Anti-Obama Film in the Top Box Office

A first-run film that casts new light on Barack Obama’s radical roots already is setting box-office records while an upcoming release that could also unsettle the White House is expected to draw a strong audience.

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, “2016: Obama’s America” is scheduled for showing in 1,074 theaters, approximately one of every four theaters in the U.S., said Jason Jones, president of Movie to Movement, the non-profit organization promoting the film.

He noted that 35 percent of all tickets sold Thursday on, the No. 1 online movie ticket sales company, were for “2016.”

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35 comments on “Anti-Obama Film in the Top Box Office
  1. Naomi Ambach says:

    We can’t get the movie in our town for some strange reason, would sure like to see it.

    • axmickl says:

      perhaps you should let the Movie company in your town know there will be consequences to his business if he doesn’t show that movie. Unless we speak, nobody knows what is going on in our minds.

    • jlbs says:

      We live in a small town and I’m sure we won’t get it here either. It is showing in our capital, but I haven’t seen it advertised in the paper with that capital’s name.

      • Mary says:

        They are not advertising the movie. The media will not advertise it and have been told not too. It is going to have to be the word of mouth so start passing it around to as many people as you can and tell them to pass it around

    • The only reason is that the theatre owner does not want to show it ; let him/her know that you are unhappy about their decision ! perhaps if enough of your friends do the same they will get the message ! Maybe !

    • AmericaFirst says:

      Theaters where “2016 Obama’s America” is playing: http:// 2016themovie dot com/

  2. Phillip_in_TX says:

    I wonder how many sleepless night this movie and “Runaway Slave” are causing at the White House? “It’s not my fault Obama” needs to go, he’s in WAY over his head!

    • billy2 says:

      I agree It needs to go…………but this is what this barbaric, degenerate, planned from the beginning………….brainless biden doesn’t need to talk about putin ya’ll back in chains, this is what , that mealy mouthed moron’s intentions were from the getgo……….destroy from within the cloward and piven way, and up till now the sob, has done a good job, with all it’s exe fiat’s in place, has nailed down the corners, if it wins in Nov, all it has to do is fill us in with concrete and it has our country, tied up by the throat, and it will be decades before it’s agenda will collapse………..but in the mean while we will be living in total HELL, no food, no medical, no energy, no homes, it will slowly rot away.

      • usamerican says:

        Take a look at Adolph Hilter – it can happen. I dont think sometimes people think it can – we have had a great life – but unfortunately because the of ignorance of so many – they have spoiled that for the next generations. There are still people that cant see what he is doing right under their nose. I didnt know we had so many igorant people in this country.

    • John says:

      You need a conscience to experience sleepless nights. Oblamo doesn’t lose any sleep over your losses or hard times. He dreams about his next vacation, golf outing, or fund-raiser.

      • budman says:

        John, if the new administration does their job and bring charges against Obama, his vacation time will be in a jail cell. The Congress and even the Supreme Court have given this imposter a free ride and it is time to do the right thing and place him where he truly deserves to be.

    • jong says:

      You are right. But, in this we must make sure that it is shown in high minority areas where the message is most needed.

      • Chuck says:

        How are you going to make sure it is shown anywhere? I didn’t know you were one of the producers? How about South LA?

  3. BARBARA says:

    So, is DogmaDestroys for Odumbass or against him? I read his replies and he sounds like the profile for a serial killer – way too full of himself and throwing out a large ill used vocabulary to impress the reader with his prowess as a “leader”. To possibly answer your question about “what can we do?”…VOTE…If they won’t listen vote them out! And, yes, be prepared to protect yourselves and your freedoms as unlike DogmaDestroys, I, and thousands of others, truly believe that Nov. 6th will be a day to remember! Maybe in a very dangerous way? You hang in there, dogma – Everyone has their say on this site, and it doesn’t have to go thru the white house for context!

  4. John Beerley says:

    The White House is attacking Dr. D’Souza’s character because they cannot counter the film or the book with facts. Every American should view this film and read the books.

  5. lara says:

    its not anti obama.. it just tell his history… and family and friends tied to him….

  6. charles17121 says:

    Touting movies in an effort to show how illegal this obama administration is will not help get this fraud barack hussein obama removed from office but demanding the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution to protect and defend that constitution from enemies foreign and domestic will . The fraud obama is a foreign enemy who has usurped the office of US President .

  7. John says:

    I saw the film yesterday at the AMC 30 in Sterling Heights, MI. The film is very informative and well worth the price of admission. I am afraid libtards will have a difficult time watching it because you must concentrate for what the libs consider an extnded amount of time. Go see it ! The film is not just another attack ad.

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think it is. Liberals are going and it is changing their minds on who to vote for. Tell you liberals friends to go and I bet they will change their minds.

      • cbrown says:

        You don’t know that they are going to see it, or that it is changing their minds. You think they will be willing to give up their welfare because of this movie?

  8. Brian says:

    I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, and without even looking for it, I found 3 anti-Obama books: “The Amateur,” “Obama’s America – the Decline,” and “Culture of Corruption.” Don’t quote me on the names of the titles, but I believe that’s correct. I’m thrilled with all of the authors and film makers who are working to expose this fraudulent-treasonous-POS of a president (not really our president).

    • Doris Sheets says:

      Amen Brian, the brainless blob has got to go, these books and movies tells it like it is, I just hope that ” we the people” will do the right thing and vote all of those who uphold him, out.

  9. tonyscott317 says:

    They played their cards just one generation too soon. If they had sprung the trap in 2020, they would have won easily with the numbed masses crawling into cages without even knowing what happened, just worried they might miss an episode of the Simpsons. From now until January, full speed ahead with tightened up gut muscles. I anticipate some very desperate moves between now and winter.

  10. doug63 says:

    can’t find it in rhode island. must be banned by the democrats

    • AmericaFirst says:

      Theaters where “2016 Obama’s America” is playing: http:// 2016themovie dot com/ Cinemaworld Lincoln: Lincoln, RIProvidence Place Cinemas 16: Providence, RIShowcase Cinemas Warwick: Warwick, RI
      Cinemaworld Lincoln: Lincoln, RI
      Providence Place Cinemas 16: Providence, RI
      Showcase Cinemas Warwick: Warwick, RI

  11. Remington 870 says:

    The libs brand us as racists because we don’t like a fake president who is muslim and communist. Team Thug Obama is getting desperate. Why would they let the Fluke Woman be a main speaker at their convention and the only claim to fame this woman has is her need for ‘more rubbers’. Suprised a movie about Obama killing UBL is not out?

  12. afanaglenn says:

    Look forward to seeing this movie. Obama’s WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE. Both he and his wife lied to get into the bar, and his fellow attorneys DIS-BARRED both of them. They have gotten so used to telling LIES, it isTHEIR WAY OF LIFE. Who would spend $4 million dollars to hide their past?

  13. danstewart says:

    I hope they release this movie on dvd before the election as I doubt it will be shown in our local theater. Funny how most businesses are afraid of the libtards but don’t worry about conservatives. We should also vote with our wallets.

  14. Jan says:

    The best Movie of the Summer. It tell you just who hwe is. and waht and why he is doing all the destructio to AMERICA. GO TO NETFLEXS OR RED bOX AND RESERVE YOUR COPY. A MNOVIE ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SEE BE FORE ELECTIONTIME

  15. Ernest_T says:

    I found nothing new in this film. It is not anti Obama if you are a Marxist it confers comrade Obama is following through on his promise to fundamentally change America by redistributing the worlds wealth. If he is successful the US will be as poor as China, Africa and Asia.