Political Use of the IRS is Growing

How does it feel to find out that hundreds of millions of your tax money – and probably billions over a  decade – are going to people who broke into the country, and the government is almost certainly doing it for partisan political reasons? Or to find out that one of the most powerful agencies of the federal government is being used to intimidate Obama’s political opponents?

I know. Nothing much seems to shock us anymore. Almost daily we are reminded that this administration is engaged in despicable, underhanded and illegal activity to hold onto the reins of power.

The chairman of a congressional subcommittee that oversees the IRS is suggesting the IRS take time off its unsavory political forays to look into the multi-billion dollar scam of the Child Tax Credit perpetrated by literally hundreds of thousands of temporary workers and illegal aliens. An IRS Inspector General’s report says we are losing millions in the fraudulent use of the Child Tax Credit by persons using the ITIN program, which is available to non-citizens.

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10 comments on “Political Use of the IRS is Growing
  1. Obozo thugs going after their enemies with the head of treasury that DID NOT pay his taxes, FIGURES !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. crazyfreddie says:


    • jjkrjw says:

      I agree, although I prefer the Fair Tax. However, the poor and the illegal invaders will still get reimbursed for any taxes they must pay when they buy something. We’ve become an ungovernable nation, full of fraud and corruption.

  3. jong says:

    One of these days the IRS is going to break into the wrong house and they will get their little mitts burned.

  4. Bill Weston says:

    The I.R.S. has been a “political thug” for years. They have intimdated preachers and churches with revocation of thier tax exempt status (501c3) if the pastor speaks out boldly against government policy. Exposure and public opinion radically reduced this practice. Also, I know of at least two small businesses that have been audited because of thier political activity. (I will not name them so that they will not be persecuted further. Believe me or not for this statement; your choice) Congress does have oversight on I.R.S. activity, but the committee menbers seem reluctant to rein-in many questionable cases. I see it as a fox watching a chicken coop. However, I had a personal encounter with the agency some years ago and the experience was polite, business-like, but firm. At the time, I was more “green and wrinkled” than wealthy and my political activity was no more than John Q. Citizen. Perhaps I was fortunate in getting a conciencious case worker. The outcome actually helped me get back on track financially. Thus I have mixed feelings about the I.R.S. An effective congress and legislation that codifies any possible malfeasance by the agency should resolve any political problems.

  5. TOO INFORMED says:

    Government fraud, deception and embezzelment (raiding Social Security) comes as a “surprise” to us Americans? Hey IRS…check your own people (and Congress) who have committed fraud and deception against ALL Americans. Liberalsm is Moochers electing Looters to steal from Producers. Obamacide is the death of America. Save America, shoot a dirty filthy muslim. Invest in America, buy guns & ammo. Help yourselves (and our Country); STOP PAYING ILLEGAL TAXES that go to the (illegal) Federal Reserve Corporation, a PRIVATE bank that preys on unsuspecting Americans forcing us to aid and abet fraud through the (illegal) practice of a false tax assement on our (God given and Constitutional RIGHT) to labor.

  6. Tom Dodson says:

    Will the new GOP Team make a tough stand on this Fraud ? Or will the Open Borders McCain people in the campaign make them zip it ?

  7. Fair Tax is the way to get this under control!

  8. chetohimler says:

    And they are barely finding out about this? It’s all those anchor babies that are given a social security card as soon as they are born. Why? Those social security cards are lent to a family member or relative that is working in the U.S and is legally paying taxes and submitting a tax return at the end of the year. Each social security card number means a dependent which equals to an $1500 automatically added to the tax payer’s tax return. He/she sends the family (back in Mexico) about $500 per card loaned, and all is very fine and dandy. The IRS never checks if the dependent is even living at that residence. As long as no one else uses that SS number, the IRS throws money around….as if our government was loaded.

  9. mimi says:

    I think it’s time for a sales tax 7% then eveybody pays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!