Gallup Sued by DOJ Over Unfavorable Poll Numbers for Obama

Senior Obama Campaign adviser David Axelrod reportedly contacted The Gallup Organization to discuss the company’s research methodology after their poll’s findings were unfavorable to the President. After declining to adjust their methodology, Gallup was named in an unrelated lawsuit by the DOJ.

Axelrod took to Twitter to direct people to an article by the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein suggesting a flaw in Gallup’s methodology. Brownstein compared Gallup’s demographic sampling predictions to previous election exit polls as well as contemporaneous research released by Pew, CNN/ORC and ABC/WaPo.

The heart of the Obama camp complaint lies with varying predictive models for 2012 turnout. Gallup had predicted a lower minority turnout, effecting Obama’s margin against Romney.

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397 comments on “Gallup Sued by DOJ Over Unfavorable Poll Numbers for Obama
  1. willythegeek says:

    Now isn’t that just like a crybaby, things start falling apart and they want to blame the people who take polls. You are only entitled to what you get, which should be exactly what you earned.

  2. Jeff says:

    They can’t handle the TRUTH! Wait until November, they will be crying in their beer!

  3. elizabeth57 says:

    Are you kidding me, Get over yourself, Go away., Please dear god Let Romney win this election,,we are losing are freedoms, Obama hope promise disappeared the change isn’t the American way or dream. He is distroying this countries pride, the hope and change has turned to dispare and failures

  4. THIS HAS REACHED nuclear mass;; America;; stop the communists NOW 2012.

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      Amen to that! I believe we will see a “shellacking” that will make the 2010 election look like the Democrats won!

      • Cliff says:

        Polls are BS and mostly pro Obama. How can a President that has done nothing but sit by, play golf, spend $5 trillion and watch our country decline ever get a positive result from from a Poll?? Only in America.
        Check the facts out for yourself– do not believe what you read or hear in the mainstream liberal media. When you do then vote for Romney

        • ltbl123 says:

          You appear to have far more confidence in the American electorate than history supports. I wish could believe that voters are not fickle but I cannot. Reason often becomes the stepchild to emotion even when the liberties of our nation are at stake!!

        • radjul says:

          Only in America are more then 50% of the population complete utter morons,and will go vote for him again!

        • budman says:

          I do not think that the more than 50% you mentioned will be there this time because the Independents have swung heavily toward Republican and many Democrats simply will not vote because they won’t vote Republican but do not want Obama for another four years and certainly not because of their party platform which many highly disagree with.

    • daveveselenak says:

      DP, I hear you! I’ve been suggesting as much long ago. The real problem is the gutless conservative media – what little there is – and pundits are afraid to use the correct terminology to describe the Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions for what they are! There need’s to be a talk of a revolution unless these tyrants knock off their tyrannical shennanigans! It is blatant and overt totalitarian measures that are being reigned down on the stupid sheeple! America is teetering on the edge and the whole nation must become informed of the ugly truth! A call to action is needed!

      • The Watson says:

        The real reason for making the poll number appear close is so the election can be stolen the Chicago way.

        • SEBtopdog says:

          So sad … but so true.

        • notoshariah says:

          Stolen big time. The Soros owned company counts the votes in SPAIN where it originates. The big question is WHY IS THIS COMPANY TAKING CHARGE OF VOTING AND COUNTING? answer: because soros want bho to win!

        • wattsupstupid says:

          I was just talking to some of the Romney group and asked about the votes being sent overseas to be counted they told me that is not going to happen they have made sure it will be done here in the States, of course that doesn’t make sure that there still won’t be hanky panky

        • Steven says:

          The company you mention MAY make and/or program the voting machines used in SOME jurisdictions. They DON’T actually count ANY of the votes. That is done IN each individual county by that county’s Board of Elections.

        • John says:

          I received an e-mail this morning from a friend. It was entitled DEATHS CONFIRMED. There were photos of Osama Bin Ladin and Muhammar Ghadaffi. The caption said: ” Their deaths are confirmed. They both just registered to vote in Chicago. “

        • Carol Fryer says:

          lol sounds about right.

      • pogramma says:

        DP, What you said only underscored!!!!! We need a CTA yesterday!

      • WRONG;; THE REAL CONSERVATIVE MEDIA;;;;;;TALK RADIO IS ON THIS EVERYDAY; Heroes , Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Herman Cain and more locals do their job;; why do you think the lib/left wants to implement the “fairness doctrine” oxymoron????

      • wfwilson6 says:

        Just a “TALK”.

    • CelticRune says:

      I think they know what kind of position they’re in…..I think these are the acts of desperation and sheer panic.

    • Jeanne Elder says:

      “AMEN” to that!!!!! How True!!!!! Well-said, David Peacock — God Bless you!!!!

    • John Detwiler says:

      Another case of intimidation by the Justice Dept. They have made it a practice to use the taxpayers money to fund these truly deplorable acts. Boy let me tell you if we keep this Clown and his deplorable minions in office we deserve what ever we get. So do the right thing and lets shed them and send them back to the Garbage heap. where they belong.

    • Bill Graham says:

      nuclear mass: you mean attending a service at Jerimiah Wright’s church?

  5. rich_47 says:

    This really a slap in the face of every American! What a bunch of CROOKS!!!

    • Patrick says:

      Yup. It would be funny in a movie, but it’s despicable watching it in real life.


      if they were just crooks I wouldnt be that worried but this bunch of Leftist thugs are dangerous, very dangerous and Romney has to win or God knows what will happen.

    • Chuck says:

      He may ussue an Executive Order changing the results and ordering all future Gallup Polls be censored by the WH before thay are made public.

