GOP Congressman: Obama Can't Utter the Words 'Muslim Terrorist Attack'

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (CA) is not backing down from his recent criticism of President Obama and on his appearance on FOX News’ “On the Record” he took it a step further saying Obama can’t force the words ‘Muslim Terrorist Attack’ out of his mouth.

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216 comments on “GOP Congressman: Obama Can't Utter the Words 'Muslim Terrorist Attack'
  1. Robalou01 says:

    Right on!

  2. suzy2 says:


    • JP Thomassen says:

      I agree with suzy2.

      • American Lady says:

        I do, too!!

      • henrypeter says:

        I do too! I voted for Romney but……….

        • Calling It Like It Is says:

          I do too…. I voted for the American

        • oldcoyote says:

          Rummy would have been controlled by the same slime that controls Odumba. He proved that when he went to Israhell and kissed Nuttanyhoo’s rear.

        • DixieAngel_76 says:

          Israel has always been an American ally. Up until this administration, anyway.

        • 7LibertyForAll says:

          Israhell is and has been controlled by the Zionists since its inception. They are behind most of the evil in this world…..not the Jews.

        • fedup in fl says:

          Yea, and your meaning?

        • fedup in fl says:

          Guess what, I don’t think they realy give a crap about America anymore.
          Cause the jews here support obumer. There is a difference between
          jews and Israilies. The jews are a bunch of sniviling cowarrds. Israilies
          got some balls and don’t take s-it off anyone. Israel will go it alone if
          jews meaning american types
          Isralies meaning the real deal

        • oldcoyote says:

          Yea, with allies like that, who needs enemies????????????????

        • oldcoyote Go back to Iran where you must have cam fromas you don’t talk like your an AMERICAN ? This FAKE we have in Office is taking us down !

        • oldcoyote says:

          I never voted for Obozo but the new stats are that 60+ % of the jews did so talk to them about it. He shills for THEM and does EVERYTHING THEY tell him to do!!!! The “Federal Reserve” is where our problem started and it’s owned by jew banksters so talk to them about that!!!!

        • 7LibertyForAll says:

          You got it, oldcoyote. People just won’t admit that mittens was the same damned global elitist as ovomit. Different faces, same approval of PATRIOT Act, NDAA and all the rest of the treasonous actions by the whole government. And, yes, it goes back to King George Bush and before him as well, both D and R.

        • Edward53 says:

          Another Ron Paul Nazi??

        • oldcoyote says:

          Thanks LFA,
          It’s good to know there still a few Americans that know the truth. It appears we got the attention of a jew on his two posts below. They will not accept the truth.

        • Edward53 says:

          You would have been happy if RuPaul would have been elected. That way you could have had his Hitleristic form of government, huh, coyote? Achtung!!! Heil Ronnie Paul.

        • oldcoyote says:

          It looks like the unfair moderators belong to the cult too. It seems the URL I posted won’t be allowed.

        • fedup in fl says:

          So did I and alot of others, probably enough to win, but the republician
          party is too chicken s_it to say anything. They are getting worse than
          the other side.

    • MyUSA says:

      totally agree with you!!!!!!

    • truthseeker says:

      I totally agree with you too, and that is why we are doomed. The Republicans are cowering sheep that have allowed Obama to become as powerful as he is. It really makes you wonder whose side they are on now, doesn’t it?

      • Cowards, truthseeker, more than likely. they are afraid of being called a “racist”. Obviously they should have had to endure our never ending onslaught with that term from every liberal/leftie known to man kind for over 4 years. Maybe then they could be as calloused as we are. After all, it only takes seconds in a debate with a leftie to be called a racists, especially since they don’t have any facts. They never allow the facts to get in the way of spewing their lies.

        • blackyb says:

          that racism is not the thing. they have stuff on most of them, likely.

        • LARA says:


        • fedup in fl says:

          Hey, their afarid of being called racist. Pure and simple. afarid of hurting
          some porch monkeys feelings

        • Independent says:

          How can we form an Independent Network i.e. a network of Citizens who are Independents?

