Feds Were Aware of Sikh Shooter Before Attack

Federal investigators had “looked at” Sikh temple gunman Wade Michael Page more than once because of his associations with right-wing extremists and the possibility that he was providing funding to a domestic terrorist group, but law enforcement officials at the time determined there was not enough evidence of a crime to open an investigation, a senior U.S. law enforcement official said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, would not say Monday which law enforcement agency had considered investigating Page, or when.

Before his rampage Sunday at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., that left him and six others dead and three critically wounded, Page was known to civil rights groups as a member of two racist skinhead bands – End Apathy and Definite Hate. He was also believed to have been a low-level member of a national white supremacist group called the Hammerskins.

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25 comments on “Feds Were Aware of Sikh Shooter Before Attack
  1. jong says:

    But, lets not kid ourselves with this and the Sikhs who are peaceful unless disturbed. Since he was former Psyops he knew exactly who the Sikhs were and they were not muslims. So why did he do it?? It may have been a personal problem with a specific person not with the group.

    • Lee W says:

      Could he have been “sicced” on the group like a mad dog?
      While the Sikhs are good people, and they weren’t armed at church (how many of us are, in reality?), he took advantage of a situation!
      But, the question remains—did someone put him up to it?

  2. Dulceb says:

    I think someone in the government is behind these attacks. They want to control guns and the people. The media is in cooperation and trying to panic Americans.
    Remember Mel Gibson’s Conspiracy Theory. No one wanted to believe him, but he was right.

    • Dreamer says:

      I believe your right. Sacrificing citizens to impose more regulation is what corrupt governments do best.

  3. colleenf says:

    When the media tries to call him a right wing extremist, they are dead wrong. The white supremacists are nothing but a hate group. They have no connection with conservatives and conservative values. They just hate anyone who is not the same skin color as they are. They are nothing more than sick, twisted, evil people.

  4. WilliamH says:

    Aware of??????? probably planned by the gun-grabbers

    • Dingbat36 says:

      How much do you suppose the top enforcement agencies “pushing” of people like this who are unstable as best may have to do with their eventual explosion into violence? Just asking…………..

    • James Maxwell says:

      Based upon the current crop of Gun grabbers and the Marxist in the White House
      does any one doubt that they are planning an attempt to steal our weapons by any
      mean possible. Thier only hope is the scare people into surrendering their weapons
      rather than having to try and take them by force. I, for one, will never surrender nor
      give up my weapons to any one. As long as I have them and the corrupt politicans
      fear armed civilisans we remain free, When they have our weapons and we fear
      them we are slave to the wannabe tinpot dictators in office.

    • “aware” of, but did nothing. what a surprise!

  5. jwsays says:

    Glad cops showed up within a few minutes. One armed man slowed the other one down until others took him out! This guy was in the army? And he only killed 6? Had the person who tried to defend the congregation been armed with a modern weapon instead of a knife, they could have saved more including himself! I say there are not enough gun carrying defenders out there to scare away attackers like this idiot. He picked a church because he knew they would not have weapons there. EASY TARGET. Just like a theater with signs that say no guns allowed or a city that says no concealed carry allowed. EASY TARGETS for a whack job.

  6. mad_gorilla says:

    Once again we find out that authorities let a perpetrator slip through the cracks. But, as usual, instead of fixing that problem, they will blame guns, and by extension, gun owners as the cause of the problem. If the guy had used a machete instead, we wouldn’t be hearing about this incident after the first day. The people would be just as dead, but they weren’t killed with an eeeevil gun!

  7. copakeman says:

    why doesnt the msm just come out and say he was a tea party leader, a kkk grand dragon, he supported every right wing militant group, hated homosexuals, hated blacks, hated lationos, hated all who wear turbans, hated all moslems, hated everyone who didnt look caucasian.
    in reality, this guy was crazy. why isnt our Army given credit for giving him an early disharge (getting rid of him) ?

    • BlueViolets says:

      Couldn’t be a KKK Grand Dragon. The KKK is mostly Democrats. It was started by Democrats to keep the southern blacks in line with their slavery thinking.

    • Lee W says:

      Because that would not go along with Obama’s plan to force our military to stand down, and do what he wants them to do—become social workers!
      No, the Army did what was right, but they cannot and should not be blamed for his unhinged mind!

  8. BlueViolets says:

    Seems that the government knows all about every one of these deranged shooters. I’m beginning to wonder if they encourage them in some subtle way in order to have a reason to grab our guns. Did anybody report a comparison on how many gun owners DIDN’T shoot anybody yesterday?

    • Lee W says:

      After this attack, I am convinced the government is out to get us, and will use these people to their advantage!
      Very convenient, don’t you think, the shooter was killed?
      Now, we can’t get his side of the story! Most likely was approached by someone in the government to do the shooting—
      Too pat, too convenient!

  9. AmericansRon2U says:

    Every single criminal that the media has initially labeled a “right wing extremist” has turned out to be a leftie with ties to radical causes. This case is no different. I don’t believe anything the media reports because the manufacture the news, they don’t report the news. Eyewitnesses at the temple shooting claim there were 4 perpetrators, not one. The CO shooting had witnesses claiming at least 2 perpetrators, yet the media insists on there being only one. From my research on Obama and his comrades, this shooting and the CO shooting scream with “false flag” warnings. Obama needs a crisis to implement Martial law before the Nov. election. He has to grab our guns first though. Cowards don’t like to hunt down people who can shoot back at them. Check your history.

  10. Lee W says:

    Sounds to me there was someone who either dropped the ball, or were “waiting to see what he woud do,” before moving in on him!
    Sounds just too much like most likely happened in the Aurora situation!
    Just WHO is the FBI protecting, or,
    WHAT are they up to?
    Besides helping Obama with gun control?

  11. 0o0 says:

    More of this corrupt government wagging the dog to promote gun control or a complete ban. Don’t let them take your rights with their false flags because once gone, you will never regain them.

  12. GDC says:

    Eric Holder IS at it again.Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!! For ALL of the CRIMES he has committed.

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!! For ALL of the CRIMES he has committed.

  13. ricbee says:

    They must have so many names that it is impossible to track down every one-too much information.

  14. sovereigntyofone says:

    Let’s give the Obama camp a does of it’s own medicine. If they can accuse Romney of the ” murder ” of a woman that got laid off and had no medical care, then here’s the spin we’ll use.
    Obama guilty of the murder of the mass killing at Oak Creek, Colorado and the Sikh murders. Why? Because of the high level of stress created by unemployment, and racial division he has cause in this county turning on racial class against the other.
    Now days with the daily stress of living unemployed and on food stamps, it’s a wonder that more than just two individuals haven’t gone ” Postal “. Let’s don’t forget the Eric Holders gun running operation Fast and Furious, how many people have those guns killed in the hands of drug cartel members. When you start sligging mud, there is plenty to go around.
    How that sound…?

  15. darla says:

    Yet they point a finger at the aTea Party and Michele Bauchman for this? The left has no morals of any kind.