Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi

Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi.

The message was contained in a meme which demonstrated how Obama had relied on the SEALS when he was ready to let them get Osama bin Laden, and how he had turned around and denied them when they called for backup on Sept 11.

I spoke with Larry Ward, president of Political Media, Inc — the media company that handles SOS postings and media production. Ward was the one who personally put the Navy SEAL meme up, and the one who received the warning from Facebook and an eventual 24 hour suspension from Facebook  because Ward put the meme back up after Facebook told him to take it down.

Here’s what Ward told me:

We created and posted this meme on Saturday after news broke that Obama had known and denied SEALS the backup they requested.

Once the meme was up it garnered 30,000 shares, approx. 24,000 likes, and was read by hundreds of thousands of people — all within 24 hrs. On Sunday, I went into the SOS Facebook page to post something else and found a warning from Facebook that we had violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities with our meme. So I copied the warning, put it on the meme as as caption, and re-posted the meme to the Facebook page.

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226 comments on “Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi
  1. jack says:

    Big brother is watching you !! They want to call it net neutrality.

    • 1American1st says:

      Not to mention criminals….don’t dare post that you are going out of town. Too much info on Facebook.

  2. gene1357 says:

    Death to “Farcebook.”

  3. Charles says:

    I can’t understand why it seems all media (except FOX) is in O’Bama’s pocket.
    If he had helped America a lot, I could understand. But he has done the exact opposite.

    • What Help says:

      Why the confusion? Obama’s plan is NOT your plan. Figure out his plan and you will understand. Do you really want to understand? You suppose he wants to help AMERICA? Get real and help get rid of Obama.

      • american joe says:

        Spot on What Help. The (so-called) ‘media’ is under the direction of Ovomit. What happened to freedom of the press? Protect your rights and vote for Romney, a CHRISTIAN not a dirty filthy idiot muslim.

        • Claims1 says:

          Joe, the “freedom of the press” is, unfortunately, alive and well. Years and years ago, I coined my own expression “The POWER of the press – that is also alive and doing very well. Except for FOX, all of the main stream media is in Obama’s pocket.. The media used to claim “objectivity, but that has long since gone by the board.

      • tonyscott317 says:

        That’s what needs to happen, but it will take all hands on deck over the next week. Volunteer at phone banks, monitoring stations at the polls, door to door – whatever. The risk factor is that the George Soros’ of the world could go all in to steal the election using election fraud,

        1. Soros’ firm in Barcelona counting our votes,
        2. bussing in Moozlims by the hundreds,
        3. cheating on absentee voting,
        4. mobilizing the dead guys,
        5. sending out ACORN to help illegals and incarcerated felons vote,
        6. getting Holder on a plane to sue any state that wants positive voter ID,
        7. stationing New Black Panthers to threaten whites that try to vote,
        8. stifling the military vote,
        9. handing out Obamaphones,
        10. purchasing the lame stream media,
        11. using SEIU to reprogram voting machines to vote for Obama regardless, 12. deploying union thugs to “encourage” the right vote,
        13. flying the UN in (at our expense) to make sure we vote “properly”

        Obama has no way to win except by hijacking the election, but he obviously has lots of ways to do that. They have every incentive to throw everything they have at it. If they win, they win America. Congress is too weak and impotent to do anything about it.

        • Fiesty says:

          You are exactly right on! We can all live with the hope that obama will be defeated in the election, but I fear that he will steal it , once again.

        • american joe says:

          Oh no he won’t steal the election…too many HONEST Americans will not allow a dirty filthy muslim to occupy the respected Oval Office ever again.

        • James Tabone says:

          Chavez did it in Venezuela at least three times, and got away with it.

        • KurtofLA says:

          fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Or is it the other way around ???

        • medivac says:

          I see only one thing here. A bunch of anti-Americans that are pushing the buttons on an American revolution that they can’t possibly win when the fat lady sings !!.

        • Clarify your statement? Are you calling US anti-american? Does this mean your an OBAMA FAN? IF so -=be prepared your time is running out!

        • medivac says:

          Robert, my bad on the wording !! I edited the reply. I referred that the liberals will be on the loosing side of the revolution since it is obvious that most military vets are conservative

        • 1American1st says:

          We’re a helluva lot more American than that Muslim-lover in the WH. Go back to sleep Benedict Arnold!

