Benghazi Massacre Will Prove to be Far Graver Matter Than Watergate

The stunning resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, days before he was to testify on the CIA role in the Benghazi massacre, raises many more questions than his resignation letter answers.

“I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair,” wrote Petraeus. “Such behavior is unacceptable … as the leader of an organization such as ours.”

The problem: Petraeus’ “unacceptable behavior,” adultery with a married mother of two, Paula Broadwell, that exposed the famous general to blackmail, began soon after he became director in 2011.

Was his security detail at the CIA and were his closest associates oblivious to the fact that the director was a ripe target for blackmail, since any revelation of the affair could destroy his career?

People at the CIA had to know they had a security risk at the top of their agency. Did no one at the CIA do anything?

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191 comments on “Benghazi Massacre Will Prove to be Far Graver Matter Than Watergate
  1. Besides being the first death of an ambassador since the wondrous Jimmy Carter, what about the dismissals of all our Generals, especially after Obama is now a lame duck President?

    Is Obama clearing the decks and putting in real Department of Homeland Security thugs in charge of our military?

    General David McKiernan, May 11, 2009, First dismissal of a wartime general since Truman ousted General MacArthur
    General Stanley McChrystal, also ousted as a wartime General 13 months later, questioned Obama’s intelligence
    General David Pataeus, Nov. 9, 2012, “Clinton style sex”, need I say more?
    General John Allen, Nov 13, 2012,nominated to be the next commander of NATO– ousted for “inappropriate communications”

    Watch to see if our new Generals have Jewish surnames, as does our last 4 Supreme Court Justices appointed while Democrats have been in power.

    You really need to worry when Democrats fire people over sex and spending.

    • Buns says:

      Sotomayor is Jewish?

      • Portrayed by the Judeo-Matrix-MSM as a Hispanic and as a woman, but she is also of Jewish ancestory. So yes indeed.

        • i cannot stand her pro choice views and her allegiance to the UN instead of the US, but the bible does say to support the jews, and to always put the nation of israel first. too many jews in the usa have turned against israel, the ones who know the truth voted for romney obama he truly hates israel and wants it destroyed, dont let anyone convince u otherwise.

        • John Cherish says:

          There are 2 kinds of jews those that are from the linage that had jesus crucified and those who are the true belivers of faith

        • In the Bible you read — the Old Testament part — the Bible tells the Jews to have a spritual, holy, and sacred allegience toward Israel, given to them by God.

          Meaning, the more religious Jews are, the less allegience they have toward America, and the less religious Jews are, the less we need them in this country anyway, since they tend to be unGodly liberal Marxists.

          Either way, Jews should not be sitting on our Supreme Court deciding laws for American Christians. Especially not 4 of them in a country of Christians. We have Separation of Church and State in this country, and Judiasm worships State more than even Muslims do.

          Think KING david and KING Solomon and all the talk of Jerusalem and Judea and Israel. All national connotations in their religion.

          I’m sure you would approve of Jews in Israel disallowing upwards of 50% of their Supreme Court from being Christian. (I know you don’t have to answer this, because I know you have a double standard.)

          BYW, the Jews who voted for Obama loved his campaign fundraiser in IsraHell and all his promises to bomb Iran on day one and to respect the leader of IsraHell. They were not voting for him for any promises he made to America.

        • jayleigh says:

          That is an abominable LIE right from the pit of hell! i have many, many Jewish friends and ALL of them are dedicated to America! Are you totally crazy, illiterate in the Bible, or just an antisemite pretending to be a Christian. You are totally looney-tunes, and you have absolutely no proof of any of the garbage you are spewing, and in addition, you are totally ignorant of Scripture. i can’t believe you keep up this rant… You are in serious denial of the fullness and totality of the Scripture! i am stunned at your ignorance of Scripture!

        • OK, now you are resorting to personal attacks instead of proving your point that Jews have more allegiance toward America than toward IsraHell. “no proof” and “totally ignorant” and “rants” are arguments of a fool.

          Your Jewish “friends” are engaging in Jewish Taquiyya. Many a wise man tells his wife that she looks attractive in a dress she is very proud of wearing.

        • jayleigh says:

          It’s plenty fine to be unhappy with her decisions – but that has nothing to do with her race, and i’m pleased that you recognize that her decisions are not because she’s Jewish, but because she is a human being living without the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for her; pray for everyone on the USSC that their decisions will be guided by God rather than self-interest or ideologies contrary to God’s law. BTW – i don’t hear any of these folk who are castigating the Jews commenting on Hillery’s choice to install a gay ambassador in a Muslim country – i wonder why this whole conversation has been focused on the Jews? There are plenty of Anglos in government making abominable, un-Godly decisions – yet no one is accusing them of being evil because their ancestors were British, or German, or Scandinavian – so what’s up with that?

        • I can condemn Judas Hillary who has plenty of ties to Jews, but why would I care one whit if she puts a gay in harm’s way in a Muslim country?

          Here is the life of Hillary:
          A Jew named Dick Morris was her husband’s David Axelrod who slimed the slimy Bill Clinton into office. Bill rewarded the Jewish effort on his behalf by appointing two uber-leftist Jews to the Supreme Court. Then, Hillary was repaid again by being elected Senator of the heavly Jewish-controlled State of New York (she is not from New York), only to later end up in the Obama adminstration to help Jews in the Middle East keep things stirred up. It all goes around and around in big circles. One pat on the back deserving of another.

        • Lucky3511 says:

          God protect America from a christian solution.

        • jong says:

          Of Jewish ancestory????(LOL). She got where she is now by her skin colour granted(there is no way she should have been at Princeton along with Miss Robinson(Obama)) but were are the jew’s in her family tree??

