Florida Showing Massive Voter Fraud - As High as 158% Turnout

Many elections may not quite be settled just yet and this may open an entire can of worms across the country.

WatchdogWire reports,

Only one precinct had less than 113% turnout. The unofficial vote count is 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10% ). The National SEAL Museum, a St. Lucie county polling place, had 158.85% voter turn out, the highest in the county.

When asked about the 141% Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker stated, “They may have had something like that in Palm Beach County, but we’ve never seen that here.”

Review the statement of votes cast in St. Lucie County on November 6, 2012 here.

Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker posted to the SLC Elections website the following:

The CANVASSING BOARD meeting scheduled for the recount on saturday, november 10, 2012 at 7:00 am has been rescheduled for wednesday, november 14, 2012 at 7:00 am at the supervisor of elections office, 4132 okeechobee road mall entrance 2.

So hey, it appears that Rep. Allen West was pretty well justified in calling for ballots and voting machines to be impounded. Of course that request was denied by a Florida judge.

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273 comments on “Florida Showing Massive Voter Fraud - As High as 158% Turnout
  1. Friend of Constitution says:

    The party of “Do whatever its takes except work” doing what they do best; cheat and steal.

  2. Marlene Saad says:

    In other countries, people would tear the place apart for any voting fraud.
    Florida – Ohio you need to come clean and tell the truth.

    • Josie Valdez says:

      Americans cannot remain so politically correct that we are losing our Country! Stop this submission and fight for our Country…even at the expense of our lives! The future of this nation is almost gone like Europe!!!

    • grassroot says:

      But, you know they HAD to get Ohio and Florida. Heck, anyone wanting to get
      elected THAT bad, should be allowed to. Right? This is the thinking of the left.
      Far left that is. As saul alinsky taught the radical left, ” the ends justify the means.”

  3. jcadla says:

    Anyone surprised? If a recount finds West and Romney really won, both here and in Ohio, will Obama be kicked out? Keep dreaming, you nation of losers…

  4. bkool says:

    time for the people to rise up and demand a recount in all swing states, include nevada, colorado, California, washington, pennsylvania, michigan, Minnesota, and wisconsin, florida, ohio!!!!

    • I feel that not only were the libs voting fraudulerntly, but they were also somehow removing Romney votes.

      • Guest says:

        Romney got 2.5 million less votes than McCain??? Romney got less Mormon votes than McCain. Explain that one. Voting machines were selecting 0bama if you didn’t vote for president. To say cheating wasn’t going on is like saying Moochelle don’t like vacations.

        • Washington22 says:

          Yeah, Guest……it doesn’t make sense, does it? I’m not buying it………….The crowds, the enthusiam at the Romney speeches, were amazing, there’s no way Obama won the fight. How do we go foward?

      • Marine223 says:

        The Computer Machines were FIXED!

    • Liberty Rock says:


      • Washington22 says:

        Yes, the house and senate votes, too. I almost forgot abut them but they are as important as the Romney/Ryan count………………

    • Josie Valdez says:

      Nevada has tons of illegals working in the Casinos, Restaurants, Hotels and you name it, they are there. One of our friends lives there and she knows this first hand. She is disgusted with the illegal vote that helped Reid to get re-elected and now Obama.

  5. kenhowes says:

    Any place where the Democrats are entrenched, close elections are lost. You have to go all out and win by a margin they can’t steal back.

    • If more than the registered number of voters voted then you can’t win. It can only be investigated and hopefully the fraudulent votes thrown out. Interesting to know that the states that have photo id laws were won by Romney. Those where you just show up and they let you vote were won by Obama.

    • It’s hard to win by that much if they are “entrenched”.

      • sn says:

        Blow up the trenches. PHOTO ID must be made MANDATORY. Maybe fingerprints!

        • Liberty Rock says:

          MADATORY PHOTO I’d TO Swipe Photo I’d To Confirm US Citizenship Status & Finger Print To Be able To Vote On Election Day To End Vote Fraud

        • GN says:

          it is in OK. the only state that all counties voted for Romney!

        • Washington22 says:

          Yeah, we need to instate the finger print requirement. Each polling place can have a little electronic machine that reads the person’s print. Mail in ballots need to be cut back to a minimum. Only military or severely handicapped, etc. should qualify for a mail in. Things are WAY out of hand and the only way to fix it is to tighten up on everything. How can we EVER be sure of a winner, either side, it we don’t have fair elections.

