Sitting U.S. Senator Calls for Boycott of American Company

Not long ago congressional candidate Darcy Burner called for the boycott of Koch Industries. Actually, she developed a smart phone app that would help people avoid any products sold by any of the companies the Koch brothers may derive income from. Now Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is taking the lead and calling for a boycott of the US company that employs 50,000 American workers, and some of those workers are his constituents! He’s mad that the Koch brothers donate money to Republicans, and he wants to pass the DISCLOSE Act so they and other donors can be subjected to death threats and other harassment from leftist goons.

John Hinderaker notes that this is a new low in politics, even for a Democrat.

Next, Lautenberg did something that to my knowledge no Senator or Congressman has ever done before: he called, at least implicitly, for a boycott of an American company, simply because its owners disagree with him politicall

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87 comments on “Sitting U.S. Senator Calls for Boycott of American Company
  1. concerned says:

    With Lautenberg’s actions, shows why the Senate hasn’t passed a budget as required for 3 years. They haven’t the smarts to understand what they are supposed to do, and the mind dead people that vote for them are in the same boat. All they do is look for their clue on a ballot designated ” D ” for dumb.

  2. mcbee555 says:

    There is nothing the Democrats won’t stoop to! If one is white (for instance) and criticizes a black, the white person is declared a racist. If a black criticizes a white, the black has somehow been compromised by whites all his life. Almost every issue, in Democrat-land, is twisted into a racial, ethnic,religious, or class issue. The Democrats somehow come together to vote against their common enemy, which is anybody who believes differently than they do. What do they believe in? They can’t answer that, after all, they’re “individuals,” don’t you know?

  3. Ben Bennett says:

    Be ready kids. It looks like it’s our turn to water the tree of liberty, or it will die forever.

  4. Jim Matthews says:

    If America is dumb enough to reelect Obama I pray to the Lord we have enough sense to put Republicans in charge of both the House and the Senate. That will be the only chance America has to survive as a freedom loving nation.

    • Doris says:

      I don’t know…seems to me DumBO has rendered the Congress impotent with his czars and Executive Orders. DumBO IS the problem. He should be deported, jailed, and definitely not re-elected.

      • Tionico says:

        the congress is only limited by his executive orders because they are either scared, lazy, or in cahoots with him. It is the LEGISLATURE that makes law, and the Chief Executive’s department is enforcing it, making it work. When the Exec branch makes law, they are usurping the power given the legislative. If the leg lets them, it is not the exec’s fault, it remains with the legislature.

        Time the boys in the Congress wake up, too, else many of them will find themselves in the soup lines come January. Which would be a good thing, I am thinking.

  5. Originalintent says:

    The left has gotten so ridiculousy bent that I can’t believe they haven’t disappeared up their own backsides. Everyday I read more and more mindless drivel coming from these two-faced, one-way, mentaslly deficient people of seriously questionable charater and can’t help wondering how in the bloody blue blazes did we get here? How can there seriously be this many people with their minds this twisted up? What miniscule thought processes they posess are so convoluted I can’t believe they are able to function well enough to keep themselves alive without assistance. Every day I just become more incredulous that they actually expect to be taken seriously.

    • Doris says:

      I think we got here because our education system has failed us; too many kids never graduate from high school; too many people are on the dole and want to stay there; too many people are uneducated or just apathetic.

  6. Spenserr says:

    Senator Frank Lautenberg is a communist gun grabbing dictator, He knows only people with freedom own guns, he wants to take our guns and turn us into his subjects.

  7. Zardos says:

    Insanity. Better yet, let Koch brothers boycott USA and take its jobs overseas.

  8. agbjr says:

    Senator “Lousenberg” is a doddering senile old codger – close to ninety – and most New Jersey taxpayers can’t wait for him to kick-off. He’s a tool of unions and the century-old corrupt Hague Democrat machine. What keeps him in Washington are the party-line voters and illegals in Hudson, Essex, Passaic, and Camden Counties not to mention the voting dead in Jersey City cemeteries.

  9. Devasahayam says:

    Democruds, originally the party of Jim Crow now the party of worse than Benedict Arnold!

  10. Tomtom says:

    Lautenberg is living proof that “stupid is as stupid does”!!! Just another dumb liberal.

  11. Washington22 says:

    Yet another old douche attacks America. Time for him to go as well as McLame.

  12. johnny d says:

    man…… does this leave the door wideopen for a BIG boycot of comapanies owed by george soros…. lots of guns and ammo companies that now owns, that i look for him to shut of supplies to the public. how about another ???? PROGRESSIVE INS. CO. this guy is a commie, plain and simple…..

  13. DocFreeman says:

    Well, all I can say is that Democrats are just like Obama
    they hate America and the Free Market.
    They are just like Obama and want to fundamentally change America to
    Socialism. Senator Frank Lautenberg has
    been in D.C. for 30 years, is 88 years old and is not up for re-election till
    2015. I cannot believe the people of NJ
    would re-elect anyone over 70. Actually
    I do not think anyone in Congress should have more than two terms in office, that
    way they would not be eligible for a pension which saves tax payers money, and
    we would get new and improved ideas at least every few years.

    It is really a disgrace for any elected official to be
    against Capitalism since that is what makes our nation so great and rich, well
    it did till Obama got in office.

  14. Bob Belcher says:

    I support any company that will help to get rid of the super stuiped liberals that we have in the senate

  15. offdaback says:

    Let’s support the Koch Brothers…..