US Economic 'Recovery' Weakest Since Great Depression

Since CBS News anchor Scott Pelley delivered those words, unemployment has increased to 8.3 percent — with “real unemployment” (unemployed, underemployed, given up hope) ticking back up to the 15 percent mark. July marked the 42nd month in a row of 8-percent-plus unemployment. In selling his $825 Billion borrowed money stimulus scheme, the president told Americans that the massive expenditure would prevent the unemployment rate from exceeding 8 percent. Today, the president is calling for another unpaid-for stimulus program, and tax increases on productive small businesses. Higher taxes, more spending, and blame: He’s grossly misreading history while blaming others — including his opponent — for our current state of affairs. Leadership and accountability.

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4 comments on “US Economic 'Recovery' Weakest Since Great Depression
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    What little I know about finance I can clearly see that obama has impeded the economy’s ability to self correct. And what little recovery we’ve had has been managed “in spite” of his policies.

  2. Remington 870 says:

    And there are fools who will line up to vote obama. What is wrong with this picture? Worst president in US history, yet loved by his black brothers and sisters who many regard him as new black jesus. How pathetic. The lying media created Obama into a black man, when in reality he is mostly white-arabic with only a misture of African blood. If a duck is called an eagle enough times…people will believe the duck is an eagle.

  3. ricbldwn says:

    ‘Recovery’? Where go you see a recovery?

  4. My Thought says:

    Obama makes me sad to have been born in 1961! His continual immaturity and loafing makes me upset to have been born in the same year as the First Idiot!!
    However, in reply to something Remington 870 said, below, I think the RNC is just as much to blame as the idiots, who swallowed the racist rhetoric, spewed by Obama and his cohorts because, had they allowed Rep. Allen Keyes to become president in 1996, all this stupidity could have ended before it even started!
    Keyes is an educated, well read, Christian, who could have wiped up the floor with Obama’s stammering….However, the RNC wouldn’t give him the time of day, so Obama’s handlers were able to give the Oval Office to someone, who is so innept he makes a third grade class president seem to be able to do the job of President of the United States of America!