        • medivac says:

          Sorry about the bad wording !! I edited my comment and set the record straight on the matter !! I was just too P.O.ed to think of correct wording. I served my country in the Marine Corps (not corpse) back in Vietnam and was an actual trigger puller !!

        • 1American1st says:

          We’re good. See you on the Conservative side. I changed my post as well. Now let’s vote that moron out !
          Romney 2012

        • medivac says:

          I have already voted and this family cast 6 votes for Romney !!

        • 1American1st says:

          Good job! My family can only garner 5 votes for Romney. If we were Democrats we could turn those 5 votes into 20 or 30, but then again, we’re Republican so we are honest: 1 Person, 1 Vote
          Romney 2012

        • Amfer Ferg says:

          Well I’ve got you beat! I have 5-family members AND 12 additional voters I am personally driving to the Voting Precinct!! Bring it on!!

        • 1American1st says:

          Fantastic!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!
          Hey, Obama! You’re FIRED!!!
          Romney 2012

        • Amfer Ferg says:

          I knew what you meant to say – and I agree!

        • medivac says:

          Sorry guys !! My bad on the original post. I edited the reply. I was a bit P.O.ed at the article and let my feelings get the best of me

        • The Watson says:

          Yes, This is the Chicago way. Obama & his people will do all this and more. Because they know if they can get back in office this will be the last election & Obama will be president for live.

        • The Chicago Daley MAFIA ,They have ruined Illinois & now out to DESTROY OUR AMERICA !! Start by putting a BOUNTY on SOROS !! Then BOLLYWOOD !!

        • I can’t believe Congress is allowing this Piece of Sh– to bring in the UN? What in hell do they have to do with OUR AMERICA? Where is ALL the GONADES of OUR POLITICIANS? Time to take a STAND AMERICA !! THIS so called Prez. HAS TO GO !!!

        • 1American1st says:

          Obammy wants a one world government…..communist…..spreading poverty equally.

        • Amfer Ferg says:

          We need to ‘adapt’ to the ‘TEXAS way” of defending America, to quote “The hell you will….”

      • Daryl Hammersfield says:

        The government controls the FCC, the FCC controls what is sent out over American Airwaves FNN (Fox News Network) is not owned by an American corporation and doesn’t fall under the sanctions of the FCC. In All the news coming live from Vietnam you never heard of the US using Weapons of Mass Destruction i.e GAS but they did.

        • rick0857 says:

          HEY Daryl Hammersfield GO SOAK YOUR HEAD!!!!! It seems to be swollen beyond use.

        • War is WAR! Whats your point? To me any kind of weapons used during war is designed for mass destruction? To save lives in the long run! American Co-Op or not,at least you can BELIEVE FOX NEWS !! Obama has tried to CLOSE FOX down and hasn’t been able to YET ?

        • seektruth says:

          Even in war there are rules of engagement. there are reasons for prohibiting use of weapons of mass destruction: killing of innocent, inhumane, environmental impact that can last for decades, to name a few.
          i believe the point is and I don’t want to speak for DH, but the US has done some things that were not above board and our governemnt has willing covered up these indiscretions.
          As it currently is with the Benghazi-gate. there is way more to that story than what the MSM is telling.

        • SJvet says:

          If they’re broadcasting in the U.S. they have to abide by FCC regulations. Stop blaming the U.S. Other countries did far worse things than we did.

        • 1American1st says:

          Fox News is owned by News Corporation, a New York based company.
          Romney 2012

      • rwduncan says:

        What Help, People can also see the documentary Obama 2012, then they will know exactly why Obama is doing what he is doing! He is out to destroy America and make us a third world nation!!! People need to get their heads out of their A…s!! Obama is not the wonderful easy going cool character is is portraying to the public. He is very calculated and hates America and so does his wife and they along with the muslims and communists are out to take over our great country and we are just sitting back and letting this happen. If we don’t get him out of office he will reign hell down on all of us!! God help us all!!!

        • Jan says:


      • Cheri Raye says:

        Yeah baby SAY IT LOUD AND say it proud OBAMA IS for the Sharia way of life- the Islamic way….THE JIHAD way.,.Jeez are we the only ones who get it?

        .”Charles” he has no love for our military no love for our flag, no love for the country. He doesnt care about you,. your family, the people in the wake of Sandy. He wants to bring us down. He does want to make this a country for Islamic Radicals…there-you have plenty to research.

