WH Seeks $7 Billion to Force 'Green Energy' in the Military

The White House announced Tuesday it is inviting contract proposals from green energy firms to boost the Army’s use of renewable energy.

The administration is making $7 billion available for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to spend on locally-generated biomass, geothermal, solar or wind energy for up to 30 years.

The move is part of a broader White House-led push to green the armed forces, over GOP opposition, which claims the efforts are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Defense Department has set ambitious targets, aiming for renewable sources to account for 25 percent of its energy by 2025, with the Army working toward getting 1 gigawatt of power from green sources by that year.

Heather Zichal, the White House deputy assistant for energy and climate change, praised the DOD’s “extraordinary work” to promote renewable energy usage, in a media call on Tuesday.

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13 comments on “WH Seeks $7 Billion to Force 'Green Energy' in the Military
  1. fliteking says:

    Hey, I have an idea, lets introduce a bunch of untested fuels and technologies during a war.

  2. jong says:

    While our weapons are now depending upon high energy sources Obama wants to give them a c size battery when they need a nuclear generator. I suggest that all the liberals be given a solar panel and biomass fuels and sent to Alaska. We can dig out their bodies in the spring.

  3. Doc says:

    That’s what this administration does best. Waste money

  4. Fred_K says:

    Get this fool, obummer, out of the Whitehouse in November. He is our worst enemy. All the military conflicts in the world have done less to damage to the United States than the idiot president.

  5. oneway says:

    Another GOV rip off wonder who will pocket the money and get away with MILLION’S stop it before it begin’s.

  6. Noob says:

    Green Bean Submarine………..The first project out of the gate will be the Navy’s new sub project. Painted florescent green and shaped like a green bean, the new sub will run on rechargeable AA energizer bunny batteries. When asked about the choice of battery used Obama replied “Everyone has seen the energizer bunny on TV and what he capable of doing.”

  7. AZ BOB says:

    They do love to spend money we do not have on projects that private for profit company’s proved non profitable. But its for a good cause no matter what the cost 1. its not their money 2. if it fails it was someone else’s fault. Always remember Congress and ONLY Congress funds/approves money to the Government. If they do not want to spend it and because the President is the Head of all Departments just reduce the White house appropriations to cover the cost. I am sure there is a way if that is not possible,but the risk of not being popular to keep your political job over rules service to the people.

  8. Is the DNC invested with these companies like they were with SOLYNDRA!
    Just another way to launder money to BO Campaign

  9. Every day it’s like, what new stupid idea with these clowns come up with next? And sure enough, here’s the stupid idea of the month slection.

  10. Sutekh says:

    Imagine the free world defended by aircraft carriers powered by banks of oarsmen. Hitler would have laughed as he smashed the British navy, and walked into London.

  11. flofancy says:

    I wonder what business will get this contract when our service members are being paid to do this very thing. He tells folks how wasteful everyone else is with resources but i see this and get a chuckle at the irony of it all Of course i try not to pull my hair out later because i still cant see how he hasnt been shown up to be the nasty liar he truly is. The man is nothing more than a fly by night thief that needs to be leashed. Flipping numbers around between funding isnt saving money no matter what he calls it

  12. I dont support green energy.