Obama Uses 'Swift-Boated' Kerry to Slam Navy Seals

Invoking his 2004 battle with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., thinks he can impart lessons to Barack Obama learned from his failed White House campaign as the president faces criticism from a group of former special forces and intelligence agents for exploiting sensitive national-security information and bragging about killing Osama bin Laden for political gain.

In a letter to Obama supporters, Kerry warns that “attacks, smears, and lies” can be effective, lamenting he learned the hard way eight years ago that “even completely baseless attacks can stick if people don’t call them out quickly enough.”

“No matter how self-evidently false the attacks are, or how disreputable the people telling them may be, there’s no attack that can’t take hold,” Kerry explains.

The problem for the Massachusetts Democrat, however, is that none of the substantive charges made by the more than 250 Swift Boat veterans have been debunked.

Kerry himself never responded to the charges, other than to call the veterans liars; and his campaign simply ignored most of the accusations presented in the group’s No. 1 New York Times bestseller “Unfit for Command.”

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50 comments on “Obama Uses 'Swift-Boated' Kerry to Slam Navy Seals
  1. AmericaFirst says:

    The truth hurts don’t it Obama? What goes around comes around. You deserve all the slams, bams and attacks the Navy Seals gives you. You are the head of the forces and they have no respect for you what so ever….live with it.

  2. ElizabethMC says:

    When they have to take Kerry out of the mothballs, they’re really desperate.

  3. doug63 says:

    is this the same john kerry who shot himself and got a purple heart for it?

    • n says:

      Yeah, terrible shot. Missed his head..

    • Les says:

      Mister “I got three purple hearts” shoots off his mouth regularly but I don’t think he actually shot himself. Three purple hearts in 3 months is so phony and the MSM just keeps looking the other way. They’ll do the same thing for Øbama.

    • TexRancher says:

      If memory serves, Kerry put himself in for the Purple Hearts. Then I think about the guys who got real wounds and kept on going never giving a Purple Heart a thought! Those are the genuine heros!

      • danclamage says:

        Kerry probably cut himself while shaving. Hence the Purple Hearts. Cheapens the medal. Guys who got their legs blown off, deserve Purple Hearts and then some. They deserve our respect, and our support. Like the Marine in Cranberry who got his house remodelled by an army of volunteers. One active duty Marine said, “I don’t know him, but he’s a wounded Marine so I’m here helping out.” OOH RAH!

      • Les says:

        Kerry is what we called “Self-licking ice-cream cones” when I was in the service. They would find some senior enlisted or officer that would sign anything and then they would find everything stinking award they could put themselves in for.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Hahahahahahahahaha. One and the same. Good one.

  4. Isn’t that treason to have Kerry saluting; he disgraced his service by throwing his metals back to the hippies???? firing squad. yes??????

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Right on David. And all these pseudo expatriots that claim to have served, we find out later that they served in Canada.

  5. doug63 says:

    no one should be commander in chief unless having first been in battle or at least a veteran.

    • I guess that would have disqualified Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, wouldn’t it? Probably some others as well. I understand your sentiment on this (I think) but there are honorable people who’ve never been in the military. Obama just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

      The gentlemen who appeared regarding Obama’s role in the killing of OBL ARE honorable and truthful. Obama isn’t…

      • drdbiggs says:

        Lincoln was in the service during Black Hawk War in early 1830′s.

        However, the commie FDR, never served!

        • New Deal: Great for Americans says:

          Unsubstantiated liar calling FDR a “commie”? Typical Tea-Party Conservative ignorance.

        • drdbiggs says:

          Excuse Me!!

          Progressive Liberal Socialist, happy now FDR has been correctly labeled?

      • PierceArrowV12 says:

        Michael, Abraham Lincoln served in the military during the Black Hawk War. Since the Civil War, Southern racist bigot Democrats have teamed up with hate-America liberal Northern Democrats to slander Lincoln.

  6. i2luvmyusa says:

    Thin Skin, No Shame No Blame Obama!

  7. Phil F says:

    There is of course a problem that Kerry ignores, what the Swiftboat guys said about Kerry was true and what the Seals are saying about Obama is also true.