        • Go research it and you will find it Rabbi Bong.

        • I don’t understand your position. Would you prefer a muslim solution?
          Or, perhaps you are not a real American, so you don’t care!

        • jayleigh says:

          i am appalled that you are posting as a Christian. You are nothing but an anti-Semite – so change your handle here to “The Anti-Semite Solution” and stop calling yourself “Christian” – you condemn yourself on that score by the vitriol of your antisemitic posts! Jonas Salk was Jewish. Thank you, Dr. Salk, for helping this nation become polio-free. Isaac Asimov was Jewish – thank you Dr. Asimov for your scientific research and for your amazingly entertaining literature. Einstein was Jewish – thank you Dr Einstein for sharing your vast scientific knowledge in a way that made it understandable. Hans Cohen was Jewish, Max Janowski was Jewish, and both of these men were amazingly gracious humans who forgave the Nazi’s for what they did to their families during the Nazi regime. Thank you Hans and Max for letting me know your personal stories, and for your friendship and many kindnesses to me. George M. Cohan was Jewish, and we have to thank for the hymn, “America the Beautiful,” that brings tears to almost everyone’s eyes… Thanks Mr. Cohan! Mr. Cohn, created a beautiful trumpets and coronets, post horns and other brass instruments – instruments of such superior quality they were the choice of musicians all around the world. He was Jewish – thank you Mr. Cohn – i loved the sound of my trumpet and baritone horn!

        • Dr. Salk was educated in Christian America.
          Dr. Einstein was educated in Christian Germany.

          Great work they did !

          W-e-l-l, — Einstein”s invention of nuclear energy to make bombs was stolen by a Jewish terrorist gang led by the Rosenbergs and given to our arch enemy the Soviet Union. So that contribution of Judaism is a wash.

          A-n-d — Salk’s invention in polio still stands, but other Jews have perfected doomsday viruses, so we may still have to be concerned about that part of Jewish contribution to the world.

          Can you tell Jews how grateful they should be to have Christians?

          Is that Fair enough?

          Johanes Kepler, discovered planetary motion
          Galileo Galilei, the telescope and the Earth revolves around the Sun
          Rene Descartes, Cartesian Coordinate system
          Blaise Pascal, Pascal’s theorem
          Isaac Newton, laws of gravity
          Leonhard Euler, Euler’s equation
          Joseph Priestly, Discovered Oxygen
          Michael Faraday, Father of Electromagnatism
          Charles Babbage, Father of the Computer
          James Clerk Maxwell, Fundamental electromagnetic field theory
          Gregor Mendel, Father of Genetics
          Loius Pasteur, Inventor of Pasteurization
          Lord Kelvin, Thermodynamics
          John Fleming, Vacuum tubes
          Max Plank, Father of Quantum mechanics
          Robert Millikan, Nobel Physics
          Werner Heisenberg, Quantum Mechanics

        • both of these men were amazingly gracious humans who forgave the Nazi’s for what they did to their families during the Nazi regime.

          In your condemnation of my Christianity, I will acccpet that, but ONLY IF you go find a few Ukranian Christian families to hear the horrors of their ancestors Holodomor demise at the hands of Jewish Soviet Commissioners like Lazar Kanganovich.

          Why is condemnation always a one-way street with you guys?

      • Mike says:

        Sotomayor and Kagan should never have been approved for the Supreme Court. They both lied in their interviews and both and anti 2nd Amendment. The Supreme Court justices should not be appointed for life. That was a terrible mistake. It is very scary that Obama might get to appoint 2 more judges before he is out of office. You can bet they will be liberal as hell.

        • D.C.H. says:

          They will both be “Marxist” as hell.

        • michael lawless says:

          maybe will get a muslim on the bench

        • jayleigh says:

          Which has nothing to do with their race, but with their character. Plenty of Anglos have lied under oath, have violated the US-Constitution, have broken many laws, and we aren’t castigated as a race! It’s absolutely abominable to point to a person’s race as the reason for their misbehavior and sin – “for ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God,” and that includes YOU! Get off the Jewish kick – there are good and honest people in every race; just as their are fallen, sinful people in every race. If you scream about the number of Jews in power – what about the number of Anglos who have done despicable things – such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – to name only two of the scoundrels – but notice, i didn’t mention their nationality of origin when i named them – and i wouldn’t – there is NO race free of sinful scoundrels, cheats, liars and opportunists, just as there are no races that do not have their saints and people who sacrifice for the sake of others. Get off the Jewish kick – it isn’t the main point of any discussion and shouldn’t be a topic for this forum!

        • THE RACE, who pits all other races against each other, should not be held to any form of standard of behavior? Why so?

      • TM says:

        She is also so ugly that she gags maggots.

        • jayleigh says:

          Which obviously means she’s incompetent, right? So, maybe we should demand that the next Miss America be nominated to the Supreme Court? What does beauty have to do with character, integrity, honesty, and fitness for the role of a Supreme Court justice? The only test of the right to judge is knowledge of the law of the land according to the US-C. It’s not a beauty contest – it’s a position of trust based on knowledge of the law! You obviously think beauty equates brains. Yeah – uh huh – yep. Some criteria you have!

        • OK, neither one of these Jewish women have character, integrity, honesty or fitness for the role of Supreme Court Justice. Feel better.

      • AND we might add…..brainless. AND wait till the so called Pres. has one more appointment….and he will…..SOON. We are in SO much trouble as a nation!…and MIke I agree with you completely….supreme court justices should NOT be for LIFE…..especially Sotomayor and Kagan….both a couple of losers……….and we the people have and will not have any say in their
        lack of judgement! Wait until the NEXT appointment….SO SAD!

