According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'

During an interview with Charlie Rose the President backed away from claiming his own health care law as his signature achievement. Instead, he claims that the non-existent stability of the American economy is his real achievement.

President Obama said his proudest achievement over the past three and a half years is stabilizing the economy, not his signature health care reform law.

The President roared only recently “The law I passed is here to stay!” and the campaign distributed “Because of Obamacare” literature at an event earlier this month. However, after witnessing the sheer unpopularity of the law the President and his surrogates are now working feverishly to distance him from it, going so far as to brand the term”Obamacare” as Racist™.

The crown jewel of the Obama administration, the very law for which so many campaigned, the basis for which so many claimed “progress,” is now an eyesore and they’re desperate to push it off into the distance. The campaign has finally stopped pretending that the public will ever consider Obamatax a fait accompli and have moved to disown it.

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217 comments on “According to Obama His Proudest Achievement is 'Economy Stabilization'
  1. FloridaJim says:

    I would bet his single greatest achievement, of very little actual achievements,is fooling America into electing an inexperienced dolt with a padded resume from Harvard, Occidental, Columbia, Illinois and now Washington. This is a huge scam on America and the left will laugh at this years after the Carter Presidency laughter dies down.

    • luciteehee says:

      Fla. Jim! At least Carter earned his own money, is a contributing member of society, and a decent man! Maybe incapable of running a Country, but heads and HEART above THIS “submarine screen door” prez.! You are RIGHT! His greatest achievement is being able to “FEED” the loony left liberals with Karo syrup while feeding ALL Conservatives with dill pickles! Not a beneficial protein in either one!

  2. jmsmaxwell says:

    delusional and psychotic all in the same set of drugs, that must be some dammed good
    Kool Aid he is drinking up there. Our financial situation is still on extremely shaken
    grounds and all it will take of for China or one of the other countries to get froggie and
    want their money. He is like a watch that doesn’t run but with the hands removed, never
    right at any time day or night but always has the either belligerent or deer in the head light
    look about him.

  3. Dick Frakes says:

    The goofball always says “I” or “My” like he did it all himself. He is so in love with himself it’s

    embarrassing to the country. And just think what the world saying about this guy. Other
    leaders won’t say anything openly – but they have to be laughing at this goofball. Obama
    has degraded the Oval Office. We need to have mercy on ourselves. God help the USA.

    • del says:

      so has the classless wife and his cabinet…..embarassment to all of us

    • luciteehee says:

      His Middle Eastern CREATORS are rolling on their Persian carpets in ecstacy, having perpetual organisms at how dumb America is for FALLING for this rubber crutch! And how EASILY the gullible liberals have bought his syrupy sermons! Our Allies are shaking their heads! America, the PAST greatest Country in the world! Feared, loved, admired, revered, respected and used as a role model for other Countries! Brought down by a “robot” whose “remote” is controlled by foreign and domestic FACTIONS! He has used his race to imbed himself, along with his/their “plants”, into our very core! He has built stackable outhouses and filled all of them!

      • oldcoyote says:

        Right On. As I understand it, Israhell is the biggest exporter of ecstacy in the world.

        • Edward53 says:

          Ahh, the Ron Paul sponsored Israel and Jew hater. Have you talked to Adolph lately, coyote? Heil Paul!!!

        • oldcoyote says:

          Never saw a joo pig that would tell the truth or accept it when laid out for him. Google “ISRAEL’S ECSTASY TRADE”. Over three million entries to tell you about it. So I guess a few more joo commenters caught lying AGAIN.

    • 4evrMoi says:

      No …we NEED Yahweh/God’s mercy AND His forgiveness! This Country has come so close to a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah that unless it’s part of HIS plan for our Nation as a People, who NEED to humble themselves and RETURN to His Devine Word and teachings, there won’t be a restoration of America as she was intended to be or as we were once, so Blessed to experience! The Clintons DISGRACED the office of the Presidency, . . . The obamas are continuing the disgrace with their contempt for America and the American Dream, our freedoms, and our Constitutionality. Just think – the very Country who placed their hope in this excuse of a human being – who lied his way into The White House, is the Country he and his wife, have wasted no time embarrassing, disrespecting, and blatently “in your face”, are destroying us . . . We The People . . . who SHOULD HAVE placed their HOPE in a higher authority and asking for WISDOM in directing us to vote the right person into the highest office in our Land!

