Floodgates Open on New Health Regs

After months of regulatory delays, the floodgates have apparently opened. The Health and Human Services Department delivered two major health reform rules to the Office of Management and Budget on Friday, the first in an anticipated stream of health regulation.

Many sources close to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told National Journal that the administration had a number of important health rules ready to go but was holding them back until after the election to avoid a political backlash. Now that President Obama has been reelected, they predicted those rules would start emerging, and fast. The forecast is about right. We are now three days post election.

The content of the two rules that have gone to OMB have not been made public, but both relate to the insurance exchanges that states must build to sell health plans in 2014. It is not a surprise that exchange rules came first: States must tell HHS whether they plan to build their own exchange or let the federal government do it for them by November 16, next Friday. Many state officials have been complaining that it’s tough to make that decision without more details about how the various options would work.

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3 comments on “Floodgates Open on New Health Regs
  1. Looking like this will be akin to the automobile exchanges set up by States. Uninsurable drivers can go to the government to get their drivers insurance, with premiums paid for out of taxes on the insurance agencies.
    Since uninsurable medically has to already be accepted, the uninsurable here are probably the ones who are uninsurable because they cannot afford their insurance premiums.

  2. fliteking says:

    “Floodgates Open on New Health Regs”

    Should read:
    “Floodgates Open to long waits, substandard health care, and denial of treatment.”

  3. Barb Patton says:

    Let it be known that Oklahoma has been very busy little bees putting obamacare into practice for the past 3 months – I am sure other states have been doing it as well, and WE THE PEOPLE will continue to be screwed…