Sitting U.S. Senator Calls for Boycott of American Company

Not long ago congressional candidate Darcy Burner called for the boycott of Koch Industries. Actually, she developed a smart phone app that would help people avoid any products sold by any of the companies the Koch brothers may derive income from. Now Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) is taking the lead and calling for a boycott of the US company that employs 50,000 American workers, and some of those workers are his constituents! He’s mad that the Koch brothers donate money to Republicans, and he wants to pass the DISCLOSE Act so they and other donors can be subjected to death threats and other harassment from leftist goons.

John Hinderaker notes that this is a new low in politics, even for a Democrat.

Next, Lautenberg did something that to my knowledge no Senator or Congressman has ever done before: he called, at least implicitly, for a boycott of an American company, simply because its owners disagree with him politicall

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87 comments on “Sitting U.S. Senator Calls for Boycott of American Company
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    The democrat’s mantra: ” If you can’t beat em, destroy em”.

  2. wayne74467 says:

    I thought Lautenberg died several years ago, did they forget to bury him?

    • j dare says:

      He did die years ago, he just isn’t aware of it yet.

    • el_loco_jp says:

      You can be brain dead and still be a senator. In fact it’s a requirement for Democraps.

      • budman says:

        el loco jp: The same could be said of the House of Representatives and the former leader, Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example. She is, in my opinion also mentally unstable and should be removed from the House for medical reasons.

    • jude says:

      no he is still voting

    • MGJ says:

      Any signs of intelligent life, or even life itself, cannot be found in the Dumbocratic party.
      And living or dead, the Dumbocrats all look and act the same…..braindead! That’s why it’s so difficult to sort out and to keep the dead ones from voting.

    • Washington22 says:

      apparantly so.

  3. arlo says:

    Hmmmm, this is kind of like Raul “Boycott Arizona” Grijalva, the worst congressperson the United States has ever had. What is it with the dumoRATS, if you don’t like something, then boycott them. They are all idiots

  4. JadaBlue says:

    Thanks Frank makes me want to go out and buy these products to support the employees that produce them!

  5. Lindy says:

    The democratic party must be wiped out in November if our country is going to survive.

  6. Gentle Ben says:

    I think politicians like Lautenberg should be fired from their jobs ASAP. Talk like that is stupid and threatens the lives of so many people. What’s wrong with these Democrats these days?

    • TxProwler says:

      The democratic party as we once knew it is no longer. It has been over run by the NAACP and the Socialist Party

    • Tionico says:

      the voters that put them back in office, that’s what’s wrong with them. Time their constituents wake up out of their comas and become active CITIZENS again, or, for too many, for the first time.

  7. samuel says:

    The SENATOR is crazy! Boycott Wal-Fart,save an American job,not China!!!!!!!

  8. john says:

    i think Lautenberg needs a boy catt at the polls wake up New Jersey

  9. Jake says:

    The “Nazi Party” is alive and well.

  10. motherluna says:

    I will have to find out what all the companies are they have and start buying thru them if possible. thanks,dems/commies for letting me know who really supports the people.

  11. mrbp says:

    So this worthless POS is still stealing “air” from real patriots?? He should be in prison. This is just another political hack that proves there should be a litmus test in order to voter in this country. Especially in NJ. I’ll bet that sales go up for the various companies in question. We poor souls in Ca. are screwed here in Ca. because we have to contend with boxer and feinstein.

  12. Kelly Hardy says:

    Nothing is too low for a democrat…they are the bottom dwellers and the stench you are burdened with every day…

  13. texasfedupgramma says:

    Here’s another old fart that needs to retire and check himself into the Home!

  14. donl says:

    I thought the democrats died, about 3 1/2 years ago. Only to be replaced by communist’s.

  15. Dingbat36 says:

    Lautenberg is a mental midget. Who gives a rip what he thinks. Someone please explain how we might effectively “spank” George Soros who squats here as a NATURALIZED citizen and as far as I can see contributes absolutely nothing to a country he chose to come to and which he looks to destroy! Oh well, he’s an old toad…….perhaps he won’t be around much longer (we can only wish).