Howard Dean Warns Dems Sarah Palin Could Beat Obama in 2012

Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman who helped Democrats capture the White House in 2008, warns that Sarah Palin could defeat President Obama in 2012.

Dean says his fellow Democrats should beware of inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom that Obama would crush Palin in a general-election contest next year.

“I think she could win,” Dean told The Hill in an interview Friday. “She wouldn’t be my first choice if I were a Republican but I think she could win.”

Dean warns the sluggish economy could have more of a political impact than many Washington strategists and pundits assume.

“Any time you have a contest — particularly when unemployment is as high as it is — nobody gets a walkover,” Dean said. “Whoever the Republicans nominate, including people like Sarah Palin, whom the inside-the-Beltway crowd dismisses — my view is if you get the nomination of a major party, you can win the presidency, I don’t care what people write about you inside the Beltway,” Dean said.

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418 comments on “Howard Dean Warns Dems Sarah Palin Could Beat Obama in 2012
  1. Skyknight says:

    Someone needs to beat Obama and Sarah is better than most out there at the moment.

    • Tony_Seco says:

      I think Michelle Obama could beat him! Boxing, wrestling, basketball, you name it! She can take him.

  2. Bill Lee says:

    This is about the ONLY truth this man has ever spoken. My hope is that O is stuck-up enough not to listen and doesn't mutate like Clinton.

    • Gene says:

      Even if Obama did try to be a "Clinton", it wouldn't work. No one would believe it. He's proven himself to be a red, and it is way too late for him to convince us of otherwise.

  3. K says:

    Maybe Palin could beat Obama – maybe a dead catfish could beat Obama in 2012 – but would Palin be good for the country?

      • Jeff says:

        Repubs are afraid of her because she might clean up DC. No matter the party line like she did in Alaska. Also she might drill enough to drop price of oil. thus hitting the repubs as well.

        • Sonja42 says:


        • Aunt jo-jo says:

          Jeff-That's why our money needs to go directly to the candidate of choice, not the RNC They will force us to support THEIR candidate of choice. NOT going to be fooled by that again!!!

          That's why they're not behind Herman Cain. It's not his time yet even tho he's a favorite.

    • Roy says:

      probably, better than most.

    • Lowell says:

      Is O-BOMB-A good for the country???????

    • nmgene says:

      She will be much better then Paul, Romney, Pawlwenty, or any of the others except for possibly Bachman and Cain, but I am not sure about Cain yet.

      • conservadiva says:

        Cain was a member of the Federal Reserve, and organization that has sold out AMERICA. This needs to be investigated.

        • azwayne says:

          Cain has told everyone about the reserve if you make any effort to learn. The federal reserve is responsibility of Congress gives them reports at least twice a year and audits. Minutes are available to public, bother to read any? Your representative in congress is responsible for reserve how are they doing? He has told everyone they need scrutinized which is job of congress. Mayne less campaigning and money raising and do their job.

        • Lynda says:

          Actually, Cain has advocated NOT auditing the Fed. I wonder why not?

      • Bluesman says:


        • Bluesman says:


        • USPatriot says:

          Jindel doesn't qualify nor does Rubio. Allen West could do it. Add Sarah Palin and they would be unbeatable. Romney is a RINO. We have one chance to get this right. After that, we will be victims of genocide at the hands of the NWO/GMO/Hamas.

        • Patsy says:

          How about West & Michelle, & or Sarah!

      • Sonja42 says:

        You are correct, as far a Cain goes, NO is my opinion, to much like Obummer in his preaching. Have to say it like it is, I would want to make sure that he or any other black man IS NOT A CLOSET "RACIST", if you understand my meaning.

    • Chuck says:

      Good for the Country? You must be kidding! After Obama, how could you have any doubts? Maybe you should just stick with Obama if you think he has been so good for your country.

    • gataheart says:





    • David Horton says:

      Are your saying the the people voting are stupid ???

      I don't think they would be voting for her if she could not do the job. And besides poeple think to much on how well of a job someone might do, as you can see you don't have to know much about it to get voted in. You don't have to be 150 IQ to pick up the pieces. Their job is no differant than any of ours it can be just as easy to do there job after a four yr. apprentiseship (governor or what ever) just as we do. But politicians like for poeple to think their job is so much harder and greater.It's a job nothing more !!

      • IGotAComment says:

        Dave, I think you are quite correct. I've been saying this same thing for years.

        Good old common sense, ie, good sense and sound judgment in practical matters is the chief quality that makes a good leader, even a good head of household. Most of the decisions made in government for many years are for the political good of those who have made them. Most are ultimately made to get re-elected. Best reason in the world for term limits.