    • RLM357 says:

      Alongwith invading and taking over our Educational System, as I predicted back in 1954, the Left has also taken over our Information System, ( aka:News Media) Thus our Schools have corrupted the minds of our youth, via slanted Education by leftist teachers, and the masses are being fed Lies via the Media. ‘If you tell a Lie long enough and frequent enough it becomes a truth in the minds of the ill informed.’ ~Rick Magee, FL

      • RLM357 says:

        For Example: Our Constitution is NOT a Living Document per se. As the Left would have you believe. (It also does not apply to non citizens)
        N.B. A Elected political or Government Employee takes an ‘Oath to Uphold the Constitution and to Defend it and the USA’. Now we have a leader (and reps.) who Ignores the US Constitution and issues unconstitutional Orders and Acts. No charges of these Violation of Oath of Office follows. WHY? Because most polititians do not know the Constitution or are members of the same party and choose to ignore the violations in a full out conspiracy. ~Rick Magee, FL

      • seektruth says:

        Yes, all part of Rockefeller’s plan. By funding the “women’s movement” and fully supporting that effort for a two fold purpose. 1. double the tax generation base by doubling the work force. 2. gain control of the children for the very reasons you mention.
        Sad thing is, women thought they were getting impowered when in fact they gave up the most important role ever – raising morally responsible and secure families. the bedrock of our society. Thus, they became slaves to the corporation.

        • seektruth says:

          Please don’t misunderstand my comments. I am all for impowering women, if that is something they choose to do.
          But at what costs? The decline is not the fault of women, but of all. Look at what has happened to our society: no critical thinking skills and a rapid decline in education that ranks the US among third-world countries, loss of respect and dignity and especially morality that is pervasive. We have less than 4 % of the world’s population and yet 25% of the world’s prisoners. I could go on and on. We all know of our problems.
          and I don’t see this role of a traditional family as being “old fashioned” and outdated and “below us”. Just the opposite. it is the most fundamentally important structure of a stable, successful society and is of the utmost importance. It is a primary SOURCE of diginity.

    • Art Perez says:

      Everybody is afraid of being called “Racist” that is why! and that is the reason Obama will be reelected, sad it sounds, he will win again, even if it takes illegal activity but he will win again!

    • pt2738 says:

      Obama is out to destroy this country from the very first. Read the book Obamation and you will understand. We fear if he loses what will he do by Executive Order the last 2 months of his term.

      • 1American1st says:

        I know. When a President is fired he should go to the WH that day & pack. The new President should be inaugurated the next day. He shouldn’t have 2 months to screw up our country. What if Obama released the terrorists in Gitmo? Or gave $Billions to his Muslim buddies in the Middle East/Africa?

        • One way or another this ASSH—–will stay and FINISH destroying OUR COUNTRY ? I PRAY I AM WRONG !!!!

        • 1American1st says:

          I hope we can replace some of the Dems in the House & Senate, too. If we can do that (actually from city council to the WH) we can turn our country around & they can overturn everything this horrible prez has done.

      • Fiesty says:

        This is also a very big fear. He will be doing as much damage as pssible in , what I hope and pray, are his last days.

    • del says:

      It is because of old bug eyed soros who owns mediamatters which owns most of the news outlets and spreads ovomit propoganda! He should be in prison along with ovomit and the minions of socialist/commies

      • Jim says:

        AND we wonder why our medias are not reporting ,Soros is controlling and undermining our news medias !!!For the good of Obama ,Thats it in a nut shell ,Only Jesus can defeat these corrupt individuals !! Better get to praying ,No I’m not kidding ,If you want America to survive this Storm ,.Pray !! Yesterday I called THREE of my Senators ,I demande a full investigation into Bengazie ,Libya affair !!! I told them to investigate and then serve papers ,a warrant of Treason on America president,they were surprised ,but today I see some are asking you to fax your Members of Congress ,Each one of those is a great idea ,That is unless you just want to Cry and complain and Do nothing !! So Lets Go !!!!!

      • AMEN DEL ! BUT sadly we don’t have ANYONE in Washington with the GONADES to BRING this ADMIN. DOWN ?

