UPS Stops Donations to Boy Scouts As They Are Not Inclusive of Gays

A family advocate believes it’s time for people to tell United Parcel Service they don’t agree with its corporate decision to no longer support the Boy Scouts of America.

The UPS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the shipping giant, says it will no longer donate to organizations that do not adhere to its “diversity policies,” which prohibit “harassment” against anyone based on race, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, or religion. UPS announced this week it was responding to an online petition that garnered more than 80,000 signatures protesting the foundation’s annual grants to the Boy Scouts.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells OneNewsNow that people need to call UPS and object.

“They call it non-discrimination, but it effectively discriminates against organizations which have a moral creed or a faith creed that is against homosexuality,” he explains. “The Boy Scouts won their Supreme Court decision allowing them to live by their own moral code, but ever since then the gay lobby has sought to punish them in whatever way they can, calling them discriminatory, anti-gay, [and] bigoted.”

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110 comments on “UPS Stops Donations to Boy Scouts As They Are Not Inclusive of Gays
  1. Wm. Peterson says:

    Ups should solicit opinions from non-gay organizations before making such a move. 5 of my sons and stepsons were Eagle Scouts. I was a scout long ago. No organization is more pro-America than BSA. This ia a travesty and anti- American. Fed Ex, here I come!

    B Pete

    • RetiredMajor says:

      As an Eagle Scout and retired Army officer, I agree fully. However, does FEDEX donate to BSA? What is their stand?

    • Patriot says:

      You got that right. Bye-bye UPS. It was nice while it lasted.

      We’re pulling our private mailbox service and we are switching to Fed Ex as well.

      Enough is Enough.

      UPS; you just took a dump on the majority of your customers. Now you can pay the consequences.

      • Patriot says:

        Just sent off an email to UPS telling them we will be pulling our Corporate Account if they refuse to support the BSA.

      • DrSique says:

        Actually, you’re wrong about one thing, that it was good while it lasted. UPS has always been overpriced and underperforming. Soon, they may just be bankrupt.

        • Patriot says:

          Not really. The UPS owner we have been dealing with from the beginning is a friend and they’ve always gone the extra mile for us. Friendship however has it’s limitations. They are ticked off too.

        • CheeseandRice says:

          I ship 500 to 1000 packages a year, domestic and foreign. 99% of the packages shipped go with USPS Priority mail. For less than UPS, my packages will arrive in no more than three days anywhere in the USA.
          If the Post Office goes out, I will never use UPS, I’ll have to work a deal with FedEx.

    • Yes, I will now use only FEDEX. The Boy Scouts have a right to their beliefs.

    • ricbldwn says:

      You took the words out of my pen,fren.

    • cathy says:

      Hit them where it hurts…the pocketbook. Unfortunately you can say all you want to, and I wholeheartedly agree, but it comes down to money talks.

    • cathat says:

      So long UPS. They are already in trouble. Too bad that they are trying to force people to support the homosexuals. I have sent my last package through UPS. The Boy Scouts are one of the last organizations that give boys, especially boys that have no male in their household the opportunity to interact w/men and boy leaders. Notice I said boys and men, not gays. The Boy Scouts teach love of God and Country and how to be a good citizen and learning to be a homosexual is not in their oath.
      Homosexuality is not normal and nothing any of you can say or do will make it so. UPS keep your filthy money and you have lost my family as a customer. I don’t think gays and lesbians have to go back in the closet, but I don’t want it in my face either. Let them keep it out of the faces of decent people, who are trying to raise their children in a Godly way. When will good people stand up against wrong?

  2. fliteking says:

    The real issue most folks have is with the insistence by Liberals that men who are gay be given the opportunity to be Scout Masters.

    Posed a different way, according to liberals, and now UPS, conservatives are bigots if they refuse to allow gay men to take their boys camping.

    Liberals really are some demented f*ck-d up people.

    • Patriot says:

      That’s what makes them so wrong.
      Gay Pride Day? What do they have to be so proud about? Being a reject of nature?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        They want to be seen and to be heard pushing GOD”S “Abomination’ because they hate GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST” THAT IS WHAT IT COME DOWN TO. They know THEY hate the practice, that they have destroyed entire cities because of this evil. Is it that they are daring HIM???

        They are in battle to overcome, to be the leadership of the world in evil, stamp out the good, and they seem to be doing a pretty job of it. They have forced their wicked agenda in so many places.T


    • Evermyrtle says:

      If I had son in the Boy Scouts and a homosexual became Scout Master I would withdraw my son from Scout Club. I do realize that I am not perfect either but my sins are not learned sins and I will be as sure as I possibly can that none of my descendants will not be forced to learn sin, sin comes all too easy without “learning it from a Scout Master.. I have always taught my children and grandchildren to follow the Commandments of GOD. Homosexuality is an abomination to GOD according to HIS WORD and not a commandment.

      You think he would not teach homosexuality? Well, why is he trying to force himself in? By the way, he is right, he would not teach mine anything!!