  8. Max says:

    He is a wimp and a lier He did nothing for this country but line his pockets with are money Kerry makes me sick He needs to go wake up people and get him out of are Goverment

    • Wayne Bauer says:

      Why do we citizens allow this trash to remain a congressman? Do we realize how we got such a corrupt government, staring with corrupt incompetent congress, started by sending corrupt incompetent congressmen to Congress?? We have solutions we better get brains and guts to use them and get off our butts.

      • Learned FREE American says:

        This “corrupt, incompetent Congress” is that way primarily because of stubborn,
        obstructionist Radical Conservative Republicans who would rather block
        governance than compromise and govern. The Democrats may ALSO be corrupt, but at least they TRY to inform themselves on the issues, and offer compromise.

        But it was the Radical Conservative Republican IDIOTS in Congress who played BRINKSMANSHIP
        with the good faith of the United States when they delayed and blocked
        the vote on raising the debt ceiling. (Look up what that really
        means..it’s not just incurring more debt, it’s being able to pay back
        old bonds and
        loans. Even the spectre of doubt eroded Global confidence in the United States as an economic power.)

        The same Radical Conservative Republican IDIOTS who would do ANYTHING to
        make it appear as if President Obama is failing, rather than actually do
        what’s GOOD and RIGHT for this fine Country of ours.

        The same Radical Conservative Republican IDIOTS who would FORCE a rape
        victim to carry the progeny of her attacker to term, rather than make an
        exception for an abortion. Who would express, in his ignorant MALE voice, the erroneous opinion that somehow, when she is “forcibly raped” something in a woman’s body “turns off the system down there” and prevents her from becoming pregnant. Or who would pronounce, in their Radical
        Conservative Republican MALE voices what kind of health-care decisions
        can and cannot be made between a woman and her primary care physician.

        If you want to stand up for INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, and remove the GOVERNMENT
        from the doctor-patient relationship, TELL THESE IDIOTS that a woman’s
        health care decisions are to be made between the woman and her doctor in
        accordance with the best interest of the patient AT ALL TIMES. THEN you
        will convince ME that you are really, truly in favor of smaller
        government. Otherwise, you all are just hypocrites interested in
        controlling the lives of others according to your own personal beliefs.

    • drdbiggs says:

      What do you expect from our first gay president. Google Larry Sinclair & you will find out about his cocaine fueled gay trysts with Kweers!!

  9. TexRancher says:

    Trouble for Kerry is; The Swift Boat accusations were true! Further, if Kerry wants to go up against a Seal, I’d pay money to see that. It could be the most entertaining three seconds of the day!

  10. danclamage says:

    Kerry lives in the fantastical, imaginary land of rich Liberals. The honorable vets who spoke out against him did so because they knew what a dangerously reckless leader he would make. Put Kerry in charge of megatons of nuclear weapons? Don’t think so!

  11. maryanne3935 says:

    what a wimp john kerry is, he can stand up to the seals and tell his lies, but he can’t stand up to theresa. Shame on you John, so glad you weren’t president back in the day.

  12. Charles C says:

    There is no one whose support I would want (on issues of truthfulness) than John Kerry. The man’s lies are exceeded by few people — though Obama is one of them.

  13. 2War Abn Vet says:

    The problem with the Swift Boaters – over 200 of them – is that what they said about the despicable John Kerry was true! I live in a community heavily populated by veterans, and you won’t find one of my contemporaries who has anything good to say about this weasel.
    But, you have to give the Dems credit for learning their lesson. Their next candidate had no history to refute; everything about him was hidden, obfuscated, or a lie.

  14. So, in other words, the ‘attacks’ work pretty well, even when they are lies? Well, then, how well you ‘spect them to work when it’s all TRUE?
    If king zero turns on this country with some sort of martial law plan, he seems to forget these men are capable of carrying out some seriously difficult missions to whack those against America.

  15. AmericaFirst says:

    How does it feel Obama, that pounding your head is taking over and over and over? Is Kerry all you got? You lose!!! People all over the country are getting this great message from America’s best military people….you know the people that worked for you or some other president. It’s a great day for American’s!! God Bless our Military.