Obama: 'People Shouldn't be Allowed to Own Guns'

A fellow professor with Barack Obama at the University of Chicago in the 1990s told radio host Laura Ingraham last week that the man who would become president once insisted, “People shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.”

That professor was John Lott, already known then as a leading gun-rights advocate and now author of several books, including “More Guns, Less Crime” and “Freedomnomics.”

“I knew Obama at the University of Chicago,” Lott told Ingraham. “We both taught there at the same time for about four years, and I talked to him about guns. I know what his views are on that.

“The first time I ever met him, I went, introduced myself, he said, ‘Oh, you’re the gun guy,’” Lott recalled. “He said to me, ‘I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.’”

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288 comments on “Obama: 'People Shouldn't be Allowed to Own Guns'
  1. Rodney says:

    This commie has never had to risk life nor limb to defend the freedoms we enjoy today only trying to destroy our republic with his Marxist and islamic bs rhetoric.

  2. Jesussaid Love says:

    Mention the word gun and everybody goes crazy. The NRA has little interest in the constitution, it is a lobbing arm of the gun companies. Gun sales have skyrocketed even though crime is down. The very idea that guns would be banned is ridiculous on it’s face, never going to happen. Most people would be better served by putting their money into something else other than guns, they don’t improve anybodies lives. If that’s where you must spend your money, well it’s your hobby, I hope you leave a little cash to buy your wife and kids a vacation.
    The choice of which gun makes all the difference when it comes to a crime like the Colorado shooting. If all he had was a bolt action rifle or a revolver how many would he have been able to kill? This wasn’t a suicide bomber, he had body armor so that he couldn’t have been taken down by an armed defense. Automatic weapons are banned and who misses them? Big clips and assault weapons would not be missed either.

  3. Obama shouldn’t be allowed to breathe our air!

  4. Remington 870 says:

    Stop referring to obama as a professor. He was an instructor. He also had to give up his law license, but will never hear or read from liar media.

  5. Helena says:

    I’m a senior citizen who has never owned a gun and really have no desire to own one. If they ban guns however, I’m not stupid enough to believe that it will cut crime or save lives. I know what it will do, and that is to put us all in danger. CRIMINALS WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO GET GUNS. Right now, a criminal has no way of knowing who is armed and who isn’t. Ban guns and they know everyone is easy pickins. Due to limited mobility, I can’t even run and hide.

  6. MalikTous says:

    Libtard Kenyan village idiots and their libtard followers shouldn’t be allowed to make such bad decisions.

    Gun control is Treason and should be abolished, leaving only hunting and game management regulations and a law specifying that each individual is responsible for the weapon in his or her hands as positive and constitutional limits. We should, as a nation, recover our birthright to hit what we want to shoot, avoid accidents by not pointing firearms at what we don’t want to shoot, and control violent crime by making the perpetrators targets. USA citizens should be ‘allowed’ to own any firearm they choose unless an individual has been convicted of a weapon-abuse violent crime. Exile the libtards!

