If Every Food Stamp Recipient Voted For Obama, It Would Account For 75% Of His Total

If all 47 million food stamp recipients voted for President Obama, it would account for 75.4 percent of Obama’s 62.3 million votes.

Harry Hopkins, FDR’s close adviser who ran the non-defunct Works Progress Administration (WPA), once described Roosevelt’s strategy as “tax & tax, spend & spend, elect & elect.” He believed that if Roosevelt put everyone on the federal payroll, either through aid or federal jobs, that Roosevelt would never lose. FDR won four presidential elections in a row before his death removed him from office.

Did Obama use his idol’s model to win this election?

Food stamps rolls have grown by nearly 50 percent-by more than 15 million recipients-under the Obama administration. During that same time, the unemployment rate has stayed the same. Either those outside of the workforce have been decimated by the Obama economy or this administration is making a conscious effort to get more Americans reliant on government. Or both.

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157 comments on “If Every Food Stamp Recipient Voted For Obama, It Would Account For 75% Of His Total
  1. Funny that it never seems to work the other way around.
    If your private employer pays you for the food you have on your table for the work you do for him, then you are brainwashed into believing you are supposed to unionize, strike his business until he meets every crazy demand of his most unqualified workers in how the business should survive, and then if he still has a business, ask the government to tax him much higher because he is rich.
    Government should not be rewarded with winning elections for a bad economy they caused.
    Of course, never mattered to FDR who managed to have a Great Depression from start to finish on his long 12 year watch, even during the World War he helped plunge America into (Consumer production went DOWN, not up during WW2 as they had government rations), and the libs still believe he was a great American President.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      The Christian Solution.
      Another excellent commentary my friend. You are spot on again.

      • Daniel says:

        Victor…The Christian Solution is a Phony who mixes Truth with Lies and by doing so, hoping that you will believe all. It is a common technique that Liars use to Dupe their audiences. Lie number one: FDR didn’t start the Great Depression. It was started by the Federal Reserve with it’s mismanagement of the money supply way before FDR was elected. However, FDR helped it along to it’s final phase. Lie number two: FDR did not help plunge America into WWII. His response to the growing fires of Europe and the near East was to supply our friends with material of such, that would hopefully, enable our friends to successfully defend themselves against the aggressors and therefore, we did not have to enter the conflict. At no time, was he willing to declare War upon the Enemies of Freedom and State. Only, after the attack on Pearl Harbor was he forced to declare War against the Axis Powers.

        • Daniel, sorry to disagree. You are very close though.


          The Federal Reserve was created by the party of FDR!

          Of course it was sold to the average American, by Judeo-Progressives, as a means of smoothing the business cycle and thus giving America a utopia on Earth, but the effect was to “fix” the business economic cycle by turning it into a government political cycle .

          The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air. And it created plenty of money for both Hoover and FDR. FDR actually was touted as the man who would get us out of the Great Depression. In fact, FDR started in the Great Depression, and ended with America still mired in the Great Depression while now fighting a World War.

          Obama is likewise situated. The Fed demolished the economy during a Republican administration, which brought in the Messiah Obama. 8 years later when Obama leaves office, we will still be wallowing in this second Great Depression.

          So you lie Daniel. FDR could have taken actions against the Federal Reserve but never did.


          While it is true that the only combattants at first were only between “There will never be another World War” League of Nation countries.

          Conservative Republicans in the Senate had blocked Progressive Woodrow Wilson’s proposal to tie us up in this pre-UN mess. This saved us for a while.

          But FDR meddled all over the world. There is no way we were neutral during this war.

          We armed the bloody terrorist regime of Stalin to the teeth.
          Stalin used our weapons against the Japanese who was only trying to keep Judeo-Communism out of Asia. The Russian Czars had extended their European country all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Americans cannot begin to imagine what the Asians felt about being wiped out by this European country at their doorsteps. Imagine how we would feel if the Mongols had reached the Atlantic Ocean.

          But the Czar was a Christian man and we know that the Asians would have been in good hands.

