Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Won’t Resign Until He Gets Disability Entitlements

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is reportedly willing to resign if he gets approved for disability, according to Fox 32 Chicago.

Rep. Jackson, who serves Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District, has been absent from Congress since mid-June, and is reportedly being investigated for misuse of campaign funds.

Sources tell Fox 32 that Jackson will resign if he gets disability when he resigns:

Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for a disability package–what could be his only income if he resigns. It is expected to take a couple of weeks for Congress to approve or deny the request.

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68 comments on “Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Won’t Resign Until He Gets Disability Entitlements
  1. fliteking says:

    “Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Won’t Resign Until He Gets Disability Entitlements”

    He certainly fits the profile.

  2. Greg says:

    He learned how to “take” from the best!!

  3. Dumb ole redneck says:

    Certainly be the son of Jesse Jackass, Sr. should be disability enough!

  4. rjk516 says:

    He wants welfare to, he should be put in jail the phoney crook ,maybe uncle obama may
    hep him .

  5. caskinner says:

    A real liberal for sure. Give me…..I’m entitled.

  6. Sutekh says:

    How about a kick in the pants and impeachment? Since the Justice Department has decided to go after him even though he’s black and a member of a specially protected class, he doesn’t seem to have much bargaining power. If he did have bargaining power, he’d just call his opponents “racists,” and go on about the business of stealing.

  7. Richard Gibbard says:

    He’s as big a leech as his old man, that’s for sure.

  8. Dingbat36 says:

    Learned his lessons well from his entitlement daddy, didn’t he?

  9. bobseeks says:

    He is a parasite just like his worthless dad.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Amen to that, bobseeks. Parasite is en excellent word for Jesse. Lets not forget his bribe to Gov. Rod Blagojevich for Obama’s Senate seat.

  10. kbcab says:

    ” Ya.ll pay me forever and I’ll resign “..I say him let stay in office , he wasn’t doing anything anyway and Illinois is full of corrupt politicians anyway, that way at least when he gets paid for doing nothing he will be on the job…

  11. VERN says:

    That A**Hole will draw a “Congressman’s Retirement Benefits”, so why does he need disability?

  12. AlanWH says:

    Just give him a lifetime perscription for the Drugs that he’s been taking and Kick His Sorry _ss back to his Lying, Adulterous Father. Then Give them A Swimming Pass for the Nearest Chicago Sewer.

  13. Chuck says:

    Another strawe into the U.S. Treasury.

  14. adirondack_1 says:

    Attaboy Jr, you’re a credit to your constituency.

  15. ezekiel22 says:

    They can’t write comedy as funny as this! First he runs to get re-elected just so he can try to pick up disability? Yeah, I can just see how his supporters and those who voted for him will be tripping over words to explain this divergence from ethics and honor.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      AAah, but he is crazy, LIKE A FOX! If he got reelected, doesn’t that mean another Democrat would take his place? Or do they have a “Special Election? If theyy have a special election, is a Republican/Conservative/Independent etc., likely to take his place?

      • rmwayne says:

        I can imagine what kind of ‘constituency’ put that rat in office in the first place. They’ll just find another african communist to take his place and continue the thievery.