        • Josie Valdez says:

          Even a country like Mexico has a voting card with the thumb print and a Picture of the voter before they are allowed to vote! And by the way, many Mexicans living in the USA voted, obviously they have obtained a card to vote in Mexico ….but many are here illegally and for that reason fight the issue of voting without an ID, calling it “discrimination!” This way they get what they want, and laugh at us by their foxiness! Of course they have IDs they go to bars, they buy beer or ? at the stores, they use IDs in other places…except to vote. We have been too compassionate or afraid of the wrath from the immigration lawyers who are the first ones to win if they defend the illegals.

  6. Guest says:

    After this, is their any doubt that the Democratic party IS THE PARTY OF SATAN???

  7. undunder says:

    I’m still praying for mercy. God just delivered justice(or allowed cheaters and frauds to do so), I think, and it won’t be pleasant. Just look at history, that is if the progressives haven’t re-written history to the point that the truth is so deeply buried that it is no longer recognizable.

  8. It should all be tossed out and redo the entire election. Rommney would probably win.

  9. chog says:

    was there any doubt the whole election was voter fraud now is the time voter I D , a photo & fingerprint at the time of voting also a mandatory fine of 20,000 and 20 years in prison hard labor no chance of parole

    • The ACLJu fought voter ID in Pa. and won.

      • r says:

        TOO BAD. This is a clear example of WHY we need Voter ID! This election should be deemed FOWL and re-done.

    • Guest says:

      But even with that the voting machines can be rigged and are being rigged. You know seiu has the maintenance on the machines. Who better to rig them.

      • Washington22 says:

        We need to return to hand counting……………….I don’t care if it takes 3 weeks, it MUST be done that way. There is too much room for cheating with these machines. I’m so sick of this………..Our sacred elections must be fairly handled or what have we got?

  10. After this, is their any doubt that the
    Democratic party IS THE PARTY OF SATAN??? I hope that EVERYONE that
    voted for Obama and the atheist democratic party realize they will be
    spending eternity in HELL

  11. RLM357 says:

    WHAT DID I SAY? Count the ballosts vs Registered Voters! This ELECTION should be VOIDED and a New one Scheduled with PAPER BALLOTS that are to be hand counted! It is too important to allow this to stand. The Nation’s Existance depends on it! This conspiracy is HUGE! VOID this ELECTION! ALLOW the FBI or CIA to Investigate it domestically. Publish the verified findings. In the mean time suspend all E]xecutive Orders issued since Nov. 1st, 2012. ~Rick Magee, FL

    • jerome ennis says:

      No, Suspend every Executive Order and Every Piece of Legislation that Obama Signed, and Abolishe every New Agency Obama Created, Fire all 300,000 new federal Flunkies hired to Fill these Bogus Agencies and in Expanding Size and Power of all the Other Bogus Social and Regulatory Agencies.

    • Fracusbill says:

      No doubt that it is the Democratic Machine doing it. New laws centered around very stiff penalties need to be adopted along with new safeguards to insure this is no longer tolerated.

      • josie says:

        As long as Obama is in charge, this kind of thugs will win. He is aiding and abetting for this type of behavior since he is a part of it and the stands to win.

      • JM says:

        How about puple dye on their right index finger? No early voting and notorized absentee ballotts?

      • onyxpony says:

        I agree, but when you’ve got a Muslim President and Democratic Senate, you can bet there won’t be any new laws to cover that any time soon.

    • Ted Theodore says:

      Paper ballots, show up in person at the polls, voter ID required, then maybe we can have true and fair elections! Mail in ballots only available to military stationed overseas.
      I’m handicapped but I still vote in person!

      • Nam Vet 67-68 says:

        you are so right, anyone committing voter fraud goes to jail for min 10 yrs and 500K fine…..

        I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet and I seem to be able to get to the polls here in Montana,rain,shine,snow or what have you also. Unless you’re out of the country or away from you’re voting district or bed ridden Go to the voting place and submit a paper vote, EVERYBODY! This Crap has to stop or we might as well get a new flag!!!

      • Dingbat36 says:

        I’d be in favor of THAT! My state has total vote by mail, (DemoNrat blue of course) and some people REGISTERED to vote by mail (over 30,000) and never showed any proof of eligibility. One previous Sec of State said that the “undocumented” were welcome to vote in our local and state elections but NOT federal). With vote by mail, just who is checking that? (nod, nod, wink, wink)

        • BAHBA says:

          That is so disgraceful-would only be thought up by those trying to game the system-and it is working. Will pray for your state-would you please share which one it is?