          Not so with the Judeo-thug Stalin. Japan had seen what this Judeo-Thug had done to Christian people in his country. Those Siberian Gulag Concentration camps were in their neck of the woods.
          Besides the fact that FDR thought their worst enemy Stalin was worth defending, FDR also started embargoing oiul and scrap steel to Japan, who has no oil fields and no iron ore.

          This was a death Sentance to Japan.

          FDR had declared war on Japan!

          The only way to enforce an embargo is by using your navy ships. Use of navy ships is an act of war.

          Japan’s solution to FDR’s thuggery was to get rid of the American navy. Which it tried to do at Pearl.

          I make no apoligies for Democrats being led by the nose by Jews. The Jews who ran FDR wanted America into the war with Germany. They wanted Hitler gone and they suceeded in dragging America into the war on the side of the much bigger thug Stalin.

          So in fact, you lie Daniel. By taking sides against Japan and Germany, we were guaranteed to be drawn into the fight.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Daniel just called you a phony. I commented to him. I just left your old stomping grounds. I had some fun with your Zionist adversaries.

        • Daniel says:

          The Christian Solution…Your title is Lie number one. It is your Biggest ongoing Lie to claim to be Christian. What you have proven on many previous posts is that you are a Jew hating Atheist and in no way are you Christian. You claim to be Christian yet, you are an ardent Jew Hater. Christians are well known for their love of God and their support of the Jews and Israel. However, the Atheists and the Muslims are very well known for their hatred of the Jews. Naah, you’re a blabbing chronic LIAR and Atheist.

          Lie number two: When the Federal Reserve was created December 13, 1913, FDR was not in politics at the time. In NO way can you tie FDR as a member of the party and part of the process that established the Federal Reserve as you have tried to create the illusion of to the casual reader.

          Lie number three: The Jews were not the driving force for the creation of the Federal Reserve. It was Big Government wanting to have more power, control and growth by allowing Big Government to attached a so-called independent Entity to take over from the independent Banks in the printing and controlling of our money supply. It was a major step by Big Government toward the takeover and the enslavement of the American People…PERIOD!

          Lie number four: You are deliberating talking out of the side or your mouth in your attempt to cover your first Lie on your first post that FDR started the Depression by now, stating that FDR started in the Great Depression. What a Laugh!

          Lie number five: We were not arming Russia until we were at War with the Axis powers and Russia was being attacked by Germany and the Japanese. Naturally, it was in our interest to send supplies to Russia. After all, they were Now, helping in our War efforts against the Axis. Of course, FDR’s hand was forced to do whatever the U.S. could do to help Russia against our common enemies of Germany and Japan.

          Lie number six: You claim that Stalin was a Jew. He was a Georgian and a raving anti-semite.

          Nuff, Said.

        • Nancy says:

          LMAO, this was very interesting, great job Daniel
          Two different history books in school I guess…..

        • You don’t believe everything they teach you in government schools do you?

        • What you have proven on many previous posts is that you are a Jew hating Atheist and in no way are you Christian

          Your logic makes absolutely no sense. It would be like me living in Texas and saying “Oklahoma Sucks”, and then you telling everyone I cannot be a Texan because I said something bad about a neighbor of Texas.

          Lie number two: When the Federal Reserve was created December 13, 1913, FDR was not in politics at the time. In NO way can you tie FDR as a member of the party and part of the process that established the Federal Reserve

          FDR’s great uncle Teddy Roosevelt created the Progressive Party in 1912 for heaven’s sake. Teddy threw the election Democrat Woodrow Wilson’s way and deprived Republican Taft the nomination.

          The very next year, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt, we had …

          1) An Income Tax — bypassing the States in collecting money,

          2) States stripped of their power — in “Direct election of Senators”

          3) The Federal Reserve — a counterfeiting operation.

          The Roosevelt family have their fingerprints all over this.

          EVERYONE knows that the Federal Reserve created the Great Depression, and the Roosevelt family helped create the Federal Reserve. Then the Roosevelt family member FDR got to preside over the Federal Reserve debacle in the 1930′s.

