Stephens: The Hillary Myth

Can anyone name an achievement to justify the adulation of our secretary of state?

Suddenly we’re supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton is a great secretary of state.

Eric Schmidt of Google calls her “the most significant secretary of state since Dean Acheson.” A profile in the New York Times runs under the headline “Hillary Clinton’s Last Tour as a Rock-Star Diplomat.” Another profile in the current issue of Foreign Policy magazine is titled, wishfully, “Head of State.” The two articles are so similar in theme, tone, choice of anecdote and the absence of even token criticism that you’re almost tempted to suspect one was cribbed from the other.

The Hillary boomlet isn’t a mystery. She never lost her political constituency. In the cabinet she looks good next to Janet Napolitano and bright next to Joe Biden. She looks even better next to her boss. Democrats belong to the party of hope, and Barack Obama is hope’s keenest disappointment.

So Mrs. Clinton is back, resisting appeals for her to run in 2016 the way Caesar rejects the thrice-offered crown. No doubt she would have made a better president than Mr. Obama. But is that saying much? No doubt she’s been a hard-working and well-briefed secretary. But that isn’t saying much, either.

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18 comments on “Stephens: The Hillary Myth
  1. singer23 says:

    Her only accomplishment, she was one of the women Bill Clinton had sex with!

  2. She is “great” for the Obama plan for America, she has sold the country down river at the UN…..she authorized 3 billion tax dollars to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood…..what more could Obama and his liberal hoard want in a Sec. of State?????????

  3. sean murry says:

    She is progessive member of obummers cabinet and is selling out to the un and authoried money for the muslim brotherhood in Egypt.Worthless.

  4. jong says:

    Hard working?? She has stayed in the shadows only coming up for air when she had to or for a free lunch for her ever expanding dress sizes. The last great Secretary of State we had was George Shultz and before him Al Haig. Since then they have been generally either puppets or twits.

  5. Chuck says:

    Every Sec of State that has served the United States before Ms Clinton, had more love and respect for this country than she has ever shown. She was also the second worst “First Lady”, in the history of our wonderful country, exceeded only by Moochelle Obomination.

  6. razz says:

    She’s a bright woman. And she’s a progressive in her own words. That says it all. You want government overseeing your every flatulence? Then she’s your woman. You want to see the Constitution diminished, she and our president are partners as is the body of this administration.

  7. stevor says:

    hillary is a POS. She is AGAINST the USA just as obama is, she wanting to hand over the country to the Corporatists so we have a FASCIST New World Order

  8. wantmylifeback says:

    She is selling this country out with all these treaties that she is getting ready to sign. Selling out is a kind work for what she is doing to her country. Watch her and Bill move out of the US for awhile.

    • SUSANM says:


  9. Stewart B says:

    Hillary the Pig! She has spent her entire tenure as Sec of State working tirelessly on Obama’s goals and plan to sell out the United States to the highwest bidder. Small wonder Bill found relief with Monica. Hillary has been involved with criminal activity around the time that she was involved with the Black Panthers when they murdered one of their own. She needs a long prison term in liey of any public office.

  10. Wonder if Hillary will ever try to run again as president of the USA?LIz

  11. Sutekh says:

    If Hillary gets elected, she’ll come out of the closet and sign an executive order that all heterosexual white males be terilized, starting with Bill.

  12. Buck100 says:

    My fellow Americans to get the US started back the other way towards success, do not vote for any Democrats.

  13. Robert says:

    She is most important because with the help of the UN she is destroying our constitution

  14. GoldenRudy says:

    What has this woman done except marry Bill Clinton? Any self-respecting woman would have divorced her husband for the public embarrassment he showered upon her. What has she done without Bill’s coattails?

  15. AmericaFirst says:

    No respect for Hillary, she is nothing but a one worlder like her husband. She really wanted to run the World Bank but a man took that job. Yikes!!!