        The one general tendency Obama has had since 'Day One' has been to appoint and then listen to the advice of socialist and communist and other persons who overtly lean towards the demise of our christian based democracy. He has done nothing to try to improve our general well-being of the United States of America.

        He has done more than just fractionate or divide our country; he has fractured and broken our country. We can still repair the damage he's done … but if elected for another 4 years, we will lose everything it has taken us 200 years to achieve.

      • Ron T. says:

        David, You asked, "Are your saying the the people voting are stupid ???" They voted Obama into the office. So, they HAVE been. I blame lame stream media for glorifying him, but I blame the people for not thinking for themselves and being hypnotized by his charm. Do you think it is a coincidence that his logo is behind his head in a lot of pictures, acting as a halo?

        And you are right. Obama has shown that it takes NO experience to be president, just Soros' backing and his pulling the strings.

      • Mikeh says:

        It's not supposed to be a job, is't supposed to be a stewardship. They are the caretakers of our nation whose primary goal should be creating and nurturing an environment where all AMERICANS can pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness!!!

      • Vagabond says:

        David a majority of the people proved they were STUPID enough to elect the GARBAGE currently filling the whitehouse,

    • DENNIS W says:


    • Air Force Cop Retired says:

      Sarah certainly would be good for this country, she put Alaska on a path to financial solvency!

    • Vagabond says:

      HELL YES,

  4. Henry says:

    Anyone could beat Barack Hussein, any American Christian that is, How about me?

    I would swear to tell the TRUTH…….ALways !!

    I would enforce all ILLEGALS to leave our United States.

    I would SEAL our Borders.

    I would bring our troops HOME…. NOW

    I would not pay another "RED CENT" to any country that does not support us %100.

    I would make English our Official Language.

    I would FIRE all czars and non-Christians in Government

    I would intern all Muslims until all wars were over

    AND I would put the Obamas in Jail !!!!!!

    I'm available


  5. Kevin says:

    Maybe Palin can beat Obama. I would never vote for Palin. The only Republican candidate I feel that can beat Obama is Ron Paul. He is the only honest candidate. I am voting for Ron Paul in 2012.

    • conservadiva says:

      Okay, so waste your vote!

    • nmgene says:

      Ron Paul is a joke, He still wants to give the ilegals amnesty and shut down the military. Never should he even be considred for President.

      • Chuck says:

        He has run two times before, if that tells you anything. He is a liberatarian as well.

    • CompUser says:

      So if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination (and he won't), are you saying you will vote for Obama? Remember, if you don't vote, you are in effect voting for Obama. I hope you (and all Republicans) will be smarter than that.

      • SteveD says:

        easy to play that game, if you do not vote for RP you are effectively voting for Obama.

        See there is something important to know about most RP supporters. They are tired of the status quo and will not compromise, and RP is the ONLY one running who is not more of the same. The ONLY one with the record to prove.

        Finally RP has enough supporters that no Repub can win without that large segment of voters.

        So lets break this down, a segment of voters large enough that no republican candidate can win without their support that will vote for only one man. That means in effect only Ron Paul can win. Simple math.

      • Ralph says:

        No i wouldn't vote for him I am waiting for Palin to make the announcement next month and hoping that Congressman Allen from fla. steps up, he would make a good VP for Palin. By the way if Palin could straighten out Alaska she can do the job of POTUS. If you recall she resigned according to the emails that were released because she was threatened.

    • DAVE IN HOUSTON says:

      If you can't vote for Palin over Obama, then you aren't much of a citizen…..Hell, I hated McCain, but he was better than Obama…..anything is better than Obama and if you have some silly hatred for Palin for whatever reason that you would vote for Obama, you need to move to Cuba.

      Ron Paul has many good ideas, but foreign policy and his hatred of Israel piss me off…..If it was a matter of Obama vs Paul, I'd vote for him holding my nose….but I would never vote for him in a primary.

      • Lynda says:

        Way to go, Dave. We definitely need to back Israel as our only real friend in the middle east. I, too, don't think Paul would get the nomination. They don't have a Libertarian Primary, do they?

        • Aunt jo-jo says:


          Obummer has already authorized and funded Syria and Pakistan to bomb Israel and take back the borders. You don;t think he;s going to allow BB to ridicule him on national TV. Revenge is his middle name.That's the Chicago way.

    • kenneth says:

      Anyone can beat Obama and as we get closer to election and unemployment is still around 9% a bag of dead worms could beat Obama. Just watch and listen. Corporate America will not allow him to get reelected.