        • jayleigh says:

          Congressional offices should NOT be a lifetime guarantee wealth, eternal provision of a health care plan, retirement benefits that rival the CEO’s of major corporations! Our Founding Fathers intended for tenure in Congress to be a sacrifice – they did not intend for it to be legal “robbery” of the citizens! In fact, George Washington refused another term because he said it was not intended for men in office to become rulers, garner power, and wealth. He said he wanted to set an example of restraint. He knew his humanity might lead him to become a power-grabber if he remained in office. i believe our Founding Fathers, if they could look at our modern history of fiscal irresponsibility, of Congressmen passing laws for the people that do not apply to them, and the national disgrace – a debt that cannot possibly be paid in the next century, and laws that have run contrary to the US-C, those very Founders would weep with disappointment and despair and what their noble dream has become! Term limits for Congress!! Mandatory retirement from any judicial bench at age 70. But, we need to be very aware of who is nominated to the USSC and protest to our Congress when an appointee thinks the USSC has the responsibility to change the US-C by ignoring original intent and doing the thing that is “popular” instead. Roe v. Wade is an example of that judicial irresponsibility. It was determined that in the “right to privacy” there was the “ephemera” of a guarantee to the right to an abortion. There is NOTHING ephemeral about any LAW! Judicial purists are what we need at every level of the judiciary, and that goes for judges who do not recuse themselves from ruling on cases in which they have a personal interest!

    • My thoughts exactly. Since when did they care about immorality and decency, not to mention dignity?

      • 2War Abn Vet says:

        Resigning over something Billy Clinton wears like a badge of honor? I don’t think any Dem would pay attention to anything they consider as petty as adultery.

    • John Cherish says:

      It is harder to get a military coup when you keep stirring the generals up this way, the troops do not know who is in command

      • I don’t agree with you, John Cherish! The American soldier may not have an officer in command, but each and every soldier is a commander! Its the way we are! Should the Obama Regime remove all qualified officers from the field, at the first shot, someone within the ranks of the enlisted will step forward, whether it would be a Noncom or private–there would be a commander!
        Not being a military person, Obama has no grasp of this fact just as he has no grasp of being a real American!

        • jayleigh says:

          Yep – i heard a fabulous speech by one of our heroic, wounded warriors – a marine who was permanently disabled by an attack on his tank in Iraq. What an inspiration he is to me! A young man who gave his best to save his comrades… who stepped up to the plate when it mattered! My husband served in Vietnam with the USN; my brother was a Captain in the US-Army on the ground in Vietnam. the tales of the heroes in any war are monumental – and yep, it isn’t just the Marines who are taught, “We don’t leave anyone behind…” that’s a universal code of honor. But this Prez left our Embassy unprotected and lied about it. Our military was largely disenfranchised in this election because “the ballots didn’t arrive on time to be counted.” That should NEVER be true for our brave men and women who put their lives in harms way on the battlefield. The US Military is one of the best in the world – dedicated, strong, faithful and true! But, we do need our Generals, even though the troops are trained to do what has to be done, even in extremity of circumstances. We need our brave Generals to lead by example and not be robbed of their posts by a power-monger who occupies the oval office at any given period in American history. It is demoralizing to the troops when their leaders are treated as naughty boys who must be punished! So, while i agree with you that our military is trained to be leaders and to rise to the occasion when called upon to do so, i know from experience that it is demoralizing to troops to have the top guns treated unfairly and as though they must be punished just so the prez can prove he’s “da CiC!

      • AND it is apparent that the Commander in????? doesn’t give a hoot for our
        brave service men. They have had VERY little support the past four years and
        now he intends to cut the numbers in every way Doesn’t that say it all?? We have a so callec pres. who does NOT want our country able to defend itself. If any of you cannot see that then you can be considered “legally blind”….Get real and see the future plans as they will be…..and I think it is SCARY!

    • colleenf says:

      What does having Jewish surnames to do with any of this? Obama has NO love for the Jewish peoples….that is well known.

      • Lucky3511 says:

        Thank you, there are a few rich Jews who in guilt support the demoncrap cause. The remainder try and support the right wing cause. That becomes harder as the RINO leaders screw around so much.

      • jong says:

        That is the problem with a few people that post here they are former Paulbots and Paul had a problem with supposed jewish conspiracies. Look at the JCS’s none of them since Carter have been jewish and if TCS was correct they all would have been.

        • Rabbi Bong, what are you talking about? Clinton appointted two Jews and Obama appointed two Jews. That is 100% Jewish Appointments by the Democrats over the last 30 years!!!

        • jayleigh says:

          And your point would be? Jews are incompetent? Four Jews appointed is hardly 100% of anything. yikes – you call yourself a Christian and you don’t know the Scripture that promises that those who love Israel will be blessed, and those who trouble Israel will be cursed? You must be one of those replacement theologians who believe that those Scriptures now apply to the Church since the Church “replaced” Israel as God’s chosen people. Got news for you – the Church is the Church and Israel is Israel, and if you read Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, you will see that in no place did God reject Israel. In fact, St. Paul makes that abundantly clear when he asks, rhetorically, “Has God then cast His people away? Heaven forbid! He has not!” Better get over you antisemitic rhetoric or you’ll be standing in the corner for a very long time when the Lord Jesus Christ deals hard and long with you. It’s not just a differing opinion to hold replacement theological doctrines that exclude the Jews unless they convert – and yes, in order to be saved, a Jew must acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and Savior – but the line of demarcation here is the replacement theology error that gives all of Israels promised blessings to the Church, and denies them to Israel. You must be a Paulie – he’s a replacement believer, too. Won’t wash – i can parse the Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek – and Paul and the other replacement theologians are skating on very thin ice in that arena.