        • MyronJPoltroonian says:

          Have you ever heard of the Tea Party? It is not made up of just one party’s members, it’s a loose affiliation of people of all stripes and party affiliation who’re fed up with the self-styled oligarchs in government that act as if they were anointed, not elected; who’re trampling on our constitution and the rights granted to us in it by (dare I say it?) God. Rights granted by God are unalienable, “Rights” granted by men are not Rights, they’re mere privileges, subject to withdrawal at the whim of the “Elected’s” in power at the moment.

        • Amfer Ferg says:

          I am waiting for the Tea Party to really get ramped up and ‘do’ something – they are the largest group to have an impact.

        • Randy G says:

          As I have said before, “If someone wants to call ME a Racist for wanting fairness, I say, YEAH, I am. The Human Race, when are you going to join?”

        • 7LibertyForAll says:

          Excellent response, Randy.

        • Snowman8wa says:


          If you know you’re going to be called names, then you’re already one up on them. I don’t understand why we draw lines on one issue but shrink back on others. I wonder what they would do if you took that off the table….begin the debate with that…”I’m a gun toting, bible thumping bigoted racist…but taking that away…the facts are (FACTS) what do you have to say about that????” I used to say insensitive things at stupid comments and then call myself an “A$$h0L3″ before anybody could say it……I’d get my point across and take away their response which I more-than-likely already knew was coming….spoils their fun…
          My favorite line that I use against the Left comes from Indigo Montoya! Jess…de man who accuses others of keeling hees father….and dey muss prepare to DIE! Jooo juss. tell dem..

          “Jooo use that word a lot…I do not tink it means what jooo tink it means”…..

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

      • Bravo Two Six says:

        And, I think it’s going to get worse, long before it gets better. If it ever does get better again.

      • don says:

        for a while now i have said there is hardly any real diffrence between the two.yes there was total voter fauld. will anything be done? no so welcome to what we have become

      • wfwilson6 says:

        No problem. I ceased being a republican months ago. They are a bunch of gutless cowards.

      • oldcoyote says:

        The entire Congress, not just the R’s are controlled by AIPAC and do what they’re told or they are out of there next election.

    • mallen11 says:

      Do you and others know about this? I read this on another site.

      At the end of your voting session you should get a small receipt that shows how you voted and gives you a serial number. After the all the polls are closed and the votes tallied, you should be able to login to a website run by your state and using the serial
      number, confirm that your vote was tallied and be able to compare what was tallied to what is on your receipt. If you spot a difference, cry foul and demand a recount, such measures while, along with voter id, would not guarantee a valid election, they would go a long ways towards it.

      • CCB says:

        I agree but there has to be some way to protect the vote before it even happens, Like taking people that don’t belong on the voter rolls off. Going back to voting on election day. Allowing only our military to vote on another day.Someone checking the voting machines from both parties for fraud which can be done on voting machines very easily.

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          There are people who legitimately can’t get to polls on that specific date, and would be denied their votes by such a ruling. There are other, less draconian ways to true the votes.

        • My wife has been bedridden for six months and SHE voted! Where’s the problem?

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Some have to be out of the country on that particular day, for example. Happened to my Dad a lot, as an airline pilot.

        • mrscat says:

          what about absentee ballot?

        • suzy2 says:

          Absentee Ballot..If you can not make it to the polls or you are home bound, or over 65 or disabled, you can call or go online and print off the request for an absentee ballot and they mail you your voting ballot. After you seal the envelope you must sign the envelope and place it in another envelope provided and mail. Or you can take it directly to the office address.

        • Randy G says:

          OR if it is too late to mail it,Take it to any nearby poll & put it in the Blue box.It will be counted!

        • Randy G says:

          They even have a system where if you can not get out of your vehicle at the poll, the poll workers will come out to the car to help you.

        • mallen11 says:

          They can always do a absentee vote. I had to one year.

        • DixieAngel_76 says:

          The problem is that people who are severly demented, as in cases of Alzheimers or mental retardation are being registered to vote by others and “voting” anyway. Can you possibly think there’s nothing wrong with that?

        • Mary Mohanan says:

          My mother – in-law has alzheimers and we made sure she voted for Romney. No, there isn’t anything wrong with that. She is an 87 year-old Democrat and would NEVER have voted for this.

        • mrscat says:

          what do you suggest that is less draconian?

        • DixieAngel_76 says:

          That could be dealt with by having them certified by a doctor as unable to get to the polls. Everyone else should have to go on election day, and it should be the law, and strictly enforced that employers allow people time off to go to the polls.

