Obama Supporters Banned From Arizona Gun Shop

It was reported over the weekend that the owner of a gun store in Arizona is telling Pres. Obama’s supporters he doesn’t want their business.

Cope Reynolds, the owner of Southwest Shooting Authority, a gun store located in Pinetop, Arizona, took out a full page ad in a local newspaper that read: “If you voted for Barack Obama your business is not welcome.”

The New York Daily News reports that Mr. Reynolds also posted a sign on the store’s front door:

“If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

It is not known how Reynolds will identify Obama supporters and it doesn’t seem likely that one would admit to having voted to reelect the president if they wish to purchase a gun at his store.

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231 comments on “Obama Supporters Banned From Arizona Gun Shop
  1. Sutekh says:

    Exactly. Ineligible candidates for a job lie on their resumes and forge their credentials. why whouldn’t their followers, who admire them, deceive the same way?

    • Guest says:

      Except this INELIGIBLE not only lied, he has hidden his credentials, IF ANY?, AND THE ignorant media has done NOTHING to uncover the truth.
      Just added in the dead and illegals for his disgusting campaigns.

  2. Harold says:

    We should also ban them from driving, shopping anywhere, banking, marrying etc. Brcause the fact that they voted for Obama is proof they are not intelligent enough to do any of these things.

    • kbcab says:

      …Or legal either…

    • SALLYFARRAR says:

      And reproducing and voting.

      • Xman3 says:

        It has been said: let those who want to abort, abort; let men marry men, let women marry women . . . . . . . after one generation, there will be no Democrats. . . .

        • Guest says:

          Funnily enough, I have said this even though I am FOR LIFE and hate these democrap induced ideas.
          Once they have aborted all those babies, where will the new demons come from?
          But too late to affect us unfortunately.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Guest: I have said it too. Also, My question to these folks is, “If they can’t turn the young ones into Homosexuals and Lesbians with their offensive Agenda being taught from kindergaten on, where do they think their new girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, is going to come from?
          The fact is, most of them are always looking for younger partners, just as many hetrosexuals in this day and age are. The younger generations don’t seem to have any idea what they are doing in regards to sexual behaviour.

    • John says:

      Actually 99 % of the people that post here are proving that they are not capable to do an American.

    • ggswede says:

      Save America,neuter a liberal !

      • dale6956 says:

        LOL That Is Awesome And True, Best One I Have Seen Yet.

      • timmy says:

        They are smart enough to know how to steal an election. Look at the polling places around Cleveland, OH where Obama got 14,000 votes and Romney got zero. Also 59 polling places in Philadelphia, PA where Romney did not get a single vote. Impossible to believe, isn’t it ?? We MUST have a national voter I.D. and monitors at every polling place in America. Also, early voting absolutely MUST be done away with. This only helps Democrats and the unions load up thousands of busloads to go vote multiple times. We had better wake up before it is too late.

    • Dave Mullen says:


      • nancy miller says:

        Impeachment doesn’t mean he will go away. What we need is arrest and placement in GITMO.

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        Impeachment is never going to happen. There are too many CAREER Politicians, who are too used to having someone elses money to spend AND the POWER that goes along with it.
        I am not looking forward to what I believe may be coming . But, if it is, I will not run from it.

    • timmy says:

      If you are sucking the government tit, you should NOT be allowed to vote. Voting should be done by intelligent, hard-working, tax paying citizens ONLY. Call it what you may but we cannot allow those on entitlements to continue to vote for the guy who will give away the most goodies. Isn’t that “vote buying” which is illegal??

      • dakotarose53 says:

        i AGREE 100%…..NO WELFARE VOTES!! and speaking of welfare, who are the biggest welfare suckers we have??? the congress

  3. Brave Native says:

    GO ARIZONA !! We are all divided over this liar in chief anyway. Why arm his sheeple?

    • Mark Biolchino says:

      Brave Native, You are right about not arming these morons. they wouldn’t know which end to point where. Mark

      • David Hickman says:

        That might be good Mark. Survival of the species, survival of our country, and survival of mankind depends on letting the best and brightest achieve with praise. I don’t cast judgement on any group, but it does seem we coddle way too many capable but “too lazy to perform people,” encouraging sloth and waste. Then they get to vote on whether “they” get to continue sucking off the “teet” of the producers. There are plenty of places for producers to go and avoid the blood-letting, but this country has thrived by being the laboratory for business creation and innovation, while also standing as an example of charity and kindness. Now we have a government mandating what they refer to as kindness and what I believe is a form of slavery, where everyone is pulled down, where achievement is made suspect, and where some gain power at the expense of everyone.

        • rgs says:

          I agree! In a battle we win. Stupid can’t win in the long run.

        • dale6956 says:

          Very True

        • jdvier says:

          You cannot fix stupid

        • emerutil says:

          You are advocating eugenics? shame on you. NOT

        • A.L. says:

          David, did you know, Mark is in a mental ward? He was told not to play on the computer. they know mentally ill people make insane statements, like the one he just made !!!

        • CharlesW says:

          Does your intials A.L. stand for A-hole Liberal!

        • A.L. says:

          liberal ??? not me by 1000%. pure Republican. always will be. I think you read my post wrong.

        • Willi says:

          pure republican means you’re only 80% liberal (not a full-fledged one)

        • patt says:

          How many times a day do people tell you what a stupid jerk you are?

        • A.L. says:

          none !!! they know i would kick their butt. Like if i knew what mental hospital you were in, i would look you up, you need to ask your psychiatrist if you are allowed on the computer.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          A.L. Sounds to me like you are the one who belongs in a mental ward and not allowed to play on a computer. Why don’t you just march on back to your liberal/marxist cubby hole and let the world pass you by.

