Bill Gates: 'World Needs Fewer People'

Software billionaire Bill Gates, who previously has advocated the reduction of the human population through the use of vaccines, and his wife Melinda marked the 100th year since the First International Eugenics Congress in London with a “family planning” summit with abortionists and the United Nations.

The July 11 event, co-hosted by the United Kingdom Department for International Development, included organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International and the U.N. Populations Fund, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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44 comments on “Bill Gates: 'World Needs Fewer People'
  1. DogWithoutSlippers says:

    Fools like him think they will live forever!

  2. wisdomcries says:

    Put up or shut up Bill

  3. wfwilson6 says:

    I agree with you Bill, the world needs fewer people. Just wait awhile, Chicago and the Muslims in the middle east are doing their best to bring down the world’s population.

  4. sasquach says:

    Bill if your are serious about this put your nuts on the line first buddy. OH I FORGOT you are a Bilderburg member aren’t you. You are among the elitest team trying to depopulate the world so your off-spring can reap benefits of all the souls lost to make it comfortable for them. How NICE dirt wad.

  5. Well, then why did he a Melinda have kids. And why does he give so much money to areas that need food and medicine. . I once thought he was so intelligent, and I agree we are overpopulated but then take away all the medicine and food. Bill and Melinda do your part then. And you can read it anyway you want to.

  6. I also wonder when Obama will take up this cause and say only every other person can have l child. Of course, when the gays take over, we won’t have to worry.

  7. wfwilson6 says:

    man, between population control and inventing a new toilet, when does he have time for himself??

  8. pappap42 says:

    You see what drugs do to you. Its all about “ME”

  9. Hudmar says:

    Yes, he is correct, the world needs fewer people like the likes of Gates and his warp sense of being.

  10. Justme says:

    Dave, you were reading my mind. I think he and his wife should drink the Kool-Aid first!

  11. Joe D Barclay says:

    Can this criminal moron be any more out of touch with human reality than a sea slug in the Marianas trench. This is one of many targets for termination by the true citizens of this country during the New American Civil War. In the very near future the True American Citizen Army will be prepared to take over this criminal government and eliminate the criminal traitors in government on both sides of the isle. There will be blood shed in the streets and buildings across the country to take back what is the citizens of this great country. The government will go through a major restructuring restricting the powers of those who represent the country and citizens. All laws will be reviewed and changed by the citizenry not the government. Government oppression will cease and will be turned back to the citizens of this country and the citizenship of all will be established to protect this country from being invaded by illegal aliens and representation will be validated before anyone can hold office locally, state, or federal to prevent errors and travesty that has crippled the American citizenry. There will be no more sealed records to protect invaders making those who represent us more transparent. There will be no more millionaires created on capital hill. No more special interest groups will be allowed to pay or receive favors from government agencies. There will be an increase of items on the voting venue so that the citizens maintain control of law and amendments will be up for citizen vote and not divided and destructive government officials committed to party voting or personal gain. The responsibility for the law and protection of the U.S. Constitution will be in the power of the citizens and not a governing body that has an agenda that may or may not have negative connotation that have affected the American way of life.

  12. a1NannaGail2u says:

    I would suggest then, that Mr. and Mrs. Gates take a long walk off a VERY SHORT PIER.

  13. Al47 says:

    Hey, Bill, you can leave anytime!!!

  14. Sally Fama says:

    How about Bill and Melinda sacrificing themselves to decrease the population by two. It’s a beginning!