        • suzy2 says:

          Many elderly vote by absentee ballot because they can not stand for long periods in line or they have no transportation but still want to vote. etc.

        • Randy G says:

          and with the ‘Edge’ voting machine you can vote even from a wheelchair, Non-sighted, hard of hearing, or use a Puff/Sip control for paralyzed.

        • suzy2 says:

          many that need a wheelchair do not have one, many do not have glasses they need, many do not have a way o get to the polls and so on. Many are just homebound.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

          It used to be 5that way when I grew up!!!!!!!!

        • Randy G says:

          Yes, they are called ‘Early Voting’ & “Mail-in Voting”. In Arizona we have the ‘Permanent Early Voting List’. And you stay on the list UNTIL you sign to get off it.–You can sign up or off at the polls at the ‘Provisional Vote’ table.

        • mrscat says:

          let’s roll people! It is totally up to us, or nothing will get done!

      • Disgusted says:

        Is that something that everyone was supposed to get, or is it something they are saying should be done?

        • mallen11 says:

          I would think we could do it after we vote. Believe it or not we have paper ballots here in evil CA and we get a tab that is torn off the bottom of each page that gives us our serial number. Since I did not know about being able to check my vote I threw them out. I wish this information had been given before Nov 6th. I do not know about computer voting if one receives a serial number.

      • sandraleesmith46 says:

        IF it was done according to a man who testified before Congress about this, who was ordered while working for a Yang Corporation in FL, to write a program to create a specific result from a vote, there’d be NO way to go back and correct it or even find what went wrong.

      • princesssong says:

        wow I had no idea. I hear that the mail in votes were NOT counted.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

      Don’t know if he actually belongs to the brotherhood, but that’s where his loyalty must lie. Everything else you said I agree with!

      • lara says:

        his loyalty is with his father’s Muslim past….radicals said they would take us down from within….guess they are…cause we sure seem to be letting them….

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      I agree whole heartedly. I wonder what they actually think about the millions o people signeing the Petitions to Secede from the Nation. I know it probably wont get aanywhere, but it has to be giving these idiota in Congress pause or thought. Or maybe they don’t have a brain to THINK WITH ANYMORE.

      • mrscat says:

        they just DON’T care……..

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          You are rightmrscat. They are all wealthy career politicians now and don’t care about “We the People”. I think the Good ‘Ole boys club, has been indoctrinated.

      • lara says:

        Congress has been trying but it then goes to Harry Reid and he ditches it and if it gets by him then the senate ditches it.. hundreds of bills have tried to be put through to stop Obama and it ends mostly at Reids desk….this attack on Congress is just another Obama blame game tactic..

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Therein lies the problem lara. That is why harry reid need to be impeached.
          The Senators have done a “reasonable” job, in trying to get things done I guess. But even so, they too have been dragging their feet.

    • sandraleesmith46 says:

      Suzy, the FBI, DHS and the rest of Justice is RIDDLED with MB, in HIGH positions, they’re in the halls of Congress, and even all over the WH. So how, exactly, should the ” f…ing Repbulicans” DO anything? At BEST, the House could present articles of Impeachment, BUT since the Senate and Chief Justice of SCOTUS have to HEAR them for anything to happen, and the Senate is Dem and Roberts has been “bought” THAT won’t happen. WE are LIVING IN a dictatorship and have been for 4 years. ALL they can do, all they have the POWER to do now, is withhold FUNDING; as the HOUSE has the power of the purse. Believe me, I don’t like it either, but THAT is the reality we have to deal with.

      • Fred_K says:

        That sounds like a pretty good analysis. I do not think the House of Reprehensibles has the backbone to control the money, and do what they need to do..

        • sandraleesmith46 says:

          Thanks; I think a FEW might, but not, sadly, the majority. We’re also dealing with one party that has 2 “heads”, not 2 parties; and most of those reprehensibles are more concerned about their globalist agenda and keeping their jobs in Congress, than in representing the American people who elected them!

