last!! It has become the smart and fashionable thing to condemn each other – and our nation – instead of uniting for strength. We admire and even worship celebrities with no redeeming values other than their photogenic qualities and their willingness to be photographed in ways that imply what once would have been called disgraceful behavior.

          Adoration of false values seems to be the strongest motivator of the majority of Americans. Let a man like Mitt Romney – the lurid tabloids just couldn’t find anything juicier than the fact that he strapped the dog’s travel kennel to the top of the family car – express interest in helping his country and these rabid reporters and their followers did everything in their power to destroy him..

          saddest part is that our idol-worshipping citizenry gave them the power to do so, and cheered them on, much as Rome’s citizens cheered when a gladiator slaughtered his opponent.

        • OldRockerguy says:

          I agree with much of what you say – except for the part about overthrowing this government being a fantasy. I believe that THEY FEAR US far more than you may realize. I would guess that there are conservatively 30 million households in this country that have at least one if not several firearms in their possession. That is why the Obama regime and the UN are working feverishly to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights. They know that we have the power to remove them. Their fear is that once too many of us have lost our jobs and become financially desperate or have watched our relatives and friends die prematurely because they were denied proper healthcare that we will come after them. They must disarm us soon before the full effects of their policies bear down on us. There is nothing that a dictatorship fears more than an angry ARMED citizenry. We still have the power – the problem is that they have us psyched out. We must not show fear of them – we must make them fear us – which in my opinion they already do.

        • burtcanoe says:

          most people in the guard and reserve and active duty wiii NOT fire on the government. we the people. Ret. army MSG special forces airborne

        • Mark Roberts says:

          I completely agree with you. The first issue today should have been Obamas 180 on marriage. Unfortunately it is difficlut to get the Republican party to focus on what is really at stake.
          The Republican party won a landslide in 2010. The issues at the top of the list for Republicans from 2008 through 2010 were compelling for the entire country. The focus was on national health care as a real socialist threat. There was no talk of taxes during that two year election cycle.

          The tax talk from Republicans is viewed as radical by people in the center (reagan Democrats and Independents). It is a sure thing that if the Republicans want to continue losing elections they will continue focusing on taxes.

        • Nelson Lentz says:

          OldRockerguy: Again, EXCELLENT COMMENT!!! I’d vote for someone like you and I’m sure many others would too.

        • moonwinx says:

          I’m ready when ever you are!

        • Ray says:

          I wonder who the dicktater-loving idiot is that voted down on this idea? Some people love being controlled, but that’s not what my idea of this free Country is!

      • Plznnn says:

        NOT if we pass a balanced-budget amendment. Romney very much supported this but of course, the Democrats won’t, because it will stop their ability to promise everything to everybody with “other” people’s money & money we DON’T have.

      • cdegler1 says:

        I agree Congress cannot be trusted, give them an inch and they will take 50 miles. We have to keep an eye on things and never compromise our principles that have worked before the government started spending more than we had and now they want us to pay for it.

      • moonwinx says:

        congress can no longer be trusted with the business of the United States either!

    • Hugh Billeaud says:

      I agree. Abolish the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax. Can you imagine the tax revenue that would pour into the Treasury in that scenario? Everyone would pay taxes fair and square.

      • Mikey says:

        Oh, but the cry will go up about how the national sales tax puts a disproportionate burden on the poor.

        • gatorboy says:

          Hit that nail right on the head! Unfortunately I know a few of those gimme gimmes!

        • And they would be totaly correct does not mean there should not be but to supplement the income tax not to replace it

        • TBI says:

          Never open the door for any new tax, it will be abused by those in power. Check the original Income Tax as sold to the people 1% for low income and 5% for the wealthy that lasted about one year and before long the top earner was 75%. Stop spending and buying votes, deport the non-producers.

