Hostess to Layoff 18,000 Workers if Strike Continues

Hostess Brands CEO said Wednesday the company will liquidate unless striking workers return to the job by the end of the day on Thursday.

“We simply do not have the financial resources to survive an ongoing national strike,” Greg Rayburn said in a statement.

Workers are protesting a contract imposed by a bankruptcy court. The bakers union has called the contract “outrageous.”

A liquidation would result in more than 18,000 workers losing their jobs.

Over the weekend, workers in the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, or BCTGM, went on strike at Hostess-owned plants in several states. The strike includes workers at the Dolly Madison plant in Emporia.

Hostess filed for bankruptcy in January, the second time it has done so since 2004.

Union employees in Emporia say in August of last year the company stopped giving them their pension earning. They say it now wants to cut wages by eight percent.

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39 comments on “Hostess to Layoff 18,000 Workers if Strike Continues
  1. sumtinwong says:

    Now i know why i don’t buy Hostess products. They have the union wage attached to their product.

  2. Ken Kirkham says:

    The union is getting what they deserve, a loss of jobs. The union members are too ignorant to believe that their actions will cause the loss of their own jobs.

    sumtinwong, if you don’t but products because of the union wage attached you will not be buying many American made products.

    • sumtinwong says:

      I buy American whenever i can, but, i check labels also. I own a 2012 Toyota Camry, made by non-union workers in Evansville, Indiana. Very good car, and, no union wages attached to it.

  3. yankeedoddle says:

    Don’t blame companys for closing factories, blame your unions.

    • Walter says:

      Shut them all down and then the union morons want have any money coming in other than the money the union will give them and that want last long. Greed has caused us too many problems.

  4. Dick Grace says:

    Another brilliant move by labor union bosses

  5. Gottaluvit says:

    And folks are surprised when austerity hits.
    Greece is such an obvious example of what happens when people are paid more over time than the value of the products they make. Yet so hard for simple people to see. Guess they missed the riots in the streets on the news. Should have turned on the TV in the union hall or pool hall, whichever they are in. The poorest have TVs so we know the info was available to them.

  6. Firsty says:

    Only 8% decrease in pay. I lost 15% this year in hourly wages, plus much more in loss of hours. I have no pension. Wake up Obama and union supporters!

  7. John Stoos says:

    Seems to me that in today’s economy having 92% of your salary is much better than having no job. What am I missing?


  8. Fideux says:

    That’s okay, we have plenty of Ding Dongs in the White House and in the halls of Congress (and don’t forget the swing states, and in California, the LA area and San Diego). Plus, don’t forget the “Twinkies” in San Francisco and the Bay Area!
    With apologies to Hostess.

  9. camdenme2 says:


    • Irishw says:


      Come to Louisiana. Got good values, good food, great hospitality, fun, and more. We’ll be glad to have ya’ll. And yes we are a right-to-work state. Pushed into it by a democratic governor, Edwin Edwards, who probably regrets it now.

  10. turn 3 says:

    the unions at work…merry fu—in christmas,folks

  11. noodles5 says:

    Union thugs. Anybody notice that Trumka guy from the UAW has a strong resemblance to Josef Stalin? Reincarnation maybe?

  12. CCNOVA67 says:

    The Hostess union workers will do what the DumbA** Peterbuilt union did in Nashville, TN – strike even after Peterbuilt told them they would close this plant and move it to Texas. Sure Nuff 12 months later plant was closed and skilled workers ad no jobs. The sad thing is that the union workers still think that they deserved everything demanded.

  13. Evermyrtle says:

    Many people do not realize it but Oslumbo is getting exactly what he wants. He wants to put the country into a such mess that we will agree to anything he wants. He is wicked, is he the anti-CHRIST which is Satan or is the the false prophet or maybe the Beast.

  14. Blame the Union leaders and the White House for what is going on, one bought the other, and the other accepted the votes given.

  15. Joe Black says:

    don’t give in to the unions!