Abortion Survivor in Withering Ad Against Obama

The conservative Susan B. Anthony List is poised to embark on a TV ad campaign challenging Barack Obama’s record on abortion, an official with the group tells POLITICO.

The initial ad is a $150,000 buy in Missouri, and shows a woman – Melissa Ohden – speaking to the camera about having been born alive in spite of an abortion procedure.

Abortion opponents have long decried Obama’s record in the Illinois legislature on regulating late-term abortions, but little money has been spent to advertise on the issue since he became president.

“Many children, more than you might think, actually survive failed abortions and are born alive. I know because I’m one of them,” Ohden says in the SBA List ad. “When he was in the Illinois state Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion – not once, but four times.”

She concludes: “I know it’s by the grace of God I’m alive today, if only to ask America this question: is this the kind of leadership that will move us forward, that will discard the weakest among us? How will you answer?”

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22 comments on “Abortion Survivor in Withering Ad Against Obama
  1. When Obama and the far left glamorize the virtues of abortion rights, they totally negate the human rights of the children they totally ignore.

  2. Guest says:

    This was A KNOWN FACTOR before 2008 SO I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE TODAY, still OPPOSE YOU IF YOU CALL THIS iMPOSTER THE aBORTION PRESIDENT. He certainly is that as well as a tyrant and in this case, a cold-hearted killer.

    • DogmaDestroys says:

      By that criterion, would not every other president who did not try strenuously to reverse Roe v. Wade be an “Abortion President”? Yes, that’s right simpletons – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and – wait foooor iiiiit – Reagan would all be “Abortion Presidents”.

  3. Obama and the Dems platform is killing babies, gay marriage and taxes. Obama is for the poor, he is for making all US citizens poor. Did anyone see Michelle Obama’s magazine cover from a Mexican magazine? Very disturbing to say the least. A First Lady of the US posing top less and using slavery as her defense.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I’ve see a lot of people refer to the Democrats as Demon-crats or Demon-craps, and I realize how true it is. The Democrats are the party of Lucifer. They support anti-God, anti-family and anti-life policies. They are everything the devil is for, and I don’t understand how evangelicals can vote for anyone in that horrible party. To Democrats, the innocent unborn are “inconvenient” and should be slaughtered in the womb for ANY reason and life is nothing but an orgy. They think that if it feels good, do it. They want to punish the successful by taking what they’ve worked hard for and give it to the lazy bums who don’t want to work. Their convention is going to be nothing but a parade of hate-filled, conservative-bashing people, and I hope FOX doesn’t cover it. Otherwise, I’ll just turn it off. I can’t stand Obama or hearing him spout his lies when he gives teleprompter speeches. He reminds me of the snake in the Garden of Eden that beguiled Eve. Ick!!

    • maryp912 says:

      Demon-crats are what they are. E V I L !!!
      Who in their right mind could do these unspeakable things to another human being, much less an innocent baby….

  5. Well, our dear leader voted numerous times for people like you to not be allowed to live after botched live abortions. It’s about time someone pointed that out.

  6. Dick Grace says:

    Declaration of Independence, Among these are LIFE. The founders would be appalled at the supreme court by fiat taking anyone’s life. There is no womans right to chose in the constitution or the Bible upon which this country was founded. The only reason we are having this uproar is because the courts are corrupt to the core and represent the immoral and ungodly not we the people. You cannot be a Christian and support the murder of those in the womb.

    • DrBarbara says:

      I completely agree–no true Christian will ever support the murder of children, born or pre-born. But there is another reason we are having this uproar beside the corupt courts. Women have been brainwashed into thinking “you can have it all.” They have been told that they can have a wonderful career, a loving husband or boyfriend, popularity, money, etc., and that if they happen to get pregnant at an “inopportune” time, well, they can just murder the child and have one later on in life. Very easy to postpone family–just murder the ones that are not wanted. Here’s a big eye-opener for all you brainwashed fembots–you will face those innocents again some day. Be prepared to try to explain why you–their mother, their last line of defense against the enemy–chose to allow some sadist to rip them out of their safe place, torn up, ripped apart, mutilated, poisoned, burned up and cast away like garbage. Yes, you will answer to a Higher Power. Now, to the rest of us–we will also answer to God as to why we did not do EVERYTHING possible to save these little ones.

  7. Erik Osbun says:


  8. ricbldwn says:

    If our leaders are MURDERERS what does that make us?

  9. Todd Anders says:

    If there is no statute of limitations, couldnt she press attempted murder charges of the POS who tried to kill her? That would drive the baby-killers crazy if a judge actually allowed it.

    • Barbara says:

      I doubt, legally, the case would go any where; but it certainly would draw a lot of attention to the aborted being born alive.
      These people should get together and have their own survivors convention. I would like to see the msm cover this.

  10. LibertyRN says:

    Someday all abortion advocates will have to answer to a higher power.

  11. As far as I am concerned, it is a personal issue and GOVERNMENT does not belong in this arena. With all the ads for contraception I still do not understand the rate if illegitmate births, is it because government said I will be the babys daddy and not hold people responsible for their own actions

    • ann says:

      You pro-aborts are all the same. You want the government out of your business if their they want to pass pro-life bills but you want the government in your business when it comes to funding abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Go hold a bake sale if you need money for PP and stop asking us to pay the bill for sleeping around.

  12. RubyBlu says:

    Melissa, you are a lovely young woman and I am so glad you ‘survived’ – the world is a lot better with you here. Thank you for speaking up!

  13. Evermyrtle says:

    There are many babies like this one who are born alive and are left to die alone, while we have no idea to what extent the suffering can be. There are enough couples out there who want a baby and cannot have one that would adopt one of these little lost one in a skinny minute if given the opportunity. What a horrible sinful waste!!.