Left Labels Black Republican Woman a "Token"

First it was an abortionist who believes he’s doing a public service to the world by killing “ugly black babies.” Now the Left is demeaning any black person who dares leave the liberal plantation. The latest runaway liberal slave is Mia Love. Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and the Republican Party 2012 nominee in Utah’s 4th congressional district. Here’s how she was treated after she spoke at the Republican National Convention Tuesday evening:

Tuesday night after rising GOP star Mia Love brought down the house with her inspiring convention speech, the stomach-turning Left labeled the black conservative a “token” and an “Aunt Tom.”

Meanwhile, revoltingly racist, woman-hating Wikipedia vandals were hard at work updating her entry with disgusting slurs like “House Ni***r” and “dirty, worthless w**re.” The page called her a “total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP.”

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73 comments on “Left Labels Black Republican Woman a "Token"
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    This is hateful racism to charge that blacks cannot think independently and outside the liberal philosophy that actually DOES keep blacks down, addicted to the crack of welfare.

  2. fliteking says:

    Liberals are Bigots and Racists.

    • jnfm says:

      I definitely see your point; but as a conservative, I’m beginning to realize how much bigotry and intolerance exists within the right, too. The more I comments I read by Ron Paul supporters, the more I realize they are not anywhere near the Tea-Party conservative principles that I believed them to be.

      • fliteking says:

        The tea Party and the lower rung supporters of Ron Paul are miles apart.

        • All rungs of Ron Paul’s organization are top notch.

          Unlike the regulars in the RNC army who have incompetents at the top, and vote stealers in the second rung.

        • fliteking says:

          I have seen some pretty radical and liberal / nazi like threats and dogma posted by PaulBots. Lots of hatred resides on your side of the fence.

          To everyone but ‘The Solution’: I still believe Libertarians who can see outside the blinders of ‘Ronism’ have a lot to offer Conservatives in America. ‘The Solution’ seems to be a perfect example of what happens when a person looses their individuality and becomes 100% committed to a set of rigidly defined ‘rules’ given to them by their handlers. Strikingly similar to Liberals, Progressives and Pre-War Germany. These are the same fplks that are more than willing to let the Country fail by either not voting for Romney or strongly endorsing a third party. PaulBots* are willing to lose at all costs.

          *AKA RonBots

        • ‘The Solution’ seems to be a perfect example of what happens when a person looses their individuality and becomes 100% committed to a set of rigidly defined ‘rules’ given to them by their handlers

          Heh, I take a lot of pride in my thinking outside the box. You cannot identify any group I am aware of who is saying the things I am saying. How then can I have handlers?

          Try harder in doing your put-downs. You don’t think them through well enough.

        • fliteking says:

          Anything you say.

        • The Tea Party has already been coopted by the Judeo-Establishment.

          Who represents the Tea Party anymore?? You can’t answer that.

          Tea Party Patriots?
          Tea Party Nation?
          Tea Party Express?
          Tea Party Coalition?
          Tea Party Caucus?
          Tea Party Federation?
          Tea Party Students Conference?
          Tea Party Congressional Caucus?

        • Washington22 says:

          Christian Solution, I don’t know about you. Your comments are so off base and twisted. I think you need a chill pill or something. Surely you are off your meds. Why do you call yourself the Christian Solution? It doesn’ t fit………………

        • jnfm says:

          Your instincts are spot on. All you have to do is take one look at The Christian Solution’s personal website and the Westboro Baptist Church website, to which this person is a member, and that will give you the full picture.

        • You love spreading false information in an attempt to defame people don’t you? I am not and have never been a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m not even Baptist. Bearing false witness is a vile sin and you will be condemned for it.

        • fliteking says:

          Oddly your response has nothing to do with my observation, which I still stand by.

        • Oh I see, if you are saying that the Tea Party are bad and the Ron Paul supporters are good and that is why they are miles apart. Well OK, if you believe that .

      • Funny comment coming from a bigoted and intolerant guy like you calling Ron Paul supporters such names.

        • jnfm says:

          I don’t recall having a website designed in a similiar manner as Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kempf”. Oh yea, that’s you.

        • My website is an apologetics for Christianity, a supporter of American Ideals, and an place people can come to read an honest discussion of Jewish actions.