          Lie number three: The Jews were not the driving force for the creation of the Federal Reserve. It was Big Government wanting to have more power, control and growth

          What is “Big Government”. What does it eat and drink? Where does it poop at? You act like government is real. No Daniel, there are people who orchestrate big government to their ends, and the Jews are behind it all.

          If you don’t believe that the Jews are behind the creation of the Federal Reserve, then you really need to read “The Creature from Jeckly Island”. It clearly documents how Rothschild and Warburg Jewish money bought all the people they needed to create the Federal Reserve.

        • Lie number five: We were not arming Russia until we were at War with the Axis powers and Russia was being attacked by Germany and the Japanese.

          Why do you dispute facts? It just makes you look silly Daniel. Remember, the Pearl Harbor attack was December 7, 1941. We were not at war before that infamous date.

          “Lend-Lease (Pub.L. 77-11, H.R. 1776, 55 Stat. 3034, enacted March 11, 1941) was the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, Free France, and other Allied nations with materiel between 1941 and 1945.

          A total of $50.1 billion (equivalent to $647 billion today) worth of supplies were shipped: $31.4 billion to Britain, $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $3.2 billion to France, and $1.6 billion to China.
          –Wikipedia Lend-Lease

          In 1940… The United States halted shipments of airplanes, parts, machine tools, and aviation gasoline, which was perceived by Japan as an unfriendly act

          Early in 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the Pacific Fleet to Hawaii from its previous base in San Diego and ordered a military buildup in the Philippines

          The U.S. ceased oil exports to Japan in July 1941, following Japanese expansion into French Indochina after the fall of France, in part because of new American restrictions on domestic oil consumption. This in turn caused the Japanese to proceed with plans to take the Dutch East Indies, an oil-rich territory

          Full-scale planning [by the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor] was underway by early spring 1941, primarily by Captain Minoru Genda.
          – Wikipedia Attack on Pearl Harbor

        • Lie number six: You claim that Stalin was a Jew.

          Now that is a lie Daniel.
          Stalin married to a Jewess — Yes.
          Beother-in-Law Lazar Kanganovich was his Jewish Vampire Monster — Yes.
          Presided over Commissars who were over 80% Jewish — Yes.
          A Jewish puppet — Yes.
          Killer of 40-60 million Christians and few Jews — Yes
          But I never said he was actually a Rabinical Kosher Jewish man.
          Although, there are people who say there is Jewish blood in his genes.
          And Stalin was about as anti-Semitic as idiots like you say Obama is anti-Semitic, whom the Jews voted for by 70% this time and 74% last time; whose cabinet is filled with Jews and whom he appointed 2 Jews to the Supreme Court.
          “REAL EVIDENCE” that Obama is anti-Semitic is when Obama failed to genuflect as his highness Netanyahu entered the room.
          Lies just spount out of your mouth, I suppose, without you even thinking.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I know The Christian Solution to be an Honest, Truthful Patriot.

        • Daniel says:

          Get REAL! It’s time you Wakeup! He is just, an idle Jew hating chronic Liar who wants an Easy Believing audience to spew his Crap on. He is well known on this site to be a Lying Reprobate. So, be one who is Wise enough to question and question everything in your search for the God given Truth. Don’t be the common Dupe to the Lies of others.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I’ve read many of his posts and found them to be truthful. I fact check and do research if I have questions.

        • I like that spirit>>

        • Such hate you have Daniel.

    • Silver says:

      My mom grew up during the Great Depression. She says you will never see Obama bring back the WPA. She said her dad and grandfather worked every day on roads, bridges, digging ditches or whatever they could. Try handing a shovel to these slugs on the government dole today. They would kill you with it. With all the ” SHOVEL READY JOBS” Odummy says we have then let them get out there and EARN their Odummy money. My mom said when she COULD go to school she ate cabbage that she carried in a syrup bucket, and a small piece of hot water corn bread EVERY DAY and was grateful to have it, because she went to bed hungry many nights and dreamed of food. Now she laughs and says looks like it might get that way again when she looks at our little dab in the buggy as we stand in line waiting for the people ahead of us loading the belt down with food that we can’t afford. At least we have the pride of saying ” we are elderly, but we buy our food. “