        • You cannot parse the Scriptures in Ancient Hebrew and Greek, nobody can do both. You cannot even get your hands on original Greek or Hebrew Scripture to read it if you even wanted. So, stop pretending.

          I do believe Christians are on more solid theological grounds for believing that Christ came in fullfilment of the Scriptures, than in your shaky theological belief that Jews who reject Christ are more sacred than Christians who worship Christ.

        • Four Jews appointed is hardly 100% of anything. yikes

          Each Appointment to the Supreme Court comes from an appointment by the President. This is a man voted into office by 350 million Americans who know that Supreme Court appointments matter.

          They are approved by 100 Senators, representing 50 States.

          So yes, 4 Jews Supreme Court Justices appointed over a 30 year period, by Democrats, no Christians allowed, is significant and worthy of note.

          It represents an abandonment of the Christian majority.

          It represents the powerful forces who rule this country.

      • Well Jews have a love of him. Two Million Jews voted for him. And we have less than 3 million Jews in this country.

        If you ran into three Jews in the street, two of them had voted for Obama and there is a chance that the third one also voted for Obama.

        David Axelrod has been with him since he first entered politics, leading his every step and clearing out all obsticles to his rise to power, mostly by the slimy politics of exposing the Republican opponent in affiars so that conservative Christians would abandon them.

        Rahm Emanuel served as his first Chief of Staff.

        Half the Jewish exectives of Goldman Sachs now serve in his Treasury department.

        The Jewish monopoly who run the MSM says that Obama sends shivers up their pants legs.

        What would it take to make you believe Obama so mistreats Jews that Jewish Hollywood would make a persecution Holocaust movie out of it?

        • jayleigh says:

          Where did you get your figures that 2-mil Jews supported O by their vote? Most of the news i got from the Jewish sector was that O’s ignoring Bibi lost him votes in this election. You need to check your sources if you think 2-mil American Jews voted for O. BTW, did you know that 148% of the registered voters in Florida voted for Obama, 108% of registered voters voted for Obama in Ohio? Now, how on earth can that be true? eh? 100% of registered voters in any precinct would be a miracle – it has never happened that 100% of registered voters really vote. So if there were more votes cast than there were registered voters, something is rotten in the USA! Also, some people voted absentee ballot and then went down to the polls and voted again – and guess for whom they voted? I’ll give you a clue – it wasn’t Mitt! i have many Jewish friends, and Obama certainly send shivers up their legs unless it is the fear factor shivers! His Arab-Muslim leanings have precluded that – i don’t know who’s dishing out those stats, but you’d better be more certain than here-say before you begin attacking the Jewish population. You antisemetic or what? eh?

        • Jay, 70% of 2.8 million is 1,960,000 Jews voting for Obama. Ok, you got me. I fudged a little. (But I was within my margin of error)

    • jong says:

      You forgot Gen. Ham and a Admiral in the area both of whom are now MIA for no reason except that they went against the Administration in trying to help the Ambassador.

    • caskinner says:

      Yes!! Exactly!!

  2. Wasn’t our Libyan ambassador supposed to be in our embassy in Tripoli? What was he doing in Benghazi?

    Political Outcast is saying that Benghazi was a vast “Fast and Furious” laundry operation to arm Syrian Rebels, through Turkey, with weapons captured from the Libyan military.

    • SINROSSCO says:

      Ambassadors are not restricted in the travels. Does seem odd though

    • John Cherish says:

      He was in Benghazi, doing work for the CIA, (why do you think the Director resigned this week) That work involved running guns to turkey for use in Syria. The administration was affraid that this would come out due to the fact that Patraeus had an affair and may have revealed mor than the administraion wanted out…They had the ambassador murdered to cover it up as he was involved in it and may have also spilled the beans on Obama and his dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood (AL-quaeda) these guns and rocket launchers were being gathered in Libya and sent to Turkey for use in Syria the fact that the ambassadoer was meeting with a Turkish diplomat also re-inforces this and the boat loaded with 400 tons of weapons in Turkey also establishes this fact


    IMPEACH this carpet bagger

    • 4evrMoi says:

      To IMPEACH, it requires a Congress WITH A SPINE and a Senate to convict! Dems control the Senate. Need I say more??? One hope: It has been stated Speaker Boehner CAN CONTEST THE ELECTION. Don’t know if that’s a “fact”, but hoping so. I wrote him letting him know “what” is being said about him in these blogs and if he doesn’t want to leave Washinton (DC) as just one more disgrace, to PLEASE LISTEN to We The People – CONTEST THIS ELECTION DOING THE “RIGHT” THING FOR AMERICA!!! Surely hoping my letter will make a difference! (sigh)

    • Coastiewife says:

      I agree, I had to go out and do some yardwork and have a good cry after the elections, BUT the banks and the millionaires got him right where they want him.
      Watch ‘Obama’s Deception’ on youtube, that will make you feel a whole lot better, NOT ! !

      • gerry says:

        We all had a good cry…..some of us wanted to throw-up plus cry. We need to pray that all of Obummers hidden records and anti-American beliefs and military hatred come to light and cause such a movement of contempt for the man that nation wide momentum shifts against him forcing him to resign or to be brought up on anti American charges. He is guilty and given the years he has just been granted he will over step something very large and the landscape will change and he will find himself in prison. Let’s pray the Lord will work toward this end.

      • jayleigh says:

        158% of registered voters in Florida voted for Obama; 108% of registered voters in Ohio voted for Obama. 148% of registered voters in another state (forgot which one) voted for a Dem Senator – that’s not possible! 100% of registered voters NEVER vote! 50% of registered voters actually voting is considered to be an excellent turnout. Also, in some states, people voted by absentee ballot and then went to the polls and voted again. What’s the likelihood that Romney might actually have won the vote? The military was largely disenfranchised because the votes of deployed military “didn’t arrive in time to be counted.” WHAT???? No deployed military person should ever be denied to have the vote counted EVER! And if they are late, then the election shouldn’t be called until the miliatry votes are counted! These are men and women sacrificing their lives – they should never be denied a voice in the government for which they may die!

