According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'

During an interview with Charlie Rose the President backed away from claiming his own health care law as his signature achievement. Instead, he claims that the non-existent stability of the American economy is his real achievement.

President Obama said his proudest achievement over the past three and a half years is stabilizing the economy, not his signature health care reform law.

The President roared only recently “The law I passed is here to stay!” and the campaign distributed “Because of Obamacare” literature at an event earlier this month. However, after witnessing the sheer unpopularity of the law the President and his surrogates are now working feverishly to distance him from it, going so far as to brand the term”Obamacare” as Racist™.

The crown jewel of the Obama administration, the very law for which so many campaigned, the basis for which so many claimed “progress,” is now an eyesore and they’re desperate to push it off into the distance. The campaign has finally stopped pretending that the public will ever consider Obamatax a fait accompli and have moved to disown it.

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217 comments on “According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'
  1. mamasan says:

    Narcissistic sociopath as usual

  2. Proudamerican says:

    barry- would it be your accomplishment of attaining the highest office in our country by deceit making this the biggest scam EVER in history?

  3. MGJ says:

    Obama could not pass a junior high level government and economics lesson. Once again, Obama is demonstrating to us that he is a psychopathic, narcissistic, Marxist ideologue who is completely disconnected from reality. It’s pathetic enough that this pretender was elected in 2008. If he gets another term, we have become a nation of hopelessly stupid sheeple. There’s a new movie coming July 27th called “Obama’s America 2016″. It provides a look at the outcome of a 2nd Obama term. Any intelligent, thinking conservative already knows what is coming if Obama is not removed, but it will hopefully wake up enough of the sheeple who still don’t understand where all of this is headed. The entitlement leaches and radicals like Obama will not change, but conservatives can still take this country back if we unite.

  4. 1xgi says:

    WE have the upper hand here, if everyone refufeses to comply with this unconsti8tutional bill and if the doctors do walk then what can these idiots do about it. Fine us oh sorry that’s a tax lie lie lie lie lie that is all these sorry sob’s know I hope American’s are paying attention because if they are not WE will be stuck with this jerk for four more miserable years of let’s kill America and support islam. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. michael says:

    What planet does this moron live on if he thinks he has any accomplishments! I can’t identify any accomplishments other than he has successfully fooled the American public with his hope and change. Right now we are all hoping for hope and change, hope we get somebody in office to change the game playing we now have. This is one Democrat who refuses to drink the Obama Koolaide.

  6. Doski says:

    Pure Fiction

  7. DocFreeman says:

    You know your right, when Obama and his crew label what you
    do or say as racist. They know they have
    screwed up and done or said something that most Americans don’t like, so to get
    out of it they scream RACIST. Remember when
    you played hide and seek and you got to the tree without being caught by the
    seeker and yelled HOME FREE, well racist is Obama’s secret word for Home Free.

  8. Joanne Long says:

    Unbelievable it never fails how Obama can say a negative is a postive. He is always the oppsist of what he says and does, always.

  9. independent observer says:

    Again and again this narcissistic pseudo-”New Nero” praises and praises himself – for nonexisting “achievements and successes” during his (I`m absolutely confident) only single and worst term in American history. What really exists behind him – only destructions, destructions, destructions…

  10. happyheart says:

    What a joke..we don’t think it is very funny. How can someone truly believe their own lies, betrayals & be so arrogant. Looking forward to voting against!

  11. greenpowergas says:

    Instability is stability to a Progressive Communist. The more unstable the economy the more businesses will close and the higher unemployment and more dependency on the govenment for handouts. A perfect world to Obama.

  12. 2War Abn Vet says:

    And, here I thought his greatest achievement was creating unity and harmony throughout the entire world. Don’t we see the results every day?

  13. SAMCOLT78 says:

    Is this man realy this stupid, that he doesn’t see the damage he’s done to our economy, or is it that he just doesn’t care? What is it mr. barack obama?

  14. hambone says:

    I think he bumped his head on something.