Kansas Joins 13 Other States Opposing Concealed-Carry Permit Restrictions

Kansas has joined 13 other states in supporting the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment by agreeing that people don’t need to show why they want a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said Thursday he has added Kansas to a friend-of-the-court brief filed in the 4th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in Richmond, Va. The appellate court is reviewing a decision by a Maryland district court that struck down a Maryland requirement that a person must show a reason for needing a concealed permit before one is issued.

“Citizens who qualify to have a concealed carry permit should not be required to clear the further hurdle of showing the government why they need to have a firearm,” Schmidt said. “The Second Amendment protects the individual’s right to keep and bear arms and does not allow the government to demand to know the reason why.”

Kansas is one of 39 states with a concealed-carry law on the books that doesn’t require a person to give a reason for needing the license, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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27 comments on “Kansas Joins 13 Other States Opposing Concealed-Carry Permit Restrictions
  1. “The Second Amendment protects the individual’s right to keep and bear arms and does not allow the government to demand to know the reason why.”

    What a joke! The 2nd Amendment protects my right to NOT ask for a Concealed PERMIT from the government in the first place.

    • Daniel says:

      AMAZING!…This the first time I completely agree with you, dealing with your position on the 2nd Amendment. You are absolutely RIGHT! The Government has NO right to require a Concealed Weapons Permit for anyone…PERIOD! After all, do the Criminals request a Concealed Weapons Permit? Of Course Not! No, to be able to protect oneself is an inalienable Right to Life and Liberty guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Plus, the ability to protect oneself will allow you to protect others as well. The Criminals whether, they be blue collar or white collar and this includes any Criminal Government Entity, have Great Fear of honest Patriotic Americans being armed and able to protect themselves.

    • “The 2nd Amendment protects my right to NOT ask for a Concealed PERMIT from the GOVERNMENT in the first place.”

      It does!?! Obviously not!

      On the other hand Yahweh’s law charges us with the responsibility to bear arms in protection of ourselves, our families, and fellow man. The Second Amendment merely recognizes a “right,” which having been placed under the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Republic and particularly the judicial branch of that government can be, has been, and always will be limited to its interpretation.

      Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, agrees. Listen to his views: click on my name, then our website and look for our “Featured Message” about half way down the home page.

      • T. Edward Price says:

        I don’t need the 2nd Amendment. It offers no protection at all. The same government that gave us the the 2nd Amendment can also take it away by the amendment process, or by judicial decree, whether lawful or not. Any “right” can ultimately be abridged or rescinded by whatever authority initially granted said “right’. The bearing of arms is not a God-given “right”, but instead, a God-ordained responsibility (Christian duty) for men to be armed, in defense of family and community.

        Luke 22:36..And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword ( or 1911, or Glock, or Benelli 12ga., or M4 Carbine) is to sell his coat and buy one,”

    • jag57 says:

      You are absolutely right, but in Missouri in 1884, a few years after the Civil War,not wanting freed slaves to be allowed to defend themselves from violence or death, Missourians preexisting, God given right, enshrined in the 2nd amendment, was taken away. We worked long and hard to even get the right back, with a permit. Actually, term limits removed a lot of Democrats from the legislature, after it was passed. Before that, we tried for 13 years
      to get concealed carry passed in the legislature.

  2. “shall not be infringed”.

    • Goatie says:

      Exactly, James. We the People shall not be infringed upon….get that Odumbo and company? Whether it’s guns, religion, free speech, or ownership of property….leave us alone! We live by the Constitution. You very clearly don’t…..

  3. notosharia says:

    GOOD FOR KANSAS! iN AMY WAR BETWEEN the Civilized Man and the Savage Support the CIVILIZED MAN ——Support the 2nd Amendment —Defeat jihad!

  4. CCblogging says:

    As most of you know, Obama and Hillary are pushing the UN Small Arms Treaty hoping to over ride our Second Amendment. Any treaty must be approved by 2/3′s of the US Senate which is mostly Democrats and that’s scary. I smell a domestic war coming on because any logical freedom loving citizen will not give up their guns willingly. If guns are outlawed, only criminals and Obama’s jackbooted thugs will have guns. Same thing!

    • Dave Harbula says:

      Actually, PA Representative Kelly told me this particular treaty requires approval by the House as well as the Senate. He had a name for it that I can’t remember right now.

      • Riverdweller says:

        He is my Representative until January due to redistricting. After that it will be Glen Thompson.
        Rep. Kelly is a real firebrand and we need more like him in W.D.C.

  5. CyclingFoodmanPA says:

    What part of “shal not be infringed” does our government NOT UNDERSTAND! Evidently every part of it. Way to go Kansas! Go Jayhawks!

  6. ricbldwn says:

    I will carry to protect myself & those around from all & sundry,no matter who that may include.

  7. metoo says:

    If this keeps up the government will get our guns alright, round end first, then they won’t be around to worry about it. the right to bear arms gives us (the people of the USA) a way to protect ourselves from the tyranny of the government. Maybe the second amendment should be publicized to everyone so they understand what it actually says, and why it is necessary and so important to preserve. The constitution was written for the people not the government, the founders knew there would be corruption in the government and wrote the second amendment into the constitution for our protection against a government such as the one We have now. This is the only way to fix a broken government when all other attempts have failed. This is not what We want, but a government that has turned against the will of the people and the constitution has to be stopped before the damage is to great to resolve.

  8. The beast is double minded and will fall… get sealed with God and without the beast.
    People are worshiping the creation instead of the creator – worshiping filthy rags opposed to eternal reality – Awake, and measure your judgement through the integrity of Yah’s standards. No God Before Him, No Idols, No swearing – you are ALL breaking these when you LOOK TO MAN as source for authority and power or protection.

    These are some of the same as you – so repent:
    Revelation of John 14:
    11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

  9. mj says:

    Love the biblical reference.

  10. Dan says:

    There is hope for America . Back to the constitution . Now let enforce the natural born citizens to hold office of POUS. Then we can recover the trillions stolen by the bankers. That a start.

  11. Robert Mo says:

    After the Dick Act of 1902 I don’t understand how any firearms law went through congress.

  12. Dean says:

    What do they not understand about “Shall not be infringed upon” this right is stated that way

  13. afanaglenn says:

    One of the first steps towards socialism is to eliminate the faith and trust in the election process. The next step is to place the economy of a country into bankruptcy with the ensuing step to include taking away the guns of the people or start a heavily restricted gun ownership towards the complete elimination of those rights. WE ARE WELL ON OUR PATH.