          But keep using the Saul Alinsky tactics and I will keep learning your weak points, which are paper thin. Right now, you have retreated to Democrat-like name calling, like a baby in a nursery.

          Pulling out the old Jew card, if all else fails, call them a Nazi.

        • jnfm says:

          Please, keep talking.

      • PierceArrowV12 says:

        Jnfm and fliteking, you are right about the vile, nasty words and actions of some of the so-called supporters of Ron Paul. I wonder how many of the self-proclaimed Ron Paul supporters are Democrat operatives; some radical leftists, some Muslims; who are masquerading as Republicans. Those Democrat operatives could be the ones inciting disruptive, unethical, and even violent behavior.
        On the V to A comment sections, we constantly see comments posted by closet Democrat trolls and operatives. Those Muslim and leftist trolls pretend to be Republicans and Tea Partiers, but they lace their posts with vile racist and anti-Semitic comments, and they praise KKK Democrats, Islamofascists, and Hitler and his Pink Swastika National Socialists.

        • jnfm says:

          That is interesting, and quite spooky. Thanks for the insight.

        • Pierce, I have been posting here for a while and I do not recall ever seeing any blatant support for KKK Democrats, Islamofascists, Hitler or Pink Gay Socialists. Of course, anyone who reads these comments for more than a few days knows you are lying through your teeth, so I do not see the sense of why you are saying this. Do you like to make a fool of yourself?

          Strangely, you have things twisted. It is Democrat operatives who are stealing votes in Maine, and Democrat operatives who are changing election rules to favor a top-down tyrannical Republican power structure.

          It is Democrat operatives who placed a liberal Democrat on Prime Time, in the Prime Time night of RoMoney’s speech, to brag about how liberal and anti-male RoMoney is.

          Believe me, I am not doing any of these shenanigans. Victor Magilke is not doing this.

          When Obama screws up, he reflexively blames Bush. It appears to me that when RoMoney screws up, you want to blame Obama.

          You are doing Democrat-styled sleaze against devout Ron Paul supporters, and then accusing the Ron Paul supporters of being the ones who are sleezy Democrats.

          Man, that is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook!!!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      And controllers!!!

  3. AmericaFirst says:

    Republicans welcome Mia Love with open arms to be part of their team to help win the Senate in November. The Left as usual can’t stand any Black that is out of step with their demwit party. This is your loss demwits and our gain.

    • AmericaFirst says:

      You demwit Liberal Women think labeling Mia Love as a token black conservative woman hurts Mia. No way!!! Mia knows exactly who she is and she is not a token black woman. Mia would be too kind to tell you people what you are….but I will tell you what you are; You Left Wing demwit liberal women are; rude, ignorant, phony, liars, crude, gross, ill-bred, low, tasteless, uncouth, shameless, uncultivated, uncultured, negative, unrefined, vugar, inconsiderate, insensitive, and a thoughless POS. That’s how you come across to most all people. You must be a lot of fun to live with….NOT!!!

  4. PatG says:

    Have you watched the venum and hate slime coming from the left. Threats of violance from the black panthers, slurs agains women in the GOP, blacks labeled as tokens and the left claims to be the non violant group? Poor Sameul Jackson praying that every one at the Tampa convention would drown, Joe Blow Biden(the intellegent one on the Biden/obama ticket) wanting to enslave the blacks. Where has the honor, compasion, and intellegence gone since the last quality Democrat was assassinated? John F Kennedy was the last Democrat who showed any kind of intellegence. Shame on the left and all their HATE MONGERING.

    • LJ Bury says:

      Pat, UR right on point my friend. Words such as shame and guilt are now archaic. No one has those emotions any longer…the big O has seen to that and now we have Tupperware-like parties where food stampers exchange and gamble with them..where bootstrapping is now a dirty word. Yup, no shame, no civility,no respect and no tolerance are the liberal’s true mantra. Hate and racial mongering is all they have in their quiver. Shame really…

    • Ann Rand says:

      You are right… But don’t forget to place the blame where it really belongs !! The media loves this. As the old saying goes.” Good news doesn’t sell newspapers” They seem to have contest going to see who can out slime the other one. I believe they would enjoy a civil war.

