Obama still lying; He Knew Within Minutes.

When did the President know, and what did he know about the Benghazi assault?

Fact 1: According to Special Ops Lt, Colonel “Doug” calling Rush Limbaugh today, there are standing orders for instant flash communication about any attacks on US Ambassadors or four-star generals. As soon as the assault on the Benghazi mission started, local personnel notified the US Embassy in Tripoli, which triggered an instant alarm in Washington, DC. The President’s military aide knows within a few minutes and is required to notify POTUS immediately. Two separate “In Extremis” rescue teams were alerted, a C-130 was ready, and F-18 jet bombers. US personnel laser-spotted the Libyan mortar team that killed Americans, pointing the way for bombs that never came. This is an historic video of instant testimony by Rush Limbaugh’s military caller. No need to wait for an “investigation” long after the election.

Fact 2. Fox News reported today that President Obama denied any knowledge of security requests “before” the attack. If Obama is playing with words like ‘before’ and “during,” he is still trying to deceive the American people. Obama knew within minutes of the start of the attack. Don’t let anybody tell you Benghazi isn’t important. If it wasn’t important it would not be worth lying about for six whole weeks before the election.

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34 comments on “Obama still lying; He Knew Within Minutes.
  1. fliteking says:

    Ob*ma has commited dereliction of duty and sided with the Muslims.

    If he is willing to do this overseas he is likely will to do the same here.

    Calling Ob*ma a POS is an insult to fecal matter everywhere.

  2. Gytano says:

    Its obvious to those of us who car about this country that Oboma is guilty of treason and murder and all this talk is stalling to keep him from losing this election so as to completely destroy our way of life in the next 4 years ,he could care less about the Brave Americans killed in Benghazi .He should be tried by the people not the government or the corrupt judges that soil our constitution .

  3. Froggy says:

    Oboma should be water boarded and I guarantee the coward would squeal like a pig

  4. army vet says:

    This dirty filthy anti-American muslim Ovomit is digging his own grave. Proof positive he is a piece of PIG dung. January 20 can’t come soon enough. Bye-bye ovomit.

  5. Mike Stewart says:


  6. Susitna says:

    Is anyone going to ask Obama who he is before he runs again for President?
    I mean, he fooled us once presenting himself as a candidate for the highest office without even having a Birth Certificate……and I cannot even buy beer without an I.D.!
    Why cannot he be treated like anyone else? Why is he above everything and everybody? Why this skin color immunity? Who let this double agent go so far???? I see many people going to jail, especially many judges who have stopped several law suits against the “Untouchable”.

    • emjay98 says:

      You wish! And if someone should ask, he would continue with his ruse of being a legitimate president by withholding any records as he has been doing for four years. After all he is used to all the perks of being President. All the golf, all the vacations for he and Michelle, all the smoozing with the Hollywood “elites”. They consider themselves elites, but they are far from it. You have got to admit that he has one great accomplishment. Lying with a straight face.

    • YO VINNIE says:

      The Teflon is wearing off the fraud-in-chief. When the Teflon wears off a frying pan, you put it out with the trash. oblame-o will be put out with the trash on November 6th.

  7. Barb Patton says:

    The ayatollagh barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(MUSLIM) just did not have the cue balls to act in a positive and presidential manner to save those Americans… I am sure he wriggled with delight knowing that his muslim terorist buddies were destroying the fabric of America in this horrible African country.

  8. spin43 says:

    And yet, 47% will support him no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

  9. Gmarshall says:

    After hearing all of the sorry details of this Libyan debacle, how in the world would anyone in their right mind consider voting for this guy again? Vote for Romney/Ryan on November 6th.

  10. nans says:

    When President Romney takes office, this pos should be brought up on charges, found guilty of treason in the first degree, throw that bass turd under the jail, forevea!!!

  11. CamoCoyote says:

    Obama does not have the moral compass to make the call, so he stalls. Any man of moral backbone knows it is not even a decision; coming to the aid of one of our own under attack is just something you do, it is not something you decide on. To know that this charlatan prevented our team of ready and willing makes me sick. This a$$hole and his Valerie Jarrett weasel sidekick didn’t see anything but political risk. They need to be removed ASAP.

    • colleenf says:

      And what is glaringly obvious is the fact that he could go to bed that night, sleep, and then get up the next morning to go to Las Vegas for a campaign event with a smile on his face!
      If I were close enough to the jerk, I would throw cat poop on him!

  12. If The leaders can order a kill on OBL miles the the nearest border{further the coast}, then why can’t he order a rescue just off the coast in Libya? The military I served in the 60s were ALWAYS ready.

  13. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    We should be very suspicious as to why obama did not act on the Benghazi atrocity, but refused to offer help. Just think, between the advancement of the muslim brotherhood all over the middle east, the so-called arab spring, and the U.N. with our State Department with hillary, working to disarm us and even send third world fledglings to come and monitor our National Elections. Wake up People. There is a move here for fast tracking a new world muslim government and it is our sitting president who was installed by the arab world and others to bring this about. The real reason for obama trying to cover up this attack is because he wants no revelation of his intent until he gets reelected. Russia supports Iran, and all of the muslim world countries and obama is friendly and secretive with putin. Israels future is at stake and obama has done nothing to assure them of Our support and they are living in fear because obama is taunting them with his silence as a muslim would. This man obama understands the muslim world and their 57 states because he is one of them.

  14. colleenf says:

    I am so angry and disgusted at the whole lot of them in this thug administration, I just want to smack one of the upside the head and tell them to tell the truth! And that goes for all those so-called journalists out in the lame stream media who are not reporting on it either!
    What the heck are these people thinking of? If this is not a total lack of dereliction of duty along with giving aid and abetting the enemy (muslim terrorists murdering our people), and then lying about it accompanied by a massive cover up………….what is?
    What I want to know is this: do these people involved (and it isn’t just a few!) have NO morals, NO conscience? Are they more concerned about keeping what little power, prestige, perks of the jobs, and salaries than they are concerned about the Americans who actually PAY for their little fiefdoms and assure THEIR safety? How in the h e l l can they sleep at night? How are they able to eat without throwing up?
    Disgust is a mild description I feel toward these …… aw heck! I cannot say what I would really like to say about them! There is NO word gross enough to describe them!

  15. TM says:

    obama’s been lying every since this piece of human waste was in the senate, and he’s still going strong on his lying ability. When it comes to lying obama has no peers.