Several Arrested After Anaheim Police Protest Swells Into Streets

Police continued to take demonstrators into custody late Tuesday night

Protesters rallied in the streets of Anaheim for several hours Tuesday night in the latest and most confrontational demonstration against recent fatal officer-involved shootings in the southern California city.

A disperal order was issued at about 9 p.m. to hundreds of demonstrators that began gathering outside Anaheim City Hall around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, police said. Within minutes, a group of protesters could be seen fleeing from the intersection of Anaheim Boulevard and Broadway after officers reportedly shot pepper balls at their feet, police said.

The majority of the crowd had dispersed by 11 p.m., but a small contingent remained in the street. Anaheim Boulevard was reopened with a heavy police presence.

Several fires broke out near the scene of the protest — one in a trash bin, another near a bus bench, according to aerial footage. It was not immediately clear how the fires started.

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14 comments on “Several Arrested After Anaheim Police Protest Swells Into Streets
  1. liberals doing their class act in public once again

  2. junkmailbin says:

    gabby pena just tossed the race card out. How would she know prejudice except to try and justify her own, the prejudice she raised her children, and the prejudice she help foster in her neighborhood. This is a generational pass down now except in rare cases.
    I was raised in California and lived next to and went to school with Robert(Robert0) John (juan) Manuela etc. We helped each other with school, did scouts, sports and freely mixed.

    With the influx of non willing to mix things were perverted. We had the raise of gang bangers ( M&F) tattoos everywhere and an attitude of We deserve all you got because we can take it.

    Some fool running from a police stop and than taking a shot at officers received something no one had given thin. He was terminally held responsible for his action.
    Look at what has been done to the majority by prejudiced minorities. The marojity would like you to partake in the benefits of this great society. One big problem is that you want to be treated “Sppecciaal”. And just why should you get anything except by working for it, obeying the law, and raising responsible citizens

  3. sean murry says:

    Liberals trying to get thier 15 minutes of fame.Dont they have anything better to do.

    • Tionico says:

      no, they are either unemployed or “working” for some “community action” organisation.

  4. abbeyconway says:

    let me guess before I read the entire article. It was a black and in a black neighborhood and the local blacks are rioting and burning down their own community in protest?
    Did I guess right? Wait. Don’t tell me.

  5. Work2SnowSki says:

    Al Sharpton can’t be far behind to help his little brown brothers as well as his wallet.

  6. I am really tired of the street demos;; these idiots are really helping our cause, it just shows the rank uneducated, worthless slackers at their best [good for us bad for them].

  7. texasfedupgramma says:

    Typical California liberals! Leave them to their own means and they will destroy themselves!

  8. Don says:

    Need to get all these people off of welfare and put them to work and they would not have time for all this nonsense. But obummer and the liberals are all for this, because it gets people away from their bad policies.

  9. jammer says:

    It is simple, don’t disobey the law, you will live longer. It is not rocket science.

  10. Don says:

    Just a bunch of Obama foot soldiers i suspose?

  11. Victor Magilke says:

    This is to ridiculous for discussion. Police should be allowed to shoot to kill when its necessary to protect their lives and the lives of law abiding citizens from rioting street gangs. This is what they are payed to do.

  12. Robert says:

    Did you ever notice that after the Kent State rights violent protests almost disappeared. I wonder why maybe it’s because people got tired of vandalism, vicious behavior and the violent behavior of these people. These rioters should be corralled just like animals and processed. You want to act like an animal then you need to be treated like one drove electric fence around them. They do not want a time and processed for fingerprints, criminal records, immigration status, and even child care payments. And then treat them accordingly lock him up or deport them. If they have a beef take it through the proper channels and don’t go berserk and destroy other people’s property just so you can have a good time and get your face on the news.