      • Silver says:

        And by the way she lives on retirement and $105.00 a month soc sec. She doesn’t have the Medicare prescription drug plan. She pays cash for all her meds. She is a registered Dem, but won’t vote for one. When asked why she doesn’t change parties she says because its so much fun when they call her asking for her vote or money. She gets to unload on them and tell them that because of them she HAS no money to give them. She tells them she still files her taxes every year and unlike the bulk of them she still pays her taxes at 90 years old. Then she says “get off my phone you baby killing, gay loving idiot. And by the way, when I was young GAY MEANT HAPPY!! Now it’s disgusting!!”

      • You make a good point we should all remember. Our long road to sefdom has been a long time coming.

        In the 1930′s, an able-bodied man would never accept charity. If he was to receive a check from the government, he insisted upon working for it. We built the Hoover Dam, the Grand Coulee dam, and many other improvements that are still in use today.

        All socialism, but men still worked for their living.

        Today we are way past socialism.

        After regular unemplyment runs out, extended federal unemployment checks are handed out freely so they do not appear to be charity.

        Work is actually forbidden in order to receive the unemplyment check. Which on the surface, sounds the way it should be.

        But let’s say you were an accountant used to making $35/hour. You become unemployed and start getting your check of around $10/hr. Now $10/hr will not make the house payment, pay the utilities on that house or pay the insurance and taxes.

        You could say to yourself that you will not sit on your tail and just collect a check for doing nothing, so you get a retail job which pays $9/hr. 9+10 = $19/hr. Wow, still about half of what you used to make, but you may be able to struggle along until the economy turns up and you can get your old accounting job back.

        But no!! Wait one minute, buddy says your government buddy!! You are not supposed to work, so we are cutting off your unemployment. Now you are back at just the $9/hr working retail, when you could be paid $10/hr by your government buddy to do nothing. Hummm, wonder which option the guy will chose.

    • Teddy was a closet socialist

      • Closet scialist? You are right that FDR’s great uncle was a socialist, but he never hid that fact. He called his new party THE PROGRESSIVE PARTY. The Judeo-Journalists of the day were wise enough to rename it to the more innocent sounding name of the Bull Moose Party.

  2. Victor Magilke says:

    The old adage, ” nice guys finish last in politics,” has proven once again to be correct.
    The welfare, food stamp recipients, AIPAC and illegal’s were nearly enough to elect Obama. You take that along with the massive voter fraud and it was enough to put Obama over the top.
    The machines were calibrated to take votes away from Romney and give them to the gorilla. If we ever hope to win the white house back we need to devise a way to out cheat the democrats. Romney made the same mistake McCain did, he ran a nice guy campaign.

    • Paul Colby says:

      Guess your correct Victor. I guess next time we have to mean & nasty like them, fight fire with fire. I believed taking the high road with facts and actually helping everyone by fixing the economy & debt would resonate with voters, especially when they see the terrible economy. BUT, the high percentage of takers “promised” something for nothing trumps common sense & real solutions in our country now.

      • Florin S. says:

        Nov. 16th: However, now businesses are shutting down, workers are being laid off, and things are getting worse economically so when mid-term elections are held, I believe the Repubs. will win over the Senate … when the money dries up because businesses have shut down or industries have re-located outside the country, and with no money, food stamps will dry up and Obama won’t be able to give our money away because there won’t be any…

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Unfortunately, if as you say businesses are shutting down, then there will be even more people on food stamps. And Government will just print more money (devaluing it) so the money will not dry up. The U.S. will be just deeper in debt will impact all of us. Something needs to be done, NOW.

        • But what can be done? I feel so helpless. There is nothing we can do. Obama should not even be the president – He is a fraud, he was not born here, his reason for being in the US is to turn it in to a communist country, he lies and deceives, evidence of voter fraud that we know is aware of, he is dividing our country, and to top it off he is in the middle of a scandal which should put him in jail and we all know he will come out smelling like a rose as always!

