Bolton: Administration's 'Passivity' Sends Signal, 'You Can Kill Americans With Impunity'

Two months after the terror attack in Benghazi, there’s been “no retribution, no retaliation, no visible action by the United States against those who murdered four American citizens,” and that sends a dangerous signal, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton told Fox News on Thursday:

“Now, maybe there’s something the administration has in the works, one of the rare national security secrets they’ve been able to keep. But the signal in the Middle East and beyond is, you can kill Americans with impunity. And that is a lesson, once learned, it’s going to cause consequences that reverberate down the years.”

Bolton said he expects a lengthy investigation into the attack in Benghazi as well as the administration’s misleading public response to that attac

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38 comments on “Bolton: Administration's 'Passivity' Sends Signal, 'You Can Kill Americans With Impunity'
  1. Two DECADES after the terror attack in WACO, there’s been “no retribution, no retaliation, no visible action by the United States against those who murdered 82 American citizen Christians,” and that sends a dangerous signal”, the Christian Solution told Vision to America on Friday. “Furthermore, the wife-accomplice of this murderer, our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is now covering up our Ambassador’s death in Benghazi.”

    • StephenFR says:

      I hate to say it, buy you are wrong. Who was involved. I can think of 3 prominent names. Clinton, Holder and Napolitano. So, in fact the administration has given you your answer, hasn’t it?

      • blackyb says:

        There is a lot more to that WACO mess than you are saying. People who let their children die for the wrong cause are not Christians, they are more in line with a cult. There are definitely two sides to that story.

        • StephenFR says:

          I am very familiar with what happened at Waco. Was it a cult? Yes. Was there child abuse going on. Supposedly, however, 1) it has never been proven as any possible evidence burned up with the compound and 2) there was insufficient evidence thereof to warrant a search let alone the storming of the compound at that time.

          My point being is that the administration and the law enforcement who perpetrated this, whether they were correct in their assumptions or not, were working outside of the bounds of the law and the Constitution. These are the people who are supposed to be upholding the law and the Constitution. Their punishment for their transgressions of the laws has been their elevation to even more powerful positions within the law enforcement community.

          I do not hold up the members of the cult, but point out that the actions of the government.

          That is my point.

  2. Remington 870 says:

    Would any of us want to serve in the military or foreign service knowing Thug Team Obama had our back? Thug Team Obama give new meaning to loyalty, duty and honor. He has none and gets most of his communist advice from his Rasputin Jarett, Axelrod, Hillary and Panetta.

  3. monacall says:

    yeah these poor kids going over to fight for freedom and they have to cover not only their front but their backs to…….I pray for this country.

  4. ary says:

    May Obama and all those who participated in this coverup and atrocity and who sat by and did nothing except make excuses for the perpetrators have the same measure and quality of protection he gave to those Americans in Benghazi. Those Americans WERE people’s sons who risked and lost their lives for AMERICA. Never have you heard Obama respond to those killings as he did to the shooting of black teenaged Trayvon — who because of color only “could have been my son”. Where do Obama’s sympathies lie? It appears to be consistently with radical Muslims and with people whose votes he covets.

    • Harold Caton says:

      who gave the stand down order to try to save the people under grave danger
      and all the ones that are keeping the information from caming out

      • blackyb says:

        I will not do a “duh” here, though it may be appropriate. Who is playing like the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces?

    • CCB says:

      Sorry to say my exact thoughts. If those brave heros were black this would be an entirely different story with a different outcome. I’m sorry I feel this way, but what has he done to fine the killers?

      • blackyb says:

        Black? Obama cares no more for black Americans than he does white or other American ethnics. He is using the poor blacks through the well off blacks who have sold out. Obama, Jarrett, Ayers, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Emanuel, Biden and the rest of the thugs have an agenda and it is not to protect Americans. Jarret was born in Iran and was raised here. I think her parents moved here when she was young, but what do you all think is going on? The sand fleas bombed our capitol building and the twin towers, put a hole in the USS Cole, have built mosques all over this country, and are trying to institute Sharia Law. They are even building a muslim center close to the site where they flew planes into the twin towers. They are trying to divide this country, take our guns, stamp out Christianity, attack Israel, and are all in our government from lowest to highest levels. What do you think is happening? They killed 4 americans on what is considered American soil and flew their flag on what is thought to be an American embassy or outpost. The elections are cheated, there is no Justice as Holder and Obama are blocking citizen recourse. They have dumbed down the American school children for decades and brought dope into this country by the hundreds of thusands of tons, opened our borders and have given away the money and resources of this country to those helping to overthrow this government. Aided and abbeted the enemy. I would think the writing is on the wall.

    • blackyb says:

      We have a foreign agent in our highest Office. Where do you think this is going to go?

