Republican Roadblock Leaves Long Odds for 2012 Cybersecurity Law

The chamber’s Democratic leadership failed yesterday to get the 60 votes needed to force a final vote on the cybersecurity measure before the Senate leaves this week for an August recess. The vote was 52-46, largely along party lines, as most Republicans opposed a bill their leaders called a burden for businesses.

“As a practical matter, it’s probably dead,” Stewart Baker, a former assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security, said in an interview. “There’s some people hoping against hope to revive it, but given the calendar and the difficulty of the issues, it would be almost impossible.”

The Republicans’ roadblock was a setback for President Barack Obama’s administration, which tried to build support through a series of briefings for senators on potential dangers of a digital attack on the nation’s infrastructure, including a simulated assault on New York City’s power grid.

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8 comments on “Republican Roadblock Leaves Long Odds for 2012 Cybersecurity Law
  1. 0o0 says:

    Good news. This bill also had the 10 round magazine limit slipped into it by the gun haters.

  2. jong says:

    This bill was a dog. It had nothing good about it and much that was not said such as magazines being limited. The NSA/NRO has all this well in hand and has since 1947 NSA(National Security Act) . All this did was to put more power into king barry’s hands.

  3. Robert Young says:

    Congratulate your Senators who voted NO on the Cybersecurity Bill. After Schumer;s amendment was slipped in banning magazines holding more than 10 rounds it became another gun ban law attacking our Second Amendment Rights. Ask your Senators to watch for this bill to be brought up again and, if so, Just Vote NO.

  4. PepperdotNet says:

    Sometimes we get good news. This is one of those days.

    Now call your senators, thank them for this, and remind them to pressure Harry Reid into allowing Audit the Fed to be considered.

  5. dad666 says:

    Somebody should assault New Jerk city and end the reign of the so called Duke of New York. Nanny Bloomberg is a lib moron that needs to learn the constitution and fast. Citizens should recall him and do themselves and their children a big favor.

  6. MalikTous says:

    Not only was this another fraudulent cybersurveillance bill slipping in as a ‘security’ issue, but that filthy traitor Schumer tried to revive Komrad Klinton’s un-American firearms magazine limits with it. Exile both Klintons, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, Brady, and the rest of the anti-gun lobby along with the scum pushing for RIAA and MPAA control over entertainment via CISPA/ACTA/SOPA/PIPA/OPEN and similar fraud scams! Also dissolve the RIAA for theft!

  7. Another classic democrat party ploy. Dream up some legislation with some minor need, gin it all up nice and pretty with a wonderfully appealing title (like the affordable healthcare act) then stuff it full of little zingers like Shumer (hits the fan) loading the sneaky little magazine / step it up to weapons later ban and who knows what else. Then when the conservatives sink it because of the fish hooks in the ball of bait, they cry….evil republicans defeated our lovely bill again, see how bad they are?

  8. Rick Baldwin says:

    Any law not passed is a good law. Thanks GOOP.