      • lara says:

        but obama will use executive powers to as usual to get what he wants…

    • Suzy2—-Well this Republican hasn’t been sitting still! I’ve been screaming that the election was won by voter fraud, and I’ve signed every petition from my state seceding to Impeachment of obama. I’ve been contacting all my state legislators plus Federal legislators……I’ve drove people crazy on Facebook posting the truth about obama and his agenda for America, AND I’m still fighting………what have you been doing besides calling Republicans filthy names?????

      • mrscat says:

        wethepeople have to take it upon ourselves to plan something NOW to avoid fraud for the next election. We can’t wait 2 months before, but NOW! All we need is a hard working group to get it started,,,nationwide!

      • lara says:

        be careful what you sign as these names are being taken to use on you. expect to be audited and more…its the way this thug groups work..but your right we have to keep fighting…

      • princesssong says:

        Im with you Sheryl! I have signed a ton of impeach things. for a few years now.. and paid for faxes etc..

    • I agree with what you say,suzy2!But unfortunately most Americans do not understand,the Muslim Brotherhood’s intention’s!To come into America and rid it of all unbeliever’s!Convert or die!Look what’s going on here in the Middle East they,do not only.Hate the Jews but there going after the Christians to!

      But these is the new America under Dictator Obama!I hope that everyone who voted for him has fun now!Because your day will come and you will,not enjoy it!

    • NobamaNoMo says:

      I am a fu—ing Republican and I agree with Suzy. I am constantly bombarding my Congressman and my Senators (they are fu—ing Republicans too) to impeach his sorry Muslim a$$ NOW and dump Nobamacare.

    • Bravo Two Six says:

      You got that right!

    • rockcut says:

      Total nonsense.

    • Hans says:

      You are so right!!!

    • suzy2, PRAISE THE LORD – we think alike! I’ve been saying that the women of this country have more – I’ll be polite – courage than the girly-men that dominate politics and the media. Dana, I don’t know whether that’s a male or female but Dana should have had the courage to take it one step farther as you and I know: he can’t utter “Muslim Terrorist Attack” because, as you and I, and many others out here in the heartland know, and that is – HE’S A MUSLIM-MARXIST JIHADIST that is waging jihad against the US! My God, don’t these “Re-PUNK-lican” and conservative eunuchs understand that their families will be subjected to the HELL that awaits this nation unless this evil entity is diposed of, like you’d dipose of your garbage! – that is what he is! Amen, sister!

      • suzy2 says:

        We can only hope the garbage in thrown out . Personally, I smash my garbage and step on it until it’s just a bag of slim in a plastic bag for the dump.

    • sovereigntyofone says:

      The only thing left is WE THE PEOPLE… our politicians have abandoned us or turned against us.

    • Bravo Two Six says:

      This is the second time I have had to reply. So, I’ll keep it simple. Suzy2 – me, too.

    • fedup in fl says:

      You are so right, there ain’t a one in the house with enough balls to even say
      the word impeach. There are so afarid of the blacks and muslems, they pee-pee
      in their pants when faced with this problem. A bunch of sissy-boys

    • wily says:

      Those who god is Lucifer also have a hard time calling our Savior Jesus Christ by name too! That is why ‘they’ refer to Him as the Nazarene! Seems to me, the brotherhood god must be the same!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      He is their leader, and why he will not say the words if because he is afraid to do so, because the is a thread of possibility that he will be put out of the presidency. if he did. It is vaguely possible it would cause an investigation.

  3. mellie says:

    Go for it, Dana! We need many more like you! And keep pushing, tell the truth over and over and get louder and louder all the time until the leftists/subversives/commies/moslems, et al can’t hear anything but us!

  4. DG11 says:

    The reason: He is a Muslim Terrorist!

  5. Russ Fowler says:

    The real Americans that will defend the USA need to circle the Whitehouse and the Capital.

  6. celticwaryor says:

    He can’t say it, because he IS one himself!

  7. MM says:

    He is a Muslim Marxist

    • MyUSA says:

      and a dam raghead dictator

      • Dezza says:

        I thought he was part of a radical church before he was president?

        • Ed Scott says:

          obama was a member of a (radical) church before he was President because he needed a platform from which to appeal to black Christians from. In other words obama used the church just like he uses everything else.

        • JobRon says:

          MM, My USA, TopGun, Dezza and EdL: Agree wholeheartedly. You left out on part of what this POS is: He is a KEYNAN, Muslim, Marxist, raghead dictator, piss head diaper head baby dictator, radical christian (notice the lower case on christian) with a ring on his left hand that states: “There is no god but allah.”