    • Remington 870 says:

      Good point about Obama’s reaction to Thug Martin being blasted. Four white men are murdered in Benghazi…what if they were black? We have a communist racist in the White House illegally and yet nothing is done to reveal him for who he is. I bet if Donald Trump offered $10 million to anyone who could produce the Real birth Certificate, that would be a game changer.

  5. Ira Schafer says:

    Maybe those who were killed, especially the ambassador, were on Obama’s “hit list” and the attack was engineered by Obama himself through surrogates. Who knows? I’m just thinking out loud. It is still a free country, isn’t it?

  6. Tomtom says:

    TREASON calls for the DEATH penalty. Obama!??

  7. Marc J says:

    Let me now proceed to a number of definitions that might clarify the new US policies in regard to the Muslim countries and Israel. Let us begin with Obama’s so-called “apology tour” of Muslim countries in 2009, at the start of his administration: it was not an “apology” tour – it was in fact a tour of condemnation of US policies. Obama’s program of active support to the movements called “Arab Spring”, including monetary assistance, arms supply, and in case of Libya active war action via bombings of Kaddafi forces, was designed to bring Islamist-jihadist governments to power. The program has been successful so far in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt; it is intended to proceed with the same aims in Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Algeria, “Palestine”, etc. Open disdain and animosity toward Israel is just another sign of the consistency in this particular Obama program. Presently thousands of deadly rockets fired by the Hamas jihadist terrorists falling over the Israeli civilian population are meeting full approval by the Obama’s administration which “counsels moderation to both sides”. The Benghazi murder cover-up is consistent a) with the overall Obama’s policy described above; b) with the unscheduled jihadist attack on US diplomatic post there resulting in 4 Americans dead, after Obama’s refusal to provide the necessary help, and c) with the weak and repeated excuses citing an obscure You-Tube film trailer as the cause for that terrorist attack. Obama is now pressuring the jihadist government of Libya to control those unruly elements so as not to compromise the overall aims of the Arab Spring program. What then is the final aim of that program? The destruction of Israel, of course! How can one explain the fact that 90% of American Jews support Obama? Is their love of socialism and communism stronger that their allegiance to Israel? It is certainly not a sign of their blindness and stupidity, since their average education and their inborn intelligence are vastly superior to the national averages. So, please, my Jewish friends – explain that to me!

  8. Lawerence says:

    The liberal Left are in panic mode on the suggestion of a Water Gate type Commission to get the truths on Before / DURING and Then the Cover up in BENGHAZI !! DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH OUT THE TRUTHS BEING EXPOSED !! Do you hear this Diane Fienstien ???

  9. PAULREVERE says:


  10. PAULREVERE says:


  11. paulrevere says:

    Behold your King Hussein and remember… your Constitution is but a temporary obstacle to this beeeest from zip code 60606. bow now brown cows.. do as he says and self destruct. Sit silently and watch him destroy the country your fathers and grandfathers built and died for. Sit quietly and thank him for destroying entire demographics with welfare and lowering the drawbridge for 35 million illegal democrats whom will empower him for 3 decades. And remember.. he is not restrained by love of country like all other men who were rased as Americans,

  12. cottagemist says:

    Treason…the penalty is death..all in collusion should be held accountable…all…It,s when people stop doing… Nothing…when Godly , good people do nothing…evil prevails..

  13. Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

    Obama cannot be trusted to protect Americans. As his ‘Dreams of my father” book said, ” I will stand with the Muslims.” I believe that he just did. However, can you imagine any real President going to bed while the attack was taking place?

  14. Susitna says:

    We all know by now that Obama is a sunni muslim, islamist, communist with the primary goal to weaken America first and then destroy it, so that the Muslim World can rise again and implement Sharia Law. His recent tears after the election where motivated by the thought that he was fulfilling the “Dreams of from his Father”……but this are not our dreams! This is our nightmare! And I am asking myself what are all those Americans around him thinking? Why are they helping him to destroy the Country? No tyrant can survive without massive help and I cannot believe nor understand that he is getting so much support.
    Do you want me to believe that the FBI still doesn’t know who Obama is?????
    Still waiting for the cavalry!

  15. southerner says:

    The ‘hateful anti-muslim video’ was PLAN B. I’m 100% positive that our brave Ambassador was a patriot, and was following PLAN A. PLAN A, to use simplicity, was a bummer. Therefore, Mr. Stevens and four courageous dedicated men lost their lives while this Administration watched with an American drone flying above. Watched while Mr. Stevens was dragged through the street, and God knows what else the dirty muslims did to him. Why is POTUS in Thailand? POTUS is a sociopath. Look up the symptoms….you’ll be amazed.