Mitt Romney's Pick of Paul Ryan Pleases Both Friends and Enemies

Everybody seems happy with Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin congressman Paul D. Ryan as his running mate.Republicans are joyful because it is a bold move that will electrify the tea party troops of the party’s base. Democrats are gleeful because they think they can scare older voters with Ryan’s proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher program.

Ryan is no bland, play-it-safe choice of the kind many expected from Romney — a Tim Pawlenty, for instance, who has all the charisma of an Arby’s franchise manager. Neither is he a wacky wild-card choice like the comically unprepared Sarah Palin in 2008. Ryan has 13 years of experience in the House of Representatives and a boldly controversial spending plan he crafted as chairman of the House Budget Committee that everyone agrees could transform the federal government.

It is Ryan’s transformative plan that now will become the center of contention in the campaign. Up to this point, Romney has been infuriatingly vague about his approach to governing and suspiciously elastic about his core beliefs. Now, joined at the hip with a man who has a specific proposal, Romney’s candidacy may rise or fall on how voters respond to the scheme put forward by the No. 2 guy on the ticket.

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10 comments on “Mitt Romney's Pick of Paul Ryan Pleases Both Friends and Enemies
  1. mcbee555 says:

    Not only am I most pleased with Paul Ryan for VP, but I see Mitt Romney as invigorated now. He is motivated by his decision not to choose blandness.
    These men genuinely admire each other and there will be cohesion between them. I doubt we’ll be seeing the “loose cannon” situation that confuses about Obama-Biden.
    Not only will there now be clearly defined political differences between the two camps, but at least the Republican team is serious about issues and solutions and that’s exactly what this country needs to concentrate on.
    All that can be expected from the Democrats are the same type lies and distortions in order to avoid issues.

  2. Daniel says:

    I thank God for Paul Ryan being picked for VP. Hopefully, Paul’s much needed input will bring desperately needed change and strength toward true conservatism in the GOP. This Nation needs a strong turnaround from from our current downward plunge into despotism. May God continue to help us.

    • Sorry to dampen your parade, but we do not have a dual Presidency.

      I would however thank God if Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination this month. (It would take that kind of miricle.) But, I will REALLY Pray to God if our only choice is a Judeo-Communist Obama verses a Judeo-Progressive RoMoney.

  3. jong says:

    Ryan economic plan will mirror Reagans plan. Kemp provided much of the plans for Reaganomics that gave us for a time (over two decades) of prosperity. And Ryan follows the Kemp plan.

  4. Hairy says:

    Obama and Biden are most certainly a couple of confused stooges. I am just sick of their crap. I will be voting for Mitt and Paul.

  5. budman says:

    I have to disagree with the writer on Arby Franchise managers, at least the ones here in Tampa as they are all very organized and if you see the lines at lunchtime, they must be doing okay and the places are spotless.
    Romney has already put a damper to a degree on Ryan’s plans by saying it will be his plan, not Ryan’s, regarding Medicare and the economy in general. I also understand this is a strategic move to allay the fears of the Independents and Conservatives who have been bamboozled by the Democrats but they can’t leave it at that and need to be specific on their plans. Specifically, those on Medicare now need to know their plan does not affect their status and they also need to be very specific about how their plans affect those who will be going on Medicare and what they will do for the others regarding their healthcare and related costs.
    Ryan has proven that the cost of the present plan of this administration will increase drastically after 10 years by well over a trillion dollars and this was grudgingly admitted to by Mr. Geithner in a budget meeting on the Affordable Care Act. Obama seemed dumbfounded by Ryan’s remarks and had no answer to the analysis.
    As far as reducing the budget, Obama made a huge mistake by ignoring the advice of the panel appointed and now is facing a dire situation that may collapse our Government if they don’t wise up soon and recognize drastic cuts in entitlements have to be made.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes, Romney is the GOP’s Establishment’s pick. But, the GOP is aware that the general Republican voting constituency is not pleased with the Establishment’s choice for the Presidential nomination. So, they selected someone who stands for true conservative values to be his running mate. Just, like they chose Sarah Palin to run with the Establishment’s, Big Government RINO McCain. They know that if they want a chance of winning, they had better bring as many American Patriots aboard as possible to swing the vote their way. Hopefully, with God’s help, Paul Ryan will be influential enough to put America back on the road to recovery.

  6. AmericaFirst says:

    I feel that tingle going up my leg that Paul Ryan was chosen our VP pick….LOL. I feel Mitt and Paul will be unstopable!!! I am so energized!!!!