      • TopGun says:

        You mean the PISS HEAD DIAPER HEAD BABY DICTATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ONTIME says:

    Something must be happening the R’s are becoming a lot more openly critical of the Fraud in the WH, they aren’t afraid to call him a liar lately…hope they have the guchels to bag this sucker…

  9. Patriotliz says:

    OF COURSE this administration is covering up this obvious terrorist attack because they wanted the American people to believe this phony President’s propaganda that terrorists were “on the run”—after all OBAMA killed Osama bin laden—so don’t you worry your pretty little heads about al Qaeda. BUT, after all is said and done, in reality there is nothing necessarily “benign” about spontaneous “movie rage” or “cartoon rage” over free speech criticism or ridicule of Islamic religion that sets off Muslim protestors who end up attacking embassies, infidels, etc. that may ALSO result in murder vs. a planned attack by professional Muslim crazy terrorists. They’re ALL radical Islamists who can’t get along with their non-Muslim neighbors and who have no tolerance for Western concepts of free speech. In other words, it really doesn’t matter if it was a spontaneous protest that got out of hand or a professional pre-planned attack. It’s all Muslim terrorism. And it is crystal clear that the ambassador knew he was in danger from an attack by the professional Muslim terrorists and this President and State Dept. didn’t want to beef up security because they did not want to look too militaristic in Libya because they didn’t want to offend the crazy Muslims. And, YES the CIA was supplying weapons to Muslim terrorists fighting Assad in Syria. These Muslims want our help to defeat their dictators but then they turn around and stab us in the back.

    • cottagemist says:

      He did not kill Osama Bin Ladin..Seal teams did…He did kill the Americans in Benghazi…by giving the order “Stand Down”…

    • LARA says:


  10. suzy2 says:

    This whole thing with Obama, the fraud and all his crimes and slithering into our country like a venomous snake makes me sooooo pissed that it disrupts my days. I am pissed that we do not have any leader that really has any guts or cares about this country. Other countries are laughing at our weakness. REPUBLICANS ARE A BUNCH COWARDS AND A–SUC-ING WIMPS. I’d like to have 5 minutes with Obama live TV and I would expose his bs. He would not out talk me with his ghetto manipulation. But that’s wh he doesn’t take questions from the public. He knows they will expose his bs.

  11. SusieLe says:

    He is a Muslim. I am now convinced. Those in authority must stand up and say the truth and do something about it. Now is the time.

  12. atmorefaye says:

    No Obama is a muslim and a murderer (4 persons died Libya) he lies steals and commits fraud and treason. Wake up House Speaker impeach this idiot before he destroys the rest of America don’t leave out Reid Biden Pelosi Holder and that other bunch of idiots he has in the WH charge all with fraud and treason.

    • CCB says:

      When you have a corrupt marxist media in this country. It is hard to hold Obama accountable for anything. I was in the dark until I watched the news media do their magic for Obama. Unbelievable.Never thought I would see it in my life time. ABC CBS NBC Newspapers Letterman
      , The view,Leno ,all of them etc. in the bag for Obama. Actually protecting him from himself.LOL Honestly .like stephanopolis correcting Obama when Obama said my muslin faith and Stephanopolis says, you mean your Christian faith..And Obama says, oh yes, My Christian faith. What a joke.

    • Ed Scott says:

      Don’t forget Fast And Furious.

    • mrscat says:

      you forgot the commie Valerie Jarrett who is running OUR house!

    • lara says:

      It will never happen as these thugs have have info on all of them to blackmail or buy them off…. We are all in serious trouble because this is the way Castro and Chavez started out.Do you really thin he wont Get rid of TERM LIMITS???.. He has no plans of ever leaving and he has used Hilary by promising her she would be next….Wont happen old girl. He already has his own agenda…

  13. Steve Labins says:

    Proud of my courageous Congressman!

  14. If this man is a Muslim, and in Congress, I want a recount!!!

  15. del says:

    Time to impeach the fraud squatting in our white house….Fire congress if they cant start the process. His Fast and furious, election fraud, Benghazi are all reasons to boot his muslim a$$ out