  7. ReaderTeacher says:

    John Randall,
    “Blindsided” how?
    Identified over and over again as the most “liberal” democrate in Congress.
    States over and over again he desires to “Fundamentally Transform America” from what to what would be the question if it wasn’t that Obama himself already stated “to spread the wealth around, and have a one payer national heallth care system, just to meantion two of the top.
    They real problem is that each of us have not taken the time to “think” through the Western
    World View and Way of Life based upon the Judean-Christian moral and ethical values and principles that make the Foundation and Pillars upon which “rest” our two Contracts of Governance that We the People Made with those we chose from among our midst who are to “represent” us in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which grants them use of We the Peoples God given Rights and Power and Authority for a limited time.
    So, start now: Read Mark R. Levin’s two books: Liberty and Tyrrany; and Ameriatopia and then move to the Anti-Federalist papers.
    But we have stop doing nothing and get engaged, read, learn, understand that we are at WAR.
    We are in the War of World Views.
    Who ever wins this war wins the day. To date We of the West are lossing.
    Are all world views of equal value is the question?
    Are are plumbers the “best” in their field? Of course not. Ask anyone who has had a poor plumber.
    We of the West do have the Best, the Greatest Hope for Humanity in fact and deed and historically, the Greatest Prosperty without debt, the greatest personal freedom and liberty and we have Contracts signed in Blood and Treasure to secure all.
    All are invited to come and live under the Domes of Covenant and pursue happiness and be SAFE.
    What we did not do is and need to do what all those who are seeking to “destroy the Contract Domes” and the Foundations and the Pillars have to be asked to cease or go live outside the domes.
    They are not our friends nor do they desire our good.
    Those such as Obama and his bunch of statists, and all other world views hate this county and seek to destroy it and make in thier world view.
    And we keep saying that they are nice guys desiring the best for America.
    Now that is deception working at its best, until it is too late to stop the rise of the statists and Islam in the West.
    My dad use to say: One oftens doesn’t know that they have until it is gone.
    Not only does Obama and the statist desire to end We the Peoples access to arms, they desire to end the Constitution and the Foundation and the Pillars to complete ruin.
    They have a list and at the top is:
    1. debt to collapse the nation within the decade.
    2. silence the voice of all Judean-Christian biblical moral and ethical values and principles in the public square.
    3. to “force” faith out of every element of private sector creating an new culture anti-Western World View.
    4. to continue to remove all authority from We the People by law and to remove all power from the Congress and Supreme Court amassing all authority and power in the office of the President ending the seperation of powers in the Contract; thus, effectually ending the Contract with We the People.
    5. End America’s soverignty turning it over to the UN making the United States of America a member state of the New World Order.
    We have to win the coming battle on Nov 6 at the ballot box. Read, time, treasure, scrade honor, voice clearly articulating the Western World View winning many friends and family to the West, campaign, resist all who advocate another world view, challenge and vote.
    Without out an all GOP win across all tickets, offices and esp. the President and both Houses of Congress with super majorities the return to the Foundaing Fathers and the Constitution and the Western Wrold View and Way of Life may fade into history.

  8. Marlin says:

    Only criminals should not be allowed to own guns. The socialist may voluntarily choose not to.

  9. southern conservative says:

    I hate libera ideology. If it sounds stupid and takes the rights from law biding citizens and unfairly distributes them among the lazy and illegal they love it. What a bunch of mentally inept losers. Odumbo is a criminal and should be prosecuted. Fridihem you are a shining example of a coolaid intoxicated liberal idiot. You can’t justify your idiocy so you use sarcasm and whining whimpering threat’s of violence to try and make your point. What a loser….

  10. Paul Divine says:

    That statement by Obama was meant to convey to the people of this nation that the Goverment should relieve all gun owners of their weapons. He has a good reason for taking every gun from everyone who he thinks might give thought to resisting his private army when he gives the order to attact this nations Infadels. That statement is one that everyone should take note of. Obama means it.

  11. Myrtle says:

    There is no reason in the world, why we should not own guns. In the first place GOD gives us the right to have what is needed to keep ourselves and our families safe. Of course, GOD can do that without us having guns and I believe he will, if guns are outlawed. There is one side fact that we need to look at, GOD expects us to do things for ourselves, that is why HE gave us brains and everything we need physically, to take care of ourselves, BUT we are not to forget HIM and try to do all things for ourselves, we must continue to depend on him; we are HIS children ad He is our FATHER, who is watching over us ready to jump in and give the extra care that we need. Our faith must remain in HIM.

    In outlawing guns, is taking away one of our rights, given to us by GOD

  12. American SeaBee says:

    I do not believe obama should be President of the USA. I believe he is indeed an illegal immigrant.

  13. drrgp says:

    Obama was never a “professor,” dummy. He taught some classes as an “adjunct” with a LOA (letter of appointment). At most, he could called a temporary instructor at the time.

  14. 'John Beam says:

    Truly, I can’t say that I know what Obama’s opinion is about guns, based upon what Lott is saying, because I can’t believe ANYTHING that comes out of B.O.’s mouth. He lies every time he flaps his gums.

  15. Storm says:

    The only reason we have been blindsided or duped by the alien in the White House is that we have a rabid left wing, deceiteful, two faced, arrongant, mindless commie infiltrated media. Who have been sold out by dealing with the likes of George Soros.
    We need to put them all out on the street as beggars…..