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Patty, I agree with you completely, but I wish I had the answer. In my 75+ years, I have never seen anything like this. I feel quite helpless. With declining health, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see a positive answer to this. Hopefully, you are younger and healthier and will one day have a better life. I happen to be a christian and thus I have expectations of better things to come, if not in this world, then with my heavenly father.

        • When you get up to heaven, ask the heavenly father if Obama was the anti-Christ. And get back to us in the Vision to America website. If Obama isn’t the anti-Christ, then ask the heavenly father how come Obama has been so lucky and fortunate, as if divine intervention has been smiling favorable on him. In fact, ask the heavenly father directly if he is an Obama fan? When you find the answer, get back to us so that we can change sides if we need to.

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Well, the Oliver Wendell Holmes I remember was/is older than me and possibly ‘dirt’. But when I get there, and I will get there, I will remember your post. As to replying, I am not aware of just how I will be able to do that. I do not think they have email, phones, telegraph, etc. Perhaps, I will just appear in a dream or a nightmare as the case may be. You will know me because of my email name. I imagine that there is only one ‘Justanoldretread’. However, despite my age, I plan to stick around awhile longer.

        • whatistruth says:

          An attempt at sarcastic humor

        • rosscoo says:

          You would do well to refrain from making fun of people who’s wise words could actually help someone such as yourself. Why couldn’t you have just written nothing at all instead of bring so mean?

        • omg says:

          He was awarded the nobel prize for doing NOTHING! Tell us what he did to earn the most prestigious award? Being black and running for president?

        • Angie P Dano says:

          He did NOTHING the past 4 years, he will do NOTHING the next 4 years as
          he could not care less anymore. HE GOT HIS REVENGE!!!

        • jo_ella says:

          He will do more damage is what he will do….he did nothing for us, but he did a hell of a lot to hurt us!

        • skipper51 says:

          Sounds like you are, like many, confusing the “bible thing”, religion, with truly knowing God. You are right about religion. It is a counterfeit and keeps people from finding the real thing. The only people Jesus got upset with were the religious ones. Even the Christian “religion” can be a “dead weight and a real drag” if you don’t truly know God and have His Holy Spirit dwelling inside you. The Bible is a mirror, not a microscope. Religion has us reading and pointing the finger at those who don’t measure up, self righteousness. It makes us feel better knowing that we aren’t as bad as some others. Religion creates denominations, divisions. Knowing God opens arms. Knowing God brings unity to the Body of Christ. Knowing God has us reading and examining ourselves. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit brings “love, joy and peace”. If you are not experiencing that then you should seek God and ask for the “Gift of the Father”, His Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38. Repentance is the first step. The Holy Spirit gives us peace and assurance that we are His children. Romans 8:16 “The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:”. Once you have received the Holy Spirit you will not doubt your salvation like many in churches today. The Father will be answering your questions every day. No, the Commandments have not changed and neither has God. It is not religion that has kept God’s church going for over 2000 years. It is Him working though those who truly know Him.

          Trade your “dead weight and real drag” for the love, joy and peace of Jesus. Seek God with your whole heart. (note to self)

        • rosscoo says:

          Wonderful words …

        • Angie P Dano says:

          I just turned 75 years old last month. I did all I can to help the GOP to win
          the election. Unfortunately, it was a letdown. How can we even win with
          75% of the Obama votes came from the FREELOADERS. These freeloaders will continue to multiply as long as Obama is in power. The deficit will get larger, Obama could not care less as he will be gone in 4 years. By that time, the great country will be totally ruined. Just like you,
          I will no longer be around to see the bright come back of the U.S. if this
          is at all possible after Obama is through destroying it. God bless America.

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Happy Birthday, a month or so late. I turned 75 on 9/1 (not 9/11, smile), so you are just a young chick (and I may be a ‘chuck’ since my middle name is Charles). And as to the results of the elections, the thing that concerns me the most is the possible fraud as is now being reported in Florida. Oh, for the good old days, say like back in 1937 when two great people (like you and I) were born. It was a great year. And 1955 was a great year when I -and you?- graduated from High School. And here we are here today a ”’few”’ years later. I wish the best for you along with great health.

