According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'

During an interview with Charlie Rose the President backed away from claiming his own health care law as his signature achievement. Instead, he claims that the non-existent stability of the American economy is his real achievement.

President Obama said his proudest achievement over the past three and a half years is stabilizing the economy, not his signature health care reform law.

The President roared only recently “The law I passed is here to stay!” and the campaign distributed “Because of Obamacare” literature at an event earlier this month. However, after witnessing the sheer unpopularity of the law the President and his surrogates are now working feverishly to distance him from it, going so far as to brand the term”Obamacare” as Racist™.

The crown jewel of the Obama administration, the very law for which so many campaigned, the basis for which so many claimed “progress,” is now an eyesore and they’re desperate to push it off into the distance. The campaign has finally stopped pretending that the public will ever consider Obamatax a fait accompli and have moved to disown it.

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217 comments on “According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'
  1. usshawkins says:

    Obama is one of or a combination of the following: (a) the dumbest person in America; (b) the biggest liar in America; (c) delusional and in need of medical help. Anyone who actually believes that the economy is stable, please give a loud cheer: All I hear is silence!!!!
    I hope Charlie Rose said: “You’ve got to be kidding me!!” Once again it is time to remind
    America to vote this lying dope out of office. He is the single worst thing to happen to this country. Remember: it is not a tax, it is a penalty; you can keep your own health plan; unemployment will not go over 8%; no lobbyists in my administration; no tax increases on the middle class; businesses are successful only because of the government, not individuality; no more earmark; helath care will be debated on CSPAN.

  2. Like it should surprise anyone what this stupid ni$$er says!

  3. chuckie2u says:

    I think his greatest achievement is the ability to read a teleprompter filled `with misinformation written by people who do not know what they are talking about and do it all with a smile on his face.

  4. With any luck at all obama will one day soon become completely unhinged on public television. Of course the average liberal won’t even think anything of it because they believe everything he says a gospel truth.

  5. billy2 says:

    OMG, this mongrel HAS gone mad and is frothing at the mouth.

  6. Gordon Corey says:

    Poster child for stupidity

  7. mr sawdust says:

    Obama thinks his greatest achievement is that he illegally got himself into the Whitehouse, and for the past 3 1/2 years has screwed up this country. “THAT’S OBAMA’S GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT”

  8. Ell says:

    Can you believe there are actually mental midgets who believe his rantings? That just amazes me.

  9. doug says:

    his proudest achievment is singing, Ahhhmmmm so in love with meeee.” 2nd is being a member of the muslim brotherhood socialist club.

  10. Kind of like ‘Urkel’ saying, ‘Did I do that?’ on his 0bamacare law. (It’s HIS law, and no, it ain’t ‘racist’ to give credit or blame where it’s due. )
    “Stabilizing the economy”, yeah you can’t get much more stable than sitting on the bottom of an under water economy, huh?
    Buy silver while you can.
    Surviving urban crisis.

  11. Shane says:

    The economy is stagnant while Obama has increased the national debt by $5 trillion. We can’t afford 4 more years of his reckless spending.

  12. oneway says:

    BARRY S greatest Achievement is Giving the AMERICAN People the Biggest Snow Job and a line of BS.that they beleived so they would VOTE for and it look’s like it’s not Changing.

  13. One Human Bering says:

    He is an A #1 IDIOT!!! Has he ever had a case as a lawyer? Or as anything besides a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, whatever that is!!!

  14. hiway280z says:

    actually it is the fact the people were stupid enough to vote for him and ignoring his past and the fact that he hides all records spending millions to hide them

  15. leaping1 says:

    This a-hole is an absolute arrogant narcissist, who is so out of touch with reality that he really believes what he says. He lies so much, that when he ever does tell the truth (which is almost never), he lies out of it. He has to have some sort of mental disease or disorder.