    I guess it’s time to BOYCOTT UPS!!! . . . . pretty simple.

    • Washington22 says:

      Chic fil a- them. Where is Gov Huckabee? Maybe he’ll call for another national movement. I’m ready. Bye-bye UPS…………….

  4. LongtimeUPSemployee says:

    The UPS Foundation is NOT UPS! It does NOT represent the will of the 400,000 employees of UPS who are NEVER asked to give input into the foundation’s giving. The founders of UPS would NOT approve of this cowardly move on the foundation’s part.

    • Patriot says:

      The 400,000 employes need to speak up. Their jobs may be at stake.

    • King_of_the_Road says:


      Horse Pucky . . . . UPS controls the purse strings and therefore the foundation.
      Millions of US citizens do not approve of the 0′bomb either but he is doing repulsive things in the name of ALL of us

    • New attitude says:

      FACTS: 1. UPS upper managment has a huge percentage of lesbians. 2. UPS forces all their Managment to give to United Way. UPS systematically distributes “contribution” cards with “suggested” donation dollar amounts based on employee level. Employee’s are required to return the cards but “not forced to contribute”. If “contributions” are not high enough, then employees are asked to revaluate. Empoyees that contribute at the UPS “suggested” level are openly recongnized….a creative was to shame other into contributing. I don’t have anyhing against United Way but UPS bulling employes to giving and then pushing their gay agenda should be illegal.

  5. Not Gay says:

    I always prefered FedEx Ground to UPS, anyway!

  6. Kay Mullen says:

    Please contact UPS on their website by emailing them your concerns, as I just did. They need to know we won’t be doing business with them if they are indeed not supporting the Scouts. Scoutmasters are not allowed to be homosexual for the same reason Jerry Sandusky can’t coach youth football…harassment of minors!

  7. Greg says:

    Simple…FedEx is now my package mover of choice.

  8. Let’s consider- sanely- for a moment, the concept of deploying known sexual deviants as authority figures over young boys. In any era but our’s, that would be considered, at best, criminal negligence. Our children must never be given to the custody of those whose mentality drives them to lust after those of their own sex, man or boy. When the protection of children comes to means nothing, then that society has become terminally decadent. We’re becomg Greece- modern and ancient. We’ve seen the fate of both.

    • Patriot says:

      Let’s not forget Rome’ fate as well.
      Wake up America. The Huns are at the gates!

    • JDL says:

      Has anyone who supports gay marriage considered the fact that if this is legalized that the next step is adoption of children? They can adopt their own ‘scout troop’. Think about it

  9. LAMCAR2 says:

    Then accordingly they are also saying they do not wish to be patronized by anyone who does not adhere to theri policies on diversity. Sounds to me they only want to do business with the Gay community. Shouldn’t we therefore accomodate them ?

    • Patriot says:

      Yes, let them survive on that bunch and see how far they get.
      Perhaps their CEO will follow that of JC Pennys. STEP DOWN!

  10. JR says:

    UPS just lost a good customer forever. To give in to the gay activist is one of many left organizations determined to destroy our freedom loving country. The silent majority must become more vocal on this and other leftist issues.

  11. cottagemist says:

    Hey Fed X …you just lost my do not dictate your preferences over mine…I happen to believe that ones choices are theirs to sexuality…but …as a Christian who goes by Church doctrine…it is a abomination….I have many gay friends, love them, hold them in great care…judge them not..nor dictate to them my beliefs…but they nor I will be forced to choose over our beliefs….consumerism of shipping can change….my friendship remain in tact…Fed X tho…does not…I will ship with a alternate choice…I support the Boy Scouts..

    • Jack Sprate says:

      I am confused? Are you against Fed X or UPS???? YOU HAVE GAY FRIENDS? YOU MEAN HOMOSEXUAL SODOMITE FRIENDS? THE WORD GAY MEAN BEING HAPPY IS DOES NOT STAND FOR PERVERSION! Homos are not happy they want to spread their perversion and yes they want out kids. I make no apology and I hope that other red blooded American Christians will stand with me. If FB bans me so be it but they should ban themselves because I have proof they have child porn right here on FB shame on them!!!

    • cottagemist says:

      I meant to say UPS..I have been changing to DC this day…apologies…focused on DC .buisness…

  12. Dick Grace says:

    No country has ever survived the generation that embraces this perversion. Leviticus 18 is the basis for this judgment and the recent storms in the north east are just the beginning Matthew 24.

  13. stevor says:

    Yes, “inclusion” is good. Take, for instance congress! They do a GREAT JOB of including CROOKS amongst their ranks in such great numbers that most have become millionaires and also gotten involve in other misdealings that the CIA can use to BLACKMAIL them to do whatever the Elite want them to do!

  14. Babsan says:

    I will avoid UPS and use Fedex

  15. KK says:

    Our company just switched from UPS to Fedex. I support the Boy Scounts.