Suspicious Vote Count Taking Place in Allen West Race

The Allen West re-election campaign is raising questions about the very odd behavior of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker. Rep. West carried the other two counties in his district, but “lost” St. Lucie County. The campaign’s official website writes:

West for Congress released this statement regarding the growing inconsistencies and continued obfuscation coming from St. Lucie County Board of Supervisors, Gertrude Walker, regarding the election results.

“Last night during a press conference, the Supervisor announced her office had determined that approximately 3,650 ballots were double-counted on election night, and approximately 1,950 ballots were not counted at all, with all ballots coming from the last three days of early voting – which is what was retabulated on Sunday. However, if this information is accurate, the total vote in the county should have decreased by 1,700 votes after the Sunday retabulation. Instead the total votes cast declined by 799. It simply does not add up.

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62 comments on “Suspicious Vote Count Taking Place in Allen West Race
  1. Laurence X. odhner says:

    The office of the Attorney General of the state of Florisa should impound ALL ballots and ALL voting machines in St. Lucie county and start over with a bi-partisan team. Gertrude Walker is clearly both partisan and incompetent.

    • [email protected] says:


    • Shorty Stuff says:

      If they have an honest county sheriff, like Joe Arpaio, then the citizens should file criminal complaints against Gertrude Walker and let the sheriff’s office confiscate the ballots and voting machines.

      • John Cherish says:

        Actually Sheriff Joe is too high profile…and that would give grounds to the liberals…we need them recounted in public and on video.. no behind doors counts …unseen or over seen by anyone …there has to be absolutely no doubt the re-count was conducted and as visibly as possible and that the results can be verified by both parties …this is called transparency …and will be the only thing that will satify that the results are valid

        • Diane L Kearny says:

          I think what Shorty was suggesting is that the county sheriff should be LIKE Sheriff Joe, not be him since he is not the sheriff of that county.

          A legal, open and verifiable RE-COUNT would open up all the doors of fraud and give an honest count of the votes. Walker would not like that I have to suppose since she is currently satisfied her candidate is so far the winner. She knows it was fraud that denied West his re-election and that fraud goes directly towards her office.

          In my state, the city of Philadelphia in fact, 59 districts DID NOT have one single vote for Romney. That is impossible! In Cleveland 6 districts DID NOT have one single vote for Romney. That makes the impossible a fact of fraud.

        • Dianne, we have a tough AG Pam Bondi and a tough Gov. Rick Scott.

        • Rachel Guess says:

          What you need is just one person that voted for Romney to come forward in those districts, to prove that there was voter fraud.

    • Just do it! AG Bondi!

    • Amfer Ferg says:

      I would even love to get Judge Judy involved…….

    • timmy says:

      She is bound to be a liberal Democrap. I say appoint someone to do a complete re-count of ALL ballots and announce the results. Never underestimate what a Democrap won’t do to win an election. Next, ALL states should revoke this early voting crap. We have an ELECTION DAY and an absentee ballot procedure which should be sufficient. Early voting only leads to more voter fraud. Vote on election day or stay home.

  2. All votes should be recounted. I bet if they were you would find that Romney should have been our next president!

    • Victor Magilke says:

      I agree. This was the most corrupt election in our history and Americans are doing nothing about it.

      • chuckster says:

        If you read the headlines it says that the vote that put bozo as winner was the millions that are on food stamps, they all voted for him. Hmmm I wonder why

        • Larry says:

          We have 62m on food stamps. That’s amazing. That’s the same 47% that Romney mentioned, but wait that included seniors, veterans…y know nice guys. And the headline was from Romney talking to his donors so we know it is 100% true. No self respecting person not on food stamps would vote for a black man. Really. So y are 100% .correct.

      • King_of_the_Road says:

        I don’t know about YOU but I wrote my congressmen (all three) and wanted to know what THEY personally were doing about the fraud in the election. I think congress can refuse to recognize the delegates in the electoral college from states that have questionable or fraudulent voters and since that means delegates from winner take all states would not be recognized (how could you identify the delegates of the fraudulent voters from the legal voters) the 0′bomb could not obtain the delegates necessary to win the electoral college vote. If the 0′bomb supporters do not like it then let them start their revolution, many of us are ready for it after the illegal shenanigans of the past 4 years

        • Haleyna says:

          How conveniently that there are allegations of fraud against all swing states so Romney wins. Not sure why you guys spent all that money when it is this easy. I mean I say there was fraud, so give,those electoral votes to Romney. Piece of cake. A great democracy. Give up. Dems.

        • So, it’s A-OK with you that the election was a Chavez style of win.

          Sociailst smegma brained idiot.

        • Diane L Kearny says:

          I tend to ignore those who think this nation is a democracy when in fact it is a Republic. But then I am a constitutionalist and not a libtard.

        • Huapakechi says:

          1) Not all food stamp recipients voted for obama.
          2) My three congressional delegation were elected by vote fraud.
          Open season, no bag limit.

    • MeMikeT says:

      I agree, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. The voter fraud has been accepted by the people. It must be that because the fraud is so obvious.

    • mpatriot says:

      I agree. The voter fraud appearing in both Ohio and Florida makes the Presidential election suspicious, also. Democrats kept hammering that the Obama’s re-election depended on Florida and Ohio and what happens? Evidence of major fraud in both states. Smoking Gun!

    • Rachel Guess says:

      This is a Constitutional Republic, where everyone’s vote is supposed to be counted equally. It is our right to have a fair count. This is not a partisan issue, it is a matter of a fair election versus an election being stolen. Anyone interested in history should look up the battle of Athens. It is a true story and happened in Athens, Tennessee in the 1940s when the vote was being stolen/manipulated by the local mayor and sheriff.

