Adam Carolla: Obama's Business Speech Anti-American

Podcast king Adam Carolla once dug ditches, cleaned carpets, built closets, and did other back-breaking work.

Now, he pontificates on the news of the day for free – and makes a healthy living because of it.

So he couldn’t sit back and let President Barack Obama’s now-famous “You Didn’t Build That” progressive speech go by without comment. On Carolla’s July 17th podcast, he reiterated his previous Occupy Wall Street rant before dubbing Obama’s core message “insane” and “anti-American.”

“This is [Obama] trying to do a class warfare thing … turn people against people who have more than they have,” he says.

“It’s a ridiculous message to send, and it’s the exact opposite message of this country,” he continues. “This country is about focusing, busting your asses, outworking the next guy … and if you’re talented, it helps … but if you’re the hardest working you’ll be fine.”

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15 comments on “Adam Carolla: Obama's Business Speech Anti-American
  1. Mary says:

    He’s a hardline communist. What would anyone expect. He’s out to spread YOUR wealth
    and bring an end to the capitalist system.

  2. His (Obama’s) speech may be seen as “Anti American” but it’s what he truly believes One can’t subscribe to Communist and Socialist rhetoric WITHOUT believing that the best for all people under all circumstances is governmental control and paternalism.

    We’ve had some duds as President in our history. Fortunately for us, all of them have been truly Americans…up to but not including the current occupant of the White House. His idea of “change” is to alter this nation so it becomes a socialist ‘mecca’.

    We have to get rid of this guy. He’s killing us.

  3. mcbee555 says:

    Obama doesn’t know his theme is anti-American, it’s obvious that he really believes in the perfection of his opinions. The more this man exposes himself to America, the more he reveals himself as one who hasn’t one iota of America coursing through his veins.
    He doesn’t care about being a President for all of America, his focus is upon the types who gave him his political start as a community organizer in So. Chicago. He has never evolved from that. The masses are there for him to use them!
    I believe that in his mind, he sees America as a community he must organize to the ends described in Obama’s “bible,” “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.” He intensely dislikes the duties of an American President, he can’t be bothered with such triviality. Obviously, those duties are just boring him, but he makes the “sacrifice” because the benefits are what he’s dreamt of all his secretive life, and he’s intent on retaining them come he– or high water! What he cannot conceive of is “Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice and shame on me!”
    It’s your move on Nov. 6th, 2012, folks!

  4. 2War Abn Vet says:

    If it isn’t class warfare with Obama it’s race warfare. He will do everything he can to create divisiveness, and Balkanize our people, under the theory, “Divide to rule”.

  5. Washington22 says:

    It’s a rare thing when any celibrity will step up for their country. There have to be some who are on the side of America, the place where they had the right ot make thier money and live free. The Hollywood crowd are pigs, traitors, greedy ingrates. Pray for Nov 6. The more days that go by, the more damage Ozero is doing.

  6. T Lady says:

    And this is coming from a guy who is no Rock-ribbed Conservative. But he’s right on the money. And I would even go as far as saying the President’s message is unbiblical as well, meaning we are blessed by God with the ability to produce and be fruitful in our labor, which honors Him.

  7. rockcut says:

    The dishonest people who ae spinning this garbage from the right are brainless. President Obama’s point was reasonable and well taken. However, the right is taking this out of context. Any honest reasonable person would admit that no one who builds a business did it totally on their own. They have support all along the way…..parents, education, financing, and government support of roads, regulations, and not least of all the support of customers. STOP the nonsense of lying!

    • C. Browning says:

      Too bad for you, and too late for you if you honeslty believe this comminist.. I am sorry for you!

    • Fideux says:

      Hey rockcut, so by your logic, the roadways and regulations helped the panhandlers and bums (I’m being redundant) be successful while plying their trade? I don’t hear your savior in the WH bragging up that governmental accomplishment. The case you presented didn’t help make Odumbo’s case any stronger, but it did make you appear to be an example of the dumbing down of society in our schools. You were probably a first row student

  8. M. Andrews says:

    There is nothing Obama would like more than a civil war , and he is doing everything he can to make it happen and quick! He goes out and makes his little speeches, quietly turning Americans against each other. He is a modern day Hitler in a white shirt. And what is worse, he has the national Media behind him.. just as Hitler did, back int he day. We all sat by and wondered how it could happen.. well look around, it is happening.. and it is being propogated by this one man and his goons and sly backers…
    Come on America, black, white , yellow and red.. let’s not let him do this to our country. We do not need to hate each other, this is a big country, room for all of us and all of our beliefs.. DO NOT LET OBAMA TURN US INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.. and it’s coming, mark my words.. it is coming!

  9. Fideux says:

    For years, our government and educators have been effective in their goal of dumbing down the American citizens. “Don’t think; we’ll think for you.”. “Dont work to persevere, we will take care of you”. By our scholastic numbers and world ranking, it’s obvious our education system is broken. Attorneys and the ACLU have created an education stifling environment in our schools. Thinking people didn’t elect Obama; the ones that are after “their free shitte” did. Now we have a mess in the U.S. that may be unfixable. Our courts are allowing early releases of offenders so they can get back on the streets to support themselves with more crimes. The ones they don’t release have it better on the inside than many hard working men and women in America. Again, thank the ACLU and attorneys for that. For the life of me! I don’t see how those ba$$tards can look at themselves in the mirror. Not one of those slimy jerks. This world does not need one more attorney ( better yet, about 99% less,)

  10. nexgenesis says:

    Everything about obama is un American. He is a mistake that I hope we can soon look back on and one I pray we would never make again.

  11. TBIRD55 says:


  12. AmericaFirst says:

    Obammie doesn’t like his white self and I don’t like him. He doesn’t like white Americans. He wants to destroy Amercia by giving away everything and the kitchen sink cause he is president and he can….and the cherries are taking our guns away from us…his biggest fear for a dicator; and getting rid of the rest of our Bill of Rights…especially the 1 – 10. Obammies anti American speech is to inflame Americans and hurt us….his days are numbered if we all vote for Romney and not waste our votes.

  13. nottaobot says:

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