        • Marte says:

          I feel helpless too. Maybe what we should be looking at is the root of the problem – the people who put him in power. The name Soros comes to mind.

        • jo_ella says:

          Look up the connection to Khalid Mansour ( spelling)who paid for his schooling and Valerie Jarrett’s father, Vernon, Mansour, by paying for his schooling among other things wanted in return favors…..like the destruction of the US….Soros is in the mix too.

        • Paul Markos says:

          Minorities and single white women were the two groups that overwhelming voted for Obama. Many of those are in service industries that rely on tips, often not reported as income. Meaning that many also were on food stamps. That is why they were desperate to re-elect Obama. Large groups are starting to get word that you should not overtip these service groups because so many are scamming the system. Find a nice older white lady to wait on your table!!!

        • Florin S. says:

          Nov. 16th…I just heard that all this is being blamed on Bain Capital and Romney…can you believe it?! And they’ll get away with it…it’s so frustrating!

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Florin – It seems that some things never change. It is rare to see someone take personal responsibility for their actions. I know that people are not perfect and that the best of us make mistakes from time to time. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a candidate say ‘Please forgive me, I made a mistake and misspoke’ and then go on to tell you (us) what the truth really is. After all, candidates are human just like the rest of us. Of course, the ‘press’ will jump all over them to the point you will not be informed of the real situation. How about truth in reporting with consequences for reporting erroneously.

        • Florin S. says:

          Not to worry ‘Just an old retread’ … I honestly believe – I know – that there are good men and women in both political parties and throughout our land but they feel frustrated because it seems that no matter how hard they try, they keep getting run over. Still, in the end, the truth will come out…all of it. We all, as you say, make mistakes and most people are very forgiving as long as we admit our mistakes and try to do better. People are learning that the media is not to be trusted…so they will have to try to get the facts somewhere else…communities and towns can set up bi-partisan groups to share the truth…it is already being done. The truth will be made known and honorable men and women are beginning to really stand up and speak out against all the lies and deceptions that have been put out there…I was a Democrat all my life but when so many in the party lied and deceived and fostered an agenda of exterminating human babies in the womb by the millions, I left and am now an Independent – I will never vote a party line but will vote for the best man or woman in either party…

        • timmy says:

          The stupid folks who voted for Obama are the ones who will eventually have to pay back the debt. They are too stupid to realize that. The older generation will be off the hook, but the young and dumb women who elected this piece of crap will pay dearly. Hard for me to see how they can be so gullible.

        • Just_an_old_retread says:

          Timmy, I share your frustration. Actually, I will only be ‘off the hook’ when we elect a new President and change the current laws or when I go home to be with the Lord. As a christian, I always have that hope. And as to those who elected this President, they will suffer for their actions. Unfortunately, so will you and I and others. You and I have to find the good in all of this, but I know that is a difficult task. Perhaps the ‘good’ is that now enough others will see the real dangers and join in the movement to elect a different President.

        • Angie P Dano says:


        • r says:

          You really don’t think obamy is going to do anything; do you? He is out to destroy this country and make it a third world country/power. He’ll open the borders to anything or anybody. Destroy is his goal.

        • Marte says:

          Don’t worry. He’ll print more.

        • whatistruth says:

          Watch our Dictator in Chief begin to confiscate property.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        You are right on Paul and a Patriot wanting to do the right thing for our beloved country. But there is no satisfying the greed of the non-working deadbeats and the Unions..

    • Remington 870 says:

      If Romney had Newt’s brain, it may have been a different election. However, the big problem is securing the integrity of all voting machines nationwide for the next election. Otherwise, the Dems will continue to cheat. Look what is happening to Allen West. Hopefully he will win and prove what has happened across America.

      • RedMeatState says:

        does it not make you wonder WHY the Republicans didn’t demand recounts in other states where voting fraud was known to be rampant?? Why did Romney concede so quickly, even before the military votes were in???