        • camoman says:

          when my wife and i went to vote the polling place ask if we wanted to vote by paper ballot or electronic i could not believe what he just said i told him 4 yrs the only way to vote was electronicly he said i don’t know this is how san bernardino is doing it this time, total fraud

        • Washington22 says:

          I live in San Bernardino County, Ca, Camoman……………I don’t quite understand your comment and would really like to…………could you expand? Paper ballot choice? Fraud?

        • john Doe says:

          I’m not sure what camoman was trying to say. However, it is common knowledge by now that the electronic voting machines are easily hacked therefore subject to election fraud. Even the machines used to count the paper ballot votes are easily hacked and are far more dangerous !!

        • Phillip_in_TX says:

          That is why we need to go back to hand counting. We don’t need to know who won the election before the polls even close. The people who do get elected do not take office the second they are elected. There is a transition period normally, (there are exceptions) from the election to getting sworn in.

      • Randy G says:

        Mail in ballots are OK but check the signatures against Registered Voters.

        • john Doe says:

          That’s the way they do mail in ballots, they use your Drivers license signature

        • Randy G says:

          Actually they check your signature on your registeration.

        • jude says:

          And if your signature changed slightly from the last time you voted to now, it can be rejected by whoever compares your signature, and your vote not counted and you will never know.

        • Randy G says:

          IF your signature changed that drasisticly, Wouldn’t it do so at your bank account more often meaning ALL your checks would bounce?

      • sailboat165 says:

        That’s exactly what we have in Canada. ( and I thought we we always years behind the USA, lol) and we don’t have any known voter fraud. I’m sure it could occur on native reserves, but apart from that ours is a pretty fair system. We don’t have that 50% +1 gets the whole state garbage. That really does undermine the votes of millions.

        • nvrbl says:

          We don’t have any known voter fraud either. It is a right wing construct used as an excuse to disenfranchise voters.

        • sailboat165 says:

          Oh really? I guess these accusations of more turnout than registered voters thing is a farce. Ok, I stand corrected.
          Sent from my iPad

        • LarryAndy says:

          Haven’t you heard, if they breath American air they have a say in All America, including elctions since they are affected by that vote, so the 30/40 million Latinos here will vote for thier next meal ticket and bring over all teh cousins and famiies and friends.

        • nvrbl says:


        • beegeegirl says:

          158% in ONE COUNTY ALONE in Ohio. Anyone who is as stupid as nvrbl is shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce much less vote !!!!!!!!!

        • Jaybird1951 says:

          Then how do you account for 72,000 more ballots cast than registered voters?

        • Phillip_in_TX says:

          Well, it’s like this, a funny thing happened on the way to the polls today . . .

        • nvrbl says:

          what is your source

        • Phillip_in_TX says:

          You have a very extreme case of “Cranial Rectal Inversion!” Go to a plumber immediately and see if they can fix the problem.

        • jude says:

          The disenfranchise people the Right Wing wants to keep from voting are felons, illegals, and the dead, in which you fit in that category.

        • nvrbl says:

          why so rude?

        • Jaybird1951 says:

          Published reports that votes cast were 141% of the number of those registered. A judge has allowed a recount although he has refused to impound the voting machines. The SE Florida counties have a sad record of voter fraud and mismanagement, sadly.

      • onyxpony says:

        Excellent, Ted! I’ve been against mail-in and early voting, except for our overseas military voters, from the beginning. They’re the ONLY ones who should be allowed to vote early. In fact, they’re the ones who’ve earned and deserve that right! But, boy, I’ve sure heard about that view from others. The excuses I’ve heard have been innumerable: Work schedules, no babysitters, visiting relatives, and on and on it goes.

        There was a day when citizens would plan their schedules around the voting because it was that important to them. Employers would close their businesses early so their workers could vote, people would take kids with them, they’d take buses, cabs, and streetcars or they’d carpool to vote, and everyone had their I.D.s and were ready to show them for the privilege of voting. I’m glad to hear you value that privilege as much as I, and so many others do. Unfortunately, the current instant generations think everything should be done for their convenience. What a crock of crap!

    • Dale says:

      I HOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. Every one needs to needs to get on their Governors State and Federal Legislators and RAISE HELL and DEMANED this be done. Mitt Romney should also Contest the results and demand a full scale investigation into this.

