Al Gore Making $$Millions$$ Off Green Agenda

Before a rapt audience, Al Gore flashed slides on a giant screen bearing the logos of 11 clean energy companies he predicted could help slow climate change.

“We can’t wait. . . . We have a planetary emergency,” the former vice president told industry leaders and scientists at the 2008 conference. “Here are just a few of the investments that I personally think make sense.”

Today, several of those clean tech firms are thriving, including a solar energy start-up and a Spanish utility company that has dotted rural America with hundreds of wind turbines.

Al Gore is thriving, too.

The man who was within sight of the presidency 12 years ago has transformed himself, becoming perhaps the world’s most renowned crusader on climate change and a highly successful green-tech investor.

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65 comments on “Al Gore Making $$Millions$$ Off Green Agenda
  1. fliteking says:

    What a POS, this man wants to cash in on your children’s future, steal their comfort and lifestyle and sell out America. Oh wait, that is all liberals in general.

  2. jong says:

    So Gore is selling hundred year old tech for huge dollars. Sounds like a fraud to me. Mean while he is polluting nature with solar panels and windmills. Nuclear first then on to Fusion

  3. Dick Grace says:

    I personally prefer the oil companies and their fracking techniques to the hundreds of wind generators that pollute the views in Oklahoma.

  4. mrbillsdog says:

    As with all liberals, its the fault of the mean old USA. Never mind that China opens a new coal fired power plant almost every week…..just as long as M’Bama shuts our coal fired energy plants. Since this is all about money, why not go after China? They’ve got alot of our money these days……

    • patriot2 says:

      whenever china burns coal in their powerplants,it comes right over here with the wind.why not burn the coal here in our cleaner,more efficient plants?because gore & obama both have the destruction of the United States economy as their agenda.both should be on trial for treason.they don’t care at all about our country,just making more money for themselves.

    • 1American1st says:

      Don’t forget Keystone. Doesn’t O want us to buy gas only from his Middle East buddies? That way the Muslims get rich & can take over the world.

      • My Thought says:

        I agree. The thing is, I have a Jewish friend, who is 62 years old and demands Obama loves her people!! Apparently, this woman missed the news that Obama had all but demanded Jerusalem be split, giving half to Palestine – she demands that I only take in Right Wing news. Whereas, if she hasn’t seen how Obama blew the National Debt to the heavenlies and if she hasn’t seen how he has acted as if he needs to apologize for all the times America helped her allies, while fighting the very terror machine he is, secretly, supporting, she’s either not paying attention or blind to the truth!
        What scares me is the fact that she is one of the millions, who have turned a blind eye to what is going on!!

  5. Phil Hamel says:

    Yes, He is another taken advantage of the situation just to fill his pockets. Now don’t get me wrong I am in favor of Business people making money, BUT NOT through this tactic … MISLEADING at best.

    Wake up AMERICA before these people totally take full control over every move you make, And TAX the hell out of you while doing it.

    • Be12345 says:

      Right, especially when the Government tries ramming said green companies and technologies down our throats along with it while taking away the energy programs we already have established such as coal and oil. Wonder how much stock Biden, Pelosi, Reid and Oblowhard have in these little companies also? Al Bore is just another overstuffed blow hole snake oil salesman.

      • TLady62 says:

        And what’s worse, the majority of our tax dollars have been utilized to enrich the former VP. I skimmed through the article, which was more of a cheerleading advertisement than any type of objective analysis. But then we are talking about the Washington Compost here.

    • nans says:

      your are sooo right, gore isn’t any better than the monster we have in our oval office, they want to be in control, over human lives, it’s, they get a taste of power and they morph into animals, but apparently slug gore picks winners better than the he dog.

    • 1American1st says:

      Especially since REAL scientists dismissed his Global Warming “theory” as normal weather cycles after some indepth scientific studies (and several especially cold winters didn’t help him either). Since that no longer worked he re-named it “Climate Change” to keep those big bucks rolling in…. Don’t forget “Eliminating or Exchanging Carbon Footprints”. Guess the REAL scientists put a damper on that, too, since they’re saying that plants & animals need the carbon (carbon dioxide) to breath & for mankind to continue to exist.

  6. Bo Kassa says:

    Al Gore is a complete buffoon. To think that this clown nearly became POTUS is almost as scary as Biden getting into office. Al Gore could not even get re-elect or carry his own state during the 2000 presidential election. The man belongs in the agitators hall of fame with such other notables as: “the reverend without a church”: Jessie Jackson, the king of race baiters: Louis Farrakhan, Liberation theologian: Jeremiah Wright and the great community organizer and world famous muslim: Barrack Hussein Obama.

    • notoshariah says:

      Al Gore is the SCAM-MAN – in my opinion. He likes to give the orders and make you feel that he knows all. This is the red-flag because his hands are scooping out all the bucks and stuffing them into his pockets. He ranks with all the others you named who are in league -with-the-DEVIL!

    • A correction, here! says:

      Bo, don’t you mean, “world INFAMOUS muslim”?

  7. junkmailbin says:

    fat al retro fitted his house with green technology. After he was finished, it house had a higher usage of electricity. do as i say not as i do

  8. denisa dellinger says:

    Well, Al Gore is living his passion and getting rich. I would like to do as much. Just because I don’t agree with global warming doesn’t mean I don’t admire his efforts and his ability to create wealth. We capitalists revel in that idealogy. I just don’t want a lot of stupid green regulations keeping the country parallized in fear. We can do a lot to conserve and I do believe we need some regulation but not what is happening now. I so enjoyed seeing a skit on Saturday Night Live called “whats up with that” . He was a guest and they really did a number on him by not letting him talk, rather cut him off and began singing the theme to the skits show. Look up on Youtube al gore and snl and it is there.

  9. DOOM says:

    This isn’t news. He’s been peddling this crap at least since 2000.

  10. Gary says:

    Al Gore is another tree huger lunatic, I would like them to generate green up their behinds.

  11. MMort says:

    Why aren’t we hearing about the Government Made Millionaires in Washington instead of the naturally made millioniares like Romney? Evidently the GOP is afraid they will be scrutinized for their DC made wealth if they speak up. Put it out there! If Romney has to put out all his tax returns and investments, Congress should do the same. They come to town middle class and leave rich, plus still taking taxpayer funds for life. What a crock!

    • patriot2 says:

      the only way democrats can make money is by taxing us,most conservatives have to make it the old way,by being honest.

  12. del says:

    Another ahole that should be in prison for fraud!

  13. Dingbat36 says:

    Actually, Gore has transformed himself into a snake oil salesman for “climate change” since global warming has been proved a gigantic hoax. The climate on the other hand has been changing since planet earth was formed and will continue to change long after Mr. (pompous) Gore has disappeared from the earth. Gore gives man far too much “credit” for being able to change the climate.

  14. Wibbys1 says:

    The guy is a frickin snake oil salesman and as long as there are a few million Americans who are dumb enough to fall for his crap he will continue to make money. “Step right up, get your magic elixer. Good for whatever ails you!” yeah, right.