  4. Barack hussein obama is a fraud and usurper using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . Wake Up People this pice of garbage barack hussein obama is the enemy !

    • oldcoyote says:

      Our Congress is owned by AIPAC so nothing will be done.

    • Rosey says:

      You are 100% correct, I agree people need to wake up and realize he is the enemy of America’s freedom, liberty and justice.

      • Diane Uecker says:

        I think it might have been possible for people to wake up and deal deal with this during his first term but I really feel as if it’s just a little too late,.

        • 4evrMoi says:

          no, Diane … think We The People were so devasted by the outcome of this election, we had our cries, but now we are angered! We’re gaining in strength and taking a stand – we’re no longer going to be run over by this imposter and wanna-be dictator! He IS evil with a capital E and in this Life it often prevails, it won’t conquer us unless we (continue) to allow it! We have nothing to fear but fear itself!! Don’t give up . . . that’s exactly what obamamaniac wants us to do!

        • Progressive Republican says:

          I love your quotation of America’s most liberal President. Nice touch.

    • don says:

      ya ya ya old news new news he will be hell to stop now. repulicans in the house are not going to help. they think they need to go left to save to their jobs

    • Diane Uecker says:

      I agree with you completely Charles but I think what makes me most angry is that “we” as a Country are allowing him to get by with all this crap! I just don’t understand why this man has not been Impeached long ago but NO, we not only let him get by with it by no impeaching him we vote him back in for four more years. This is complete and total insanity!!!!!

      • Jim says:

        Our Members of Congress ,Senators are all pupets of this Administration ,They are no help at ALL!!! They shake in their boots ,they are without ,Courage or Interigity ,No shame there ,They have no morals either I don’t see any of them raising hell because Obams rigged and won the election ,Not even a Whimper!!!
        I believe it will come down to you and I relenting ,or fighting for our rights ,and oh yes ,Don’t Pray it just might crimp your style !!

      • Progressive Republican says:

        “I just don’t understand why this man has not been Impeached long ago…” Possibly because his “treasonous” actions pale in comparison to those of every Republicon from Nixon forward?

    • Anita M says:

      Wake up and do what? As you can see the Congress does absolutely nothing about anything, this usurper does. So pray tell, we are awake, but what to do? You can write your rep and if you’re lucky to have a conservative Senator, until you’re fingers are bleeding and it does no good. The Dumbo party does nothing to stop the advancement of Socialism.

    • Walter says:

      Mr., you just said a mouth full. I have a feeling they want do anything to this P#S. Already the house speakers is drinking his bath water.

    • ecoplastican says:

      We know that, but what are we going to do about it?

  5. Lindy says:

    If the GOP gets rid of Boehner, maybe prosecution will move forward for those guilty of High Crimes. Obama, Hillary, Biden should all be brought up on charges. Don’t forget about Fast and Furious too.

    • 4evrMoi says:

      Removing Boehner is NOT the answer! It takes the CONGRESS AND SENATE to ACT! They won’t! They’re “on-the-take” or threated and they ARE NOT We The People, so they’re COWARDS! These POLITICIANS would rather cower than to STAND FOR JUSTICE and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR AMERICA!

    • TM says:

      john boehner has been a bust and he makes me sick thinking about him playing golf with that terrorist loving obama.

    • Lauritz says:

      I agree; Boehner really has proven to just be all talk but otherwise worthless. He, like so many in politics just seems to want to hold on, now that he has arrived in the post as House Speaker. I read an article that touted Paul Ryan to replace Boehner as Speaker. I agree! Boehner would resign if he had any honor at all. He doesn’t! He is just another mouthy, blowing in the wind, politician, whom will say anything; whatever needs to be said to further him and satiate his ego. In this respect he is no different than oslobbo!

      • Are you a liberal Lauritz?? Just wondering. Although I agree that there needs to be a change in the “speaker” and Paul Ryan would be excellent…..I think that public ridicule of Republicans just adds “wood to Obamas fire? He longs to see
        this kind of bad mouthing in our midst. I don’t think ANY of us are in a position to
        say “what Boehner would do if he had honor”…..You cannot walk in his shoes so you are in NO position to give him advice. Think about it….shouldn’t we, of like
        positoins (at least I assume that of you) try to stick together and only BAD mouth
        those of a different persuasion?? I would appreciate you stating what your
        politics are…and if you are a Demo….its ok!!!

        • jayleigh says:

          You are soooooooo wrong in that! The US-Constitution has been violated numerous times and yet the House plays footsie with the Senate! There are many things Boehner could have done to facilitate a return to the the purity of the US-C; instead, he chose to play politics. He promised to defund the agencies. He did NOT. He promised that no bill would pass unless it was vetted through the U.S. Constitution – that was hot air blowing. If he were an honest man, he wouldn’t play kissy-face with the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and he would call the POTUS to account for the illegal EOs he continues to issue – for instance, the EO he issued when the House was still in session…If we can’t give our Representatives and Senators advice, then we are just puppets re-elcting the same fools every cycle – the same people who pass laws, but who do not have to abide by them. The same Congress-folk who have gotten rich at the taxpayer expense. Yep, we have a U.S. Constitution to not only to be critical of congress when the individuals voted to those posts fail to uphold the Constitution when they manipulate the rules to gain wealth on the backs of the people. That is a very socialist thing to do. You might want to read up on the history of the Marxist-Socialist take-over of Europe in the 1930s. They pulled the class warfare tactic and the poor thought the wealth was going to be equally distributed when the gov took from the rich – they believed they were going to be the beneficiaries of that largess. What they found out way too late was that all that wealth, all the fancy cars, mansions, art, jewelry – all of that went to the party officials while the people languished in poverty! Class warfare has been the theme song of the Democrats for several generations now – and it is a Marxist-Socialist lie. If you want to live free – hold Congress accountable for its actions, for it’s failure to follow the Constitution, and for foisting off on the American working public the idea that if they make a profit, they are somehow greedy “capitalists” who have no concern for the poor. Bad mouth congress? Only when it misbehaves! When your Senator or Representative follows the US-C and votes to protect the citizens – show your support by writing a letter of appreciation. When your Congressman votes for more power and money for the STATE – then let him/her know you are watching and your vote WILL count on election day! That’s NOT a liberal idea – that’s the gift our Founding Fathers gave us and we’ve not utilized it fully in the last 50 years! It’s time to take America back, to push for term limits for Congress, and to demand that the Executive Orders be rescinded if they do not meet Constitutional criteria – which Obama’s have NOT! If you just blindly allow your Congress folk to do whatever it wants, and you support it on the premise that you “don’t understand what they face each day…” this nation will end up just as pre-WWII did – in the hands of radical socialist-elitists who have become rich on the backs of “we the people,” Get it? Read American History from a valid source – not from some European who doesn’t know diddly about American History! Read the works of our Founding Fathers and see what they thought about the need to preserve this nation and protect it from over-regulation.

        • caskinner says:

          You mean just remain silent like the Dems are doing with the Benghazi tragedy?

    • jayleigh says:

      Boehner promised to defund the new agencies O set up during the first year of his first term. The GOP had the majority in the House, but they copped out saying that the Senate would never approve the measure. Yet, according to the US-C, the House does get to decide the funding… so now the House has been complicit with the destruction of the USA via regulatory agencies who make law and impose penalties on those who violate them. And yet, the US-C provides the only law-making vehicle and those powers reside in the three branches of government – House, Senate, and Executive branches – yet, O has written laws via the Executive Order which is not even recognized in the US-C as a valid law-making vehicle, except in dire national emergency. However…. that poses no obstruction to Obama and Congress has failed to rein him or the agencies, for that matter. We are still inundated with laws created by agencies that have not gone through Congress. To give the lame excuse that when Congress allows agencies to be set up, it tacitly grants them the power to impose laws and thus also impose penalties for violation of them, would make our Founding Fathers stand up and revolt against this violation of the intent and purpose of the U.S. Constitution. No wonder so many people are joining forces in 49 states to petition for secession!

      • Lindy says:

        Disappointment in this Republican Congress is an understatement. Boehner, who I had high hopes for has been nothing more then a pawn for the left. Michelle Bachmann has shown more guts then all of them and she was shot down trying to do the right thing about Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff. I feel hopeless for the first time. As a lifelong democrat, I have seen my party turn into something that Hitler would be proud of. As an independent now, I turned to the Republican party because I thought they loved this country and would fight for it, but I was so wrong. If we have a next election, I will vote for the first third party conservative that comes along unless Allen West runs, then he has my vote because he represents true conservatism.

        • Beve says:

          I know how you feel. But the problem many Christians stayed Home. With the lesser of the 2 evils were their excuse. Well we got more than lesser than 2 evils.We got the true evil. I hope they are happy. John Boehner really needs too go now. Not later. I was a Democrat until Carter and his stupid term really did it for me. I dread the next 4 yrs, and wonder how we will come out of it. My idea is Iam 75 yrs old, so in 4 years if I get sick, the death panel will take over my health care, with a needle in the arm.
          That is fine with me, I’ll never have to look at Obama again.

        • Lindy says:

          I am getting to that point also. I was a John Kennedy democrat that is until the party nominated Obama, a man with a background Hitler would be proud of. I jam just so disillusioned with those we put into office to protect and serve us. They are letting Obama get away with everything.

    • Progressive Republican says:

      Not to mention Iran-Contra, Grenada, T.A.N.G.desertion, 9-11, Iraq, Tora-Bora…

  6. Bigeye says:

    There is something about this
    terrible tragedy that doesn’t make sense even after the TV experts have been
    asking questions and providing their own answers.

    Q: If there was Seal/CIA help a half mile away, why/what political
    motive would there have been to give the order to stand down? Here’s my take.

    I don’t think our
    military ever wants to let our own die and risking their lives to prevent that
    is a part of our military DNA. So why
    stand down, especially since this attack lasted 7+ hours?

    IF…we would have sent 10-20++ to fight the insurgents at
    our embassy and they would have saved some or all of the 4 who died, how many terrorists
    would they have killed? Maybe all,
    hopefully. Certainly many of the bad
    guys would now be dead. They would not
    have gone there to “train” or talk. They
    would have gone there to kill the bad guys. Here is what the political outcome
    could have been for our not-so-white house.

    “Protesters” were killed needlessly outside of our Libyan
    embassy by our CIA and military. These
    protesters were simply protesting a video and they were mowed down. (MSNBC)

    • Dissenter says:

      There are lots of big “ifs,” and this entire fairy tale was first floated by the execrable Newt Gingrich. When the facts come out, I suspect that there wasn’t a hell of a lot we could have done about it. I’m willing to wait six months for a full accounting, but Faux News is a propaganda machine that needs to beat this drum for partisan purposes.

  7. Dissenter says:

    This is starting to look a lot like Whitewater — a desperate attempt by the crazies in the extreme right-wing to manufacture a crisis. In all likelihood, there is no “there” there. We’ve seen this play before.