      • dawg says:

        mitt gave up too early, axlerod knew that there woul be enough fraud to gt barry relected, that is why he bet his stache on it

        • Dale says:

          Mitt can rescind his consession just like Al Gore and contest the vote lets try to get him to do so

        • Washington22 says:

          Everyone contact the Romney camp and urge him to do so………….please. The election was stolen and it is evident.

        • Dale says:

          You got that right. There is an article on the conservative bite web site about the fraud in ST Lucie County Florida, The unofficial voteis 175,554 registered voters 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10%0 The National SEAL Museum,A St. Lucie county polling place had a 158.85% turn out. Sounds very much like MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD to me.

        • john Doe says:

          Because he’s getting paid off by GoldmanSachs just like Obama

      • Washington22 says:

        Yes, Romney needs to contest the results……………

        • Romney was just too nice and in this World you need to be tough! He choose Paul Ryan as the Vice-President. That was nice, but we needed a real Vice-President, Not an accountant! Mitt was very foolish to kick Donald Trump aside and get a neurd who is just so nice. Well they just got as Obama tried to tell them. TO POLITE! only he (Obama) said it was he himself, but meant {Mitt Romney}.They stuck to the same campain speach and did not fight back, but hid from the Media when attacked. The more Mitt explained his relgion as a Mormon the more it sounded like a Cult. I would rather have Obama as the Deconstruction contractor, than someone that just wants some window dressing.

        • Washington22 says:

          Yikes, I dont’ even have a response to your nonsense, Gordon……….

        • Josie Valdez says:

          Actually he did need someone who knows how to explain the complexity of Obama’s mess. And to show why Obamacare won’t work. Paul Ryan was, and he is, the right person for the job of VP.

      • LarryAndy says:

        What, don’ t you remember? Peace, Love, forgiveness, charity, sacrifice for your fellow men. Christians will not take a stand, the thing to do is pray for the enemies and give them whatever it is they forgot to steal in the first place. As they enter your doors, just invite and lay down, perhaps they will be impressed by your love and peaceful gestures.

      • John H says:

        We’ve got a corrupt government, a corrupt White House and aa corrupt DOJ with the Fox guarding the chicken house. Who can he complain too and who would prosecute? They’ve all got their mitts in the cookie jar.

        • Dale says:

          John H
          There is 1 person I know of that can make an impact, Thats Larry Klyman of Freedom Watch he he is a former Assosiate Attorny General and he just won a Grand Jury indictment against the Obama Admimasration for leeking confidencial matteral, he has a very good track record in Federal courts and Supreme Court. But you have to contact him by mail if you want some one to submit a chalenge to Obama Constitutional eligability to be President to the Federal Courts. Heres the address, Larry Kleyman, Freedom Watch, 2020 Pennsyvania Ave. NW,Suite 345, Washington, DC 20006

    • ginger says:

      happens every election…and nothing is ever done and the Dems have the people buying into no voter ID..gotta show ID to do most everything from cashing a check. to buying an airline ticket …or going to an obama “event”.

    • BAHBA says:

      I agree with you-the only problem being is that those who would be doing the investigating are on their side. Young parents better come in off the soccer field and single women better think twice about the government paying for all their birth control pills and abortions because the end result of such lack on irresponsibility is disastrous. And these young folks will be the ones paying the awful price of loosing their freedom. Unfortunately, at this point, they do not see the correlation.

    • Gator says:

      Great idea, but how can it be implemented ? The entire DOJ is under the purview of the AG. The MSM is totally in the tank for Obama. There is no one out there to expose this travesty or the do anything about it. In 2016, with at least 3 more Progressive members on the SCOTUS and 12 MILLION illegals magically made citizens, Obama will be Dear Leader for Life.

      • Josie Valdez says:

        Now that Obama is back for four years, we can imagine many more millions of illegals getting amnesty, free education, and available jobs in addition to being elected Government officials so they can plant their brand of politics like in the third world countries. We’ll probably get more Muslims also, and like Belgium, become a Muslim country. Only God can help us!

      • john Doe says:

        Secede !!!

    • dondehoff says:

      “RLM”, unfortunately the FBI, CIA and DOJ all work for the Administration. We need to get congress, who holds the government “pursestrings”, to get involved immediately! Send all of your congresspersons, regardless of party, an email, letter or telephone call and demand action. Remind them that if they permit this to happen, they too (again, regardless of party) will soon be on the “list” for eliminiation.