        • Chuck says:

          With a VAT you only pay taxes on what you buy. If someone spends $10,000,000, he/she pays taxes on $10,000,000. If someone else spends only $10,000, that’s all he/she pays taxes on. A consumption tax is the only really “fair” way to do it. You think the top 2% are going to curtail spending to save taxes?

        • King_of_the_Road says:

          No the top 2% are rich enough to go offshore where there is no VAT. Do you honestly think the algores of the world are gonna pay 2-3Xs more for a suit in the US taxed by a VAT when they can jet off to china and pay for thier trip in the cost of one suit. Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • King_of_the_Road says:

          A national sales tax will double tax the savings of those who have already paid an income tax on their savings. The National sales tax or a VAT puts a disproportionate burden on those who have saved thier earnings.

          How would you like to have scrimped and saved to put away money (that has been taxed by an income tax system) for a rainy day, Only to have someone come along and say it is not fair that you were able to save by depriving yourself of benefits of your labors. So they access another tax on your savings when you spend it.

          The only fair way to change the tax code is a flat income tax that includes everyone and takes into consideration the taxes already paid on earnings saved.

        • PISSED OFF PATRIOT says:

          SCREW the poor, you know what the big differance between people that prosper and the poor is, the prosperous people get up at 6:00 am the poor get up at noon, so I say SCREW the lazy low lifes, YOU DONT WORK YOU DONT EAT !!!!

        • JIMBYONLY says:

          HE-HE I love it!

        • disgusted democrat says:

          AT 73 years old I dont need to get up at 6oo am as I have worked since I was14 years old,payed taxes, into ss. and now you want to call me a lazy low life, and I say piss on you patroit!

        • ricbldwn says:

          It does….

      • King_of_the_Road says:


        A national sales tax will double tax the savings of those who have already paid an income tax on their savings.

        How would you like to have scrimped and saved to put away money (that has been taxed by an income tax system) for a rainy day, Only to have someone come along and say it is not fair that you were able to save by depriving yourself of benefits of your labors. So they access another tax on your savings when you spend it.
        The only fair way to change the tax code is a flat income tax that includes everyone and takes into consideration the taxes already paid on earnings saved.



      • John says:

        Unfortunately, most federal politicians are more interested in retaining power, NOT bringing in revenue to the treasury. They know full well what is necesary to bring in adequate revenue. We need more responsible spending by our ” elected ” representatives. Sadly, taxation has become a hammer and punitive weapon to keep the producers of society in line, not a way to bring revenue to the treasury to fund legitimate government functions. Also, too many people have acquired the attitude- Existo, ergo entitulatus sum.- I exist, therefore I am entitled.

    • I will partialy agree about the flat tax or single rate tax but only after the deficit is reduced so sfor now taxes have to go up we should tax what a person is paid for working at a lower rate but tax earnings on investments and profits at much higher rates in othe words tax what a person earns from working less but tax wealth more

      • No more taxes says:

        I guess you like to spread the wealth around. Why should high achievers have to be punished with a higher tax? That takes away the incentive to earn more. Please note I said earn more. Raising taxes does not bring in more money to the treasury Lowering or eliminating taxes sparks the entrepreneurial spirit to earn more money.

      • John says:

        Those investment taxes that you cry about are a hindrance to new businesses starting up and old ones expanding. Envying someone because he has more than you have is not productive and does absolutely nothing to better your lot in life. There will always be someone who has more than you. It’s a fact of life. Get over your envy and move on to more positive enterprises.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Agree..Off the cliff we should go and let the chips fall where they may. Obama’s raise the tax on the rich shell game is designed to set the GOP up for blame. There is going to be a recession and Obama is positioning the GOP into a corner. And Boozing Boehner will stumple along into that corner if we don’t scream loudly to our idiot pansy congress-persons.

    • pat says:

      Your a fkn idiot, the income tax is illegal has been always should be on private Americans and the 16th amendment was NEVER, NEVER properly ratified so why give them approved slave labor. Why tax you idiot STOP THE FKN ILLEGAL SPENDING PERIOD AND EVERYONE WINS. now you have become one of them you are thinking like them. dont get pissed at me get educated.

