Retailers Ready To Force Consumers To Pay 'Swipe Fee' For Using Plastic

Every time you use your credit card, the store pays up to 3 percent of your total purchase to the credit card company. It’s called a “swipe fee” and now some fed-up retailers are getting ready to pass this cost on to you, in the form of a surcharge.

While others want to reward you for paying with cash.

Paper or plastic? It’s a simple choice, but it’s about to get a lot more complicated, CBS 2’s Emily Smith reported.

“You’re going to start to see retailers really weighing what they’re going to charge consumers for using a credit card,” said Kelli Grant of Smart Money magazine.

That’s right, major retailers — from supermarkets to drug stores —may soon be charging you more if you choose to pay for an item with a credit card, instead of paying with cash.

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83 comments on “Retailers Ready To Force Consumers To Pay 'Swipe Fee' For Using Plastic
  1. fliteking says:

    I’ll go back to cash-o-la!

    I bet it’ll cost nothing for the welfare recipients to swipe their entitlement cards!

    • Fred_K says:

      Maybe the stores will stop accepting welfare entitlement cards.

      • jmsmaxwell says:

        The government will step in and call you a racist if you don’t take the welfare care, especiall from the innercity residents and criminal illegal aliens who are
        invading our nation. After all how can politican control their “slaves” if you
        cain’t continue to keep them under your whip(welfare system).

      • Dingbat36 says:

        Are you silly? Barry will just sign one of his executive orders forcing them to do so!!

    • Gabby354 says:

      They are exemt from sales tax and sugar tax, so I reckon this will be the same.

  2. DEANS says:

    The way to stop this is to get a few buggies full of items, check it out and when they say there will be a sur-charge to use plastic, just say NO and walk off leaving the store to restock the items. It will not take long for them to realize that it costs them more to restock than the fee is worth!!!!

    • J says:

      Good point!!

    • DOOMED says:

      You should be nice about it and say “Oh gosh…I forgot my wallet…I’ll be right back.”

    • Steven says:

      Or when most people start using CASH, you may get hungry and join the crowd. Either way, the final answer will come when consumers VOTE with their wallet. THAT is the beauty of FREE ENTERPRISE.

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        Or until the criminals start holding them up and robbing them of all their cash.
        Personally, I think I would rather starve than pay these fees. The few groceries I can afford are usually paid for in cash anyway and luxuries I can DO WITHOUT.
        Just think, if I don’t use my credit cards at all, I could have them all paid off in three to four years. They would be losing all that interest and membership fees they charge me (and everyone else), thereby hopefully, GOING BANKRUPT THEMSELVES.
        Then MY cash would be ALL MINE.

  3. jmsmaxwell says:

    The “swipe fee” is built into the retailer cost already. The only thing that keep it down is
    the free market where I can make the choice of where to shop and buy what I want. Every
    product out there depends upon the consumer wanting or needing it. If I do not need or
    want something I do not buy and the store has to keep it on it shelves long which cost them
    money. Our “have to have it now” mentality fostered upon us by marketing experts has
    driven up the cost of items. If people plan and wait for an item to come down the stores
    will soon realize that they must offer a durable product and at a more realistic cost. One
    prime example is our Automobiles, the cost is drive up by greedy and corrupt unions that
    take approximately 1/4th the cost of the car before you ever see it. The quality of
    cars has gone down but at least the customers are not the “crash test dummies” that
    we used to be when they rushed cars to production before fully testign them and the
    systems the used on them. This applies to ever product we see in the stores today from
    clothing, building materials, light bulbs and what ever else the government can stick their
    nose into.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      jsmaxwell: Yo are right. I used to go to town for a couple of things and while there, as I have grand children, I would look at childrens shoes and clothing, often buying things I didn’t really need, nor did the children in actual fact. These items were just extras on top of what they had.
      Now, I go to town, buy what I need and leave for home. If the children need something, then I go to town and get what THEY really need and come home.
      As to your statement about Automobiles, the reason the quality is so bad, is because NOW they are manufactured IN CHINA, the pieces are then sent to America and assembled HERE. I heard about this in an e-mail from Larry Edelson, a self made millionaire, who is associated with Weiss Ratings and who actually lives in China and reports on all these things.
      Just like our clothing these days. Everything is manufactured overseas and supposedly sold to us CHEAPER. NO WAY, anything manufactured HERE in the USA, is overpriced to make it LOOK LIKE it is costing LESS for the Chines, Korean, Phillipino goods. Also, the quality is absolutley disgusting. They last about a month if you are lucky and then YOU HAVE TO GO BUY MORE.