    • steamydwarf says:

      I’m sure that’s how the brown-shirt licking media will spin it

      • Dissenter says:

        As opposed to the Goebbels disciples at Faux News?

        We suffer more than one attack on an Embassy or its personnel a year, and we really can’t stop them all. We don’t have the kind of overwhelming resources in Benghazi that we might be able to muster elsewhere.

        When you compare this to 9/11 and the gross incompetence (or, even possible complicity) of the Bush regime, any sins by Team Obama are likely to be venial. We’ve seen the nut-jobs like Pat Matrisciana go hog-wild, and there is an entire cottage industry servicing the inveterate racists in the Republican Party. Sure, there will be screw-ups — there always are — but on balance, Obama has done a competent job as CinC.

        If I were Obama, I would declassify all the docs related to 9/11, and let BushCo incompetence be laid bare. It would put a merciful end to all this nonsense.

    • jobird says:

      Vince Foster ring any bells?Dead on an island in the Potomac.Whitewater?
      For your info,I am not “rightwing crazy”
      I have been a watcher of the circus in DC for many years.
      It continues to run our country over to the very dark side.
      No one that I can see/read have manufactured the facts.Where are the
      men and women who have sworn to uphold the Constitution and the USA?
      What do you wish for this once proud country?.When your man in the WH
      is through,you can bend over and kiss your a– goodbye

      • Dissenter says:

        I’ve been following it, too. We’ve seen this play before. Pat Matrisciana and the Clinton Chronicles. The birther nonsense. Larry Sinclair (no gay guy with even a shred of self-respect would ever hit on him). You crazies are desperate to find something to hang him with, because he is a Democrat and a n199999er. The Stormfront wing of the Republican Party has way too much time on their hands.

        Where are the men sworn to uphold the Constitution and our laws? If they were doing their jobs, Bush and Cheney would both be in the dock in the Hague now, answering for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. Clarence Thomas would be in prison by now, as his guilt was essentially confessed.

        What do I wish for this country? That our public officials, on both sides of the aisle, would all be accountable to the law. If we didn’t have ample resources in Benghazi, as I suspect, there wasn’t a lot that Obama could do. Newt Gingrich started this rumor, and Faux stirred it up knowing that it was baseless. There may be more fertile fields, but this one looks like a dry hole.

    • Paul Conley says:

      After President Clinton, what is the destination of moral? What about
      the former Yugoslavia states that Clinton invaded? The controlled voter,
      or his vote, causes unintended consequences! Just ask the lady with the
      Blue dress, why didn’t she have the dress cleaned?

      • Dissenter says:

        I can’t identify a single conflict that we engaged in during my lifetime that would meet the Catholic definition of “just war.” The casus belli for both invasions of Iraq was manufactured, as was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Bosnia, the Sudan, and Rwanda are cases you can make if the entire world intervened, and NATO was the driving force in Yugoslavia. Libya was the way you should do it, if you must — when it comes to skill as our CinC, Obama is vastly superior to his three predecessors.

        At the level of governance, morality has always been an elastic concept. If the Lewinsky affair had happened in France, the populace would have yawned, and this might be the best approach. Petraeus would have never been outed, but for a right-wing bat-guano-crazy FBI agent who had an agenda. I see this as much ado about nothing.

  8. Larry says:

    Why does the patreues affair have anything g to do with the highly charged language of massacre at B. you offer no facts other than a sex scandal. No proof, no evidence, just what y do best. as a source of news to your acid loving followers have y no standards. Y would think that a party who wants to regain lost voters would be more ethical.

  9. JJ says:


    • No, JJ! Don’t get ready to give up your freedom—GET READY TO FIGHT!
      Through letters, emails, phone calls and such to your elected representatives, fight all aspects of Obama’s take over of our schools and religions, and above all–RESPECT our Flag, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence!
      THOSE are our leaders, not Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder or George Soros!

  10. brabbie2002 says:

    Does the term “muslim brotherhood” ring a bell with any of you? oblowhole will be your dictator and the muslim brotherhood his guard! And all you liberal dips that voted for him – you won’t count in any way. He is looking for total control so his muslims can “rule the world”. Lock and load – this will be a bumpy ride!

  11. Larry says:

    Why do the right wing guys now hate Jews and they are not fit to hold office even when a small part of their ancestry. For the last election y were courting them and wringing your hands about a Muslims treatment of Israel, where surprisingly Jews live.
    . You guys want to get rid of anyone who is not old white. Obama will appoint two Supremes. They get appointed by Senate. They have enough votes. 90% of the current justices are Catholic. Pope as dictator.

  12. LyingAboutLibya says:

    Operation Patraeus Distraction in not working, Mr. President. America requests an answer as to why you ordered the armed forces to “stand down” in Benghazi. America would like you to “stand up”, Commander in Chief. A desperate man, outnumbered 100 to 1, stood on a rooftop in Libya pointing a laser at mortar targets awaiting the drone overhead to return fire. Unfortunately, the Situation Room provided the victims air support armed with a camera only. If you accidentally sent the wrong type of drone — regardless of Patraeus and Broadwell being in the broom closet — you could have at least crashed the unmanned aircraft into the target our brave American provided you in the final moments of his life. Or, was that drone too expensive? The White House then pinned the event and deaths on a YouTube video which we now know was a lie. Filmmakers, stand your ground. To me, this hints that Freedom of Speech reform is on the second-term social agenda. Until now, media outlets have been afraid to publish anything but complimentary news about the White House. The YouTube fabrication cleverly pointed the tragedy back to American social issues, which he led in the polls and, therefore, portrayed to the American people that he is capable of handling the sensitive aftermath better than his opponent. Justifying a cover-up implies that he and his team thought the truth about Benghazi would ruin his chance for a second term and they were probably correct. Under these circumstances, I am happy to be classified as a “rightie,” because I feel we should do what is right. “Forward” was a great campaign slogan, but will “Stand Down” be the President’s legacy?