      • The contraction is “You’re” or properly “You are.” “Your” is a pronoun in the possessive case of you or in other words a possessive adjective.

        The other word is “fucking” and as always I shall note that those of totally inferior IQ resort to profanity to make their point.

        By the way, your comment is beyond inane bacause it makes absolutely no sense. I pray you have not spawned.

      • By the way grasshopper, you may refer to me properly as Professor Macfarlane.

  5. jorgaone says:

    And how do we know that THIS decision is cut in stone? I think he intends to just SEE where this leads–then either dig in, or change his mind again…Yep, definitely a RINO…

  6. Mathchopper says:

    I understand Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ attitude. He’s doing it to get something else from the Democraps the country needs on the short term. But guess what, readers? IT DOESN’T MATTER. Our country is intercoursed. We are terminal. Perhaps Mr. Chambliss feels our slip into the Socialist sewer and deaths of millions can be delayed by a year or two by doing what’s he’s doing. I’m a healthy and alert 71 yr old prepper. I feel I can be “useful” for another 5 years or so. I want it to happen sooner rather than later so I can “participate” in helping my family and my country survive.

  7. Frank629 says:

    so sad saxby is leaving conservatives .just oppose obama and let it go over the cliff and then the dems. won’t have any money to give away. or go obamas way and business will stifle and the dems. will own it .

  8. PPTA says:

    I also think a flat taxation rate for all is long over due. Also, get rid of the earned income tax credit. Those who do not pay taxes, get a tax refund? This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. They also give this earned tax credit to illegals. That is even more stupid.

    • El_Love says:

      I don’t understand it either — how can you get an income tax refund when you have no real income? When your income is from taxes that others who work to pay taxes give you — tax free? then you are entitled to a refund of what? Our tax money again? I agree — it is the stupidest thing. Obama has wasted billions upon billions of our tax dollars on defunct business enterprises (green jobs) that gave him campaign contributions — he rewards these corporations with tax dollars in the form of $21 for every $1 they contributed to his campaign…… and the executives pocket the money and the business fail … but somehow this is Romney’s fault. Just wait — Bush’s fault will be replaced with Romney’s fault.
      I think obama is trying to create a series of events that will lead to civil unrest and he can declare himself supreme dictator. The rights of hard working, taxpaying citizens are being systematically removed and replaced with burdensome regulations, taxes and unConstitutional power grabs by a lazy, hateful, corrupt and marxist muslim.

      • Obama faces the greatest army on the face of the earth and that is gun owners in this country. Be assured that the vast majority of us are not screaming liberals.

      • No more taxes says:

        This is spot on. good job El_Love. Obama’ agenda is to destroy the American work ethic and democratic/republican state. He will replace it with a socialist dictatorship and make us like a third world country because he believes we have stolen our wealth from the rest of the world.

  9. Penguin9penguin says:

    With stupid senators like this we don’t need anymore liberals. When are these stupid people going to vote for the people they represent

  10. Dingbat36 says:

    I have a question for the Senator, Saxofyouknowwhat Chambliss. Why does the taxPAYER have to live within his or her means while the greedy, bloated, ever growing and demanding Federal government acts as though everything the taxpayer owns belongs to THEM?

    And you’ll have to excuse me, but I’d like to go back to the founder’s idea that the only people who should be able to vote are property owners. The founders said “white, male property owners” and that is unacceptable but people who actually own something are usually not sucking off the “gubmint” and have some sense of responsibility!

    • Mathchopper says:

      This will never happen but imagine the state of the world’s greatest country if it had happened 40 years ago…
      Everyone, one vote
      High School grad. (not GED) an extra vote.
      College grad, an extra vote. (no extras for Masters or PhD)
      2 yrs military, an extra vote. An extra vote for each additional 4 years not to exceed 5 votes.
      An extra vote for each $100,000 in UNINHERITED assets less liabilities not to exceed 10 votes per family.