    • RonEl says:

      ” make the choice of where to shop and buy what I want” …
      until it comes to health insurance.

  4. Doc says:

    They better start stocking more cash and be ready for more robberies.

    • Steven says:

      They won’t have to stock more cash. Their customers will supply it. As for robberies, just replace the guns prohibited signs with CCW welcome signs. I guarantee an increase in actual sales AND a decrease in theft/

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        I wouldn’t count on that Steven. The criminals, as we have seen with recent events, have arsenals of automatics in their artillery. They are not afraid to kill everyone i sight to get that cash.

        • TheTruthisAlwaysTrue says:

          Nonsense. Give me a single example of a major shootout during a store or parking lot robbery using fully automatic weapons! Virtually all personal crimes are perps acting alone and expecting no resistence. We encourage them when we just roll over to it. Get your CCW and training.

  5. Dingbat36 says:

    That will last about as long as it takes people to figure out that the crooks will be in the store parking lots to rob the people who may (or may not) be carrying a lot of cash. I sure don’t relish that thought as my last trip to Costco was over two hundred bucks and I am not going to carry around that kind of “green”!! Hmmmmm…………I do have a panic alarm siren about the size of a cigarette lighter that produces a gigantic siren when you pull the pin. Maybe I had better start carrying it!

    • jong says:

      Or carry a .380 with blue tips

    • DOOMED says:

      Only $200.00? You got away cheap. I normally spend over $300.00 per month and I always use cash. And no, I am not worried about being robbed in the parking lot…how does the thief know who is carrting that much cash? (Besides, I always travel with my two friends…Smith & Wesson)

      • kid721952 says:

        If things get any worse under the obama administration people won’t be robbing you of your money but the groceries you just bought

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          KID721952: That’s why, I go to town a couple of times a week, (I live in a Rural area), and buy just a few items at a time, as I need them these days. As long as I have the cash in my pocket for the gas to get there, I will continue to do so.

    • pateboo says:

      Remember, the government thinks people who pay with cash are terrorists. So the FBI might show up and can protect you then.

  6. sean murry says:

    Now thats a good idea Deans how we get our money back?

  7. junkmailbin says:

    I am sure that online companies will appreciate having their business tank because of this. This is the same old game with lip gloss, figure out how to pass the cost to the consumer

  8. jong says:

    Gas stations for years have given a discount for cash. I will just carry cash.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      jong: I don’t know what state you live in, but in Oregon, they used to do the same. Then the government, 9not sure, but think it was STATE), stopped them from doing that. NOW, they have just recently started doing that again because they are anticipating it to become law again, because of this greedy court case by the BIG STORES like WALMART and the GAS COMPANIES.

      • jong says:

        I live in Michigan if that gives you any help and we have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation. We now have Conservatives in Government from the top on down. So I hope that tax will come down in time.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Jong: Good uck with that. I hope the Conservatives do right by the State. They usually do. We are inundated with Liberals here. You can’t get a break for love nor money – so to speak.

  9. gene says:

    guess i’ll be buying a lot less. prices are too high now without a surcharge. another of ovomit way of spreading the wealth around. not for the common man

  10. Gabby354 says:

    I doubt that you’ll see any difference at the checkout. The fee has always been there, but it was the retailers that paid it. Now it will be the consumer that pays for the convenience of using their plastic. People using plastic to buy their 99 cent coffee will be paying more. Convenience is what they will be paying for. Now we will see how much retailers have been paying for your convenience. Guess we will see more checks and cash at the register.