    • Because he’s black, liberal, supports a one world government (which in turn means he does not support the Constitution because you can not support both), and most of all, he support communism and socialism. That said, people fail to remember, for the Bible to become true, Obama is by no means the worst that is yet to come. Over the next 20-30 years, I suspect (should we live that long) Obummer is going to look good compared to many.

      • William 1 says:


        • 1American1st says:

          I don’t care what color he is, I just want this Muslim-lover out of our White House. This guy, Obama, has no clue how to be a prez.
          Besides that, he has divided this country more than any prez in our history.
          Romney 2012

    • LonMike says:

      The media did not do the unbiased job they should have done the first time around. The media is liberal just like Obama, that is why they protect him. They actually have and ajenda, they are not just neutral reports. If they had done the job they should have we would have know almost every detail, just like we have heard about President Bush. We would have all his college records, social security records, birth certificate, passports, how he filed for federal aid…..

    • Well Educated Navy Seal says:

      Fox News is part of Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda empire. It’s not news, it doesn’t respect the facts, and it’s intentionally skewing and sensationalizing stories with complete disregard to the truth of the matter.

      The Youtube Video was used as a “husk” to gather attention to make a demonstration as cover for an attack by the local radical cell.

  4. Jane says:

    It seems so obvious that Mark Zuckerberg is showing his party affiliation by removing the Seal comments. This will backfire on Facebook. I call on all people that respect the First Amendment to withdraw from their Facebook account. I will do so as soon as this is posted. Let us see if Facebook can survive with only Obama supporters.

  5. marge cook says:

    Benghazi is Obama’s Watergate…How can responsible people (voters) NOT see that Obama dropped the ball for the safety of the Embassy?

    • 2War Abn Vet says:

      Watergate was nothing compared to this, yet the media pounced on Watergate like a rabid dog, and ignores/ covers up Benghazi. The difference is that they hated Nixon, and worship Owebama.

    • sparky says says:

      There is another conspiracy involved that the dictator is trying to hide ,so he can be re-elected

    • sn says:

      My observation is that obamy turned his back on our Ambassador and his staff. And then went to bed….. How can it sleep at night. Must be some strong drugs…..

  6. We have a POTUS who was a Con Law instructor with a unique take on freedom of speech.

    • sharyn says:

      freedom of speech only works if you are telling a lie or twisting the truth. lol as he does
      He wasn’t an instructor but gave a lecture and was a substitute or some such thing, but NOT a Professor of law

      • r says:

        Hell, I’ve done that much in college and hardly ever talk about it. I considered it just helping other students……..

  7. scott unclebach says:

    please post the video and images of Facebook warning and we will send it around the world thru email campaign. More than one way for millions to see it!

  8. mrbp says:

    Wouldn’t expect facebook to do anything different than all the other commie supporter news media in the country. Zuckerburg is just another butt buddy of obamas.

  9. Please post as requested unless vulgar or life threatening !!

  10. abbe says:

    Another leftist scam artist media organ in ODumbos pocket. I wondered if FAcebook wasn’;t biased, now we know it for what it is!

  11. OABandit says:

    I quit facebook months ago for playing loose and free with private entries. Face book needs to go bankrupt and the owner/slimebag charged with violating freedom of speech.

  12. well it is obvious that Facebook along with the mainstream media is trying to get Obama reelected. They will go to no end to protect their Dictator Obama….They have become part of the State run media..just like the old communist Soviet Union.. never thought I would see it in the United states of America.. so sad

    • fed up. says:

      Look no farer it;s here and looks like it may stay if we don;t do a turn around

    • sheinLV says:

      I’ve always felt that our government uses facebook to spy on its citizens.

      • Fiesty says:

        One reason that obama is trying to get comlete control of the internet. If he can shut us down everywhere, he will have it made. Then we will be as in the dark as the Germans were under Hitler.

  13. Bob Rohr says:

    The non-action on the part of PresBo pales in comparison to Watergate. Nobody got killed in the Watergate. The incompetance of Obumma as shown in his lack of support for our Americans and then lying time and time again to the American Public and to the United Nations is shameful.

  14. Ralph A. HUnt says:

    Wouldn’t post my comments? In the tank with Facebook and Obama?

  15. Carla Virga says:

    Useful idiots like Zuckerberg don’t realized that the kind of government he supports will take over his business and make Facebook a tool of the government. Maybe they already have and Zuckerberg is just a puppet like Obama,.