        • twocolts says:

          Because Romney is a nice guy, and nice guys really do finish last in a nation that is rotting from within…the military votes will never be in when Democrats are in control, Romney knows this. Massive election fraud didn’t just happen overnight, it is the core method for Democrats, but acceleration efforts went into play for Obama a long time ago, as well as the master-plan for the transformation of America, as we are witnessing. Corruption (Obama ), has set in, dressed as Santa Claus..once in, hard to get out, like any squatter.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Just read your input and you hit nail on head. I kept telling people I know that by nominating Romney to take on Thug Team Obama was akin to taking a poodle to a dog fight. I knew we would lose to Thug Obama, but I had hopes.

      • Marte says:

        It’s pretty hard to win when the voting machines are rigged. Kind of like thinking you’re going to come out ahead with a slot machine.

      • daves says:

        Bloomberg recently compiled U.S. Department of Agriculture data and found that, “70 percent of counties with the fastest growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008.”

        Democratic voters are increasingly supporting Republican voters. This is largely due to the lingering impact of the financial downturn, which has been exacerbated in red states and red counties with red policies. Republicans have been enacting austerity measures at state and local levels with unprecedented downsizing of public employees during the jobs crisis. Total governmental employment is down more than half a million since President Obama took office.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Good info Daves. I interpret this report meaning these voters had jobs and were probably Republicans unlike the professional welfare mamas and their babies daddies living in urban areas who did vote Obama. Unfortunately, the professional welfare recipient does not want a job, because they are making more money not working. Hard to blame them, which means the entitlement system must be changed.

    • TERESA says:

      obama won because he cheated and i dont how could he sleep with that . GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT, BELIEVE ME, HE IS IN CONTROL ROMEY IS A VERY DECENT MAN

      • RedMeatState says:

        I AGREE! and the sad fact is that this Federal Government that has swollen to incredible size will have to completely break itself financially before it can be fixed!

      • Victor Magilke says:

        You are right Teresa. Romney is a decent man and would have been a excellent President. He has the intelligence and experience to save America from the disaster created by Obama.

    • Marte says:

      Sad to say – but you’re probably right. Perhaps we need to out-cheat the cheaters. Not the best way to get ahead, but when the future of the country is at stake, perhaps worth it.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        Its that or a revolution. We will be victorious.

        “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we
        have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious
        the triumph.”

        Thomas Paine.

    • Roy Koch says:

      And–On the front of the Cage where it tells the Animals name, was a sign that said —”Beware of the GO—-Rilla”— Now- Beware means “WATCH-OUT” For The GO-RILLA!! Watch Out for the G–O– RILLA! From Flip Wilsons “Rev. Leroy And the Gorilla!”

      • Victor Magilke says:

        I hear ya on the gorilla Roy. The more I see Michelle Obama I am starting to wonder if Darwin may have been correct about evolution for some people. LOL

    • Angie P Dano says:


      • Victor Magilke says:

        I second your comment Angie. I have many Asian/American friends that concur with you. God Bless you.

  3. Buns says:

    It pisses me off that all these freeloaders are getting free food stamps to send food and I have to pay something like 44 cents for each stamp with the money I EARNED!!! We need to take this country back!

  4. bbyank says:

    The only reason why Obama and the Left need more money is
    to support their entitlement programs. Taxing will not make a dent into anything
    as long as Obama and his cronies keeping spending like a drunken sailor. If this
    President does tax those that make 200k and up I hope more businesses lay off
    people and cut peoples hours and if the employee complain, the companies are
    just going to have to explain to the workers “You can thank Obama for it”.
    American people will just have to go on welfare and food stamps. I hope this
    President goes ahead with it. I look forward to more welfare and foodstamps,
    higher unemployment. I look forward to Obamacare tax which effect’s everyone,
    higher gas and food prices then what it is today. I hope the deficit goes up to
    20Trillion. If this country does collapse it would be by the hands of the
    50%Obama lovers for being so gullable and naive stupid to fall for this
    President’s BS. American people get what they deserve.!!!!!!!!! I don’t
    care!!!!!! Nothing will ever change in this country as long as we have stupid voters who will vote for BS like they did for Obama and his voter fraud tactics and rhetoric.

    • Marlin says:

      Earning 200K in todays economy is equivalent to earning 20K in 1985. Was that rich?