    • Paul Conley says:

      After President Clinton, what is the destination of moral? What about the former Yugoslavia states that Clinton invaded? The controlled voter, or his vote, causes unintended consequences! Just ask the lady with the Blue dress, why didn’t she have the dress cleaned?

      • taliesin319 says:

        Chances are little Ms Mistress has a camo shirt securely touched away that she wore in Afghanistan every bit as stained as Monica’s blue dress. All she has to do is whip it out for DNA testing and its straight to the harpies on the View to sob her heart out.

  13. RFC says:

    Please ,keep watching the show! It goes on and on and on,and we do nothing.

    Our imposter in chief will obviously continue to make our good leaders disappear openly from their positions.When they are gone, he has his dictatorship almost all set up! Those who will be left will cower and shut up for fear of losing their jobs, or, maybe muslim style, their heads.

    I still cannot believe that in the land of the free, because of the brave, we have not “legally” rid ourselves of a person ,and his cabinet .

    When a person takes the oath to uphold and defend our constitution and begins to openly destroy it while by-passing all the stop-gap measures put in place to prevent this, such as our Congress, for instance and is not immediately re-called ,impeached, and thrown out, we are in serious trouble.

    Wake up America! Everyone that he’s apologized to for our ” conduct” or whatever he publicly accuses this country of, are laughing while the world watches us sink!Remember, that this very young country made up of all faiths and color, stopped the world from being destroyed twice. Should we be apologizing when someone wants their freedom and asks for hep,and we assist them? what do we get out of it? We die and we save them, but we are criticized. But apologizing?

    And we do nothing???

    He allows people whom he sent into harm’s way, to be killed on tape ,with resources to stop it before it happens, and we are discussing watergate? Are you nuts! This is treason, and cowardice! Was he afraid to upset the muslim applecart that he is building here?

    First he gives them money ,then he allows them to kill us? What the h-ll is next?

    Please wake up and grow a set.


    • John Cherish says:

      The Ambassador was in Benghazi, doing work for the CIA, (why do you think the
      Director resigned this week) That work involved running guns to turkey
      for use in Syria. The administration was affraid that this would come
      out due to the fact that Patraeus had an affair and may have revealed
      more than the administraion wanted out…They had the ambassador
      murdered to cover it up as he was involved in it, He may have also
      spilled the beans on Obama, and his dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood
      These guns and rocket launchers were being gathered in
      Libya and sent to Turkey for use in Syria the fact that the ambassadoer
      was meeting with a Turkish diplomat also re-inforces this and the boat
      loaded with 400 tons of weapons in Turkey also establishes this
      fact…so I have laid out for you the scenario check it out and see for
      yourself…there is that Boat in Turkey with a cargo the captain was not
      allowed to talk about what it was or where it was headed. Also the
      prime minister of Turkey hates Assad’s guts they despise each other…so
      there is the motive as well

      • caskinner says:

        I believe that is what happened. Has anyone heard from Stevens family? Were they threatened by an unknown visitor and how are they going to take care of Hillary?

    • willgoos957 says:

      Well said! What is needed here is WE THE PEOPLE need to go to D.C. en masse and DEMAND that – WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

      • I believe the en mass citizens moving against Washington is one of the administration’s greatest fears! Therefore, by purging the ranks of possible dissenters and declaring mandate after mandate, the “leaders” of the administration think they can put off the inevitable for a while, if not forever!
        What none of them realize is that what goes around comes around, and when it does come around, it comes back threefold!

  14. King_of_the_Road says:

    The problem is not the death of the ambassador, or of the affirmative action president 0′bomb. The real problem is the gutless Boenher and the equally gutless RINOs in the republican party that refuse to persue obvious violations of the law. I think this David Petraeus thing is really a cover for the election fraud that was perpetrated on the American People. Why are not the “honest politicians” doing something about the “in your face fraud” at the polls and in the registration lists in MANY of the states that voted for the 0′bomb. We need some people in ther with the CAJONES to persue this fraud in the election and voting. Why were our servicemen denied the right to have thier votes counted?

    • 4evrMoi says:

      Are we blind??? It ISN’T simply Republican RINOs or Speaker Boehner, Dems, or whoever anyone wants to add to the “list of GUILTY”- it IS “POLITICIANS PLAYING POLITICS” with America and our lives, livelihoods, and our FREEDOMS!


      If We The People want to KEEP ACCEPTING “POLITICS AS USUAL”, then everyone can simply keep doing what we’re doing with nothing more than blogging our discontent! If we’re taking the time to post our disgruntled comments, put this time to better use with FLOODING THE OFFICES OF OUR (supposedly) “REPRESENTATIVES” WITH OUR DISCONTENT HOLDING THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE!! UNTIL they know/hear what We The People EXPECT from these guys WE HIRED TO DO THE JOB, then these petitions to secede from the “union” is the best tool we have in making them LISTEN!

      The crap of “politics” has GOT TO STOP!!! It’s gone on far too long! We must assemble, reconstruct, and apply! Our Declaration Of Independence is the best document we have to ENFORCE a BETTER UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Get busy, People!! Otherwise, we’re passive complainers!

  15. John Cherish says:

    This was done for a reason to deflect the blame from President Obama who is and was the true person responsible…Obama has never taken responsibility for anything he has done he did this Libya mess but will let Patreaus take full blame for it…who in thier right mind would appoint the former CIA director to the pentagon…someone who never was military and then appoint Patreaus someone who is Military …as CIA director only our incompetent president…would