        • A.L. says:

          nannagail, what did you see that makes you think i am i liberal????? I cant stand a liberal, Obama, or anyone else even close to them. Read my post. you are so far off, i think you might be the liberal. God read my post !!!!

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Well, to tell you the truth, it was your message to David, regarding Mark. We all know, Librals are the ones who need psychiatric help. Marks statement was actually more or less saying obozo supporters were nuts. Your blog to David said Mark is in a mental ward… I don’t think so. He is against obozo supporters and doesn’t deserve to be markes as one of them by association. If you get my drift.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          By the way, I am NO LIBERAL. I am an independent thinker and voter.

        • Val says:

          EVERYONE, Please LOOK UP; “Agenda 21″ you can read for yourself where Obama is taking the USA/ you and me. It will make you cry.

      • Jay says:

        Actually…they maybe the ones holding up convinience stores and shooting innocent people,they may know how to handle a gun but they are leeches,despicable people.

      • Real American says:

        I would hope the moron obama voters would look into the barrel and unload at least one round

      • winlockmike says:

        and that might be a good thing

      • abbe says:

        Hopefullythey would point it backward…NO LOSS

      • WAYNE says:


    • 13th Floor Looking Out says:

      It’s about time…we sure as hell know the government isn’t looking out for us.

    • OldRockerguy says:

      This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud to be a citizen of this state. Good for you Mr. Reynolds

    • dale6956 says:

      Amen Brave Native

  4. Frosty33 says:

    Sounds like words of a true patriot

  5. Outstanding Mr.Reynolds.Do you have a website?It is always good to deal with men of honor and i feel that is just what we get with you.

  6. kbcab says:

    Kudos Mr Reynolds , keep up the patriotic good work , the Southeast supports you…

  7. Eli Jones says:

    I can certainly appreciate Mr Reynold’s stand. Obama supporters are beyond stupid and are also subversive to our US Constitution. Only Patriots should own guns. On that note, Patriots, buy plenty of ammo too because Obama is now building his private army by implementing the “FEMA YOUTH CORPS”. The Obama worshipers are planning a hostile takeover of America. Lock and Load!

    • Xman3 says:

      Have you noticed? There seems to be the beginnings of a ‘war on Generals’ by this Administration. At some point when bad turns to worse to terrible to dictatorship, the military will need to make a choice: Obey the dictator or obey the American Citizens. . . . . .

      • jdvier says:

        Demoraize the military and then things should be easy to take over. Wrong. The partiots of this country not only wear uniforms of the military but they are retired military and alot of civilians. If he wants a war he will get alot more then he bargined for.

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        These Generals need to be reminded DAILY, THEIR PLEDGE IS TO PROTECT “WE THE PEOPLE”!

    • FloridaBoyee says:

      What is even worse is the fact that TSA has voted to be unionized & they will be under the direct authority of what Homeland Security tells them to do & they ar “Wanna be cops” with a GUN!! That is scary as HELL!! Obama is building his forces, as he diminishes our US Military!!

    • dale6956 says:

      Stock Up My Patriot Friends While You Can. I Know I Am.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      Mr. Reynolds is a very smart man. Refuse to arm LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS, so they can’t turn on “We the People”, for obozo.

  8. Jerry says:

    Not to worry. Obama supporters are sissies who are afraid of firearms and hate those who carry them, such as soldiers and policemen.

    • emerutil says:

      They love it if they and their kind carry, but would restrict me from being armed with an effective weapon.

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        Exactly. As Hanoi jane said, regarding a question about disarming THE PEOPLE….”That doesn’t apply to me or the rest of the SO CALLED elite!”

  9. GoldenRudy says:

    Good for him! Payback has to be long and meaningful. Votes have consequences.

  10. Nonni says:

    Right on! This man is a hero and has guts.

  11. SALLYFARRAR says:


  12. Richard Gibbard says:

    I smell a lawsuit coming.

    • Xman3 says:

      Free Speech . . . . . I suspect he will sell to anyone who is legally qualified to purchase a gun/ammunition, so no discrimination here. . . . .

    • ronna says:

      He has the right to refuse business to anyone. Obama supporters can be picked out by having a simple conversation. I avoid alot of wasted time by doing that on a daily basis at work. Their beliefs are easy to spot.

  13. bill sexton says:

    tax revolt! shut oboma down NOW!

  14. bill sexton says:

    if enough responsible people who work and pay taxes to support the federal protest by not paying federal taxes the IRS cannot come after us. We will be too many. If millions wont pay, it will stop Obama in his tracks! lets have a REAL tea party revolt! One that works!

    • ladyceo says:

      Ahhhh, bill, that would be great!

    • They’ll just make an example of the ones that appear to have the most money, fine them until they have no money, and most of the rest will fall into line to avoid the same treatment. They would love to have an excuse to take rich Republicans money.

    • emerutil says:

      Unfortunately, we do not have the gonads or intestinal fortitude to pull it off!

  15. steamrollers61 says:

    Democrats don’t buy guns, they just “borrow” them from other gun owners. As you know, they don’t like to buy anything with their own money, they expect it to be “given” to them by the rich or the government.

    • I’ve only loaned out one gun, a Model 36 S&W and that was to my LT. He had got a call from his wife one evening there were prowlers. Everyone knew the Sgt Maj carried 24/7 so he came to me rather than trying to sign out a pistol for the arms room.