Pelosi Capitulates on Romney's Tax Returns When Her Own Are Called Into Question

Behold what a prominent politician’s “CYA” instinct hath wrought:

Facing questions about why she and other top Congressional officials won’t release their tax returns, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) downplayed her previous demands for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to release his, calling the issue a distraction. As recently as Wednesday, Pelosi had strongly urged Romney to provide further disclosure of his tax returns. But today, while maintaining Romney should release more documents because of “custom” and “tradition,” Pelosi said the issue was trivial compared with economic issues. “We spent too much time on that. We should be talking about middle-income tax cuts,” Pelosi said after answering two questions about the issue.

Pelosi even started clawing at the annoyingly inquisitive media:

Pelosi also suggested that the media should face disclosure requirements. “Some people think the same standard should be held to the ownership of the news media in the country who are writing these stories about all of this. What do you think of that?” she asked.

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52 comments on “Pelosi Capitulates on Romney's Tax Returns When Her Own Are Called Into Question
  1. Noob says:

    What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander in Sea Hags world.

    • Ed Shick says:

      Martha Stewart served Prison time for the same crime that Nancy and her husband were guilty of , I think it is called Insider information , Would you think she would shut up…… It seems on the taxes that Romney filed he paid a lot more to charity than any of the people in Office now,

  2. Deb Schwinge says:

    humm…a bit on the snarky side, don’ t you think?

  3. DOOM says:

    Doesn’t calling for Romney’s tax returns accuse the IRS of not doing its job?

  4. Remington 870 says:

    Pelosi is certifiably insane, corrupt and evil. How anyone could vote for this freak is the riddle of the universe. Just proves Democraps are mentally unstable.

    • Bobseeks says:

      People who are equally insane, corrupt, and evil vote or her and there are a lot of them in the USA today – they are called democrats.

    • RubyBlu says:

      She is the sum of the parts that vote for her – San Francisco.

    • Gary says:

      Just look at Pelosi’s constituents. That’s why she gets reelected over and over.

    • mcbee555 says:

      The “freak” would never run for any office but the House of Representatives, where she is relatively safe in her district which is full of Pelosi-like voters.
      Her House seat has been safe no matter what kind of an ignoramus she is.
      We just have to maintain our Republican majority in the House to avoid her elevation to Speaker again. The same applies to Steny Hoyer, a Pelosi colleague.

    • Dingbat36 says:

      She mirrors perfectly the loons who live in her San Francisco district!

    • Traknfield says:

      You are being way too polite

  5. fireobama says:


    • TeaParty Patriot says:

      You can’t drain the swamp. nasty nancy and hairy greed are plugging the drain and the only plumbers with rotor rooters are the gov Union plumbers and they refuse to unveil the ‘rat and rino pigs in congress cause the unions are covered in $hit too.

    • Gary says:

      Not to mention Dirty Harry’s land deals

    • JRC NJ says:

      Amen !!!!

  6. fedup says:

    Sounds kinda like a threat to me. Reminds me of O. Ask a question they don’t like and you could be facing an IRS audit.

  7. lark125 says:

    as the demopats would say, if you won’t release your returns you must have something to hide!, Only in her case IT’S PROBABLY TRUE.

  8. tell the truth says:

    Pelosi not only looks deranged–she is!

  9. Evermnytle says:

    Perhaps, if Pelosi could get Obama to release his records, Romney would release his records. First come, first serve, which means Obama’s records should precede Romney’s records. Maybe, I am wrong but that is how I see it.

  10. racefish says:

    “makes him unfit to win confirmation as a member of the president’s
    Cabinet, let alone to hold the high office himself. Sen. Harry Reid went
    farther: Romney’s refusal to make public more of his tax records makes
    him unfit to be a dogcatcher.”

    Extremely funny since many in the president’s cabinet are either behind on taxes or have refused to file. Great job you lying Liberal hypocrites.

  11. danclamage says:

    Pelosi herself has millions tucked away in Swiss bank accounts, and has millions stashed overseas. She’s either a crook or a felon!

  12. sean murry says:

    Botox face i would like to see your tax return what ar you hiding?

  13. Bill Weston says:

    Since Nancy Pelosi is a “liberal cliche”, permit me to share another cliche. “People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Take your foot out of your mouth and just go home Ms. Pelosi.

  14. Jim says:

    Hey Pelosi let us see how much money you have made on insider trading. Let us see how much taxpayer money you have given to your cronies and family members. You lady are a worthless piece of garbage and you should be thrown out of congress on your ugly head. Thank you San Franciso for putting this metally deranged knucklehead in congress.

    • Tony Donaldson says:

      You wouldn’t hurt her throwing out on her head. The only thing that would hurt her would be being totally divested and destitute. Plus not being able to find a tax paid plane ride home every week. Need to do a little digging and see what she has hidden. Funny how a rich woman like her wants to tax the rich. Wonder who or what she uses as a tax shelter?

    • Tony Donaldson says:

      If it’s not a law already then it should be that anyone elected to and holding a public office should have to show their tax returns every year. They want to claim to be transparent, make them be transparent. Let the opposite party pick independant auditors, not government owned IRS auditors to check each other’s taxes. Let’s just see who would vote for that! You should have nothing to hide if you’re honest with your own affairs.

    • Tony Donaldson says:

      Nancy Pelosi has a sexual need for power. She fairly drips when she gets to hob nob with the power brokers in America. Does she belong to any secret organizations that we know of? Her opinion on anything only means anything if you let it.

  15. agbjr says:

    Would some one please throw a bucket of water on Pelosi? The Wizard is waiting for her broomstick.