Vast Majority Support Voter ID Procedures

Nearly 73 percent of likely voters say they agree that state and local voter ID laws that require voters to provide proof of lawful registration are a good idea, and Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have an advantage over Democrats on the issue.

The results are from a new poll conducted for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. It was taken Sept. 7-11 and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 2.99 percentage points.

“The vast majority of Americans across the political spectrum support voter identification laws that guarantee people are lawfully registered to vote,” said pollster Fritz Wenzel in his analysis.

“What I think is rather amazing is that about one out of four say they do not believe they are a good idea. Among Democrats, 36 percent said they don’t like voter ID laws, and 24 percent of independents said they feel the same way. Minorities were much more likely than white voters to feel such laws were a bad idea, including 33 percent of blacks, 37 percent of Hispanics, and 32 percent of other minorities,” he said.

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13 comments on “Vast Majority Support Voter ID Procedures
  1. Those involved in voter FRAUD are not in favor of voter id laws!

  2. Dingbat36 says:

    Obama and his legal “people” are a bunch of mendacious imbeciles. If you need ID to get into a campaign event for the President it’s certainly not unreasonable to expect the same with the most precious right an American CITIZEN has!!

  3. jong says:

    Next of course will be the White House demanding that pets, dead pets, dead people and cartoon characters and illegals have the same right as living citizens.

  4. PierceArrowV12 says:

    I am thankful that most likely voters are rejecting the bum-stream media (BSM) propaganda against voter ID laws.
    I also hope that all Vision to America readers are rejecting the deceptive tactics of the progressive Democrat trolls who secretly skulk around V to A, pretending to be Christians in order to misrepresent us. The progressive trolls will mimic conservative ideas, but then they will add diatribes that NO real Christian believes. Only a closet progressive Democrat troll would deny the Holocaust; slander Lincoln; and praise KKK Democrats, Islamofascists, and Hitler and his National Socialists.

    • Death Walks Among Us says:

      Hey my gutless little worm I see you are still running your mouth.
      You don’t have the guts to serve in the military shut up.

    • jnfm says:

      Absolutely! I have seen these disgusting posts many times. Their comments are so filled with lies and delusional opinions, it is impossible to reply.

  5. obhfwb says:

    Those who don’t want voter IDs are the very ones who wants voter fraud to continue in order to get a lying democrat like obama re-elected. When dead people illegals and people voting more than once is allowed it’s a crime and the democrats are all for it.

    These are the people who throw God and Jerusalem under a bus and us if he gets back in.
    obama sides with the murdering muslims and said he would, wake up people this obama is one lying evil God hating Christian hating America hating muslim.

    Romney / Ryan 2012

  6. Randy G says:

    Those who not support Voter ID want Identity Theft.

  7. daves says:

    That is because the vast majority of voters have a photo ID and they don’t care about people who do not.

    Several republicans have already admitted that they are doing this to keep eligible democrats from voting.

    99% of fraud comes from absentee ballots and voter id will not fix it.

  8. fliteking says:

    It does not matter what we real Americans think. It only matters what the Progressive Amerikans and illegals think.

    One way or another we need to take this Country back.

  9. It’s a BS issue, pushed by democrats to keep voter fraud alive to support the typical democrat party candidates, who clearly couldn’t win without legions of zombie voters at every election. How do you exist in today’s world without ID? Dozens of times a month you have to show ID to cash checks, buy booze or smokes, go to the doctor or the ER, sign up for your foodstamps….