      • I wouldn’t like it. I max out at ten and my wife wouldn’t have a vote. I would throw in “An extra vote for each legally owned firearm not to exceed 25 votes per family.”
        Whoops! No good, I max out and the wife still doesn’t get a vote.

  11. Ihatelibs says:

    Pack up your sh i t and get out!

  12. With out meaningful spending cuts in entitlements and discretionary and discretionary spending, al you do when you raise taxes is to feed the cancer killing the country. If everyone had some chips in the pot, maybe they would realize that the house was playing with a full deck. The whole income tax system is built upon the philosophies of Karl Marx’s progressive tax ideas. That we must make everyone equal in wealth so that everyone has a fair share. That idea is about as un-American as they come. We don’t need more taxes, we need a lot less spending.

  13. JimBob says:

    Term limits is the better solution. Something has to be done to break the stranglehold the beltway society has on America.

  14. Shagnasty1 says:

    We can solve our debt crises. QUIT THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL SPENDING OF OUR MONEY! The Democrats ought to try a sensible budget, they might like it, Nah.

    • Mikey says:

      The Democrats never saw a tax they didn’t like (or a social program for that matter). We are doomed. Prepare for a lifestyle change that will have us all living like the Amish.

      • …trust me when I tell you that there will be changes. When Obamacare is fully implemented and the Senior citizens of this Nation found out what’s in store for them, they are gonna wish like h*ll they never voted for this maniac. When the taxes start falling–think just on the rich–Ha!–you bet you life Obama lied again. When States are having to pay more money for Obamacare–less State workers–
        You think employers have laid off–get ready. When the North starts feeling the impact of taxes–less money to spend–less money to spend means less buying which equals job losses–the down turn in the South and the rest of the country is on it’s way which means the industrial North will get hit again–the chain reaction is on its way. Honestly–I think it is going to take a good beating of American economy to wake up the electorate–I hope it hits the Obamonites harder.

      • Dissenter says:

        The Republicans (Ron Paul excepted) have never seen a military expenditure they didn’t like. Let’s start there.

        • RobinPC says:

          If that is true it is the reason you are living in a country where you can post your unpatrotioc crap. No more free cell phones!

        • Dissenter says:

          Since when is it unpatriotic to recommend that we not spend money on a bloated military we really don’t need?

      • Shagnasty1 says:

        Actually the Amish live a good lifestyle and are content and comfortable with it. I believe, though, your point is we will be forced into something like it which is wrong. Especially when our leaders believe themselves to be rulers and now fast becoming tyrants who will continue to live in largesse while we do without. It is frightening when talking of a tax cut the Democrats ask how they are going to pay for it. That gives the impression that all wealth belongs to the government and we are only given what they thing we should have. This also relates to what I have been saying, “Democrat politicians and their friends believe what is theirs is theirs, but what is ours belongs to the government”.

  15. john gualt says:

    We agree, let politicians pay tax on their campaign contributions(bribes). Also start taxing all expenses allowed to politicians! We need a Flat Tax, stop giving tax breaks to the connected who buy them thru contributions. We need to eliminate the wasted time in accounting and legal games to avoid paying fair share. We need to lower our tax so that capital will invest here instead of overseas. On the other end, all payouts from government are income, so as an incentive to get people back to work, those payouts should also be taxed. If politicians and companies and individuals collecting from are taxes figure out that they could make a better living in an another way, then maybe our country will again start producing something instead of just printing more money and diluting the value of what us producers have sweat to earn.

    • Mikey says:

      Unfortunately, the tipping point has been reached. People don’t want incentives to work or better themselves. They just want more money. They want if from the government (read: other taxpayers) and they want it from business (see: WalMart). They don’t care how unskilled they are. They want more money and that’s that. And the GOP, after losing again, is going to give it to them.