      • Chuck says:

        Don't be too sure of that, Kenneth. As I travel around I am amazed at how many people rise to his defense and are going to vote for him again in spite of his usurption of power and fraudulent activities. How anyone with half a brain would vote for someone bent upon destroying our country is beyond my comprehension.

        • Becase their ignorant and want that free money…By-the-way, China has gotten rid of 97% of their American holdings.

          What ever hapened to the "Union Label? Answer: Sam Walton died and Wal*Mart, went for the cheap slave labor of Chinese made goods!

        • David Horton says:

          Those people can't admitt they were wrong the first time the voted for obumba, they are like little kids. I will say if the people would do more investigating before voting, would not not get idiots in office like the one we have now!!!

        • Janice says:

          Some people don't realize he is ruining our country. And those that realize it but still vote for Obama, are America haters and when we oust Obama, we should oust ALL America haters.

        • Patsy says:

          All we ask, is our citizens to love our country, do not break our laws, stop bad mouthing us, & strive to stand on your own 2 feet. If that is too much to ask, then go back to your original country. Hey I will even pay your fare,if you give up your american citizenship!

      • Vagabond says:

        Kenneth to paraphrase Ross Pero. hear that sucking sound? thats the big corporations moving overseas to get away from obama and the democrats and their TAX AND SPEND, I have two nephews wo worked for companys that relocated to mexico. the one Walter Kidde tried to get my nephew to go to mexico with them. he was over distrubition and had been with them for 35 years. he got another job with another company. he said he hadn't lost anything in mexico and wasn't going there to look for it, you might think of that the next time you buy a fire extinguisher,

      • Sonja42 says:


    • SteveD says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      Palin is nothing but more of the same, shes already been bought by the GOP elite, neocon and RINO old Guard.

      • Joy says:

        Au contraire, Steve!! Palin has NOT been "bought" by the GOP elites, neocons and RINO Old Guard!!" Not in the least – in fact, just the opposite!! Have you been living in a cave without cable or computer? Those are the very elements within the GOP that detest her and are doing everything in their power – in concert wih the LSM, too, of course – to destroy and derail her.

        But they're totally failing, and they're gonna have to accept the WHOLE package – Palin unleashed! And NOT Palin as just "one of the old boys!" In fact, she kicked those "oood ol' AK boys" in the u-no-where up and marched into the Governor's office on the strength of her standing up to them. And she'll do it down here in the Lower 48, too – that's why those old RINO fogies & elites are fearful of this amazing Force of Nature!

    • Ralph says:

      Sorry Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance of beating obummer, but Palin can and will beat him in gen. elec.

  6. soupy says:

    Of course Sarah could beat Obama. Who couldn't? The Dems only real hope to hold the presidency in 2012 is to run someone else. But doubt that will happen.

  7. JBinGB says:

    I,d love to see her run,the one their calling(snow snookie) would kick Obummers ( mulato) butt!!!!

  8. Lettuce Head says:

    I see so many people making fun of Sarah Palin all of the time. I really don't get it because I see a woman who loves our country, loves her family and is not an arrogant jerk.

    She also has more executive experience than Obama has ever had and would make decisions in favor of America, which is what we need after Obama, who clearly is apologetic for America and would stand by and let foreign powers take us down.

    I'll take Sarah Palin ANY DAY over Obama. ANY DAY. Her running mate could be Daffy Duck and I am voting for Palin/Duck.

    • Chuck says:

      He dosen't need any help from the outside. He is doing a great job of destroying our country and has received surprisingly little opposition.

    • RoyfromKs says:

      Sara Palin has my vote so far! I'd like to see her team up with Huckabee or Bachmann! I think they would be un-stopable and I think Trump would help to back them! They all see America as Donald Trump does! So far the other cani dates don't show me much gusto! These people that say the don't like Palin are just not for a woman president……they'll get over it! And if they vote for Obama instead then they are stupid too! Which they won't get over!

      Cain may be good too but if you get burnt once "to bad" and if you get burnt twice then "shame on you"! There were some things I didn't like about him! So far, Palin, Huckabee, and Bachmann are the ones!

      • Patricia the Repubga says:

        RoyfromK, guess you haven't heard that Huckabee pulled out. There are those who are still trying to get him to change his mind. I have been for him from the begining.

        If he doesn't, then, Palin/Bauchmann have my vote.

        If he comes back, then, Huckabee/Palin or Bachmann would be my vote.

    • azwayne says:

      People are basically jealous. Number 2 sin in the world, Money 1, jealousy second, They see someone who has it all right and has been rewarded, they are jealous.

