What Liberal Causes Has Progressive Insurance's CEO Been Spending Your Premiums On?

Everyone has seen the commercials with the ditzy brunette touting the lowest rates on auto insurance.

The company’s name is Progressive.

But it’s not just a name that a focus group picked out of a hat.

This company lives up to its name – the same way the far left clings to the term “progressive.”

How so?

Word started to leak out earlier this year, when Forbes reported that the “left-leaning billionaire Peter Lewis,” Progressive’s chairman, got involved in the 2012 election with a $200,000 donation to American Bridge 21st Century, a “liberal upper PAC founded by David Brock of Fox News watchdog Media Matters for America.”

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31 comments on “What Liberal Causes Has Progressive Insurance's CEO Been Spending Your Premiums On?
  1. Peter Lewis — Progressive — And Jewish too — what a surprise!!!

    • Money talks, even to Jewish.

      • Especially to Jewish don’t you think?

        • Sutekh says:

          What you are saying is that Jewish people know how to manage their money better than most groups, right? That wouldn’t be bigoted. But the cliche about Jews being good with money isn’t true across the board. Proof of that is the fact that there is a specified number of times that a Jewish businessman’s relatives are spiritually required to bail him out if he goes broke.

        • mrbillsdog says:

          Nobody said that, don’t try to put words in their mouth. There’s a difference between being Jewish and being a Jew. Jews have have been money grubbing userer’s since history has been recorded. Its all in the Talmud, how they think of gentile’s as animals, there for use of the Jew. Its not that the Jew is all that money savy, he just conives to liberate it from the gentile. DeBeer’s is a good example, how they fixed world diamond prices….and got caught. But I’m sure they’re laughing at the paultry seetlement they have to pay, compared to the billions they made over common little rock crystals. Jews are strange people and any problems they’ve had throughout history, they brought on themselves.

  2. jong says:

    And of course Brock’s strings are being pulled by Soros with Media Matters.

  3. joe schlepp says:

    Drop and boycott Progressive Insurance if you have it. Our way of protesting.

  4. colleenf says:

    I dropped this insurance company years ago and went with State Farm after some questionable practices from the local office. The guy who ran it is a jerk and a big lib as well. Knew his wife, a very nice woman, and worked with her (both of us are RN’s). The husband was verbally abusive to the wife…I witnessed it many, many times. Don’t miss that jerk at all.

  5. “Progressive” rates up there with “AARP” as two businesses I will NEVER do business with.

  6. Graywolf12 says:

    If you have ever been in the military check out USAA. I have been a member since 1964, and have no complaints.

    • USAA guy says:

      FYI: I am a USAA member and they insure my boat thru their “general agency”…and guess who is the underwriter? You got it….PROGRESSIVE. I am going to look into this with USAA to make a switch….the last thing USAA (a military organization) needs it to support a “liberal company” as liberals do NOT support the military….in effect USAA.

    • Irish2 says:

      Have been with them since 1972. Semper Fi

  7. Lois MacLaren says:

    Progressive is not alone in helping to finance the political agenda of left-leaning politicians. If you Google list of supporters of same sex marriage in the United States wikipedia, you will get a list of all of the politicians and corporations which are promoting the notion of same sex marriage.

    Also, if you Google list of opponents of same sex marriage in the United States wikipedia, you will also find a list of the various groups, mainly churches, which are on record as being opposed to the notion of same sex marriage.

    I understand that, currently, the fastest growing group of registered voters in this country are those who describe themselves as “unaffiliated.” I believe that I have also heard it said that there are more Democrats who are dropping out of the Democratic party and becoming unaffiliated than there are Republicans who are making similar choices. It seems to me that if you are a registered Democrat who has been affiliated with the Democratic party out of habit, but you do NOT support many of the left-leaning social changes which make up the party’s platform – such as the promotion of the notion of gay marriage – then the time to officially drop your party affiliation is now, before you end up being officially counted among those who “support” such liberal notions as gay marriage and wholesale abortions.

  8. Sutekh says:

    Allstate fired one man that gays at the company fingered for protesting same sex marriage on his personal blog. He said when he was called in and told he was terminated, the gay man doing the “exit interview” threw a copy of his blog on the desk. That was the issue. The company didn’t like his political views.
    I made out a form letter explaining that I was not interested in Allstate Insurance. Whenever a local agent of Allstate sent me a letter asking me to switch my homeowner’s insurance over to Allstate, I’d send him a copy of it. It said that I could not trust Allstate, because it was too politically active, and thus its claims agents might deny my homeowner’s claims if they didn’t like my views on farm subsidies, or immigration. It said that I did not intend to badger them or picket their offices, but that if they insisted on continuing to communicate with me, that I would honor their intention and continue to communicate with them. Every time I got a solicitation from an Allstate agent I sent this out.
    Today I receive no solicitations from Allstate, which is just as well, because every time there is a storm or other claim-heavy incident in my home state, Allstate cancels all its homeowner policies and runs away, only to slink back trying to get established again by undercutting the insurance companies that not only paid claims, but stayed to back the state.
    I am surprised to find out that the Flo character is transgendered, but that would explain the heavy, heavy pancake makeup.

  9. camdenme2 says:

    Anyone with Progressive Insurance,should cancel immediately !!!! Send the libs packing !!! Vote with your wallet !!!!

  10. oneway says:

    George Soros own a big part of Progressive so he is a BARRY SOETORO Backer with Money and he the Mouth Piece what comes out of the MUSLIM MOUTH.

  11. bayman61 says:

    I have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for Progressive Insurance. Get another job Flo.

  12. Don Smith says:

    i would never get insurance from these people. the name of the company said it all. i knew it was a liberal establishment and was funding the liberal communist party or would steal u blind. the liberal communist party will steal,lie,cheat,or kill to get their wants. they want to destroy america by acting like they care about people. it is ashame some groups thrust them so much. a fool is born everyday and with some races ,one is born every second.

  13. Flyrodroger says:

    Amen brother,hit them where it hurts.

  14. If I could drive, I would NEVER get insurance from them…. and I always turn the channel when their ads come on…..They are beyond annoying!!!!!!!!

    • Irish2 says:


      They are annoying, and very insulting to think that I would buy insurance from a company that puts a gecko(geico) on tv to talk to humans. How stupid.

  15. big jack says:

    As long as this is a free market economy you could send Progressive Insurance a message, No progressives want here.