Gingrich Warns: Obama 'direct threat' to My Grandchildren's Future

In a call hosted by the Republican National Committee, the former House Speaker said he would work extensively to defeat President Obama because he regarded him as a threat to economic future of his family:

I am determined to do everything I can to defeat Barack Obama who I regard as a direct threat to my two grandchildren’s future. I think a second term by Obama will be an absolute disaster. So I am prepared to do – this has gotta be Mitt Romney’s campaign. He is the nominee. It has got to fit a rhythm and pattern he believes in. But within that framework, I’ll do anything I can to be helpful to them.

That’s a distinct change from the beginning of the year when Gingrich and Romney fought a brutal primary for the nomination. It was Gingrich himself who first raised the issue of Romney’s background with Bain Capital as a negative. Many believed that Gingrich’s attacks on Romney had damaged his future with the party. But 3 1/2 months after he suspended his campaign, all that seems to be fading rapidly into the background.

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17 comments on “Gingrich Warns: Obama 'direct threat' to My Grandchildren's Future
  1. fliteking says:

    Well, as he often is, Gingrich is correct.

  2. mymy says:

    When I see obama smiling at children and holding them I think he see’s a future subject. You know the type, I am your future king and you will work for me.

  3. Dave says:

    Romney is just reaping now some of what he sowed in the primaries. He was the one with all the negative campaign ads. He is the big moderate and will not allow any real conservative input at the RNC. We’ll find out if he is a real leader in this election. If he can’t win (given the unpopularity and high negatives that Obama has) then we must demand that the people and not the republican establishment (moderate neo-cons) select our candidate.

  4. Proudamerican says:

    And obama threatens ALL children, black or white, conservatives AND dems, ALL AMERICANS! What did you expect? Millions have been yelling for 4 years that he hates AMERICA and all in it! Look at his mentors! Hello out there?

  5. Newt’s quite correct, 0bama must be defeated at all costs. The elite RINO’s have destroyed the chances of the candidates I would have preferred, or they didn’t run at all. So, as usual, we face the choice of the lesser of two evils. Plain oatmeal Romney or the marxist 0bama. Put the brakes on this runaway nation’s problems or full speed ahead into socialism. Choose. Romney will hopefully give us some time to get someone in there who would really make a difference.

  6. Floyd says:

    Go Newt. Obama deserves the actor of the year award for the last 4 years.

  7. Gmarshall says:

    For those who want to become more informed on who and what Obama is, read Ed Klein’s new book “The Amateur”. This book gives detailed information on him based upon interviews of 200 associates, friends and supporters. Once you delve into this book, you will understand why he thinks the way he does, what he truly believes, and what his goals are for America’s future.

  8. GDC says:

    Obama IS NOT the only one. It is ALL Liberals, Progressives, Fascists, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILES, DRUG DEALERS, DRUG ADDICTS, RAPISTS, ROBBERS, MURDERERS, Muslims and many others.

    ONE BIG PROBLEM IS Tolerance! For too many years to much has be tolerated that should NOT have been.

    WE NEED the DEATH penalty for DRUG DEALERS and DRUG USERS. Once the DRUG USERS see other drug users being EXECUTED for using drugs they will find a way to stop using drugs.

    WE NEED the DEATH penalty for RAPISTS. I am not talking a 18 year old with a 17 year old girl friend. But the RAPISTS like Bill Clinton, the HOMOSEXUALS that RAPE children.

    WE NEED the DEATH penalty for SOME ROBBERS. Some of them will NEVER stop and on their third strike they should be EXECUTED!!!

    WE NEED the DEATH penalty for MURDERERS. There are too many in prison living on the tax payer and they have given UP their right to live in a civilized society. Many are just “Gang Bangers.” If they are can do the murder they should NOT be allowed to live.

    We have tried it the other way and CRIME has INCREASED so the DEATH PENALTY IS a deterrent. Once they are DEAD they will NEVER commit a crime again. Those that are AGAINST the death penalty are more looking out for themselves.

    Those that ARE Fascists, Socialist, Marxist, Communists are THREAT to our society and do intend to overthrow our Government one way or another. Why else would they be doing the things they are doing.

    Obama MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED. TREASON and MURDER ARE crimes punishable by DEATH.

    All of that may seem extreme but it NEEDS to be done to bring safety and security back to this country.

  9. Victor Magilke says:

    I’m sure Romney forgives Gringrich but many republicans don’t. He did more damage to Romney than Obama has. Gringrich lost many of us when he made is priorities, moving our embassy to Palestine and bombing Iran. Americans are more concerned about Jobs, the Economy and how they’re going to feed their families than they are about problems in the middle east. Let them solve their own problems and we’ll solve ours.

  10. C. Browning says:

    Newt is absolutely right on this.. Obama is a threat to all our grandchildren.. they will have no hope!

  11. Rachelrao says:

    Well it is a little bit too late since he and Gov. Perry and Santorium did a lot of damage to Romney in the primaries. And I have not seen even one of them come out and campaign for Romney. While Gingrich is thinking of his grandchildren he did not think of our grandchildren during his campaign even when he knew he did not have a chance!! Men who I thought were good and intelligent, but saw a side I did not like.

  12. bobby ray trollly says:

    Read His Book he hates white people

  13. ricbldwn says:

    Newt is looking for that VP slot & so is Bolton. We need neither there.