    • Vagabond says:

      the ones who are making fun of her are the same IDIOTS who voted for obummer in the first place and want four more years of him so he can totaly destroy the country,

    • Sonja42 says:


  9. ALFRED E. NEUMAN says:

    HOWARD DEAN IS A BAG OF WIND! Mickey Mouse could beat the FRAUD in the Whitehouse! Look at what that COMMUNIST MUSLIM has already done to this country. Give that thug politician another 4 years and this country will be as dead as last years newspaper.

    He and his CRIMINAL LEFTWING THUGS have done 50% of their job, 4 more years will be the CAPSTONE!

  10. Larry says:

    A Republican listening to a Demorat, especially one as patently nuts as our boy Howie, about who should run for any office is as patently nuts as Howie. I like Sarah, but the way the lamestream media and Ozero's reported billions of bucks of contributions (from who and where?) her negative numbers are too large IMHO. She couldn't do any worse than Ozero, and might well do better, but the leftists in the media will destroy her, along with the Republican establishment like Will and Krauthammer.

    There is NO Republican who has less experience than Ozero did in 2008, and he hasn't gained much experience in office except for golf.

    • nmgene says:

      The repub elites want someone like Romney they can control. No one will control Palin, Bachman ,

      • I have a question! Almost 80% of FBI agents are members of the LDS/Morman church. How come their letting Obammy and the other socialists get away with destroying this Country? Just how patriotic are they?

        They believe their the true Church. Oh yeah? How come that great prophet Smith told them Missouri was the Zion place.

        Then the sheep went to Salt Lake!

        By-the-way, their Elders are great kids but they don't lay on hands to heal someone, they pray for a blessing, not a healing, the Melchizadek priesthood, and my wife who is LDS is still sick!!!

      • Artimus says:

        Good point…and that is why she is trashed, criticized, and unpopular with the beltway insiders and elitists crowd. She identifies more with USA (US Americans) and will promote more of what "We The People" want and need. Need and wants don't mean welfare, food stamps, and handouts. She believes like I do that give a good man/woman an opportunity, a hand, a job, a purpose, etc… This is what America is all about…Obamaitis is snake oil, hogwash, bull s—, and socialism. The academia elitist have to do the nanny to grave take care of you entitlements in order to win elections. Their promises funded with taxpayers $$$$ is just buying votes. Such a system won't work, never has…willing workers won't tolerate supporting a league of loafers. Academia elitist can't exist without your taxpayer $$$…their supporters are the league of loafers, who don't have $$$ they earn. Their $$$ come from the taxes paid by willing workers given to them by academia elitist as entitlements (handouts). Willing workers will not continue to support a league of loafers and their academia elitist. They will seek and find better deals where academia elitist, socialist, progressive, and liberal demos aren't in control and won't be allowed to do the nanny to grave style of government. This is the mind set of Sara Palin…it is poison to the kool-aid drinkers, lame stream media, progressives, liberal demos, etc. We The People stand with Sara Palin. Didn't Barry say that when push comes to shove he would stand with the Muslims…right?????? I stand with Israel and Netanyahu. I wish he would run for President…he don't need a birth certificate either. I trust him more that the Imposter-in-Chief…

        What do you think???

        • Lonemusketeer says:

          I agree with you and it sounds like you might have read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." I won't support any loafers or parasites either. The elitists have devised nothing more than a ponzi scheme to keep themselves in office so that they could legislate themselves more of our tax dollars. Let's take them down. . .physically if we have to.

    • Patricia the Repubga says:

      I'm not so sure of that, Larry. They have been trying to destroy her from the git-go and look where she is today. On a bus tour, still in the public eye and still wearing that all American smile that she is famous for, holding her head up and still standing firm for America.

      Even those who have been out to "get her" are noticing that their tirades aren't doing what they hoped and, indeed, seem to be backfiring on them. LOL! LOL!

      Go Sarah!!! Get with Bachmann and lets "change" this country back to the SUPER POWER it once was!!!!!!

      A former USMC WM. (Vietnam)

    • Lynda says:

      …and traveling the world with his family on the taxpayers dollar.

  11. conservadiva says:

    GO SARAH PALIN!! SARAH KNOWS HER AMERICAN HISTORY! SARAH EXONERATED but not by the dumbdown media! Stupid reporters from the accuse Sarah Palin of distorting American history because their grasp of Paul Revere's ride only goes as far as a child's nursery rhyme, "1 if by land, 2 if by…." But now you know the rest of the story: Here you go:

    “Well after a little interesting research, It turns out Palin is right. The signal from the north tower was a lantern to indicate whether the Redcoats were departing Boston for Lexington on land, by way of Boston neck the longer southern route, or by Sea, the more direct route,across the Charles river and on to Lexington.

