DNC Platform Demands More Gun Control Laws

The Democratic party has been known to be hostile towards guns and the Second Amendment. Now their party platform, among other things, calls for even stricter gun control laws, including the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

While GOP nominee Mitt Romney supports the assault weapons ban and supported the gun laws of Massachusetts, the GOP itself did not make that a part of their platform. The DNC platform has done that very thing.

The section under “Protecting Rights and Freedoms,” regarding “Firearms” states:

We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans’ Second Amendment right to own and use firearms. We believe that the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulation. We understand the terrible consequences of gun violence; it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and our time here is limited and precious. We believe in an honest, open national conversation about firearms. We can focus on effective enforcement of existing laws, especially strengthening our background check system, and we can work together to enact commonsense improvements—like reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole—so that guns do not fall into the hands of those irresponsible, law-breaking few.

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19 comments on “DNC Platform Demands More Gun Control Laws
  1. Mike says:

    Most pro-gun control folks fail to realize that the vast majority of mass-murderers commit their crime in gun-free zones. Guns aren’t the problem. Gun-control is.

  2. Wayne Peterkin says:

    Based on the Second Amendment and various quotes of our founders that explain very clearly the intent of that amendment, the only constitutional way the Democrats can impose more gun control is by amendment; and that ain’t gonna happen.

  3. jong says:

    Of course the liberals hate the whole of the Constitution. The Second Amendment being the “enforcement” part of it. As for what it means read the Federalist Papers. It clearly indicates that the citizenry should not be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of citizens and act accordingly.

  4. Larry Cripe says:

    These God and Country hating Democrats are just about to encounter their Waterloo on November 6th – but, that’s only the beginning. We need to wrest the remaining control from this mantle of evil and spend the rest of eternity driving them from our shores, Democrats, by the mere nature that they refuse to disassociate themselves from their Party – regardless of their degree of liberal politics, need to be associated with evil – something that they richly deserve.

  5. DOOMED says:

    The operative words in the post above is “law-breaking few.” 99.999% of all legal gun-toting people do not use their firearm(s) to commit crimes. It is the LAW-BREAKING FEW who committ crimes. To punish an entire Country for the crimes of a FEW means that the police aren’t doing their job. Six minutes for a cop to respond and point six seconds to draw a bead on a criminal. Look at what happened in NYC by the Empire State building. Seven or so INNOCENT by-standers shot by the incompetent “trained” police.
    It is PROVEN that in areas where most people are legally armed, there is practically NO crime. In areas where there is highly restricted gun control, there is HIGH crime. Dumbocrats; wake up and read the stats. Honest, legal gun-toting Americans help STOP crime. The main reason the Dem’s want stricter gun control laws (or to abolish the second amendment) is to disarm America so King Ovomit can send in his dirty filthy muslim thugs to kill (all) Americans. November 6, 2012; Ovomit will get the boot and send his dirty muslim arse packing.

    • VT Patriot says:

      Can’t help but wonder if the simple constitutional 2A laws in VT may be one of the reasons why we tie with Alaska for the lowest crime rate in the country. Except for carrying a loaded rifle in a car, (to eliminate hunting from a moving car) we can (and do) carry much of the time. Kinda like it this way. As a resident, walk into a LGS, (even WallMart) pick out your favorite, pay for it, pass the NCIS check, and carry it home. And the crime rate here is so low, it is almost non-existant. Who would want to break into a home knowing there’s a loaded shotgun next to the bed??

  6. JJM123 says:

    So will they be happy when we are limited to single-shot muzzle-loading black-powder to defend ourselves against criminals with semi-autos?? Or will they press it further, limiting us to Sticks and Stones??

    • brianjconway says:

      jjm. If we are successful in defending ourselves with muzzleloaders, we will be cut back to sticks and stones.

  7. Proudamerican says:

    “More gun control?” Ok then, we will practice more and have more control so our aim is better! Thanks for looking out for us however we are already totally in control from extensive practice over the past 4 years so bring it chump.

  8. ONTIME says:

    Tonight Gifford of Az will be unashamedly used to make that political point for more outragreous illegal gun law, using the UN to try for back door antigun law is another pathetic demonstration of just how inadequate, impotent and disorganized this failed communist lead administation is in every aspect of it’s exsitence, they simply cannot stay within the bounds of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they do not want you to have civil rights and inalienable rights….Communist and cult islamics always lie…axiom

  9. Mike says:

    The assault weapons ban was the biggest lie ever, concerning gun control. Assault weapons are illegal and have been for decades. The dumb a$$ congressmen think that anything gun that looks like and assault weapon is an assault weapon. They wouldn’t know one gun from another. An assault weapon by definition is capable of select fire control. This means semi auto or full auto. Semi auto alone, does not make an assault weapon.

  10. Same old anti-gun rights BS from the leftist progs
    determined to disarm the American people in preparation of their socialist /
    Marxist takeover of the government.

    “Reasonable regulation”? Code for more and more useless (as
    far as criminals go) laws against law abiding citizens, rendering the entire
    nation into a gun free killing zone, as in the batman shooting.

  11. AmericaFirst says:

    No gun control. Leave our rights alone. This is one of the most important rights Repulbicans like and want to keep. As, for the Liberal they don’t have to buy a gun. Guns are for our protection and I will vote with the NRA every time. Do you think our country would have a chance to survive a dictator it they took all our guns away like dictators do in most other countries? No. What If Obama gets 4 more years…do you think he would have the guts to take our guns? No way!!!
    God, Guns, Grub & Guts!!!

  12. Mahnum says:

    By “irresponsible, law-breaking few” I wonder if they’re referring to the Attorney General, and his band of incompetents. The Democrats and their hand-wringing liberal elitists simply don’t have the honesty to openly identify, and deal with that segment of society that is responsible for that greatest percentage of gun crimes, and the illicit activities that spawn it Moreover, they refuse to accept the Government’s own statistics on gun crimes, and firearms-related injuries, and the declining frequencies vis a vis areas with limited gun controls vs. those with laws and statutes that border on draconian.

    My 8-shot 12gauge pump shotgun can send more .32 caliber projectiles down range faster that any two people shooting the typical legal 30 round capacity semi-auto “assault’ rifle…which we’ve proven on a couple of occasions.

    I would challenge the Democrats to show one example in which banning, restricting, or rigid controlling something has actually reduced the problems it supposedly caused; and didn’t lead to further illegal activities. Drugs and booze come to mind immediately.

  13. apache6 says:

    If “THEY” try to take ours,we’ll just take “THEIRS” !!

  14. VocalYokel says:

    The government should never be allowed to use “reasonable” and “regulations” in the same sentence.

  15. danclamage says:

    The assault weapons ban is not reasonable nor common sense. You’d save more lives banning cars. There is no gun show loophole. Still have to undergo an instant FBI check.