      • bbyank says:

        Obama stated 200k and up, businesses who are starting out will be effected and those who are already established under his tax the rich bracket. Businesses will be handing out pink slips do his tax idea and Obamacare tax and guess who will be effected but the job creators and the poor and middle class who need a job and even the rich who are also operating a huge business. It effects everyone across the board. Cutbacks!!!!!! it’s all common sense.

  5. kbcab says:

    DUH ! if you were giving free handouts to people ( not the one that deserve help ) who have no pride in themselves so they can spend their drug money on fancy SUV’S and smart phones , wouldn’t you vote for them too…

    • rosscoo says:

      You just said something that is VERY important to remember … “not the ones that deserve help””… I say that because I have a huge problem with the fact that Democrats think Republicans could care less about the poor & oppressed, but they are WRONG … we do care, its just that we do not like our tax dollars being doled out indiscriminately to those who do NOT deserve it. Democrats think we lump into one barrel ALL the unemployed & all who need a hand up as if we do not realize that there are folks out there who WANT TO WORK, who want to be off of gov’t. assistance, who want to support themselves and their families ON THEIR OWN …. it is the current administration that perpetuates this myth about Republicans and infects the minds of those who truly deserve help … it is this administration that is intentionally dividing the country based on inaccuracies that promote their plan to enslave the poor to the government, regardless that many could actually get themselves out if the current administration would do SOMETHING to stimlate the economy and bring the unemployment rate down significantly (and not artificially as was done to win the electin)

  6. Daryl Hammersfield says:

    I know mt great grandfather voted for him which was a real surprise considering his upbringing. But then he hasn’t missed and election for 213 years so why start now.

  7. Floridastorm says:

    With so many irregularities in the voting process and outright fraud, how can we know for sure that Obama actually won? Strange that no organization is calling for a manual recount based on this alone. Also, only American citizens are authorized to vote. Since the voter registration offices do not require you to provide a birth certificate, a US passport, or naturalization papers, in order to register to vote, then the entire voting process is bogus. Actually, anyone can vote in this country as long as you have a photo ID and a utility bill. You are not required to produce a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization papers in order to obtain a photo ID like a driver’s license. So, there it is. Our system of voting in this country is totally meaningless and a joke. However, I’m not laughing.

    • rosscoo says:

      So true … my voter registration card isn’t even required anymore, just my driver’s license … And ANYONE can get a driver’s license (and without producing a birth certificate either!)

      • Silver says:

        What cracked me up was the UN observers that the NAACP insisted on having as poll watchers to make sure that minorities weren’t disenfranchised, were in disbelief that voters weren’t required to show picture ID’s.

  8. Ice says:

    …Gives a newun meaning to thethe saying “Do not bite the hand that feeds you…”

  9. Ice says:

    Gives a new meaning to the phrase “do not bite the hand that feeds you”

  10. Its a dog eat dog world!!!

  11. sovereigntyofone says:

    ” If Every Food Stamp Recipient Voted For Obama, It Would Account For 75% Of His Total ”
    Gee, Duhhhh, do you think?

  12. undunder says:

    The beast reigns. What a sad commentary on our once beloved country.

  13. Fred Smith says:

    There are people who are saying that most of our debt is for the wars in the middle east.. As we know; these folks do not have a clue..

  14. afanaglenn says:

    So much for those who said that Obama didn’t get elected because of his giving away the company store to get elected.

  15. Barb Patton says:

    The puppet masters that control the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama know that they know that it is really all about the money. Ka-ching Ka-ching galvanizes both good and bad people to succumb to the ease thereof. Same applies to food stamps. As For FDR and jews etc…. why look at history – war is a way to make money, and it just so happens that jews are greatest manipulators of business, banking and of course never forgetting that Wall Street is their favourite sand box to play in. Look at george soros – a jew who has thrown his jewish religion under the bus for the sake of Ka-ching Ka-ching. As for latte one this poor puppet with his marxist upbringing hates everything and everybody but most of all his white promiscuous mother. Latte one has a mega problem and he equates America to his mother thus he wants to destroy us into oblivion.