    • Chuck says:

      He has no achievemernts to talk about. He did not write, nor sponsor, ObamaCare. Pelosi and the Democrat House wrote it, passed it, and never read it. His great achievement is nothing more than a gigantic TAX law. Romney has vowed to repeal it ASAP, authorize the Keystone Pipeline, open Federal lands for oil and gas exploration, and nullify all those Executive Orders written by the Czar government and signed by our President of unknown origins.

      • John says:

        If you read it you will find that over the years that it was written the Republicans wrote an awful lot of it.

        • 4evrMoi says:

          Am sure there were “Republicans” involved – one more reason to abolish “party politics”!

        • ezekiel22 says:

          Then why weren’t they invited to the negotiations and instead ignored?

  4. Angie says:

    Ahahha!!!!! Nothing like starting my day off with a good laugh. What a joke.

    • 4evrMoi says:

      A “joke”? You are referring to obama as the “joke”, right? In reality, all of the European Heads laugh at him behind his back and when that dictator, Chavalchez (sp?) handed obama his book while patting obama on his back AND laughing … the only thing missing was a Dunce’s hat on obama’s head! DUH!

  5. jim says:

    This marxist is very deliberately tearing our economy, and literally our country apart. It was his intention before he was elected, by his own words he is transforming this country, and not for the better. His cronies, the communist in the democratic party, need to be replaced asap. If this country even lasts till November, the muslim marxist tenant in the white house must be voted out, and maybe the trash that came with him from Chicago will leave too.

    • Froggy says:

      You mean Oboma the guy who covered his nuts during the playing OUR NATIONAL ANTHYM ? I am a Viet Nam Veteran and seeing that has burned into to my mind as a declaration of hatred of America and lets not forget his gold curtains during his teleprompter debacles which told the Muslims where his loyalties ARE .I saw it and so did you ,is there any doubt about who he is …You know someone not by what they say BUT what they do ….NEVER FORGET that Never !!!~

  6. ralphmorgan says:

    Yep, he is exactly right. He has stabilized the economy. It hasn’t grown squat since he took office. And now he says no person has ever built a business without the government helping. Yeah, they are helping with hundreds of new EPA and OSHA rules limiting everything a business wants to do. Remember one of Ronald Reagan’s famous lines that he said scares people to death was “We are from the government and we are here to help”.

  7. Tearlag says:

    The blithering cokehead stabilized the economy into oblivion. Kind of like digging a hole deeper and deeper and evening it out with the shovel. There! It’s stabilized.

  8. Val says:

    He is out of his mind !

  9. Patriots win says:

    Obama should be removed from office for simply being Insane.

  10. Yeah He stabilized the economy…..It was crappy and it still is crappy!!!

  11. aimee says:

    The reason he want claim obamacare as it is a hugh tax increase on the poor; middle class and the elderly! Unemployment is high and prices continue to rise so here is my statement to you oh “great one”….THE ECONOMY IS IN THE TOILET”!

  12. el_loco_jp says:

    Sometimes you have to wonder if it’s simple lying or massive dellusion?

  13. lawnorder says:

    What kind of glue is he sniffing?

  14. Mike Warren says:

    Barry’s, the illegal immigrant Socialist Kenyan, biggest accomplishment has been his Racist financial destruction of America

    • 4evrMoi says:

      TRUE! RIGHT ON! YEPPER! I AGREE! I have a question: We The People KNOW he’s been bad for our Country in every possible way, so “why” is America so afraid of this useless piece of (fill in the blank) that no one READS what The Declaration Of Independence STATES that We The People have the RIGHT to do to get him outta’ OUR office??? We NEVER had to wait til the next election even when Congress won’t impeach!

  15. dandeman says:

    Since it is all speculation on his part. As his side kick points out “It is impossible to know” if this was an accomplishment or not. For me, I’d have to give him an “F” on this for lying. My company, my personal life, and my income has all taken a hit. This is like bailing water out of the boat that has already sunk.