Leaked Emails Snag Global Warming Alarmists

While NASA climate alarmist James Hansen insists record summer heat and drought are caused by man-made global warming, leaked internal emails from just three summers ago reveal that he and his colleagues expressed alarm that the planet was inexplicably … cooling.

Hansen, often called the “godfather of global warming,” announced earlier this month that blistering heat across the United States is so rare that it can’t be anything but the man-made global warming he has been warning about for decades.

“This is not some scientific theory,” he told the Associated Press. “We are now experiencing scientific fact.”

But in 2009, as the thermometer hit record lows in America, he and other climate scientists panicked in a flurry of emails: “Skeptics will be all over us – the world is really cooling, the models are no good.”

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28 comments on “Leaked Emails Snag Global Warming Alarmists
  1. GWjr says:

    Global Warming hysterics–members in good standing of the Flat Earth Society

    • Ole Geezer says:

      Also flat heat society!

    • jong says:

      Precisely. We get those who have been paid off by the marxist for their own agenda. Meanwhile the real sciencetist’s like Freeman Dyson are saying that it is nonsense. Freeman is part of JASON a on going group of super genius’s that get together to discuss such things. As a group they have rejected “global warming” interesting that we never get their results only those on Obamas/Soros pay roll

  2. SJvet says:

    The summer heat is a result of La Nina, and this was a La Nina year. La Nina causes cooling in the Pacific, snow and rain along the west coast, unusually cold weather in Alaska, unusually warm weather in the rest of the U.S., and droughts in the southwest. El Nino is said to be forming, so this winter might be interesting.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Liberals are bunch of clueless fools. They have to put their heads out of window to know if it is raining or snowing.

  4. Dick Grace says:

    Why do we give these nuts any space at all? They are just promoters of their own goofy ideas and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

  5. James Maxwell says:

    And one more delousional scientest who wants to prove his theory without any fact to support or back them up. We have waves of weather patterns that ebb and flow as
    the years go by. Any climotoligist will tell prove to you with charts, graphs and other
    scientific dispalys that weather runs in cycles 10, 20, 50 and 100 year cycles and so on.
    We can prove this thru research done at both poles and around the world. The earth
    moves closer and further away from the sun and it also tilts on it axis which effects
    weather patterns. This is just another chicken little person who claims the sky is falling.

  6. Tionico says:

    yeah, they HAVE been worriied about “global warming” for a “decades” now, alright.. about two of them, commencing right AFTER a decade of fussing about global COOLING. Do they think our memory is that poor we can’t recall the hystaria about the coming ice age that raged through the 1970′s?

    And these clowns suck down our tax dollars at a rapid rate, what is their “work product”? Campaigning for a sick marxist political agenda, that’s what. New adminstration, fire the lot of them, and hire some “dumb” scientists who will merely record and report the weather statistics from the global network of stations. Leave the “predicting” to the paid TeeVee talking heads. Then the public can watch whoever they want to watch on someone else’s nickel.

    • Yes, I remember all the “we’re heading for the next Ice Age” crap when I was in school. These guys can NEVER make up their minds so the make up “proof” that what they think is true.

  7. fliteking says:

    Whenever talking to the left about ‘climate change’ you should always bring up the
    Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age – - – then watch the denial begin!

  8. Ken Jacobsen says:

    Al Gore is making Millions from this boondoggle. The European Community, in their efforts to raise more cash, are now trying to charge all airplanes entering their airspace a carbon tax. This is ludicrous, particularly since they are trying to assess the tax from the point of departure to destination in Europe. Global Warming is a SCAM and too many people are buying into the BS.

  9. HawkCW4 says:

    These criminal scientists, Yes Criminals, they are in position to cause change and control and they all have an agenda. They have held this for years and their very income demands they continue to show Global Warming to be a fact. They have the end conclusion they want and they will do anything to show proof of that even cooking the data. AND THEY DID. They had plenty of date showing so such thing as Warming, Just change, UP and DOWN but that fact they hid. And we are supposed to accept anything they tell us. BS, not now, not ever. They lost all credibility and proved to the world, THERE is no such thing as Global Warming, its simply Climate Change that occurs naturally, NATURALLY, with no help from puny man. Got that?

  10. It USED to be a joke that the liberals would pass laws againt bad weather now they just make a joke of themselves!

  11. gbandy says:

    To control the clueless the Greenies and Global Warming fanatics must keep the Cluesless confused and ignorant to the facts. IF there was not climate change the Great Lakes would still be covered with a Glacier 1 mile deep. Seems only 10k years ago the Cave Men must of driven SUVs as the world warmed up and the Glaciers melted. ALL WITHOUT BURNING FOSSIL FUEL!!!!!


    GIVE IT UP, these jerks are still moaning about global warming, a bunch of screw balls.

  13. colleenf says:

    That’s the problem with these loons…they just cannot remember the last lie they told!

  14. Roy says:

    Does anyone remember the story of the”Boy who cried wolf?”

  15. I wonder how much stock Hanson has in Al Gore, Inc.