Backlash Brewing Over Obama's Anti-Christian Actions

A new poll shows that 40 percent of the youth vote, virtually in Barack Obama’s pocket four years ago, now is going to likely GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney; a one-time strong supporter of Obama now is campaigning for Romney and a Democratic committeewoman in Pennsylvania has left not just Obama but the entire Democratic Party.

Now with just weeks to go before the 2012 presidential election, Bishop E.W. Jackson, chief of the “Staying True to America’s National Destiny,” is urging that those individual actions become a flood.

He – and others – say the Obama administration simply has included among its goals the diminishment of faith and Christianity, and that’s not right.

“There is a concerted effort to do away with all symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture, to deny our right of conscience in matters of faith and to attack Christians, Catholic and Protestant, who dare to speak openly of their faith,” Jackson said. “However, there is a silver lining in all of this. This may be an opportunity for an historic shift in the cultural and political direction of our country if Christians of all races will unite in rejecting the godless left agenda of the Democratic Party.”

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27 comments on “Backlash Brewing Over Obama's Anti-Christian Actions
  1. Willy Jones says:

    I hope all his vote buying and values hating comes back to bite him in the azz in November with the biggest loss ever seen.

  2. A Vet says:

    But-but but-Obama said he was christian-didn’t he? Reminds me of the little girl who was wearing a coast to protect her from the cold and she came upon a snake who asked if she’d pick him up and put him inside her coat because he was cold, she said no, you’ll bite me, and the snake asked again and she said no, you’ll bite. Finally the snake pleaded with her because it was so cold and the little girl relented and picked up the snake and put it inside her coat and it immediately bit her. She exclaimed, you bit me and the snake replied, you knew I was a snake when you picked me up didn’t you…… We knew Obama was a snake when he entered office so nothing he has done has really surprised us.

  3. lizardman says:

    I guess the old saying “givem’ enough rope they’ll hang themselves”….is accurate….again.

  4. Dingbat36 says:

    Poor Obama…………just didn’t know when to quit pushing his anti Christian agenda did he? Somebody say that the president has brains? I think they dribbled out through the hole in his head!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      I say he is very smart in evils. He is a disciple of Satan who he is a genius, in evil. to prove it, he has corrupted many governments. He has even branded our government as his own and is just before taking over completely if he has not already, at the hand of his best pal, Obama. WE can stop him but we must, as a nation turn to GOD for a change.. We must listen to HIM and do whatever HE tells us to do and not argue, in saying, “That won’t work,GOD,we must look at it form another angle, I know what I am talking about, GOD!” This is what we have been doing until we are about to lose, the whole thing. Wake up America, it may not be too late.

    • ricbldwn says:

      I think he’s as dumb as a post.


    Obama better book a moving van for the 3rd week of January GOOD RIDDANCE !

    • wackerlee says:

      I had a thought as to how the white house will be left in Obama’s wake!
      There were stories of furniture missing, spray-painted walls and other destruction when the Clintons left, so I do wonder what the Obamas will do.

    • billy2 says:

      too bad there cannot be a ruling, that the sob, has to move out on the 7th of NOV. however I’m not sure if this ruthless good for nothing pos garbage thinks it will lose, that it wouldn’t hesitate to pull the martial law card!!

  6. mark says:

    The democrat party is Anti-God and pro socialist and threir political agenda proves it! They just want votes and not what is best for America!!!

  7. Human says:

    Obombpa – a disgrace to America! I think he may have to be evicted from the White House in January 2013!. If not him, his mother-in-law for sure. What time frame do they give for eviction, six months? Vote Obama out November 2012!

  8. americanusa says:

    He’s running scared and had to crank it up. He knows his time in the WH is short. I have always believed that he has big bucks behind him to turn this nation into a socialist nation – he thought he could just come in and do it while Americans weren’t paying attention. He fooled them in 2008 – thought he could continue to fool us. BUT – woe to those that call evil good. He knows nothing about the power of prayer and I know there are prayer groups all over this great nation praying for his demise and it is happening. Thank the good Lord – we have turned our backs on Him but thankfully He did not do us the same way. November 2012 – GET OUT OF VOTE ‘EM OUT!

  9. oneway says:

    If he think’s True AMERICAN’S are DEAD we will see in NOV that pile of CRAP will be heading back to CHICAGO land of MISERY

  10. Jim says:

    Amen to that! I am Proud to be a Patriotic Christian AMERICAN Veteran! And it is time for all TRUE Americans to come together to stop the Muslim-in-Chief and his evil LGBT slugs. and their anti-christ/anti-family agenda.

    • CMY says:

      God Bless you Jim, thank you for serving your Country & Serving our Creator… we do not deserve to suffer under Sharia Law. I do not think that the Libs even know that this exists, and that means they will be in serious trouble also…

  11. how does KING Hussein think he is going to get reelected;; groups he has alienated 1.] white middle class workers,2.] white conservative women,3.] Catholics/Christians/Jews,4.] the bitter clingers,5.] heterosexual conservatives, 6.]anti-union workers, 7.] wealthy business owners, 8.] conservative military personnel,9.] Americans living in the suburbs, 10.] private educators/charter schools&home schoolers, 11.] capitalists, 12.] Constitutionalists, 13.] anti Marxists, 14.] non-racists;; I will name more later.

  12. Sutekh says:

    As Obama said:
    I don’t think!
    Anyone would suggest that I am trying to divide the country.

  13. But king zero hisself said to the muslim luncheon at the white house, ‘we got religious freedom here.’ Course, it’s muslims only, it appears, who seem to have that kind of deal.

  14. apache6 says:

    It’s time for the “4th CRUSADE” !!

  15. Silentio says:

    Yes, they call this “Democrats for Romney”. If we can’t have Obamma then we’ll take Romney, the next best.