    • Steven says:

      Actually, the customers have ALWAYS paid the fees. The only change is it will be visible on the receipt instead of buried in ALL of the prices.

      • Gabby354 says:

        I don’t expect to see prices come down, tho they should under the new system. Anybody besides me ever notice that?

      • loveUS says:

        I fear that we will have the buried fee as before PLUS the now visible fee. 50% increase.

        • loveUS says:

          make that 100%

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          loveUS: Yeap, I do believe you are right. Dirty theiving BIG STORES. It’s not the momma’s and poppa’s stores pushing this, it is the BIG STORES like WALMART, TARGET, BIG K ETC.

    • DOOM says:

      Retailers already build tge fee into the price. Noe tgey’ll charge the fee twice.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      I think I paid thirty five cents extra last month, when I bought our son a packet of Cigarettes, cost of which was $5.00. I told him I would never do that again. If he needs cigarettes, he had better call me before I meet him, so I can have the cash on me.

      • Gabby354 says:

        Same thing in CO, but the extra is sales tax. It used to be included in the price of tobacco products, but for whatever teason they came up with, it’s now separate.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Gabby354: I live in Oregon and there has never been a sales tax in Oregon. Having said that, there has never been a sales tax “that is charged openy”. I am sure we pay some kind of sales tax in the cost of the products, without being told it is there. But the cashier at the store that night, told me it was a service charge for using the credit card.
          As my son was going through some very bad stresses at the time, I could see he needed some cigarettes, or he would fall apart completely. He has two toddlers and THEY NEED their father. So, I paid the extra thirty five cents.
          However, if they pass this new fee, I m definitely NOT using ANY credit or debit cards at the stores ever again.
          I am currently trying not to anyway, except in an emergency situation and have started paing each of them down. I plan to keep doing this and will figure on ONE credit card to be used, if/when absolutely necessary.
          I usually pay cash for my gas and there isn’t much that I actually NEED, for me to have to use a credit card any more.
          As my mother taught me, NEED and WANT are two totally different things.

        • Gabby354 says:

          As to your last line–AMEN girl. The younger generation needs to learn and understand that bit of truth.
          As to sales tax, our little burg charges sales tax on food.The rest of the state doesn’t.(There may be one or two, but I don’t know of them.) But when I tell people that they’re paying sales tax on food here, they look at me like I’m goofy. I tell them to LOOK at their receipt. Some have come back and told me they wouldn’t have believed it and they never knew.

  11. will that be including the slackers [EBT CARDS]?

  12. Willy Jones says:

    Will I get cash back for using silver. The paper is worthless anyways.

    • Randy G says:

      No they will soon charge you for using cash.

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        Randy: That is when all hell will break loose. They will have people stealing from the stores and probably even worse, LOOTING AND RIOTS.

  13. Willy Jones says:

    I’m sure the banks will still get their 3% by implementing withdrawal fees when cards loose their luster.

    • a1NannaGail2u says:

      The banks have already put a $5 fee on every withdrawal you make on your OWN MONEY. That is why our family changed to a Credit Union, which is NOT governed by the Federal Government and they can’t put these fees on them.

      • Gabby354 says:

        That is why I don’t have to remember any pin numbers. Cash or check or credit. I refuse to pay a fee to get my own money.

  14. Douglas says:

    They would charge me just once and that would be the last time I would buy from that merchant!! I will not continue to allow a small group of people to hold me hostage to their foolish ideas any longer…no matter who they are. From now on if there is a a fool wanting me to take sides on issue I know are not in the Generals public’s best interest…I will fight in every and any way I can…..Have Sign Will Travel!

    • Randy G says:

      The AM-PM markets have been doing that for years. They don’t take credit cards but charge 35 cents to use a DEBIT card, which is money from your checking account.

  15. LEE says:

    I certainly do not want to go shopping with hundreds of dollars in my pocket. I should think the pick-pockets will be thrilled. So they are now going to send us back to the good old days of writing a check for our purchases? That should make all the lines move soooo much quicker.