      • Timmy says:

        You meant that to be funny, but it would not surprise me at all. This guy has no problem subverting Congress or the Constitution to get his way. He is nothing but a puppet for George Soros, Valarie Jarrett and David Axelrod. BTW, what happened to his law license ??

    • TheTruthWillSetYouFree says:

      One of the crooks that should be rounded up is George Soros, His wealth here should be confiscated as he stole some of it from the British Government and that portion returned to them then he should be deported to the socialist country of his choice and never allowed to return he is a persona non grata in England they at least have some sense about him

      • The Brigadier says:

        Long before his manipulation of the British pound that got him expelled from Britain as a Persona Non Grata by the Queen and the PM, he made his first billion manipulating the Indonesian currency that resulted in its crash. Their money for a time became worthless and some people on life support in hospitals died when the hospitals had no money to pay for power. He has committed three major felonies and was found guilty for two of them. Anyone else would have been deported a long time ago.

        There is a standing arrest warrant for Soros in Indonesia, but we and the Europeans will not deport him for the extradition warrant because of the Sharia laws there. Those laws call for Soros’ execution. That’s why the old thieving reptile Soros is determined to maintain his lizard claws on the American political scene. He is in his late eighties and will die soon, and he is holding on to money and power literally for dear life. DEPORT HIM!

  6. Doc Smith says:

    Truth hurts doesn’t it.

  7. If any one is still undecided you are part of the problem and NOT THE SOLUTION.

  8. ForrestByers says:

    I fear a possible foreshadowing of the election to come!

    • Carole Wood says:

      Yes, although we all feel the same way about the Horses Patoot, and the POS Axelrod, we MUST NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THE FACT THIS WILL BE A TIGHT ELECTION….. THEM DOING A LOT OF CHEATING…. Therefore, we MUST make sure EVERY conservative, Tea Party Patriot, God Loving American, Romney Voting American GETS TO THE POLLS. Please, everybody, make sure you offer rides to get every last voter to the pool (conservative voter). Make sure all conservatives are registered to vote. Get THAT done right now. They want the ACORN types to be able to vote for the ‘dead’… thats why they have been fighting Voter ID.

      • Phillip_in_TX says:

        They are also against voter ID since “it’s not my fault Obama” cannot prove who he is! It would be very embarrassing for him to get “turned away” at the polls!

  9. big Al says:

    don’t we know by now it’s bush’s fault, the sunami, arab spring, the weather, the tea party, talk radio, conservatives, capitalists, big oil, little oil, coal, farmers, small business 9to name a few)….but never POTUS….

    • The J Man says:

      He has been crying since he took office.

      • jude says:

        That in itself should have warned voters, he is a blame everyone else person for his sorry life

        • Iceman47 says:

          Anyone who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is never wrong. Someone else is always to blame and the delusions only get worse over time. obama is THE most incompetent President this country has had, EVER. He makes Jimmy Carter look like a bloody genius.

      • team ;; wah wah wah;;boo hoo

      • JS says:

        And Hussein took lessons from Jennifer Granholm – she complained throughout her term as Gov of Michigan, what a mess her predecessor had left her. Exactly like Hussein. The new Gov in Michigan is now Snyder and he has not complained one single time about his predecessor. He has turned the State around without a lot of fanfare just like Wisconsin, Ohio, NJ, etc. That is style.

    • KWNY says:

      He who is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
      – Ben Franklin

      • AmericaFirst says:

        The usual democratic sue, attack, and blame someone else for O’s bad polling numbers. Could it be O’s incompetence and failure over the last 4 years that hurt his polling percentage. Too bad for him!!!

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      You actually believe that “it’s not my fault Obama” would take ANY of the blame for anything? Of course it’s EVERYONE else’s fault since it COULDN’T be his fault!

  10. Granny says:

    Don’t like barry hussein obama anymore? BOO Hoo Hoo! LOL!

  11. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    DOJ is misnamed. Holder must be IMPRISONED.

  12. monacall says:

    ah things just aren’t going there way… wait we haven’t seen anything yet. if we get through this election in peace I will be so surprised.

  13. Remington 870 says:

    Fellow Conservatives…Axel-Dick is a Red Diaper Baby, raised by a communist mother, and his methodology is similar to Hitler Brown Shirts, using Negro Holder to attack those who do not lie for Dear Leader Obama. Axel-Dick is a very dangerous enemy to Americans as is Commie Valarie Jarrett. These enemies are traitors and should be in jail, but we have a cowardly Congress led by Drunken Boehner.

    • I had to deal with the [communist] punks from chicago as a dorm manager in Carbondale;; they truly were idiots at best. Something bad wrong with that city.

      • RLM357 says:

        Chicago was the Nucleus of the Communist Party USA and where the Communist Newspaper “The Daily Worker” was first printed and distributed. Than LA and NY City followed.

      • dogbyte says:

        They live in a vacuum. Chicago sucks, so their brains are somewhere in the sewer system along with morality and reason. They call it “brain abortion.” It started with the mob and then went to politicians and lawyers. No one knows where it will end. Perhaps Gallop knows, but they are under a gag order.

    • kysteelgirl says:

      and supported by Coward Cantor……

  14. Patrick Henry says:

    obama and his boy axelrod can not face the truth!!!

    • Phillip_in_TX says:

      Truth? Truth? They don’t need NO stinking Truth! They just make up what they need and claim it’s the truth!

  15. mdwarren says:

    Hey Barry Soetoro, go back to your homeland Kenya and take your worthless felons with you. When we do finally get rid of you, which Passport are you using? The one Putin gave gave you or one of the other three fraudulant docs? Hey Boy, what happened to your law license? That’s right, it was taken away because you LIED on your application. Leave the USA Barry the Clown.