    • camoman says:

      you are so right Mitt Romney was scammed out of his Presidency, by those Demoncrat terrorist. i hope obama lives through pure hell for the next 4 yrs

      • Are you serious! We are the one’s that will be put through hell, while he Taxes and spend’s the United States until we are so broke we fall into the finicial abyass.If he can get into the Presidential race without anyone stoping him and ask for his Birth Certificate and Colledged Transcripts, then it is our Goverments fault for not protecting the people they work for.

      • john Doe says:

        Why are you people still living under this illusion !!? there is no left and right this is not about Repubs vs. Dems. this is about Tyranny vs. Freedom. Pull head out of the TV long enough to breath n some reality !! Bush enacted the Patriot Act which tore away our bill of rights, then Obama came along and instead of letting it expire he extended it!! Then turned around and snuck in indefinite detention of American citizens by our own military after he swore up and down he would veto it!! Further abolishing the rest of our protections in the bill of rights !!! The Republican National Committee abolished the ability of the citizens vote to be counted through corruption and criminal behavior !!! This all documented they cheated whole counties out of their right to vote by counting their votes as zero. They changed the rules ignored members votes on rule changes!! kept delegates away from key votes by kidnapping on their transportation bus them so they could not vote!! they changed the rules against the vote so the National committee chair person would hold that position for life!! They made these changes so that they(a hand full of people) alone could decide who YOU are able to nominate for president. quite the opposite of what was championed back in the 60′s by Mcgovern so that delegate selection could better help the people have more of part in candidate selection.

    • Washington22 says:

      My thoughts, EXACTALLY

    • josie says:

      Many of us agree with this suggestion. Thank you! Let’s figure out how we can truly be the ones to determine our kind of government. We are a Constitutional Republic!

    • Elinola says:

      I agree. The 2012 Presidential elections should be voided because of voter fraud!!!!!!! The election should be done over. Massive voter fraud…unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder why God allow this to happen. It is so corrupt!!!!!!

    • Anita D. Phillips says:


    • Florida Voter says:

      Rick I do not know what FL county you are in – I am in Volusia and my “ballot” consisted of 4 sheets of paper printed on 7 of the 8 sides. There is not a serial number that ties those 4 sheets together as a single ballot – each individual sheet is counted as a separate “vote card”. I voted only a single ballot; however it would have been counted as 4 vote cards. Volusia has approx 250,000 registered voters; however we had almost 750,000 “vote cards” (individual sheets of ballot) With all the constitutional amendments you would have had at least 2 if not 3 vote cards registered for your vote. This is NOT a vote fraud issue. The guy who wrote the post above either did not know what he was talking about or deliberately intended to mislead the readers.

  12. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    he governed against the will of the people [65%] for one term and that means the ONLY WAY he won was by SEIU/ACORN fraud;; these worthless pukes will live to regret the day they publicly/secretly have supported this communist bast66rd;; we will take him down…when you communist socialist fools are standing in line for gasoline and food think about how brilliant you are;;if you come to my door for food in a few months I will end your misery…….

  13. jerome ennis says:

    And this scenario was played out all over the USA in every city, county and state. Back in 2008 and again in 2010, in Alabama where I live, there were 3 counties in West Alabama, that are coincidentally, majority blacks and of course, Democrats, and in these 3 counties, they had voter turnouts of 140 to 150 percent of registered voters, many of which were Republicans. This was reported to the U.S. Justice Department and they refused to investigate and prosecute, and those Illegally Elected Morons are still in power. Case Closed. It is not only at the National Level that these Corrupt Communists posing as Democrats are Stealing Elections and nothing is done because they are Democrats and in Most Cases are being carried out by People of Color, and that is why we have so many Incompetent and Corrupt governments at every level of government in the USA today. Sad, but true, and unless the whole country suddenly has an epiphany and Wakes Up and does something about this Corrupt and Treasonous Behavior, our Republic is Finished. May be too late already. God Bless America and Please Hurry!! Jerome Ennis

  14. Jews are the masters of voter fraud. Floriduh is loaded with them. All they care about is winning.

  15. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    come join the secession movement as “we the people” form the “NEW” CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF AMERICA;;;;;;;;;;;long live our freedom and constitutional rights given to us by god NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST [OBAMA[….

    • James Tabone says:

      Would like to see the whole country join the secessionist movement, but those “blue” states in New England, Ohio valley, and the West Coast will not join because of their entrenched belief in social liberalism and redistribution of wealth.