  5. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    It was Abraham Lincoln a Republican and Our sixteenth President who put even his life on the line to remove the stain of slavery from the halls of our government. In just three and a half years, obama has attempted to divide Our Great Nation. Racism has returned and lingers over Our Country like a dangerous storm. This selfish president has enslaved us to a god of political correctness and a debt Our children may not be able to repay. Time for a little R+R, it’s time for Romney and Ryan!

    • TOO INFORMED says:

      Don’t forget the roll the Federal Reserve plays in politics…they OWN America and our grandchildren will NEVER be able to repay the national debt. The solution is to freeze any and all assets of the Fed. Demand the Fed return all the gold they have stolen from American citizens. Charge the Fed under the RICO Act, then when found guilty, the Fed will have to repay America three times what they stole, and last, return to Congress (under Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution) the right to coin money…)

      • Schnitzelschitzen says:

        Well said TOO INFORMED, and along with that, I would suggest that we put some of our politicians on a payment plan to return the money they have stolen from the American People and the special interest money they took while selling America to the highest bidder. Non patriots like reid and pelosi to start.

    • I would not say Lincoln placed his life on the line, he was safe in the White House, but he sure did place 600,000 other American’s lives in the line of fire to get rid of what the rest of the civilized world got rid of peacefully and he almost split the country into two.

  6. Ann Rand says:

    I see this as another Sarah Palin attack. They love to smear, slander and try to demoralize. There is end to what they will try to do when they feel threatened. I like Mia Love a lot and hope we will stand by her.

  7. democratsarefools says:

    This is not new; it is repulsive though. Condi and Justice Thomas were called similar names in the Bush era. These MF’s think they are the judge of all things black and white. The thing is though, 90% of the black people keep on voting or watching them.

  8. wfwilson6 says:

    I would think being labeled a “token” REPUBLICAN is a complement. Better than being labeled a progressive, a liberal , a democrat, or a whore, things like that.

  9. nexgenesis says:

    You have a choice, you can be a part of the lefts smear campaigns and life in the low lane or you can a part of the Right and be an achiever, regardless of color, race or religion. Ever notice how ugly and meanspirited the left gets when one they thought they could keep on the dole decides there is a better life and rise to the occassion?

  10. Robert Walker says:

    Have you seen the movie “2016″ yet? It is a wonderful movie and should be seen by every American. Anyone who has seen this movie and still votes for Obama, must be on welfare, or work for a company that provides goods or services to a government. Peace, Robert Walker

    • So true, but you might as well add that any Republican who votes for RoMoney’s promise to take us to war with Iran for IsraHell., either works for a defense contractor or is a Zionist who does not separate Church and State so long as the State is IsraHell.

    • Washington22 says:

      Robert, i saw it the first week it was out. What a surprise that such a wonderful, informative movie is out there so that everyday Americans get a chance to see what we really have occupying the Whitehouse. We didn’t know about him when he first came on the scene. Now we do and it’s worse than we thought. Make time and go to see this movie. You won’t regret it.

  11. Current TV’s Stephanie Miller, Maxie Waters,
    Rachael Maddow, Sheila Jack Lee, Shrillery,
    MS Holmes, Mis’chelle Oba’ma, NOW, NARAL,
    Planners of UnParents, communist Vanity Jones,
    ACORN, the not so new NBPP– with i’slamic names,
    Zulu Shabazz, i’slamic Jihad, Hizb’allah, Ha’mas,
    Ba’rak Hus’sein Oba’ma, Mus Bro Hood, Soros,
    Farakhan’s Nation of i’slam, CAIR, Ayatollah Kolmeini,
    Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah, Mursi, Assad, satan–and
    their cult supporters all have one common theme;
    lies, distortion, disinformation/misinformation and
    hate. Any remaing decent elected democrats should
    FLEE the hijacked, feminized, homosexualized, i’slam
    promoting, communist, unionized democrat party of
    fundamental transformers of America.

  12. spin43 says:

    Let’s support this wonderful lady! Ignore the lame stream media.

  13. Is this another example of the Repulicans “War on Women”?

  14. SolemnVow says:

    a token for who ? this is part of a war of words, and words are cheap, as cheap as the left can be. They are making this so easy for good Americans to vote with conviction, this is truly a God Blessed Nation, and the ungodly just hate that.

  15. DOOMED says:

    Too bad Ovomit wasn’t aborted in-utero. (mis-spelled?)