    Revere’s ride triggered a flexible system of “Alarm and Muster”. Bells, drums, alarm guns, bonfires and a trumpet were used for rapid communication from town to town, notifying the rebels in dozens of eastern Massachusetts villages that they should muster their militias because the regulars in numbers greater than 500 were leaving Boston, with possible hostile intentions. This system was so effective that people in towns 25 miles (40 km) from Boston were aware of the army’s movements while they were still unloading boats in Cambridge.

    Revere did indeed have contact with “the British”. About 20 Men, from the 5th regiment, had been dispersed along the route to intercept any messengers – like Paul Revere. Revere escaped the sentries closer to Boston and wasn’t stopped until later in the evening. Revere told them it was too late – they had failed their mission. The British could have called off the their march on Concord, they were warned that Militias had been mustered and were waiting for them.

    In spite of this the British continued on to Lexington, where there was a brief fight that the small group of Rebels lost, and then on to Concord where the shot heard “round the world” occurred. The British took heavy casualties and had to retreat back to Boston under fire. Massachusetts was now in open revolt.”

    Read more:

  12. CompUser says:

    I hate to say it, but as long as registered Republicans refuse to vote for a particular candidate because they don't like so-and-so's stance on a particular issue, NO Republican will beat Obama. Obama will be re-elected by default. We Republicans need to pull our heads out of our asses and vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination because that will be the person who was selected by the majority of the party. There's no other way to beat Obama. So let's all be smart and vote Republican, regardless of who gets the nomination.

    • conservadiva says:

      Thank you CompUser!

    • nmgene says:

      Except in places like Calif where the Damocrats can vote in the Republican primary totally skewing the vote.

    • Americanadian says:

      No more RINOs. We're done with letting the RINOs like McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Schwarzenneger taking us following in the same path as the socialists and enslaving all of us to the Agenda 21 implementations. This is the time of decision for the Republican party. Go conservative as your platform states or a third party WILL!

      • CompUser says:

        But unfortunately, if you don't vote for the Republican candidate you will in effect be voting for Obama. Do you WANT four more years of Obama, or would you rather have a Republican who you don't necessarilly agree with on every issue. Please be smart.

        • Americanadian says:

          We've been voting "smart," which gave us Arnie in California and Agenda 21.

        • Americanadian says:

          If Sarah is running, I will vote for her — even if she is the first to run as a third-party candidate. She is the ONLY person I have yet seen who has the morals and fire in the belly — just like what our founding fathers envisioned for America's presidents.

        • usaviv says:

          And we got Clinton because of Perot too!! REMEMBER that doubters! That can happen again!!

        • Chuck says:

          Democrats control Calif, nothing “Arnie” could do about them.

        • Sonja42 says:

          YOU ARE RIGHT, the Patriot American people need to watch out carefully, as the "left" will be up to their old tricks, along with some of the Repub's, on keeping the corruption going with someone "they" want in the White House. WE CAN NOT ALLOW OBUMMER TO WIN BY DEFAULT.

    • JJ452 says:

      AMEN CompUser!!! You hit the nail on the head. "United we stand, divided we fall".

    • 1Dingbat36 says:

      I have a "favorite candidate" for President like most people but when push comes to shove and if my favorite does not win the nomination, I WILL do what I did in 2008. I will hold my nose, grit my teeth and vote for ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!!!

      • Vagabond says:

        Dingbat a lot of us did that,

      • Patricia the Repubga says:

        DINGBAT, you need to change your name,,, you are definitely NOT a dingbat. I agree with you.

        I pray everyone votes wisely and definitely VOTES.

      • Sonja42 says:

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT, I thought McCain was not electable, but now I realize that is why he was the one put in against Obummer, which would help make a sure win for Obummer especially with the younger generation etc. "THEY" WILL TRY & PULL THIS AGAIN, WE HAVE TO BE SURE WE DO NOT VOTE FOR OBUMMER EVER.

    • Vagabond says:

      as an independant I totaly agree with you. and I will vote for the repub. nominee regardless,

  13. seenitinsd says:

    Palin/Bachman or Bachman/Palin

  14. richard wilson says:

    She will beat him with a large margin.

  15. kenneth says:

    Obama is a one and done President. Corporate America will see to that. Not to mention the supreme court justices will give him a going away present about 2 month before the elections when the declare Obamacare unconstitutional. Remember his little stunt with the justices during the first state of the union address. They still owe him a payback.