Thanksgiving Eve Surprise: Feds to Block Off 9 Million Acres for Spotted Owl

The Obama administration announced with little fanfare Thanksgiving eve plans to lock up nine million acres of land for the endangered Northern Spotted Owl.
The plan would double the amount of public forest lands proposed by the Bush administration for the owl’s habitat in Oregon, Washington and Northern California, and is expected to severely limit commercial activities like logging.

Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, said he is concerned the plan will cost taxpayers millions of dollars.
“Expanding the Northern Spotted Owl’s critical habitat will further endanger the timber industry, the thousands of jobs that the industry supports, and forest health,” Hastings said.

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47 comments on “Thanksgiving Eve Surprise: Feds to Block Off 9 Million Acres for Spotted Owl
  1. fliteking says:

    . . . just a minute, let me put on my boots and hunting jacket . . .

  2. Msgirl says:

    Well, that’s the heart of democrat country. Let’s see how they deal with these liberal agendas. Right?

  3. Msgirl says:

    Now we truly see, yet again, that elections have consequences. Unenlightened voters have to deal with those outcomes just as well as the enlightened.

    • Elmerdeadwood says:

      Unenlightened voters ? I think thats politicly correct for “stupid voters”. The enlightened are gagged by liberal speak .What ever happened to tell it like it is in plain American english ?Who ever thought that Pop eye’s “WIMPY ” would become the national standard of the country ,Thank you Mr. President for De Balling America.You da man .

  4. CwS says:

    This has little to do with the owl ….. This is U.N.Agenda 21 …another 9million acres into the plan and off limits to humans. Wake Up America

  5. cam4u says:

    No thanks to the socialist control freaks We will have to spend 90% of national budget poorly planed actions cause more hungry people……

  6. chamuiel says:

    obama and Michelle have to have somewhere to vacation after they leave office. Are we going to begrudge them a mere 9,000,000,000 acres?

  7. lew says:


  8. GRAMPA says:

    Does this mean that we need to import more wood from President Obama friends in China? I hope they use homeland security to stop the insect importation, like the green emerald borer that decimated 5 trillion dollars worth of trees in Michigan. Let’s see oh yea that was bill Clinton and his china friends. We need to take all the tree huggers and put them on a reservation for endangered tree huggers.

    God bless America.

    • Mike says:

      I have lived in China. There are very few trees. What they will do is import people. Watch for a backdoor deal….

    • Huapakechi says:

      *”We need to take all the tree huggers and put them on a reservation for endangered tree huggers.”

      May I suggest that this reservation be sited in the ANWAR? Sadly there are few trees there, but they can hug the polar bears.

  9. daylilly says:

    If I recall, Washington, Oregon and California went for Obama. Happy Thanksgiving and you got what you voted for turkeys. Enjoy!

  10. Chad Harris says:

    Yep. Not to mention, in 10 years of no timber cutting, controlled burning, the forest will be taken over by beetles and will be a lightning rod for huge forest fires.

  11. CCblogging says:

    The spotted owl is a convenient excuse for Obama’s regime to seize more land.

  12. Laster says:

    This is the direct directive from Antonio Gramsci, the lefts secret intellectual commie,who was outed right here on this blog. He drew up the blueprint t for UN and specifically #21. He Had the bis chess with President Obama and the FEMA interment camps. His disciples are everywhere. He had a great fondness for spotted owls and raised them. His next is to get rid of all guns and ammo and ensure everyone has a RF mincro chip, then access to your bank account. You are doomed. I’m getting a We Saved the SPOTTED Owl
    L t shirt for all my fellow travelers. Thanks old white men.

  13. Delores109 says:

    Can you live without a spotted owl? I can also live without turtle crossings under a bridge.
    Let’s take one male and one female spotted owl, find a place in the East Room of the White and let Obama breed them. If they become extinct, it will no different than the economy he has collapsed deliberately. We MUST stop spending. Timothy Geithner already wants us to “do away” with the deficet spending limit. We don’t want to do away with our personal credit card limit. Why should we give Obama, Soros, and Geithner an “open” credit card? Tell your reps “stop the spending”.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  14. RobinPC says:

    Hey, how can that be? That is in the western heart of lib country. I think it is a decent idea, save the owl and push the libs into the ocean. Hmmm, not bad. Cost them millions? Hey they can just raise the taxes on Foxes. That’s all that will be left.

    • Dingbat36 says:

      HEY…………..when I moved here many years ago, this was also a conservative area. Then all the Californians discovered how beautiful it is and started vacationing here, When the retired they moved here. They have Californicated us and are turning this area into what they ran away from………blue hell. Some people NEVER learn!!