  3. fliteking says:

    I wish West would concede and then let himself off the chain to focus nationally.

    No way he is gonna get a fair shake given how much of a phking friggin’ joke our election oversight has be come.

    The liberal idiots have no idea what they are in for!

    Daily Caller and Fox News Contributor maybe? VisionToAmerica? That’d be GREAT!

  4. Victor Magilke says:

    I hope Allen West continues to fight for an honest and fair election. I thought Governor Scott would intervene on his behalf. All Americans want is an honest and fair election. ” The will of the people.” In this case its the will of the democratic party.

    • flyovercindy says:

      I WOULD like Americans to do something about what I feel has been a very questionable election. I wonder what would happen if Romney would stand up and fight for a fair and honest election. I would love to see close scrutiny – maybe an immediate recount by an impartial party (does such an animal exist?)…
      aaahhh… I can dream…

      • Victor Magilke says:

        I’m with you, but the democrats have the white house , the Justice Department and the Senate so the only way we would win is a revolution.

  5. Sure it adds up, voter fraud and we the liberals don’t want West in. What more is there to say?

  6. afanaglenn says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that this election was stolen. Not only did 3,000 Murphy ballots show up all of a sudden but there were other means used to eliminate West. He was/is the teller of truth and a sounding board against Obama. They had to get rid of him, one way or another. They will probably succeed. This is the most corrupt administration ever and this democrat party does not compare with that of my democrat city council president of years ago. He would have been very distraught at the corruption and the socialist muslim orientation of the party today.

  7. Allen says:

    Arithmetic is not a Republican strong point. The Republican party runs the state, including the election officials. Seems y boys could get your people to use a calculator to verify that arithmetic. Do y need to send Sheriff Joe down there. He could have a news confere. E and present a really big calculator with really, real results. Romney had a hoard of lawyers ready to contest any election record. Can’t Allen borrow a few. We need Allen in Congress to keep making totally obscene remarks very loudly. That will do more to ensure a Democratic win in 2016 than that poor white boy winnig the election. Come on Reps, get yiur act together.

    • John Cherish says:

      If the republicans run the state then why is a democrat the supervosor of elections in Lucie County?…. you mean to say she is not a democrat…who would have thought…and when it looks as if some sort of incompetency has occured …she is the supervisor of elections and in charge of it …it is simple math and a discrepancy

    • dotherightthing4 says:

      We need Allen to keep telling the truth no matter how obscene the truth is–and it IS obscene. You Democrats are obscene. You talk about a “war on women” yet have any of you backed ALAC (American Law for American Courts)? Nothing more “anti-woman” than Sharia law. I saw a whole bunch of Arab t-shirts at your convention where God was “boo’d” and the Muzzies voted 80-90% for there Muslim brother Obama. Obama..the First Muslim President.

  8. bob s says:

    another crooked democrat…. what the hell did you expect….??? now we are hearing that 75% of obumma votes came from food stamp receiptants… the freebees get it again…. our country is now doomed and will fade into distress… more people on the dole than working… so why work…. government will tax you more and slash what you can keep in your 401 K and savings.. the melt down has started….. hostess just shut down because of the unions….

  9. John Cherish says:

    I guess it doesn’t add up because she is lying or incompetent either way the state should step in and re-count the votes …when the numbers don’t add up …its time to look at the numbers with someone independent of the supervisor of elections

  10. dotherightthing4 says:

    I heard on the news that Allen West has appealed to the SOS of Florida to intervene. Excellent move and I hope justice prevails and he is successful. I think of Al Franken and how he stole the Senate seat in Minnesota. For not that–we would not have Obamacare–he was the 60th vote. Norm Coleman should have had as much chutzpah as Allen West. I donated $$ to West and suggest everyone who wants honest elections and sunlight to shine on corruption to do the same.

    • emjay98 says:

      Just imagine if Allen West was our first black president. What a stark difference we would be seeing today. West would be fighting hard for the rights of all Americans, and not be looking for ways to reward his supporters. Then imagine that the first black president would be enormously respected for the just and honest way he would attack our problems.

  11. junkmailbin says:

    all ballots and machine should be seized in Florida and a full recount and investigation into voter fraud conducted. Ohio, and Pennsylvania should do the same.

    • mpatriot says:

      Agreed. Also ballots in New Jersey and New York should be reviewed. They were allowing voting by fax and email!!

  12. brabbie2002 says:

    I say let the governor and his staff, while being televised, count them and put up the tally as it progresses on public TV just to show what went on with the ballot boxes. Me thinks there is skullduggery afoot and Gertrude Walker is at the bottom of it. Could it be she is a supporter of oblowhole and his minions?

  13. cottagemist says:

    I hope that Marco Rubio and other people of integrity come forward and demand a honest recount….all of Florida leaves that state looking…inept…in their political stnks..

    • emjay98 says:

      You give these people the benefit of the doubt. I think that this was an overt action to make sure that Obama won. Anyone wish to call me paranoid?

      • cottagemist says:

        Everone knows…that there was massive voter fraud…absolutely..I agree..Allen West should not concede!!! There should be away to…force the recounting of the ballots in a very public way to show deliberate fraud …and all should be prosecuted. Anyone..

  14. Robert Mo says:

    First of all, you have a corrupt congress and senate. You have to fire everyone of them, then you start to have the beginning of a better representation.

  15. Shirley says:

    There was a lot of that going on in the Primaries as well. We need a new voting system, a check and recheck system. Where one Party count and then someone from the other party count, then some one from neither party count. Because it’s obvious Party affiliation trumps honesty.