Marine Put in Psyco Hospital for Saying 9-11 Was an Inside Job

A non-active-duty Marine posted on Facebook that 9-11 was an inside job. We need a revolution, he said.

He did not specify “Ron Paul revolution.” Just a revolution.

The FBI got the the local police department to interrogate him in his doorway. Then he was arrested. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

When the Web media found out, the police had a PR problem. So, it did the bureaucratic thing. It blamed the FBI.

The FBI also did the bureaucratic thing. It blamed the PD.

The Marine is still “missing in action.” He is still in the local nut house.

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36 comments on “Marine Put in Psyco Hospital for Saying 9-11 Was an Inside Job
  1. nick b says:


    [Transcribed from the YouTube video by Tara
    Carreon, ABOL Librarian]

    So many 9/11 witnesses have been mysteriously dying.

    The thing these witnesses have in common is that
    their statements give support to the 9/11 truth movement.

    Barry Jennings
    Barry Jennings was the former New York Housing
    Authority Emergency Coordinator.
    On 9/11, Barry Jennings reported that he and Michael
    Hess had been blown back by a big explosion inside Building 7.
    He later said in an interview that he had heard
    explosions in Building 7 before either Tower had collapsed.
    He also reported that he was stepping over bodies,
    contradicting the official gov’t claim that no one died in Building
    Barry died mysteriously on August 19, 2008 — two
    days before the release of the NIST Report’s first draft.

  2. nick b says:

    Beverly Eckert

    Beverly Eckert lost her husband on 9/11.

    She did not believe the official story of

    She was among the families organizing for disclosure
    around the facts of Sept. 11, including a lawsuit against the Saudi and U.S.

    She was offered money by the U.S. gov’t to keep
    silent. But Beverly did not comply.

    Eckert died at age 57 in a mysterious commuter
    airplane crash on February 12, 2009.

    A week before she died she met with President Barack
    Obama as an advocate for those affected by 9/11

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Sounds funny, was it because she refused to keep quiet?? Is that a lesson t the rest of us?

    • jong says:

      Sorry folks no facts just conspiracy theory. Actually it was to be much worse than it was. Instead only a few there was suppose to be more than twenty in the air at the same time. Improving intelligence drove the muslims to hurry up and do what they could.

  3. This is what happens in China and Russia, other countries as well…But here in the U.S. What is happening to this Country?

  4. Phillip_in_TX says:

    General Order # 7 – Deny everything, Demand Proof, and Accuse Someone Else.

    It’s amazing, they are using the “it’s not my fault Obama” defense. “It’s not my fault.”

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      Phillip_in_TX: You know, I wonder, if I just happen to run off at the mouth with some kind of garbage, whether I can say, “It was obama’s FAULT”, and get away with it.

  5. jong says:

    While I highly disagree with the marine I also will fight to make sure he has the right to say his piece.

  6. Brom says:

    This guy has a right to freedom of speech, and the government wants to make anyone who questions them appear to be crazy. Anyone who takes the time to view the FACTS surrounding 911, knows that there’s no way it could have happened the way we were told – it would have been impossible. Three buildings collapsed perfectly – demolition style – including one that wasn’t hit. A simple fire at the top of a building will not cause it to fall, starting at the bottom infrastructure. Experts stated that it would literally be impossible, and many eye witnesses heard several explosions within the buildings prior to collapse, like charges going off. America was duped, and it wasn’t the only time.

  7. John Lee says:

    According to information known by many ,the White House knew of the Kansas city bombing and McVey’s part and the attacks on the World Trade Center well before they happened and did nothing. I keep wondering why?

    • AmericansRon2U says:

      Guess who was the Asst. Atty. Gen. during the Oklahoma City bombing? ERIC HOLDER…Mr. Cover-Up himself. Connect the dots, folks. Also, I’ve done research on the Navy Seals who died last year…military guys have come forward stating that those Seals knew too much about the Bin Laden raid and were about to go public. Then, 20+ Seals got killed. According to my info, Seals and Special Ops don’t travel with that many together on one aircraft. The whole thing wreaks to high heaven.

  8. Daryl Hammesfield says:

    Well they might as well come and get me and several others too. Since 7 buildings were already burning BEFORE the first plane hit. So there was a (the N Word) in the wood pile some where

  9. LEE says:

    When I heard this story, the first thing that came to my mind was: NDAA.

  10. BOOMER8 says:

    THIS IS THE NDAA IN ACTION! Obviously his views are a threat to Janet Napolitano and DHS. Now he is in an American Gulag somewhere under the auspices of DHS. Probably with electodes in his head and needles in his arms. Strapped to a gurney.
    He obviously needs re-programming.
    Remember when we were kids and we knew hos the KGB would arrest people because of the things they said?
    Welcome, comrades!

  11. As a NYC bricklayer, graduate civil engineer, forensic engineer, and member of the 9/11 Truth Movement, I saw the twin towers being built, as well as coming down.

    I’ve read the marine’s total statement … and agree with every part of it. And it was very well written. Now I wonder if I’ll be arrested!

  12. Every keystroke is monitored by big brother. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Kathy says:

    Watch out folks… very careful what you say, and to whom you say it. This is no longer the USA of your childhood. Friends from Cuba and Venezuela told us this very thing. Now they are watching things they were getting away from unfolding here in the US. Hmmm…..I guess I’ll be put on some kind of “list” for saying this, if I’m not already. Whether one agrees with this Marine or not, he has the right to say what he wants, without being locked up in a mental hospital, or prison. God help us.

  14. Mary says:

    This was a politically correct arrest. I know folks that are real nut jobs that could really do a stint in the nut house and they’re not put away.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      Mary: Like I said earlir, an intimidation tactic. Did it work? I DON’T THINK SO. We are all still here using OUR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS.

  15. Freedom says:

    I have read they voted to give Obama more power the other day. What’s with that! How can they get away with this. All these Executive orders too! What happened to the right of the people to vote. The people do NOT count, I guess, anymore. We all better stand up for America before she is gone. Believe me, in the near future, I don’t want my kids to bow down to someone or be stoned to death. Doesn’t our military have the power to up hold our constitution. To make sure our country is not destroyed by someone mentally ill or not capable to be in office? Just wondering…