Why is Harry Reid Riding the Mail Pony?

Harry Reid says Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for a ten year period.

He has been told by someone.  But that is a secret.

Apparently that is good enough for Harry. The Majority Leader of the Senate of the United States of America engages in hearsay.  But more than that, Reid actually declared that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years.

But why is Harry Reid the mouthpiece here?  Why did the alleged ‘mystery caller’ call Harry?  Why not David Axelrod, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rachel Maddow?  How do you get Harry’s direct number anyhow?  Was there no caller ID?  Did he speak directly with the “informant”?

Curious that the highest Mormon in government takes a shot at the first Mormon candidate for President. Maybe Harry is less engaged and devoted to Mormonism, and more engaged in what appears to be his hobby, McCarthyism?  Maybe he has his “M’s” confused.  For certainly his actions work, somehow, against the tenet of ‘thou shall not bear false witness”.  Ring a bell, Harry?  The unsubstantiated nature of your charges smacks more of McCarthyism than obedience to religious commandments.

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21 comments on “Why is Harry Reid Riding the Mail Pony?
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    The reason the ‘mystery caller’ conveniently called Harry instead of David Axelrod,or Rachel Maddow is because anything Harry says on the senate floor, no matter how defamatory, is said with impunity. Rachal and Axelrod could have been sued.
    Wass-a-man probably wasn’t available..

    • ritha11145 says:

      There is no mystery caller. Harry made this all up in his own rotten little pea brain. This man is too old for the Political field,, and has alzheimer’s disease. There are times when he speaks, he doesn’t even make sense, just babbles. Not to be taken serious, and needs put in the Rubber Room with Pelosie, Holder and Axelrod.People need to research Mitt Romney before believing anything the Left has to say about him.

  2. Robert says:

    Little Prince Harry is becoming more and more like little Joey Biden a total moron
    . Reid has totally lost any sense of reality maybes been out in the sun too long or Scott some kind of a disease while in Las Vegas. Who knows what makes a man go insane but this guy is showing all the signs of total insanity. At least Joseph Biden as an excuse is just stupid. Reid hasn’t that excuse is just insane.

  3. Remington 870 says:

    Reid is a disgrace to all Mormons and should be kicked out of his church. Reid is a liar and has brought continued disgrace to the Senate….as if there is already enough disgrace to go round.

  4. Aerostar says:

    Harry Reid mad his fortune from gambling money and prostitution. At some point in time the mob in Vegas is going to tire of old prince Harry. He is now a prime target, and as such he brings mobsters into the target of Federals. Those type people don’t like publicity and Harry’s antics are bringing too much heat to them.

  5. Fred_K says:

    Maybe Reid is suffering from 3rd stage syphilis. At least it would be a good excuse for acting like he is.
    There should be a limit on the immunity he gets on the Senate floor. Immunity should be granted only for Senate business related comments. He is acting outside of his position as a Senator, so he should be liable for his comments.
    What we need is a Senator who gets up, and gives an equivalent commentary about obummer.

    • VT Patriot says:

      I don’t know much about the disease, but I’d question if you can get this from underage boys, or just the pro’s in Vegas? Jes askin..

  6. easyb says:

    If Harry is a Mormon he must be what was called a jack mormon,not following the faith

  7. 2War Abn Vet says:

    Harry is a disgrace to politicians, and you really have to work hard to achieve that distinction.

  8. danclamage says:

    Reid should be charged with an ethics violation and reprimanded accordingly.

  9. lizaz says:

    Poor senile Harry….we need to make sure he is sent to the back of the room for two more years when the new administration takes over in January 2013. He thinks he can hide the failures of this “administration” by making stupid statements with no evidence (unless his caller was Tiny Tim the Tax Cheat)…..but I guess we’ll never know who this fictitious person was…..oh well, a diversion which ISN’T WORKING, HARRY!!!!!

  10. DWeb says:

    These guys throw out a charge and it does not matter if it is true or not. The press won’t challenge them and even when proven wrong, “the word is out”.

    Lord Voltomort said, “there is no good, there is no evil–only power and those who have it and those who don’t.” Like Tom Riddle–Harry has lost his moral compass.

  11. Jack Parker says:

    What’s the difference between Reid and a moron? … I don’t know either.

  12. Randy says:

    I find it hard to believe their are no democrats see what Obama is doing to this country he is such a fraud for sealing his records where is the transparency he promised ,DICTATOR not a president

  13. pappap42 says:

    Herry said this on Senate floor after saying in before, because he was told he could be in legal trouble, so by saying it on the Senate floor he can not have a suit brought against him. I can not believe not one “NEWS?” person caught this. No I’am not.

  14. fliteking says:

    “Curious that the highest Mormon in government takes a shot at the first Mormon candidate for President”

    Reid has no allegiance to anyone.

  15. Out in the real world, this kind of crap can be settled in court, with a slander lawsuit. But in politics, particularly in the democrat party, lying thru your teeth is just accepted behavior. Of course it’s absolutely a bald faced lie, but the thing is ‘out there’, now Romney has to waste time refuting the lie or ignore it and go on. Either way is a win for dirty Harry. Reply / expose the lie, wastes time on trivia, even if proven, dirty Harry doesn’t care, he knows there’s no chance of reelection for him anyway. Romney doesn’t respond, then ‘he must be guilty’ because he’s ‘hiding’ his tax records.